Tangled Up in You; Version 2.0

Author's Notes:

#1: Welcome to the expanded and revised edition of my story. This story has seriously morphed from my original eight chapter idea into this epic. I still plan on finishing the first version, so please keep reading / reviewing it.

#2: I do not own any characters, though I do take credit for mine. As I write this I want to stress that any similarities with other author's OCs is totally unintentional. I also want to stress that I picked certain names because a) the one name is mine (I will let you figure out which); b) I LIKE them; and, c) they fit the roles.

#3: My new and revised story still begins with the boat, just a little earlier in the original movie's timeline; and answers the following questions: What would have happened if; 1) the Stabbington Brothers did not get Eugene's attention with the lantern; and, 2) if Eugene had realized who Rapunzel was on the boat. How could the story have changed? This is my take on it.

#4: This story may seem to crossover to another universe, but I assure you that this is NOT the case. This story takes place solely in the environs of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by the sea.

#5: No animals were harmed in the development / posting of this story; that I am aware of.


#1: I want to take this time to thank those writers, not just in the Tangled universe, who have; 1) accepted my reviews and constructive criticisms in the spirit they were given; 2) thought enough of my ideas to incorporate them into their stories; or, 3) taken the time to review my literary work. They include (not inclusive/list updated weekly / please check out their profiles, and read / review their stories; they'll love you for it);:

Allison-nannyluverchannel Ashlierthw Cutii3Pii3 disneyisbeautiful

the-fairy-godmother infamous-poohead lowrider RemmyBlack

SilverParachutes SparkleWolf7000 sunnyprincess Tangled4ever

An Unknown Foreign Beauty Wheels4TheOneTrueGod

They are the unsung heroes who finally motivated me to take the leap of faith and begin writing.

#2: There is one writer I especially want to thank for being: 1) my sounding board for ideas; 2) my unofficial Beta Reader; and, 3) the person I owe the most to for the greatly expanded scope of this new, and I hope improved, story.


#3: These authors are quite good and I encourage you to read their stories and review so that they might continue to improve their skills.