Summary: Luna suggested that they needed a vacation after the final battle. So Luna, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Draco went to a quiet place in called Forks, Washington. What she didn't expect was when she finally met someone who genuinely cared for her beside of her friends' and their family. LunaXJacob, HarryXGinny, RonXHermione, DracoXArianna (DracoXOC)

Chapter 1: Fork, Washington

Luna Lovegood stared at the big house in front of her. She hummed softly and caressed the elegant doorknob softly. Behind her, there were few teenagers who were trying to take out many bags from the car. She turned around and gave them a wide smiled.

"This is a good house, Draco. Thank you for bought it for us" She said. The blond haired young man turned around with a smile, something that a Malfoy wasn't capable to do before. They had made a friendship with the youngest Malfoy since he helped Harry in his manor when Harry was captured by Fenrir Greyback. Not to mention a help from Narcissa in the Forbidden Forest.

"It's okay. It is cheap, anyway. Besides it's better for us to live in a house we own instead rent some house." He said, waving his hand carelessly. Beside him, a boy with messy black hair glanced to the house and nodded, giving an agreement.

"How long will we stay here?" Ron asked, holding two big bags in his hand.

"I don't know. Lupin said we can stay here as long as we want since Voldemort has been defeated, we won't encounter some serious dangers. I have asked permission for Lupin to stay here for a year and he agreed" Hermione said, walking to the door and took out a key from her pocket. She opened the door and both of them (Hermione and Luna) walked into the house, leaving the three boys with the bags. Hermione ran to second floor, already eager to choose her own bedroom. She opened one by one and was mesmerized by their beauty.

"This is my room" Hermione turned around when she heard Luna's voice.

She walked into the room where Luna already changed the previous brown wall into dark blue one, very Ravenclaw, and gave a nod. All the rooms in the house were same size and as beautiful as other so whichever room they chose, it wouldn't make any different. Hermione decided to take a room beside Luna and began to decorate it for her taste. After finished with their room, both girls ran downstairs and giggled when they saw the boys were throwing themselves on the sofas in living room, eight big bags were surrounding them. Hermione waved her hand and sent the bags upstairs into each room above.

"So, when will Ginny and Arianna arrived?" She asked, taking a seat on Ron's sofa while Luna took an unoccupied seat beside Harry's sofa. Ron sat up a bit to make a room for her and dropped his head on her lap immediately. Hermione smiled and brushed out his red hair from his face.

"I don't know. You know how protective Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Danvers about their only daughter" Draco said, recalling a moment when he got a full lecture from Evan Danvers when he took Arianna out without his permission.

"I have made a list of what will we do here for our vacation." Hermione said, taking a long list from her bag and gave it to Luna.

"I will read it. First, we will regularly visit a beach and spend the time there. Hermione and I found a beach called First Beach in La Push, Forks neighbour, when we did research before we came here. The beach was beautiful so we will able to relax there, trying to get off my mind from the battle we did few months ago and relaxing our stressful mind with calm wind of a beach, the cheerful waves that chasing each other and-"

"Next list please, Luna" Ron cut her wandered speech, earning a chuckle from Harry and Draco who always found Luna's weird speech amusing. She sounded like a poet when she did that.

"Right, right. Second, we will go to cinema in a town called Port Angeles and few malls in Seattle so Luna, Draco, Arianna, Ginny and Ron will able to understand about Muggle things. Third, all of us will go to a nearby school called Forks High School so we can blend in our new place since we will stay here for almost a year-"

"WHAT?" Ron, Harry and Draco sat up straight when they heard a word 'SCHOOL' came out from Luna's mouth.

"Why should we attend a muggle school, anyway?" Draco asked with a disgusted look on his face.

"Yeah, Hermione! We have graduated from Hogwarts. Why should we attend Froks High School? It wastes our time" Ron complained. Harry nodded in agreement. He never liked Muggle school either and the fact that they had to do homework or essay or task made him unwilling to go to a school anymore.

"It's Forks, Ron. Like I have written in the list, we need to blend with society here. If we always hide ourselves in this big house and just come out when we need something, people will get suspicious. They will think we're a dangerous gang and there is high possibility that a police will come here to check on us. Beside we will stay here for almost a year, why don't we get some knowledge from muggle world that maybe will be useful for our Auror training next year." Hermione tried to explain.

"Useful in Auror training? I'd like to know what kind of things that will be useful for us." Draco snorted.

"Why should we stay here for a year? And why should Auror training starts next year, anyway?" Harry grumbled. Hermione glared at them.

"Well, if a Death Eater escaped from Azkaban and went to muggle world, our knowledge of muggle world would help us when we must search for them since we knew muggle world better than them. We could use muggle technology that they never known. We stay here for a while to get away from Wizarding World or Wizarding Press to be exact, I heard they had plan to torture Harry with many interviews and some events about glory and victory for months, so I think it's best for us to wait for a year to get everything calm down in Wizarding World. And the reason why the training is opened next year because the Ministry has to rebuild the Wizarding Government from zero since they were so messed up when the great battle happened." The boys groaned when they found a point in Hermione's wonderful speech. Luna giggled at their disappointed faces.

"Cheer up guys, at least maybe you'll find something you'll never know here, in muggle world" Luna said dreamily.

"When will we start school, Hermione?" Luna asked. Hermione took another paper from her back.

"Ah, in four days. Tomorrow, we will go to Forks and enrolled ourselves and I have asked Lupin to be our godparents if they ask something about it. I don't really know about Muggle School anymore since I attend Hogwarts."

"Great!" Draco muttered sarcastically, earning a pillow thrown at him from the brown haired girl.

-Next Morning-

"Good morning" Luna greeted Hermione who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Hermione greeted back and smiled gratefully when Luna started to help her. The three boys were still snoring happily in their room.

Hermione was setting few plates on the table when she heard familiar 'pop' outside the house. She smiled happily and ran to the door and found three people outside. One was their ex-professor of Defend against the Dark Art in their third year; he was holding a big brown envelope, maybe some important letters for them. The two girls were their best friends since forever. One was a pretty girl with red hair and green eyes, Ginny Weasley obviously. She was holding a big red bag in her right hand and a small one in her left hand, while the other was beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes with a cheerful look on her face, Arianna Danvers. On her feet was a big green bag while she was holding a small green bag with her right hand since she lost her left arm in great battle.

"Ginny, Arianna, Lupin" she hugged them happily.

"Hello Hermione" Lupin greeted warmly as he hug her back.

"Come in" the three newcomers went to the kitchen. Ginny and Arianna jumped on Luna as soon as they saw her. Luna was glad she found such good friends. She never had a good one because of her reputation as Loony Lovegood.

"Where're the boys?" Arianna asked, looking around the house.

"Upstairs, sleeping" Luna answered shortly. Arianna smiled before skipped to the second floor with Ginny. Few minutes later a shriek was heard.

"ARIANNA!" Draco's familiar roar was heard, making the three people in the kitchen laughed. Arianna ran downstairs, a big bowl in her hand. She laughed and hides herself behind Lupin's large figure when Draco appeared on the door way, wet. He was looking around furiously for a blond haired girl. Hermione, Lupin and Luna laughed at his wet state. Draco glared at them before heard a familiar giggle behind Lupin.

Arianna yelped in surprised when Draco apparated in front of her. She shrieked as Draco tickled her, making her rolling on the floor with Draco on top of her.

"This is your punishment. How dare you pour a bowl of water when I was sleeping!" Draco said as he continued to tickle her. Harry, Ron and Ginny laughed when they saw the scene before them and sat down on the table full of breakfast.

"Okay, stop it Draco. It's time for breakfast" Harry said, trying to save Arianna and also his growling stomach. Draco released her but still glared playfully at her. Arianna put on her best puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry..." she apologized with a kid voice. Draco rolled his eyes before gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. He helped her got onto her feet and ran upstairs to change his wet clothes.

"You change him, Arianna. I was so shocked when I saw what he did to you. Until now, I still find it's hard to believe that Draco loves you" Ron said. Arianna laughed.

"So did I, Ronald." She said, smiling when she recalled the day Draco Malfoy suddenly declared his love for her.

A Slytherin Prince declared his undying love for a Gryffindor? Who would believe that? Arianna didn't believe him, of course, until he suddenly kissed her in front of the whole students in the Great Hall which earned a hard slap on his cheek. She tried to denied her feeling (she actually had a crush on him) and demanded an explanation from him.

According to Draco's explanation why he suddenly did that because he believed that he was going to die on the end of the year. He didn't tell her about suicidal mission the Dark Lord gave him but he tried his best to convince her that he really in love with her. Arianna didn't say anything about her feeling to him until she and the Trio was brought to Malfoy Manor, where she kissed him and finally admitted that she loved him too before disappeared with Dobby.

"Draco is good person actually." Lupin said, knowing that Draco didn't want to kill Dumbledore and actually helped Harry and others. He also recalled the moment Draco took care of Arianna when she was little depressed because her left arm, from her elbow down to her hand, had to be amputated.

"Stop talking about me" Draco said, plopping himself beside Arianna.

"That's right. Lupin, I have something to ask" Hermione said and began to explain her idea of attending the muggle school, much to the boys' disappointment when Lupin happily agreed about the whole idea.

"This will be a long and boring vacation. What kind of vacation does include school in it?" Draco muttered unhappily.

"Hermione's vacation" Ron and Harry said in unison.

Luna looked at her new family as the boys tried to argue that they didn't need school at all which ended unsuccessfully. She was so thankful to have Harry and others as friend who really cares for her. She looked at the three couples in front of her. Harry and Ginny, who was whispering to each other God-Knows-What, Hermione and Ron who was still debating about the whole school thing with Lupin, and Draco and Arianna who began to ignore them and lost to their own world. Luna couldn't help but feel jealous. Would she find someone who liked her more than friend one day? Would she find someone who put aside her weird nature and actually loved her? She certainly hoped so.


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