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I slowly awoke, groaning slightly from a huge headache I somehow acquired. Well, I thought it was a slight groan. I couldn't really hear much. I didn't actually wanna open my eyes either, since it would definitely make the headache worse, but I wanted to know what was going on around me. There were more noises other than my small (large?) moans, like whispering that I can't quite make out. So I opened my reluctant eyelids.

What I first saw wasn't very detailed—large doses of fluorescent lights with two vague blobs on the edge of my vision. The slight murmurings I've been hearing were still there too, but were gradually getting louder. The two blobs—one dark, one even darker—slowly began to configure more detail, until they were the blurry images of my two best friends, their muffled words now legible to my ears.

"-ake up! Danny, seriously, dude, you need to wake up. …Please?" Tucker said. My head lolled into what I thought was his direction.

"Eh? Wha' 'appen?" I asked weakly, my words cracked and slurred. What's worse is that my throat burned and scratched whenever I tried to make any type of noise. I briefly thought that a large glass of water would be wonderful at this moment.

Sam was the one that answered my question, as the one I thought was Tucker was apparently her. "Well, you got… electrocuted, I think. I don't know, it's more than that, but you… changed. It's weird, and I really don't know how to describe it, but…" Her voice was deprived of the usual sarcasm lacing her words, and she seemed more like a damsel in distress than anything.

Wow. I may be worse off than I thought.

"Wha' you mean?" I slurred. Man, it was really hard to talk. Was electrocution really this exhausting?

"She means that you're glowing, dude. Go look in a mirror," Tucker said. Not knowing what else to do, I decided to oblige.

I struggled to stand, and even with the help of my two friends on either side of me, it was a very difficult task to even sit up, much less walk to the close-by mirror hanging on the wall. All in all, it took about half-an-hour for me to finally get to my destination, moans of pain and the feeling of heaviness accompanying me the whole way.

I looked in the mirror and gasped, recognizing the figure in the mirror, who also happened to be me. It was weird, honestly, knowing that it was me in the reflection but looking so… inverted. (I would've used "different," but I mostly felt the same so it wouldn't have been as accurate.)

My hair was white, which would've made anyone think I was an old man or an albino, but since I am not old, the former is out. The accompanying glowing neon green eyes were definitely not red, so the portal didn't turn me albino, which is a bit of a relief. I wish I could say the same for the situation.

My jumpsuit was completely the opposite of what it had been—what was black was now white, and what was white is now black. Inverted, see? It's simple. I really shouldn't have to go into detail about this.

Another thing I noticed- there was a faint glow around me, like Tucker had said, almost acting as a sort of protective aura. For the first time I noticed my voice echoed a bit too.

But I didn't pay any attention to that at first, for the first thing I noticed, and the thing that shocked me the most, was that I was the same superhero from my nightmares.

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