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Chapter One: Betrayal

"No. No way. The blueberry jelly doughnut is so much better than the strawberry. I can't believe you'd even say that." Kensi Blye crossed her arms and glared at the man who dared to oppose her view.

"Hey, I'm entitled to my own opinion, aren't I?" G Callen stared back at her with a glare of his own that was every bit as intimidating as hers.

"Not when your opinion is totally wrong, you're not," Kensi retorted.

"You're just saying that 'cause you know I'm right." Callen grinned.

Sam Hanna sighed as he walked in and overheard his partner's statement. "Whatever you two are arguing about now, I don't want to know about it."

"Hey, Sam," greeted Callen. "Just the man I wanted to see. Tell Kensi the strawberry jelly doughnuts taste way better than the blueberry."

"You mean the blueberry's better than the strawberry, don't you?" Kensi said pointedly.

"I'm not getting involved," Sam said firmly, getting settled at his desk.

Callen and Kensi stared at each other.

"Strawberry," Callen declared, his blue eyes twinkling with merriment.

"Blueberry," Kensi countered, smiling in spite of herself.





A sharp whistle intruded into their quarrel. Eric Beal jerked his head in the direction of the ops room. The three agents moved as one and made their way up. Deeks was not there; he had an errand to run with LAPD.

"What do we got, Eric?" Callen asked as he entered.

"Petty Officer Alicia Morelli," Eric answered as he brought up said officer's records and photos. "She was found dead outside her apartment yesterday."

"Okay," said Callen. "Sam, you and I'll check out the scene. Kensi, interview the family."

"Not so fast, Callen," Nell cut in. "LAPD's got the scene – not a problem, I know – but there's something else you should know." She zoomed in on a particular paper trail. "Morelli was going into Witness Protection."

"She was a trained Navy officer," Kensi said, puzzled.

Eric agreed, "Yeah, but the guy she was going to testify against is Ali Ochbar, lead criminal of terrorist gang Al Juhaida."

Callen and Kensi both froze, exchanging meaningful looks that didn't go unnoticed by Sam.

"You know something we don't?" he asked.

The two operatives immediately relaxed until Sam couldn't tell whether they had really been shocked at all.

"Us?" said Callen. "Nah, not a thing, buddy."

"Al Juhaida is a relatively new terrorist group," added Kensi. "We didn't expect them to escalate so fast."

"Where's Ali Ochbar now?" Callen asked.

Eric, who had of course been clueless to what was going on, replied, "In LA. He checked in at the Figueroa three hours ago."

"At this time of day, customers would be enjoying a wonderful buffet lunch," said Hetty as she came in.

"Perfect opportunity to implement an undercover surveillance op on Ali Ochbar, you mean," Callen translated with a grin.

"Not just surveillance, Mr. Callen – we are aiming to bring him in for questioning. Miss Blye, I assume you're ready to work?"

"I'm always ready to work, Hetty," Kensi said easily – but Sam noticed that her shoulders were slightly tense. There was something going on here, and Sam was sure his so-called partner was in on it.

"Good. Then come with me." Hetty exited, followed by Kensi. Sam immediately turned on Callen.

"What's going on, G?"

"What's it look like?" Callen replied. "Kensi's going undercover."

"No, there's something more. Spit it out."

"Why on earth would you think there's something more?" Callen asked. "You sure you've been getting enough sleep?"

This coming from G Callen, the expert on catnaps?

"Nothing's going on, Sam. Trust me." Callen patted him on the shoulder, and there was no trace of a lie in his voice or body movements. Sam felt somewhat reassured.


Kensi boldly strode in to the dining hall, dressed to kill in a red cocktail dress. From her ears hung gold chandelier earrings, while a simple gold band adorned her wrist. With the exception of a few strands flying loose, her curly hair was swept up in an elaborate knot on the top of her head, secured by hair sticks that were sharp enough to kill. Hetty had really outdone herself this time.

And of course, the ever-present gun was hidden in the clutch bag Kensi carried.

"Okay, Kensi, Ali Ochbar is at the table by the window," Eric informed her through her earpiece.

"I see him," Kensi verified, moving over. She stopped by the buffet table to grab a plate and fill it with a few helpings of food before making her way to Ali Ochbar. "Is this seat taken?" she asked, batting her made-up eyelashes at him in her most flirtatious manner.

Ochbar looked up and visibly smiled at the sight of the gorgeous female before him. He gestured to the seat. "Please."

Kensi gracefully sat herself down and spooned a few mouthfuls of lunch. She had to admit the fare was good; but she soon pretended to forget all about lunch as she started making conversation.

"So…" she began, making sure Ochbar noticed her noticing his beard, "where are you from?"

"Oman," he replied simply, biting into a pastry.

"So you're here on business?" Kensi casually brought her arm up and rested her chin on her hands to enable Eric and Hetty to look at the scene from the camera installed in her watch.

"Yes." Kensi noticed him eyeing her, and she decided to take the conversation forward.

"I am too," she said. "I'm a lawyer, from Boston. I'm here representing a client of mine in a high profile case." She leaned forward. "Perhaps you've heard of it. It concerns the murder of Petty Officer Alicia Morelli."

Unfazed, Ochbar asked, "Yes, I'd heard about that. News travels fast in LA. Have the police got a suspect already, then?"

Kensi snorted, feigning disgust. "Suspect, hah! My client is obviously not a murderer, but the police are desperate to make an arrest because…" She looked left and right, then whispered conspiratorially, "…Morelli was a key witness to the case the military was building against a man named Ali Ochbar. Have you heard of him?"

"Oh, yes." Ochbar smiled. "I know him very well, actually. He's a native of Oman, like me."

Kensi nodded; this was going exactly to plan. "I've seen a photo of him, you know , and – forgive me – you look a lot like him."

Ochbar sipped a spoonful of soup. "So people have said." He was totally relaxed as he raised an eyebrow.


Outside the hotel, Sam watched through the window as Kensi leaned forward and spoke something quietly to Ochbar – and then he realized he couldn't hear what she was saying.

"G! She's turned her audio off."

"What?" Callen demanded, coming over. "No, that's not right," he said worriedly as he watched Kensi and Ochbar leave the dining hall. "That's not part of the plan."

"Guys, Kensi's heading to the entrance," Eric informed them.

"What is she doing?" Callen demanded. "She was supposed to keep him talking till we had enough evidence to bring him in."


"What, Eric?"

"I'm sure it's nothing, but…Kensi's coming your way."

"Is she setting him up by leading him to us?" Sam wondered.

"I don't think so." Callen drew his gun. Sam did the same. "Something's not right."

"Uh-oh. I've lost her. She's not in any security footage."

"Her camera?" Sam asked.

"She turned it off."

"Get it back, Eric, now!" Callen ordered.

"I'm on it."

Callen and Sam ducked behind a dumpster just as Kensi came into view, with Ochbar in tow.

"Where are they?" Ochbar asked.

"In hiding."

Sam started at the sudden dark tone to Kensi's voice. The next minute, a hand reached behind the Dumpster and grabbed Callen by his shirt, knocking his gun out of his hand. Sam reacted instantly; whipping his own gun out, he aimed it directly at…Kensi?

"Kensi…" Sam said with difficulty, unable to believe what he was seeing.

"Hi, Sam," Kensi said with no trace of the playful lilt he had grown accustomed to.

"Drop the gun, Agent Hanna," Ochbar ordered, pointing his own weapon at Sam's head.

Sam turned his gun to Ochbar. Two could play at that game.

"Drop the gun, Sam," Kensi advised quietly, "or Callen dies."

For the first time, Sam noticed the gun in her hand, aimed at Callen's chest.

"Kenz…" Callen protested, disbelief clear in his blue eyes.

"Save it," she cut him off. "I know what you're going to say. None of it applies." She cracked a wicked smile neither Sam nor Callen had ever seen on her face before. "I'm actually surprised you didn't figure it out sooner. Just think, you had a traitor in NCIS for over two years, and you never knew." She shook her head. "I outsmarted the best agent in the organization."

Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kensi Blye, NCIS special agent, was a turncoat? A double agent?

A traitor.

The word was foreign in association with Kensi. Sam just couldn't believe that the woman he'd worked with for over two years didn't exist.

Kensi Blye was a terrorist.

Sam tightened his grip on his gun; Ochbar noticed.

"I wouldn't do that, Agent Hanna," he said. "Kensi won't hesitate to kill your partner."

Sam unwillingly looked towards Kensi, hoping to find some trace of the girl he knew. He found nothing – only iron resolve as she pressed her gun closer to Callen's chest. Could she really be so callous as to kill the man she'd worked with for the last two years?

An hour ago Sam would have said no. But now that the walls of deception had fallen away, he saw the ruthless criminal Kensi really was, and he was certain that she would shoot both Callen and him, if she was driven to it.

Aching at the betrayal, Sam slowly set his gun down. Callen closed his eyes, feeling the emotional pain cut deep.

"There now, that wasn't so hard," Ochbar needled, taking Sam's gun. "Come now, Kensi, we're done here."

Kensi looked one last time at her captive; icy blue eyes met hard brown ones. Callen saw nothing of the Kensi he knew in the woman who held him.

"Goodbye, Callen," she said briskly, with no hint of remorse, as she pulled her gun away and walked off.

The minute their backs were turned, Callen retrieved his fallen gun and fired; Kensi leapt out of the way and turned back to face him.

"You shouldn't have done that," she said. Within the blink of an eye, she redrew her gun and shot him.

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