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Maka's PoV

Finally, after two crazy, hell filled days, the doctors released me from the hospital. I had remembered all my 'friends' names on the first day I was awake, the second two days… well, they just sucked.

Black Star annoyed me to no end about his dreams to 'surpass god' and how 'big a star' he was. UGH! So friggin annoying! And Kid with his OCD obsessions! This is what happened the day after I woke back up. I was sorta waking up from a good night's sleep, just lying there with my eyes closed, when I heard something. I opened my eyes and, you guessed it, Kid had his face right in mine and his hands fiddling with my hair.

"It looked asymmetrical." Is what he said to me when I started yelling. Soul had been sleeping in one of the chairs in my room, something to do with being my weapon partner, I think. Well he got up and-

"Hey! Maka, you coming?" I realized I was standing in the middle of the hallway, leading to the doors. Soul was standing in front of the unopened, metal doors, waiting.

"Yes!" I ran towards him, a spring in my step. I saw Soul's facial features twist slightly at my perkiness but almost immediately went back to his normal, practically emotionless face. When I reached him he pushed open the door and... Wow…

For the past three days I've been looking out the window… But actually being out was amazing. The spring blossoms on the trees outside the hospital were in full bloom and a beautiful shade of pink. The sky was a pure shade of blue with puffy clouds floating across it. Birds chirped happily and it smelled so… fresh outside, so free of that horrible sick smell in the hallways of the hospital.

I heard Soul laughing and noticed my mouth was hanging open. He pushed my chin up so my mouth closed.

"You're gunna catch bugs like that." I touched my lower lip tenderly and he started laughing a bit louder. I looked over at him with my eyes narrowed,

"What's so funny?"

"You! You're so… Never mind, let's just head home." I wonder what he was gunna say… Oh well. The two of us started walking down towards the parking lot.

Soul's PoV

I sighed softly. What was I gunna say she was? Cute? Beautiful? Absolutely adorable? Possibly all of the above… Wait, what?

We reached the parking lot and my motorcycle was parked in the same spot as when I brought back a change of clothes for myself. I had a feeling I would be with Maka for a few days… So I brought back some stuff I might need.

Maka looked around the parking lot. "So which one's your car?" I resisted the urge to laugh at her again, only a small snort showing my amusement. I gestured to my motorcycle and said,

"Does it really look like a car?"

Maka gasped, "But isn't it dangerous?" I snickered,

"Not if you wear a helmet." I took one of two helmets off the seat and tossed one to her. She caught it easily. I guess even without her memory she still had amazing reflexes. She placed the helmet over her ashy blonde locks. I ran my fingers through my spikey hair and then slid the helmet reluctantly over my head as well.

I knew she might not be too happy if I rode without one. Even without her memory… like her reflexes, she must have kept something that would make her worried if I rode without a helmet.

I got up on the bike and held my hand out for her. Maka hesitated for a moment, then walked towards me. She took my hand and climbed up behind me. I felt her arms snake around my waist as I pulled away from the parking spot.

Once we were on the road I couldn't help but realize how she was pressing up against my back. It felt like forever until we reached the apartment. I parked in front of the building and jumped off. Maka followed after me, looking up at the apartment.

I chuckled and put the key in the lock. I turned it and pushed the door open. A familiar cat woman tackled me to the ground and pressed her large breasts in my face, "SOOOUUULLLL! MAKAAAA! YOU CAME BACK!" I struggled to get her away from me and felt a nosebleed coming on.

I heard Maka ask, "Soul? Who's that?"


Maka's PoV

Who the hell was this lady attacking Soul? Was she some sort of… I dunno a-

"Maka, it's just Blair. She's…" The purple haired lady looked up at me and her lip wobbled slightly. Was she gunna cry? Did I do something wrong?

"MAKAAAA! HOW DO YOU NOT REMEMBER ME?" She burst into tears and I blinked in surprise. Okay… Another weird one?

Soul groaned, "So uncool… Blair, Maka has amnesia." The woman, whose name I presumed was Blair, immediately stopped crying and looked up at me.


I nodded, "Apparently… So, your name is Blair?.."

The woman nodded vigorously, "Yes! Oh, Maka-chan! I'll take good care of you while you have amnesia! Whatever that is…" She jumped up and gave me a big hug and it felt like she was gunna crush me. Soul pried the woman, Blair off me and huffed,

"Blair is… a cat woman who lives with us… For whatever reason that is." So… I had to live with these two? This is gunna be a nightmare…

Blair skipped into the apartment and Soul gestured inside. I walked in and looked around. It was a quaint little apartment with a kitchen, living room and from where she was standing, possibly a bedroom. And there was probably a bathroom somewhere… The purple haired woman had gone off somewhere and Soul walked in and threw himself onto the couch.

"Eh, Maka. Go make me some dinner." Was he serious? I had to make dinner for him? Fat chance, I just got back from the hospital!

"Make it yourself." I plopped down on the couch and snatched the remote out of his hands. I hope that wasn't too pushy… Maybe I should-

"Whatever." He got up and headed into the kitchen area. Wow! He was gunna make dinner for himself? Maybe I could…

"Make me something too while you're in there!" I called. That was probably too pushy… I probably sound like a bitch.

"I guess. But only 'cuz you just got out of the hospital. Don't expect it to taste too good." I heard the clatter of pots and or pans as he mumbled something about 'this being so uncool.'

I guess I could have been nicer about that… But waking up to a guy with a screw in his head, a deranged father and a loud mouthed ninja was not on my list of favorite things to do in the morning, and I was still a bit infuriated at the morning's events.

I started looking through the different channels to see what there was to watch. I settled on a cop show after looking for a while.

After a lot of cursing and clattering of metal from the kitchen, I heard an annoyed voice call, "Dinner's ready." I got up and skipped across the living room and into the kitchen. It smelled like something was burning…

"What the hell happened?" I asked as I saw some sort of burnt food on three plates at the table. Soul looked over at me and huffed,

"I told you it might not be very good. I'm not the coolest cook." I expected him to be a bad cook… But this bad? This is horrible! I can't even tell what that used to be!

"Well… What were you trying to make?.." I asked as a little purple cat padded in with a meow. It was wearing the same witch hat as Blair… Was this her cat form?

"Nya~ I'm hungry! Maka, why don't you make dinner!" I wasn't sure if I was a good cook or not but I wasn't about to find out. I had officially lost my appetite.

"I'm not really hungry anyway…"

Blair shrugged with a meow and leaped up towards the stove. "Hey Soul! Do we have any fish left in the fridge?"

I wandered back out of the kitchen and into the living room. Soul walked out past me and flopped down on the couch. He had his feet up on the coffee table almost instantaneously and the remote in his hand, flipping through the channels as I had before. He decided on a sports show and threw the remote idly onto the table next to his feet.

Well since obviously nobody else was going to do it, I guess I was going to have to explore the place where I would be living myself. I picked a door and walked over to it. I moved my hand over the door knob to open up the slab of wood when I heard Soul say,

"Hey! Don't go snooping in my room!" I looked over at him then back up at the door. There was a piece of paper in sloppy handwriting taped on the door that said, 'Soul's Room' with some sort of circle thing with a squiggle coming out of it. How'd I miss that? I decided to listen to the albino, who I found to be watching me intently when I turned my head. I walked across the grayish colored carpet and to another door. I looked up at the barrier that blocked my entrance into the next room and heard Soul again,

"That's your room." In my opinion, he sounded a bit annoyed at having to explain where things were. I guess I would be a bit annoyed if I was him, too. I turned the brass doorknob and pushed open the door. The décor in the small room was quite simple with color radiating from the bookshelf and desk, which was filled with various pictures. The neatly made bed had sheets of extremely light lavender that matched with the white of the walls and the pearly white of the curtains. A vibrant red spiral book rested on the sheets and stood out amongst the pale lavender. I examined the bookshelf from where I was standing and, from what I could see, was filled with books. I guess I'm supposed to be a pretty avid reader.

I walked over to the bed and sat down carefully on the perfect looking sheets. The red book had neat cursive writing on it that said 'Photos' with a drawing of a scythe and that circle with the squiggle coming out of it. I'm definitely going to have to ask Soul what that is later. My hands mindlessly floated over to the book and pulled it onto my lap. I flipped to the first page and stared at the colors and images that flooded my gaze.

The first one was a picture of Black Star and Soul fighting over a basketball. Both their mouths were open and it looked as if they were yelling at each other. Tsubaki was standing by them, looking like she was trying to calm the two down. I could see Liz, Patty and Kid in the background, the twin pistols; I think that was their weapon forms- laughing while Kid had a small symmetrical smile on his thin lips. I wasn't anywhere to be seen. The other picture was of Liz and Patty painting Tsubaki's nails pink and blue. I couldn't see myself in there either.

The next picture on the page next to it was of Kid, Soul and Black Star posing like idiots in front of a huge castle like building. There were funny looking skulls and candles on the building. Again, I wasn't there. Where were the pictures of me? I turned the page and saw a picture of Blair in cat form with a fish in her mouth. Her hat was slightly askew and the collar around her neck glinted, probably from the camera flash. I wasn't in that picture or any pictures on that page.

I flipped through the book, looking at each page for a picture of myself. There wasn't even a glimpse of me throughout the whole entire photo album.

"Where am I?" I managed to blurt out, though I wasn't sure why. There wasn't anyone in the room with-

"You aren't in there." I looked up to see Soul leaning in the doorway. He must have been watching me go through all the various photos of who I've been led to believe are my friends, though I'm not sure why… They all seemed pretty crazy to me.

"Wh-why?.." I whispered.

Soul shook his head with a smirk, "Because you're the one that took all those pictures."

I think I remember…


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