Where do broken hearts go?

"She took that curse - for me?"Whispered Fred, a lone tear falling slowly down his cheek.

"Yeah, she did, just for you, she loved you enough to take it" Pain etched in George's voice as he also lost his best friend.

"Even then Fred, even then" and with that, the two red headed twins broke down and hugged each other as the rest looked on at the petite girl with tears in their eyes, as they remembered Ashley Fox – a well known hufflepuff, a good and loyal friend, just a smile from her could make the whole place seem brighter but for now the world will seem black, until that single smile came back the world would be brighter but when someone is greeted by death we know that they remain with death and always will, no one can bring back the dead, everyone now just wanted the war to end, they just wanted the dark lord dead, the fight between the dark lord and the boy who lived.

Molly Weasley, stepped forward and approached her two identical sons and pulled them into a hug feeling the tears coming down more rapidly, Fred and George only cried when she gave birth to them, they didn't even cry when they tripped over nor did they cry when they fell out of a tree, but this, this was different to everything and everbody, it hurt her so much to see them like this.

"It's going to be alright" she consoled her sons.

"We'll all pull through together" Arthur said as he joined the group.

"She wouldn't want you to be like this, heck any of us" whispered Bill, as he came over too with Ginny, Percy and Ron. Only one remained red head remained standing away from them – Charlie.

"Ashley hasn't really gone, she hasn't left us, she'll always live on in us, just here" *pointing to his heart* all the Weasley's stared at Charlie, Charlie never spoke about his feelings as he kept them locked up but since meeting Ashley Fox, she showed him how to let his feelings show and that it's alright to do it and this surprised everyone who knew him. This is one of the many reasons why Ashley Fox will always be remembered.

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