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"Mai. Tea." Naru commanded.

The brunette spun around to stare at him with a sceptically outraged expression. "Masako's missing and all you can think about is tea? What the hell is wrong with you?" She yelled.

"Takigawa, Miss Matsuzaki and Father Brown are looking for her. If they can't find her by sundown, then we'll start an official search." Naru replied patiently.

Mai scowled at his back, while Mika fixed him with a confused stare.

"...Why do you call John 'Father Brown'? I mean, like, he does not look like you." She frowned. "Like, at all."

Mai, Yasu and Naru all looked at her, dumbfounded. "Huh?"

"John is not your father! Why do you call him that! And how come only you and Lin call him that as well?" She asked more clearly.

"Naru's just like that." Yasu supplied helpfully.

"...That's possibly the stupidest thing I've heard." Naru shook his head in disbelief, blatantly ignoring Yasu. "You are aware that Father Brown is a catholic priest, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"...Then I really don't see how you don't know this." Naru went back to ignoring everyone.

"Yeesh. Helpful aren't you?" Mika muttered.

"Well, maybe you ought to ask John that? I guess I don't really know alot on the subject." Mai replied with a shrug.

"Okay, well... What if it's a woman? Would they still call her, 'Father'? Because that would be stupid."

"Oh," Mai laughed. "I'm pretty sure they call them 'Sister' or 'Mother' depending on their rank."

"Hm, okay. That's all I wanted to know, really." Said Mika. She paused. "Oh! We might want to, like, make Naru's tea now." She looked around suspiciously. "And, ah... Between you and me... I'm still up for putting something, uh... Extra in there if you like?"

Mai grimaced at the blonde before stating flatly, "No."

~ Hospital Staff Room ~

"I really hope they find Masako soon." Mai murmured as she filled the kettle with water.

"I thought you two didn't like each other?" Mika asked. Mai smiled in response.

"Well, we do get on each others nerves alot, but, she's still a friend." Mai looked thoughtful for a moment before adding, "In a twisted sort of way."

"Makes sense." Mika nodded.

"So..." Mai started casually while grabbing a strainer. "How come you spend so much time at the hosptial?"

"Hm, you want a back story, do you?"

"Don't be silly. I'm just curious is all. I mean, most people dislike the hospital." Mai shrugged. "I know I do."

"Well..." Mika smiled at the brunette. "I've got a few friends who are working here and I'm helping them out a bit." The blonde suddenly looked smug and continued. "Because honestly, they're in dire need of some assistance in this labrinyth of a hospital. One of the assistants nearly got lost on her way to make some tea! I had to help her out of course. Honestly, it's like I should get payed for being so amazingly helpful. Not to mention I know every nook and cranny of this place. Seriously though, there's alot more secret rooms than one would think."

Mika continued to ramble, while Mai started to sport a flat expression.

"You're talking about us, aren't you?" She asked dryly.

"Sure am." Mika stated shamelessly.

Mai gave a defiant huff and scowled. "For the last time, I did not get lost! I just-"

"Oh so you're telling me you nearly walked into an operation room on purpose?" Mika interupted with a sly grin.

"I, well- I just," Mai spluttered, before giving a defeated sigh. "What ever. Tea's ready by the way."


As they walked through the hallways, chattering, Mai gave a thoughtful look. "So uh, Mika... You never did actually tell me why you spend so much time here?"

"Hm, well, I 'spose I just get bored, really. I'm getting home-schooled by a tutor who knows how to get stuff done pretty quick and... I guess you could say Goro is my uncle?"

"Oh, wait, refresh my memory, who's Goro again?"

"I'll give you one clue; Really, really, really bad fashion sense."

"Oh, him! He's your uncle?"

"Well, he's my adoptive father's older brother so I guess you could say that."

"Wait, you're adopted? Then how come you have no last name?"

"Well, I kinda didn't want their last name."

"What? Seriously?"

"Basically. Long story. Don't really want to talk about it. Anyways, now I live with Uncle Goro instead."

"Oh... Okay... WAIT. Has no one yet tried to change Goro's sense of clothing?" Mai asked suddenly.

"Oh. Millions of us have tried. It's seriously no use."

Mai scratched her head awkwardly and laughed. "Well, that's unfortunate."

As they ambled into base, chattering away, giving Naru his tea and sitting down with some tea of their own, Mai paused. "Hey... You said there were secret rooms in this hospital?" Mai thought back to her dream.

Naru looked up.

"Uh, yeah actually. There are parts of the hospital that are blocked off with no way of getting in, although I've never been in those parts for obvious reasons. Other places are just really strange rooms that no one uses anymore. Some of the places are really creepy, so I didn't bother to explore them all that much." Mika responded quietly.

"You wouldn't happen to know of a fairly big room with at least seven doors and a trapdoor, would you?" Mai asked suddenly.

"Uh... No...?" Mika eyed the brunette curiously. "Do you know of any rooms like that?"

"Mai." Naru said sternly. "Have you been having more dreams?"

"Well... Maybe? I'm not sure, really. In my dream I was in an unfamiliar room with a heap of doors and another under a mat." Mai replied sheepishly.

"Did you think to look in any of the doors?" Asked Naru.

Mai fidgeted.

"I did look in one, but it was just a dusty storage room... I didn't see any exit." She hesitated. "And then when I went through the trapdoor... There was a," She shuddered. "Dead body covered in... I'm pretty sure they were... maggots..."

Mika cringed. "That's... revolting..." Mai nodded, gave a quiet "Yeah." and placed her tea on the table.

"Was there are reason you didn't tell us this sooner?"

"It's not exactly something I like remembering." Mai snapped.

"I don't blame you." Yasu quipped, stepping the room.

"We'll have to ask for a floor plan and work from there. If I were to guess, I'd say Miss Hara is probably in one of these mystery rooms." Said Naru.

"Actually, that won't be neccesary. I wasn't sure if we would need one but I took the liberty of getting a copy anyway. Here." Yasu passed a file to Naru.

"Then why not start now!" Mai suggested. "Monk and the others won't be back for at least another two hours and we could be out there helping!"

"As much as I agree with you and all, wouldn't that be a bit dangerous? Who knows what could happen!" Mika exclaimed.

"Well," Mai snatched the floor plan from Naru. "I'm going."

"Woah, woah, woah. Hold on. You are not going alone. There's at least four different places that you'll probably end up searching and you will need help knocking down a wall or two!" Mika smirked. "I'm coming with you." She turned to the guys. "You pansies coming with us?"

"Well, one of us have to stay here and watch base..." Yasu hinted. Mika clapped him on the shoulder. Hard.

"It'll be fine! From the way I see it, Naru and I won't let Mai go if we can't, Lin won't let Naru go without him, and you won't let me go if you can't!" Mika cackled and nodded.

"Uh, actually, I really won't mind stayi-"

"Nonsense! It's all of us or none of us! And Mai's a stubborn one. You all have no choice! Bahahahahaha! Let's go!"

~ Secret Room #1 ~

"I wonder why no one ever told you guys about these rooms? I mean they're as clear as day in the blue prints." Mika wondered, staring blankly at the floor plans. Mai gasped and snatched the papers.

"Is there any rooms with seven doors?" She asked.

Mika regarded her dryly. "Well I don't know, I don't have the blue prints."

"Er... Right... Here."

"Thank you. Now, let me see..." The blonde examined and scrutinized the papers. "Oh! Well, there's a sort of storage room here that leads into a room with seven doors. It's in the basement floor and..." She faltered.

"Is there anything about a trap door?" Mai asked hurriedly.

"Well... Let's find out for our selves..." Mika pointed weakly at the wall, which was currently being knocked down by Lin and Naru.

"No way... This is the one?" Mai glanced briefly at Mika, as Naru gave one last blow to the wall.

They all switched their flashlights on, took a steadying breath and stepped into the unknown, one by one.

It was completely silent, apart from crunching of footsteps on rubble. They inspected the dusty storage room wordlessly. Naru wandered over to a wall and flicked the light switch. Nothing.

"No power." He announced.

"You know, this reminds me of a riddle that went around school for a while when I was little." Yasu said thoughtfully.

"Yeah? How does it go?" Mika asked absently, poking around in a box.

"Well," Yasu started. "You're by your self in a dungeon with no power, and there's three doors in front of you. Which do you pick?"

"The one in the middle." The blonde lifted up a jar, stared blankly at it, and placed it back in the container.

"Okay, in that room, there are two more doors. Left or right?"

"Left." Mika ripped a package open and stared at it's contents before shoving it back.

"Once in, there are two people waiting for you. One with a gun, the other with an electric chair. You are given the choice of which way you want to die."

"Ugh, well, the gun would be quicker but... I'm gonna go for the electric chair."

Mai eyed the blonde warily. "Is that you just being eccentric or is there a reason behind that?"

Mika fixed her with a smug smile. "There's no power, remember?"


"Hey, is that a door?" Yasu pointed at something near Lin, which was, indeed a door. They all rushed over and eyed it hesitantly. The two girls clutched each others arms and stayed behind.

Naru slowly opened the door, and stood in the entrance. "Is this the room from your dream?"

Mai gulped and peeked over his shoulder. "Yeah."

"Good." He ambled in and glanced at his surroundings. It was furbished nicely, but extremely dusty. Each door was a different style and colour. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room, which was on a scarlet mat.

"We'll check each door before we check under the mat." Said Naru.

"Something tells me he's a fan of suspense." Mai said dryly.

"'Oh, yes, let's make them even more nervous!'" Mika said excitedly in a poor impression of Naru. The two continued muttering to each other and opened the nearest door.

"Ooh a kitchen..." Mika nodded and walked in. "Very nice... I wonder if it has a- HOLY CRAP!" She raced out of the room (shrieking along the way) and bumped into Lin. Swiftly scrambling up his back, she buried her head in his shoulder and continued to scream.

"What are you doing?" Lin attempted to shrug the blonde off, failing. She ignored him.

"Uh... I think she may have a phobia of ants... The kitchen's over run with them..." Mai said slowly.

Lin sighed and murmured, "Why me?"

Mika, having heard him, looked up at him, said innocently, "Because you're the tallest." And resumed her wailing.

"Haha! Mika's scared of ants! Who knew?" Yasu laughed.

"Shut up! There's estimated to be about one million ants for every human on Earth! One million! They could take over the whole flippin world!" She hissed.

"Bug spray and Antarctica. Now get off of me!" Lin growled. Mai started giggling.

"Wow that's a pretty big spider." Yasu commented.


The next thing he knew, Lin was being crushed by two teenage girls. Was he happy? No. Definitely not.

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"Mai. Tea." Naru commanded.

The brunette spun around to stare at him with a sceptically outraged expression. "Masako's missing and all you can think about is tea? What the hell is wrong with you?" She yelled.

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"Wow that's a pretty big spider." Yasu commented.


The next thing he knew, Lin was being crushed by not only Mika, but Naru as well.

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