A/N: I can't feel my foot. It's, like, completely numb right now. Oh well. That's what happens when you cut off circulation. Anyway, I found another twist to the portal incident! Yes, this is my second little DP AU, if you're wondering. I felt like writing another one after posting the third chapter for the first one.

Summary, because I feel like adding it: When Danny got electrocuted by the Fenton Portal, it turned him into a half-ghost. But what if it turned him into a full ghost instead? And more importantly, if he's dead… then what happened to his corpse? Basically, the portal changing Danny into a full ghost instead of a half ghost. Of course, I added a little twist in here as well… Though that may be obvious.

"Come on, Danny, wouldn't it be cool to see what's in there?" Sam Manson, one of my two best friends, asked me (1). I shouldn't listen to her – I knew I shouldn't – but I was actually pretty curious too. Guess that's what I get for being raised by two mad scientists that believe in ghosts.

Sam was trying to get me to go into one of my parents' latest failures – er, inventions – to see if there was anything I could find. Mom and Dad built a ghost portal, or, as they like to call it, the "Fenton Portal", to lead into the so-called "Ghost Zone". It didn't work, obviously, so when Sam, Tucker, and I came down here to play Solitaire on the computer, Sam decided that the gaping machine in our wall was much more interesting, which lead to an argument and me slipping out "it doesn't work", and then Sam trying to get me to go INTO the deactivated portal to try and fix it. She's much too persuasive for her own good and has gotten me into trouble multiple times.

This was another one of those times.


"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt," I finally answered. "Besides, who knows what strange and mysterious things could lay on the other side of this portal?" I looked at it in slight awe, holding my black and white hazmat suit. My parents insisted that I get one.

Slipping on said hazmat suit, I pulled up the zipper to my neck, finding there to be my dad's face on the front. Sam quickly ripped it off, stared at it for a second, and decided that "you look too dorky without anything on there". Rummaging through her backpack, she produced a sticker that looked like a "D" with the letter "P" inside it. I was immediately suspicious.

"Hey, Sam," I started, "why do you have that? And what does 'DP' stand for anyway?"

She gave a sheepish smile and Tucker snickered a bit. "I, um, always carry one with me? And it stands for 'Danny Phantom', if you must know."

I narrowed my eyes at her, not for one second believing that she just so happens to be carrying a sticker around everywhere, but let it slide. "And why, pray tell, do you want me going around with a logo that means 'Danny Phantom' when my parents are ghost hunters?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Because I love irony, that's why." Then she peeled off the sticker and slapped it onto my chest. "Now, get in there and give me twenty!"

I sent Tucker a pleading look, but he held up his hands in a way that said "You're on your own, dude". Turning away from him, I faced the portal and slowly stepped inside, hearing my footsteps echo slowly as I tried to avoid the tangles of wires littering the floor. It soon became too dark for me to see, so I instinctively placed a hand on the wall to see where I was going.

Mistake number one.

Something gave way underneath my hand, and I heard a small click. The end of the portal started glowing green, quickly making its way towards me. I whirled around in attempt to get out of here, but I tripped in the process.

Mistake number two.

Seeing the glowing green mass right in front of me, I closed my eyes and quickly got up, rushing towards a random direction.

Mistake number three. Strike out.

I could sense the glowing green mass around me as I unknowingly placed myself even deeper into the portal. Pain was the first thing I felt, even before the deep sense of dread that later placed itself in my brain. For a second, I couldn't think, couldn't breathe. All I knew was pain.

For a second, I wished I was dead.

Then everything stopped and I managed to stumble out of the portal, vaguely wondering why my friends were staring at me with their jaws dropped and blood drained from their faces, before collapsing to the ground and falling victim to the numbing blackness.

(1) I'm not one for first person narrating, but this story calls for it, so…

A/N: Um… sorry it moves too fast. I was writing it in a rush, so… Yeah. Tell me if I should continue this, because I'm not really sure. This was mostly made out of boredom and curiosity. And sorry it's so short too…