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Warning: Non-consensual sex, violence, angst, slash, and mentions of drug use
Major spoilers for Chained

No Chains Holding Me
By Headbanger Rockstar

Chapter One: Uncertainty

Gibbs thought his gut might never unclench as he sped down the road, heading towards the storage facility. Horrible thoughts raced through his head and he hoped to any god in the universe that he would be in time to assist his senior agent…his lover…his partner…who was in the car…with a serial killer and no idea.

Beside him, Kate's mouth was in a tight line, her pretty features marred by fear, worry, and…something else. Something feral, something urgent, something that Gibbs knew would inflict a terrible wrath upon anyone who hurt her friend.

"There's the storage facility," Kate said, pointing her finger off to the right. With her muscles already pulled drum tight there was no reason for her to brace herself as the car suddenly swerved.

Gibbs raced through the rows of buildings with screeching tires; he hoped it would be a siren's call to Tony, letting him know that Gibbs was there, he was on his six, he was coming for his boy.

Kate suddenly pointed again, indicating what he'd already seen.

"There's the car!"

Gibbs rolled to a stop behind the blue sedan, just as a dark colored sedan pulled up head on. Nodding at Kate, he carefully drew his weapon and approached the driver side of the car. Kate moved to the other car and began apprehending the buyers.

Gibbs' breath caught in his throat and he swallowed hard as he drew nearer to the car. There was blood all over the back window…a glance inside and Gibbs saw Jeffrey White, dead, sprawled on the back seat. Another step forward and Gibbs gasped softly. There was Tony.

He was slumped, his chin dipped low against his chest and in his lap there was a gun, fingers still wrapped around the handle…and shaking, ever so slightly, as he sat in the driver's seat.

It was the only sign of life inside the car.

Gibbs carefully opened the door, his weapon still at half mast, his eyes searching carefully, trying to understand every tiny detail about the scene before him.

Tony looked up suddenly and the emotion on his face nearly broke Gibbs' heart.

"I really liked him," Tony said softly. The stress and tension was audible in Tony's voice.

Gibbs needed to do something, to say something, to help Tony. He needed to fix this. But, a part of him knew that there was no easy fix for this. So, for now, he'd slap a bandaid over the wound and later they would figure it all out together.

"Yeah," Gibbs said softly, carefully eyeing the body in the back seat. "Yeah I can see that."

Tony's eyes widened for a moment and hurt mixed with confusion leaked into his eyes. Gibbs knelt down to his level.

"It doesn't look like he suffered Tony," he said gently. "You did good."

Tony blinked and he nodded slowly. "I…he…" he mumbled softly, his words were slow, he was in shock. He dragged his free hand over the shallow cut on his throat and drew it away, gazing at the blood on his fingers.

"Come on Tony," Gibbs said softly. "Let's get you out of the car, come on."

Kate appeared at his side with an evidence bag that Gibbs took from her and held out. "Put the gun in the bag Tony," he instructed his agent. He glanced sideways at Kate and knew she understood his silent instructions.

Tony's movements were slow and sluggish as he held the gun out and dropped it in the bag. Gibbs supported Tony with one hand under his elbow and another hand under his shoulder as Tony slowly rose from the car. The instant he was on his feet, Tony's knees buckled and he started to fall, but Gibbs caught him.

"Ok easy," Gibbs was saying softly in Tony's ear. "I've got you, let me help you, it's ok now, it's all over, you're safe, it's ok." It was like a mantra in the younger man's ear and he whimpered softly and tried to turn away from the reassurances only to stumble again.

"Did you call Ducky, Kate?"

"Yes Gibbs," she said. "He and Palmer are on their way, should be here shortly."

"Hear that? Ducky and Jimmy are coming. I want Ducky to take a look at you when he gets here, alright?"

Tony shook his head and moved his lips slowly, no sound escaping them. Finally he spoke and his voice was hoarse. "Ch…" he stopped and cleared his throat, "Check White first. Needs a doctor."

Gibbs thought his heart might break at the defeat he heard in his agent's voice. "Don't think a doctor can help him now Tony," he said softly, and he guided Tony to sit in the passenger seat of his car.

Tony looked up at him with sorrowful eyes and blinked away tears that suddenly appeared. Gibbs wrapped his arm around Tony's shoulder and pulled him close before he even registered what he was doing. He rested his chin on top of Tony's head and ran a soothing hand over the younger man's back. "Gonna be alright," he murmured. "Gonna be alright."


It wasn't long before Ducky and Palmer showed up. They had managed to not get lost for a change, much to Gibbs' relief. He'd spoken with Ducky several different times in the past few minutes, asking questions about things like letting Tony have some water or letting him doze off—which he'd been unable to prevent.

Ducky left Palmer to get the stretcher for Jeffrey and carried his aged, black leather medical bag toward the blue NCIS issue car sitting behind the older model blue car.

"Jethro?" Ducky looked around him. "Where is…ah there…oh my dear Anthony," he said softly, opening the driver side door when he saw Tony curled up on the back seat. Gibbs had realized Tony was falling asleep and he'd helped him carefully move into the back of the sedan. Not much more comfortable, but he could at least curl up there. Ducky carefully knelt next to Tony's head. He moved with caution, aware of the frame of mind his friend typically was in once he came off of an undercover operation; he didn't want to scare the younger man.

"Anthony can you hear me? It's Ducky," the older man said softly as he pulled back the blanket Gibbs had covered Tony with to examine him carefully. Tony stirred and blinked his eyes open slowly. Neither Ducky nor Gibbs missed the momentary look of pure terror on his face before Tony relaxed.


"Right here dear boy," Ducky said gently. "Can you sit up? I'd like to have a look at you."

"'m tired," Tony said softly. "Jus' wanna sleep."

"You can rest once I've checked you over. It will take us a couple of hours to get back to Washington, I'm sure you'll be able to rest for a good bit of that."

Tony was silent as Ducky gently checked Tony's vitals. Once Ducky gave him the go ahead, he curled back up on the seat and Gibbs covered him again. He stood up once he was finished and looked to his friend.


"I believe that Anthony is mostly fine."


"Ehh…yes. Mostly fine. I believe something may have happened that Anthony has not told us about."

"You have that feeling too, eh?"

Ducky nodded. "I would like him to have some lab work done so we can make sure that there are no drugs or substances in his system. I will draw it now, and have Abigail check it once we arrive back home."

Gibbs nodded and gently shook Tony awake again. "Ducky needs to take a blood sample," he said softly when Tony opened his eyes. Tony shook his head and tried to back away, groaning in frustration when he had nowhere to go.

"Don' wanna," he said. Tony looked around with bleary eyes until his gaze rested on his boss. "Please don't make me…please?"

"I'm sorry Tony," Gibbs said, really meaning it. "I wish there was some other way, but we have to make sure you are alright. Completely alright. It won't take him but a second."

Ducky knelt in front of Tony while Gibbs rounded the back of the car and climbed into the back seat behind his agent. Thinking to offer a measure of comfort, and not knowing exactly what had transpired in the car, Gibbs gently wrapped an arm over Tony's collarbone across his chest, and pulled him back solidly against Gibbs' own chest, squeezing ever so slightly.

A Short Time Ago…

Tony grimaced when he felt the arm cross in front of his collarbone, squeezing ever so slightly, and urging his body to press flush against the seat.

"It doesn't have to be like this Jeffrey," Tony spoke softly, grimly, in the car. "I'm a federal agent."

"I know," Jeffrey said. Tony felt Jeffrey's other hand hovering near his other shoulder.

There was a glinting twinkle of light, a moment where the blade of the knife at his shoulder caught the afternoon sun and Tony flinched ever so slightly. His fingers tightened around the handle of the gun; he knew he'd be too late, but was powerless to do anything about it.

At least he'd go down fighting.

End Flashback

"NO!" Tony screamed suddenly, his entire body bristled so quickly that he nearly dumped Gibbs out of the car when he lurched backwards. "Get away! Leave me alone!"

He covered his face with his hands and Tony lurched forward as quickly as he'd flung himself backwards. He looked like a car crash test dummy—hurdling forwards and backwards at neck breaking speed.

"Easy Anthony. Easy dear boy. You are among friends here. You are safe. Look up here. Look at me," Ducky's voice was calm in one ear, warring against the gruff voice of his boss in the other.

"I've got you Tony, you're safe. It's Gibbs and Duck, you're safe. Dammit DiNozzo quit fighting us. It's alright now. White can't hurt you now, it's over Tony he can't hurt you anymore."

Together they managed to get the young man mostly calm, and for the moment the blood sample was forgotten. It was quite obvious that something dreadful had happened to their beloved Tony, this post traumatic stress was both sudden and heartbreaking.

The sound of harsh, sobbing breaths filled the air and Gibbs shifted himself and Tony so Tony could lean against his chest until he'd calmed.

"Got you now," Gibbs murmured. He ran a hand through his lover's hair with an almost desperate urgency to make things right. "You're safe now I've got you. No one's going to hurt you."

"Gibbs," Tony's voice held a note of pleading, but what he was begging for, Gibbs couldn't be sure.

"It's alright now. Just relax. I've got your six. No one's going to hurt you."

It took several minutes, but finally Tony slumped against Gibbs, eyes shut, totally spent. He didn't react when Ducky carefully touched Tony's wrist to measure his pulse.

"Think he wore himself out," Gibbs commented.

"It was bound to happen," Ducky said softly. "The poor boy's been through a horrible ordeal."

Gibbs nodded. "Want to try for the blood test again?"

Ducky thought for a moment then nodded. "I hate to do it, but with many chemical substances, time is of great importance. The sooner we get the sample, the likelier we will be to identify anything that this monster may have given our boy, Jethro."

Gibbs let out a long breath and nodded. He knew Ducky was right. He just didn't want to upset Tony again. "I think it was me who upset him last time," Gibbs said softly. "Something happened—someone came up behind Tony and attacked him while he wasn't expecting it…I think White was trying to hurt Tony in the car…could explain why Tony reacted the way he did."

Ducky nodded and picked up Tony's arm gently. As he moved, Tony shifted, and the small cut on his neck was revealed.

"Jethro, did you see this cut on his neck?"

"No, where?"

Ducky gently angled Tony's head so Gibbs could see the mark. Kate suddenly approached. "I found a large kitchen type knife in the backseat of the car Gibbs," she reported. "Not sure, but it looks kind of like White may have tried to attack Tony before…well you know," she finished softly.

Ducky and Gibbs nodded. Yes, that explained a great deal of Tony's behavior. "Good work Kate," Gibbs said. "Finish processing the scene and get a wrecker out here to tow the car back to Abby."

"On it Gibbs," Kate said softly, never taking her eyes off of Tony. After a moment she walked away, her body tight with tension.

Gibbs examined the cut on Tony's neck closer. "Duck will you photograph this for me? I have no doubts that IA will be all over this once we get back…having the cut documented will just make things easier for Tony."

"Agreed," Ducky said, carefully photographing the wound on his young friend's neck.

Tony blinked his eyes open slowly as Ducky prepared to draw the blood sample.

"Dear boy," Ducky said softly. "I am going to take a small blood sample. I am unwrapping this brand new syringe at this moment as you can see," he continued, showing Tony how he was opening a new packet. "There is nothing here that will hurt you, but it is of great importance that we make sure you are free from chemical influences," the old doctor said.

Tony looked up at Gibbs, who was still holding him securely against his chest, but in a way that was much less restrictive.

"Think…I think someone drugged me," Tony said after a moment. "Everything's been kind of fuzzy since last night," he mumbled.

"All the more reason for us to do this. Just a small prick," Ducky said. Tony shut his eyes and turned his face towards Gibbs' chest as Ducky carefully drew the vial of blood from his arm. "There we are," the doctor said as he finished. "All done now."

"We're gonna need to get your statement Tony, but you can rest first," Gibbs said softly. "I'm going to take you home with me and you can get a shower, wash all that shit out of your hair, and we'll get you a decent meal and a bed. How's that sound?"

"Can I have a beer?"

Gibbs smiled and looked questioningly at Ducky. "I think that tonight it may be better for you to stick to clearer, non-alcoholic beverages. Juice, Gatorade, water, things that will be easy on the system might bode better for you tonight."

Tony nodded and didn't move from Gibbs' gentle, careful embrace. Once the scene was finished, Kate came back to the car.

"We're all finished up Boss," she said, watching Tony sleep. "You ready to head back?"

Gibbs nodded. "You drive," he said softly. "I'm gonna sit back here with DiNozzo."

Kate smirked sadly. "You're really worried about him aren't you?"

Gibbs shook his head. "No reason to worry now. He's back where he belongs and I can keep an eye on him. He's going to be fine. Take it easy going back though; he needs to get some rest."

Kate nodded, the smirk fading into a look of concern, and slipped into the driver seat. She carefully maneuvered the car out onto the highway and glanced in her rearview mirror. Tony was cradled gently over Gibbs' lap, his head resting in the crook of Gibbs' arm and chest, sleeping from the looks of it. Her boss was rocking him back and forth gently, cheek pressed to Tony's forehead, eyes watching his senior field agent carefully, monitoring him closely as he slept.

Kate shook her head and returned her gaze to the road. If there was anyone on the planet who could soften the heart of the grizzly former marine, it was Tony DiNozzo.

She wondered if he knew it.


Back at NCIS, Gibbs got Ducky to help him move Tony into his car. "I will have Abby run the blood sample and let the Director know what has happened. Once I finish up here I will head your way to check on Anthony again. In the mean time, should something happen, don't hesitate to either call me or take him to the emergency room."

Gibbs nodded and glanced over at his partner. He was sound asleep, slumped against the seatbelt and the window, lips slightly parted.

"He's going to be alright Jethro," Ducky said softly. "You got to him in time. He's safe now."

"Did I?" Gibbs asked. "We don't know what they gave him. Could be anything. What if they…"

"If they did…if it shows up in his blood that he was given the sort of drug to aid any type of…non consensual activity, I will let you know and we will go from there."

Ducky stared at the older man, seeing the emotions playing so vividly across his face.

"Your partner is safe Jethro," he said again. "We will all get through this together. The two of you aren't alone."

Gibbs glanced around to make sure no one was watching or listening. "How long have you known?"

"Long enough," Ducky said. "Go on now. Go home and help your lover heal. I will call you later."


The Night Before…

Tony recalled being in the cabin after he'd shared the drink with White and his buddy. He remembered clearly how fuzzy headed he felt, how he knew something wasn't right…he felt like he was being tested…they were testing his loyalty…or trying to see if he'd blow his cover.

They'd drugged him. The drink was drugged.

Fingers traced over his body as he laid there, eyes barely open, barely conscious. Where were his clothes? He'd been wearing clothes…

"Muh," he mumbled. His mouth felt as though it were filled with cotton batting. "M-m'clothes," he slurred softly.

"They got wet Tony. You remember don't you? We fell in the creek. I took off your clothes so they can dry. Don't want you to catch a cold, after all," the voice said.

He felt something else then…something warm wrapping around his limp penis…something squeezing it gently, waking it up slowly, drawing it to life…

"W-Why're…doing this…" Tony slurred, trying desperately to understand the warmth of the body pressing against him, the unfamiliar sensation of a stranger's hand wrapping around his most intimate parts, fighting the surge of arousal that shot through his groin.

"HEY!" Called another voice. "When's it gonna be my turn?"

Tony blinked then, trying to understand what was happening. "White? J-Jeffrrrrrrey…w-what y'doing?"

"Shhhh I'm making you feel good," Jeffrey said and Tony felt warm lips press against the side of his neck. "You like it," Jeffrey mumbled against his skin, sending another surge of arousal through his groin.

"Don' do this," Tony begged then…he couldn't betray Gibbs like this, but he couldn't blow his cover…he couldn't let Jeffrey do this…

"Shhhh I can see how much you like it," Jeffrey crooned in his ear. "I know you love this," he whispered against his skin, sending hot shivers through his spine. He felt something wet slide over his half hard cock and groaned.

"N-nooooooo," Tony moaned. "Noooo s-stopppp…p-pl'ssseeee…pleaseeee stoppp."

But Jeffrey didn't stop…instead he continued on, sucking harder and deeper each time…drawing an orgasm closer and closer to fruition.

He stopped though, just before Tony came. Jeffrey pulled his lips away from Tony's now straining erection and smiled wolfishly up at him.

"Gonna fuck you now…Gonna fuck you over good…just like you wanna do me," Jeffrey said softly. Tony blinked, trying to understand, when suddenly Jeffrey slid into his deepest and most private of areas. He used no lube, instead choosing to fuck him dry, and the pain nearly drew Tony out of his stupor. Jeffrey's partner in crime was suddenly standing over him, an equally evil smile on his face.

"Give him some more," Jeffrey grunted as he fucked the undercover agent. "Don't want him to remember this fully later on…maybe like a bad dream…but ya can't convict on a bad dream," he said and both men laughed.

"Don't use him all up," Lane suddenly said. "I want to get my turn."

"I told you that he's mine," White snapped. "You wanna fuck someone go find your own!"

Tony merely laid on the bed, drugged into a stupor as the two men fought over claim for his body. White pulled out of Tony and left him laying bare and exposed on the bed, while he went after Lane.

The next morning when the drugs had worn off and Tony finally blinked his eyes open, he rubbed weary fingers over his crusty eyelids and tried to understand what had happened.

"Lane left," Jeffrey said from where he was sitting on the bed beside Tony. "We fought over you last night and he left. Now we've got to hurry."

Tony nodded slowly and sat up. He glanced down at his clothes, wondering if what had taken place the night before was only in his dreams or if it had been real. Standing up, he groaned in pain when he moved and he looked at White.

"Anything else happen last night? Feel like I've been beaten," Tony groused.

"You're probably just sore from where we rolled down the hill and landed on the rocks in the creek," Jeffrey said softly, reassuringly. "Everything is fine, Tony," he said. "Nothing happened."

Tony was still groggy enough to let it go. White was probably right. Tony was probably just sore from the fall…


Gibbs hadn't drifted far from Tony's side since he'd carried the younger man in the house. Laying on the couch, Tony looked even worse for wear than he had before. Gibbs wanted to wake him up, but also knew that he needed the rest. So Gibbs sat on the recliner and watched his lover sleep.

It was only seconds after the wincing and twisting and mumbling began, that Gibbs all but leapt from the chair and rushed to his lover's side. What the hell had they done to him?

The first thing Tony heard was someone softly calling his name. "Tony, come on Tony, wake up, come on now…"

Not ready to face reality yet, Tony pressed his eyes closed and turned his head away from the voice.

"Come on Sweetheart," the voice said, a little more insistently. "Open those eyes for me."

Tony recognized that voice. It was gruff, but underlined with tenderness…tenderness reserved especially for him.

"Buh," he moaned. "Jeh…"

"Right here Tony. I'm right here. You're home. You're safe. I've got you. Wake up for me, you were having a nightmare."

Tony sat up so suddenly that he startled Gibbs just slightly. "Easy," the older man said, watching him carefully as he winced when he moved too suddenly. "You okay?"

"Jesus," Tony whispered, running a shaking hand through his hair. "Boss? Gibbs I…" he stopped, looking away, ashamed of his weakness.

Gibbs put a gentle finger under Tony's chin and turned the gaze back to him. "Talk to me," Gibbs said. "Tell me what happened. What was your nightmare about?"

Tony shook his head as though trying to clear it, and ran frustrated fingers through his hair. "I dunno…I can't tell what's real and what isn't…I just…I've gotta use the head," he mumbled and stood up on slightly unsteady feet and headed for the downstairs bathroom. He felt surprisingly dizzy.

Gibbs sat back and ran a hand over his face as he watched his lover struggle to the bathroom. He was debating calling Ducky and asking him to come over when a blood curdling scream had him running for the bathroom.


Gibbs leapt up and ran for the bathroom. He burst in and gaped at what he saw. There was Tony…on his knees on the floor…

"Are you alright? What happened?"

"C-call Ducky," Tony whispered, wrapping his arms protectively around his torso.

"What's wrong? What do I tell him?" Gibbs was already pulling out the phone and dialing the number. He dropped to his knees next to his partner and wrapped a gentle arm around his back.

Tony looked up at him with tear-filled, frightened eyes. "Tell him…Oh God Gibbs…I think I was raped."