you sighed and sat back down on your bed.

Greyson: i have an idea.

You: and whats that?

Greyson: Have you made up any music for it? is there a certain melody you want in the background?

You: no? i just write songs when im bored, and this one.. was just-

Greyson: Special? perhaps?

You: ...i, guess you could say that.

Greyson: I could help you out with some lyrics, and maybe add a melody?


you looked down at the paper and frowned.

Greyson: Why not? you could be a great song writer.

You: so what?

Greyson: So what? That's a talent.

You: not really.

Greyson: and also, you're amazing at drawling.. so that's two talents.

You: no it-

Greyson: sing for me.

You: no.

Greyson: come on..

You: no!

Greyson: please? for me?

You: greyson! no.

Greyson: please please please with sugar on top? and then with a cherry, and all that good stuff.

You: well... ..fine.

you rolled your eyes and started singing out the little bit of lyrics that you had wrote down on the piece of paper, (you sang the lyrics in a whole different way then how waiting outside the lines is really sung) when you got done, you looked up at greyson and shrugged.

Greyson: um..

You: what?

Greyson: i think it should go more like this or something-

You: greyson! i don't know what you're doing... it's just some stupid little song lyrics i wrote down because i was upset, no biggy.

Greyson: no, actually... it's a big biggy. those lyrics are really meaningful.

You: are you serious?

Greyson: Yes. i've been trying to tell you tha-, what is your name?

You: Mary, why?

Greyson: well you've been wearing out my name, so i want to wear out yours.

he chuckled, you just stared at him and raised an eyebrow.

You: okay?

Greyson: do you think im a freak or something?

You: kinda, but i am too. so i can't be talking..

greyson's phone started going off in his back pocket, he grabbed it and looked at who was calling.

Greyson: this is my mom, i gotta take this.. hold on.

he walked off a little ways and answered the phone.

You sat on your bed and stared at him as he talked on the phone with his mom. 5 minutes later, he hung up and looked at you, you stood up.

Greyson: I have to go, I'm so sorry... we need to meet back up later and finish that son-

You put your finger to his lips.

You: Greyson... shh. forget about the song, alright?

greyson stood there, while your finger was pressed to his lips, he frowned slightly and nodded.

Greyson: fine. fine, if that's how you want it.. fine.

You: thank you..

Greyson: here's my number, anyways...

you guys traded phone numbers, you walked down stairs, hugged each other, greyson gave you his address and then left.

you walked back upstairs, into your room and did a belly flop onto your bed. you looked over on your nightstand and saw the piece of paper that had those lyrics on it, you grabbed it and sat up.

You: you'll never enjoy your li-

you stopped yourself and started over again, singing it a different way this time.

You: you'll never enjoy your life, living inside the box-

you stopped yourself again, started over and began singing it in a different way.

You: you'll never enjoy your life, living in the box.. so afraid of taking chances-

you stopped singing and crumbled the paper up in your hand and threw it at the wall, you flopped over onto your back and took a deep breath. you took your headband off and laid it on your nightstand, kicked your shoes off, rolled over onto your side, pulled the covers up to your chin and closed your eyes. you decided to take a nap.


Someone was pushing you and pushing you and pushing you, until you finally opened your eyes, rolled over and looked up at the person who was pushing you.


You: Kylie leave me alone.

Kylie: no! we're going out to eat, get up!

You: ugh. fine. okay, get out now..

kylie ran out of your room, you kicked your legs off the side of the bed and picked your converse up, put them on, stood up and walked over to your dresser, grabbed your brush and brushed your hair, put your headband back in, grabbed your phone and then ran out of your room and downstairs.

Mom: You ready, mary?

You: ready than ever, i guess?

Mom: Let's go then..

you all walked outside to the car and got in. you buckled up and then your phone started going off, you looked at it and greyson was calling. you answered.


You: Hello?

Greyson: hey! whats up?

You: oh! greyson? haha nothing much, going out to eat with my family, what about you?

when kylie heard you say greyson, she gasped. you threw your hand over her mouth and frowned at her.

Greyson: oh really? me too!

You: that's awesome!

Greyson: about the song..

You: Greyson, please. not now.

Greyson: I was just gonna tell you i came up with some cool music that could go with it..

You: like what?

Greyson: on the piano..

You: well, maybe i could come over and check it out sometime.

Greyson: really? seriously?

You: Yeah, really.. seriously..

you chuckled.

Greyson: That'd be awesome!

You: yeah, toally!

Greyson: so when is a good time?

You: I don't know yet, but i'll call you when i get back home.. does that sound good?

Greyson: yeah, sounds awesome..

You: okay well i guess i'll talk to you then..

Greyson: okay! bye..

You: bye..

you hung up.


Kylie: you were talking to greyson! ?

You: yeah, i was.. what are you gonna do about it?

Kylie: but i called dibs on him and justin bieber! you have cody simpson and christian beadles!

You: Kylie! you're 9 years old! it would be extremely perverted if justin or greyson every thought of you in that way.

Kylie: not exactly..

Mom: whoa, whoa, whoa.. what are you talking about, greyson?

You: well when you and kylie left for her playdate or whatever, me and greyson hung out for a while...

Mom: oh really? that's cool!

You: yeah, he's really nice...

Kylie: yeah i bet you two were sucking face!

You: shut up kylie! no we werent! im not a little skank like you are!

Dad: Alright! now stop that fighting!

You: im sick of kylie always assuming im some dirty little whore or something!

Mom: Kylie, mary is not a dirty whore.. okay?

Kylie: mhm, whatever.

the rest of the car ride was you and kylie fighting, when you showed up at the pizza place, you got out of the car and ran inside the place, leaving everybody behind. moments later, everybody else walked in and you got a table in the back by a window.

Mom: You two girls fight way too much.

You: yeah because kylie starts it.

Kylie: shut up mar-

Dad: Alright now you two stop it right now! quit fighting in public, thats where i draw the damn line.

You: fine, god.

the waitress walked over to your table.

Waitress: Hello! so what kind of drinks can i get you today?

You: root beer.

Kylie: sprite.

Mom & Dad: iced tea, thank you.

Waitress: alright, well i'll be right back with your drinks and then i'll take your order.

you guys waited around, till the waitress came back with your drinks. she placed your drink infront of you, then kylie's in front of her and same with your mom and dad.

Waitress: okay, so are you ready to order?

Mom: yes... a large famous dave's! (a really good pizza, yum)

Waitress: alright! is that it?

Mom: yes!

the waitress nodded and walked off to place our order in.

?: MARY?

someone was yelling your name out, you frowned and looked around.


you looked over and smiled big.

You: oh my gosh! HEY!

Author Note: Hi guys! :) I'll try to update my other two stories before i leave! My cody simpson one involves a lot of detail and stuff, so i'm probably gonna add 1 more chapter to that before i leave because it'll be really long, and then I'll update this one and my other greyson one as much as i can! much love guys! :D xoxo