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It was Jess's birthday today. She hadn't done anything special seeing as it was a work day. The brunette would have told the rest of her team mates, but there had been an anomaly that morning and she didn't want to cause a fuss. Jess had simply just carried on coordinating the team and filling in reports. Later a few of her college friends were dragging her to the pub for the evening, but she probably wouldn't stay out long because it was a Monday and she would have to be up early for work. That weekend Jess would be visiting her parents, even a few of her aunts and uncles might be there.

Jess had even managed to keep her birthday a secret from Connor and Abby, even if it had taken a little effort. She never had liked people fussing over her on her birthday. She always felt too selfish afterwards.

Later that evening, Jess prepared her hair and make-up before leaving to meet her friends. They had fun, drank a little too much and had maybe flirted with a few boys. At around 11pm Jess stumbled towards her apartment, searching through her small pink handbag for her keys. After finally managing to push open her door, she stepped inside, promptly tripping over something in the doorway. Cursing her purple heels, she looked down. And blinked. Twice.

There, on the floor in the doorway, was a single, dark red rose and a bar of chocolate. Beside it was a yellow post-it note. It read:


Happy Birthday,

-Becker x

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