Summary: When some strange happenings are going on in the Hospital, the owner searches for help. 'Help' as in the SPR gang of course!

Full Summary: A few years ago, there was a couple, Hoshiko and Kiyoshi Kimura who both needed serious medical help. One of the doctors, Haruko Keiji was assinged to take care of them. When Hoshiko dies Kiyoshi goes into depression, and soon commits suicide. Later, when the hospital is having strange occurances like medical records missing, medicines swapped and the like, the owner calls in SPR to investigate. While there, they meet Mikashi whom just so happens to be a victim of the many things that have happened. Mikashi takes a liking to everyone and brings it upon herself to help them solve this case and she won't take no for an answer!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ghost Hunt or any of its characters.


"Mai, tea."

OK. She hated that line. Not to mention how she heard it about twenty times a day. And she wasn't even sure if that was an exaggeration!

Sighing, she got up from the couch and ambled into the kitchenette to make the narcissistic tea deprived teenager his drink. Until she heard a knock on the door that is.

As she rushed over she silently prayed that what ever this case may be, Naru would finally agree to see to it. They hadn't had a case in weeks and Mai was on the verge of dying from boredom.

Mai took a few breaths to calm herself and yanked open the door to see a tall black haired man in a white lab coat, accompanied by a older, grey haired man with a puke worthy sense of style. He was clad in a suit. But not just any suit, it was a suit that obviously used to be black but was faded into that horrible grey that blends into the background.

His shirt, clashing brilliantly, was a kill-me-now creamy orange colour. Not to mention the tie. Ah yes, it made Mai want to gauge her eyes out at the sight of it. It was a vomit green with pink polka dots. Yes, you read right, pink polka dots. Don't you just love the mental image?

This person has got to have the worst fashion sense in the world. Mai thought idly, before remembering her manners and letting the two man in with her usual chirpy smile.

"Hello, I'm Mai Taniyama, what can I do for you?"

The two men gave her a weak smile and Rainbow Dude answered her, "Yes, I am Goro Hiroshi and this is Haruko Keiji. Um, may we talk to Mr. Shibuya?"

"Sure, I'll go get him." Mai said politely and walked out of the room, up to Naru's fancy looking door and knocked.

"It's open."

Mai rolled her eyes but proceeded anyway. "There's two men here for a case and they'd like to see you."

Naru just nodded and stood up to follow her outside and into the room occupied by the two on the couch and, of course, Lin.

Mai had to stifle a laugh as she saw Naru's eyes widen slightly at the sight of Goro's attire but (sadly) he composed him self and sat down on the opposite couch. And it was straight to business for him.

"Hello, my name is Kazuya Shibuya-" He started but was interrupted almost immediately by Goro.

"You sounded a lot older on the phone, how old are you exactly?"

"I'm eighteen." Naru answered patiently.

"Oh, right."

The room was soon filled with an awkward silence until it was broken again by a, "Mai, tea."

10 points if you can guess who.

Mai scowled at Naru's back, but gave up when he ignored her. "Right... Uh anyone else want some tea as well while I'm at it?"

The other two responded with a "Yes, thank you." and with that, she left to the kitchenette for the ninth-ish time that day, also eavesdropping on the conversation in the room over.

"Anyhow, as I was telling you on the phone, some very strange things have been happening in the hospital..."

"Such as?"

"Pills and drugs being swapped from their containers, medical records missing and even glass shattering."

"We thought it might have just been some troublemaker doing all this until the glass started shattering by itself, and then we decided to come to you when our security cameras picked up scalpels and the like moving by themselves, some even floating across the room." Haruko spoke for the first time since they got there.

"Do you know how any of this may be related to each other somehow?" Naru asked as Mai came in with a tray of tea and sat it down on the coffee table.

"Um, yes, actually I think there is a relation to all of this. All of the victims of these happenings have been patients of Haruko."

This seemed to interest Naru a bit. He looked at Lin who quirked an eyebrow and nodded slightly.

Naru turned back to the doctors and nodded as well.

"Very well, this case might be worth looking into after all."

"WOOHOO!" Mai shouted in victory with a fist in the air but quickly stopped as everyone looked at her with an eyebrow raised (not to mention the glare from Naru...).

"When would you like us to come in?" Naru asked, once again ignoring Mai.

"As soon as possible really, if this goes on for any longer people could actually die from the wrong medicines." Haruko said anxiously.

"We'll be there tomorrow at 9:00. Ah, yes and we will need three rooms, one for us to set up base in and the other two for sleeping in."

The two clients nodded, stood up and left after saying their thank yous.

Once the door closed Mai huffed and flopped on the couch that was across from Naru. He seemed to be deeply concentrating so Mai figured she could get away with lying down for a few moments. But boy was she wrong.

Just when she was nearly asleep Naru's voice snapped her awake.

"What are you doing? Get back to work, I don't pay you to slack off. Also I will need you to be at work by 8:30 tomorrow." He got up and walked into his office, leaving Mai alone and bored.

Sighing, Mai got up off the comfy couch and decided to ring the rest of the gang with the news that they had a case tomorrow. Mai smiled and nodded at herself for coming up with such a genius plan.

OK so maybe it wasn't as brilliant as she thought it was but hey, at least it was something to do.

Once she had called everyone she lay her head down on the desk and fell asleep not long after.


Mai woke up with a start and looked around. She could have sworn she fell asleep on her desk, but now she seemed to be in a sort of hospital looking room.

There were two beds, both with people in them. A man and a woman. They were talking together with sad smiles on their faces but Mai couldn't make out what they were saying, even though she was almost right next to them.

When she felt a hand on her shoulder she spun around to see Naru.

Gene. Mai corrected herself silently. She must be dreaming, because the Naru look-alike was smiling at her. Gene had been visiting her in her dreams a lot lately actually.

"Hi Gene."

"Hello Mai. I've actually got to make this short because I have a feeling my idiot brother isn't going to like you sleeping on the job again." He grinned at her.

Mai gave a sheepish smile and nodded at that but then looked at him expectantly.

"Alright, you see I've got a strange feeling about this next case, these two people here are Hoshiko and Kiyoshi Kimura, when they were alive. You'll need to remember these names. They are very... curious people with a bit of a strange character and personality but anyways... When you get to the hospital I want you to find a file for both of these people, it will help a lot. And be careful as well. That's about all I know so far."

Mai nodded and mouthed the two names in attempt to remember them.

"Now, I've got to go. Say hi to Naru for me!" He joked the last part but Mai was seriously considering it, just to get a reaction from Naru and possibly Lin as well.

Mai grinned at the thought but frowned when she felt someone shaking her awake.

' 'Spose I've got to get up now...' She thought and forced herself awake.

~End of Dream~

When Mai opened her eyes she was greeted by the sight of an annoyed looking Naru.

To tell, or not to tell? Mai contemplated.

Before Naru could get a word in to scold her for sleeping she stood up and said casually, "Gene says 'Hi' by the way. Anyhow its time for me to go home I'll see you tomorrow!"

Lin and Naru gaped and her as she picked up her bag and and left with a few words of advice such as, "Close your mouths, you both look like some kind of a fish or something."

And with that, she was gone, leaving two stunned men behind.

~The Next Day~

When Mai arrived at work the next morning she was greeted by Monk, John, Ayako, Masako and Yasuhara standing by the van and Naru and Lin by the car. Monk came over to give her his customary big bear hug and she greeted the rest of them by the van. Monk had become like a big brother to her and so had John. Ayako was like the mum she hadn't had for so long and Yasuhara was like her partner in crime a lot of the time. Masako tended to be the irritating rival and Naru and Lin tended to just go sit in their emo corners while the rest of them had nice big family moments.

After the greetings Mai walked over to the car, which was the only one out of the two vehicles with a spare seat.*

"Your late."

What! I could have sworn I was- Mai looked at her watch. 8:34. Oh for the love of tea give me the will power not to bash his brains in. FOUR MINUTES LATE!

Mai huffed and scowled at Naru. She then walked over to the other group and promptly fell to the ground, begging with puppy eyes.

"Please don't leave me with them! I'm sure I can fit in the van somewhere!"

John laughed almost nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Well, you see..."

"Naru said specifically..." Ayako continued.

"That you have to go in the car with them." Yasu finished.

"What! Why? Why can't Masako go with them or something?" Mai demanded and turned to glare at Naru.

"You know why." Naru answered calmly.

When realization struck Mai she slumped her shoulders in defeat and groaned. I really wish I hadn't said anything about Gene now...

Mai muttered and grumbled while she walked over to the car and hopped into one of the back seats. And with that everyone started their way to the hospital.

Naru turned around to face Mai with a very serious look on his face.

"Alright Mai, you've got some explaining to do." Apparently he had gotten over the shock of the news. Mai silently berated herself for not having a camera with her when she broke the 'greeting' to him. The look on his face was priceless and very hard to come by.

"About what?" she asked innocently.

"Gene." Naru growled.

"Ah, and what if I don't want to say anything?" Mai teased.

"Mai," He started, sort of threateningly. "You will tell me any information that you know about him."

"Alright, alright, calm down. What do you want to know?"

"Well for starters it would be nice to know how long you've known about him."

Mai tapped her chin thoughtfully and answered, "Well, the first time I saw him was...well, it was from our first case actually. Course, I thought he was you up until he told me he was actually your twin, Gene."

Naru paused to think about this and then continued with the questioning again.

"And he shows up in your dreams?"

"Yes." Mai replied.

"What do you talk about?" He inquired.

"Oh, well... You know, this and that. Most of the time he just helps me with cases and gives me clues and stuff but there are times where we talk about other stuff. It really depends."

Naru tapped his chin, much like Mai had done moments before and turned back to face the road speeding by outside.

Figuring the interrogation was over, Mai shrugged and spaced out a bit. She wasn't sure what all that was about and/or why but she honestly didn't care to find out at the moment. Mai hadn't gotten much sleep last night for an unknown reason but she knew now for sure; she was tired.

The next thing she knew her pillow, that looked oddly like a car door, was swept out from underneath her head, leaving Mai flailing her arms wildly in attempt to not fall out and into a too-close-for-comfort encounter with the ground. Mai had even more trouble getting herself upright as her seat belt was unbuckled. Oh boy.

Mai cursed gravity into oblivion as she promptly fell out of the car and flat on her face. Slightly stunned, she groaned and lifted her head up to glare at the culprit through narrowed eyes.

Why it was Naru of course.

He stared at her with slightly amused eyes and said in a very condescending tone, "Is there any reason you're on the ground, and not doing your job?"

Mai narrowed her eyes even more 'till they were mere slits but he still didn't burst into flames. Darn.

Mai didn't bother to answer that question but did offer a single "I hate you." that was muffled by the concrete pathway she had found herself on moments before. She got up and brushed herself off and after giving Naru one final glare, stalked off to the laughing Yasu a few meters away.

"Where's base?" She asked through gritted teeth.

Yasu composed himself and answered her. "Room 123 on the second floor."

A few minutes later she had made her way to base and walked in to see Monk and Ayako bickering over something probably unimportant. She flopped down on one of the chairs and drifted off into her own little world, where tea didn't exist and Naru wasn't a narcissist. Oh how she wished it was true.

Once everyone was all set up and ready to go, Naru sent Haruko to go get some of the victims for an interview.

The first one that came, was a girl who looked about Mai's age and had a mischievous glint in her eye. She had brown eyes that darted around everywhere in excitement. Her shiny blonde hair was pulled up into a high pony tail that went down to just below her shoulders and also had a side fringe hanging out the front. She was wearing a purple button up t-shirt that was undone to show a plain white top underneath, along with a pair of black cargo shorts. The only accessories she wore was a plain silver watch and a black bracelet.

She practically skipped into the room and sat on one of the chairs opposite Naru with a wide smile on her face.

"Hi." She said simply. "I'm Mikashi."

Lin looked up from what he was typing and glanced at her with interest.

"And your last name?" He asked.

"Don't have one," She said almost proudly. "So its Mikashi, just Mikashi... But all of you can call me Mika."

Her blue eyes darted around the room, looking at everyone happily. At that moment the rest of the SPR gang came back in from the various places they had been.

Naru looked at Mika's medical file intently and then looked back up at her. "Your ADHD?" he asked.

"Lil' bit." She held up a hand with her index finger extended. Naru raised an eyebrow and looked back at the file.

"That's not what this file says..."

"Well then the file is wrong," Mika said in a dangerous tone. "So nyah." She said childishly and turned away from him. John, Ayako and Mai were stifling a laugh while Monk and Yasu didn't even bother to contain it. Masako could be seen staring coldly at the blonde haired girl from across the room and even Lin cracked a tiny smile.

Naru looked at her with an expressionless face and carried on, "Alright, why don't you tell us what happened to you exactly."

Mika thought for a moment before answering, "Well, first of all that medical file went missing until a few days ago when they found it in a laundry bin for hospital gowns. That's a new file though so don't worry." She added with a smile on her face. "To be honest not much has happened to me but there was that one time I was wandering around the hospital and when I walked into a storage room and the door closed and locked behind me... I was stuck in there for a few hours until one of the nurses found me." Surprisingly, she looked fairly unaffected by all of this.

"Can you remember which storage room it was?"

"Yup. It was one of them on the third floor with all the stethoscopes and stuff."

"I see. Are you one of Haruko Keiji's patients as well?" Naru asked.

"Yeah. For about three or four years now actually." She answered.

Naru turned around to face the five who were recovered from Mika's antics and looked at Mai in particular. "Mai, I want you to take Mikashi here and find the storage room she was just talking about. Set up a infrared camera, a mic and one of the normal cameras there. Once you come back, find a kettle and make me some tea."

Mai rolled her eyes at the tea part but nodded and obeyed regardless. Once she had the appropriate equipment with her she walked over to Mika who was now standing by the door.

"So," Mai started with a smile. "Care to lead the way?"

Mika beamed at her and started walking. A comfortable silence filtered around them until Mika broke it, "You know, you seem alot nicer than that black haired tea-dude."

Mai laughed, "Yeah, Naru isn't really one of the social types but you get used to him I guess."

Mika glanced at her with an eyebrow raised, "Naru? I thought his name was Kazuya."

"Yeah but he's such a narcissist that we all just started to call him Naru. It just kinda stuck I guess."

Mika grinned at that.

"You know what you should to do get him off his high horse?" Mai looked at the blonde expectantly and Mika clarified, " At least for a few moments at least."


"Put something in his tea."

Mai laughed and asked, "What do you suggest?"

"Well... By the looks of it you're my age and we can't get our hands on alcohol so that's out of the question... He seems like the type of person to be a total ice-cube, correct?"

Mai rolled her eyes and replied, "Oh, you have no idea, he barely even shows expressions at all." Mika smirked deviously at that.

"Well then I think I have just the thing. I'll get an expression out of him for sure. Lets make sure we have a camera for this." She paused, "Infact, make it a video camera."

"Do I get to know your ingenious plan?"

"Nope. Not yet that is. Its not something that will hurt him either... At least, I don't think so..."

Mai laughed, "Got it."

They approached the storage room door and tugged it open. Mai immediately went to setting up the equipment. She glanced around the room in frustration.

"Do you see any sockets free?"

"Like, for plugs?"

"Well nah, its for a leprechaun."

"Well that's a bit cruel."

"I was being sarcastic!"

"Oh." Mika rubbed the back of her head and laughed sheepishly. "There's a socket over there by the cabinet."

Mai nodded and bent over to plug in the camera. A few seconds after it was all set up, the door slammed shut and the lights flickered a bit before shutting off completely. Mai stumbled over to Mika who was sitting on the ground with her back up against the wall.

A chilling voice filled the air and a white figure was seen across the room.

"Why hello there..."

(*1: The van had equipment taking up seats and the car was the same...and because I know they normally don't have that much equipment I thought I might just clear this up: They decided to bring more just in case since the hospital is so big.).

Well, how was that?




Wait... uh... never mind. ANYWAYS...

I have decided that at the end of each chapter of this story I will write bloopers of some sort where I will take something from the story and change it to make it (hopefully) humorous. There may also be (slight) Naru bashing... if you look at it on a funny angle. So not really.

Anyways, here's the first Ghost-Hunt-Fanfiction-Blooper-Thingy! Other wise known as GHFBT!

A/N: Edited 25/9/2011 There was a 'your' that was supposed to be 'you're'. It was annoying me. I fixed it.

The two men gave her a weak smile and Rainbow Dude answered her, "Yes, I am Goro Hiroshi and this is Haruko Keiji. Um, may we talk to Mr. Shibuya?"

"Sure, I'll go get him." Mai said politely and walked out of the room, up to Naru's fancy looking door and knocked.

"It's open."

Mai rolled her eyes but proceeded anyway. "There's two men here for a case and they'd like to see you."

Naru just nodded and stood up to follow her outside and into the room occupied by the two on the couch and, of course, Lin.

Mai had to stifle a laugh as she saw Naru's eyes widen at the sight of Goro's attire. Her boss then proceeded to mutter, "Oh my god, somebody blind me." And walk back in the direction he came from.

"Hey, where are you going?" Mai called.

He responded, "Screw this shit, I'm calling my tailor to give that dude an appointment." And slammed the door to his office behind him.

In the waiting room, a scream could be heard. "LUCINDA I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP! ... What? No I didn't accidentally use bleach again...HUH? No! Of course I don't want more color in my outfits! What do you take me for? Gosh. Anyways. There's this guy here that has the worst fashion sense EVER... Yeah. Pretty much... Uh huh... Yep... Okay. Good. He'll be there." A noise indicated that he slammed the phone shut and Naru's head poked out the door.

"I've scheduled an appointment for you with my stylist. Be at that cute new cafe that just opened for lunch tomorrow and she'll meet you there." And with that, he was gone.

Mai sweat-dropped and turned to Goro. "You'll be looking like an emo in no time."

And just for kicks, here's another GHFBT:

Naru looked at her with an expressionless face and carried on, "Alright, why don't you tell us what happened to you exactly."

Mika thought for a moment before answering, "Well, first of all that medical file went missing until a few days ago when they found it in a laundry bin for hospital gowns..."

Naru looked at the file he was holding and stared at it disdainfully, "Ew..."

And that concludes this chapters GHFBT's.

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