Kasia Alexa Days

The Gryffindor Quidditch team was hyped up and rearing to go. Fred and James grinned excitedly, bright red and gold streaks through their hair, matching the rest of the team's. Leslie had gone all out: adding gold eye-shadow and red lipstick. She had tried to put some makeup on the boys, but Teddy drew the line. The entire team had gold and red stripes on their cheeks.

"This is my last year, lads," Teddy said quietly, looking around at all of them in the locker room. Catching Leslie Carmichael's eye, he added hastily, "and lady."

"When I first joined the Quidditch team," Teddy went on, still in a soft voice, "I was in third year. It was the first year I'd played, and we won the Cup. Brandon Burns, the Captain, said I played better than the old Keeper, who graduated the year before. Burns left the year after, and we haven't won the Cup since then. I remember how it felt to know that I was a part of that victory, we had earned it. All the practises through the year had been worth it. You feel like you can conquer the world, and I want to feel that feeling again today. I want you guys to know that feeling too.

"So what are we going to do?" he shouted.

"Beat Ravenclaw!"

"Who are we?"


"How many points are you going to wait before you catch the Snitch, James?"

"At the least 40 points behind!" James yelled promptly, not getting mad for having being asked that too many times.

"Let's go!"

They walked onto the pitch with swings in their steps, mirroring the Ravenclaw team on the other side. The red and blue stands were louder than they'd ever been. James couldn't help but grin. Even Kasia was feeling energetic today, cheering alongside Demi in the Gryffindor stands.

The match begin, and James lost the Snitch immediately as the Chasers scrambled for the Quaffle. Fortunately, he caught Grace Lee's eye and knew that she had lost sight of it as well.

The Quidditch practises leading up to this match had been focused almost solely on overcoming tricky manoeuvres. The current Ravenclaw team was infamous for their clever plays.

Living up to their reputation, their first move was a complicated technique with the three Chasers flying towards the goal hoops, circling each other and passing the Quaffle so fast that it was barely visible. The Beaters kept anyone else away, and they scored in the opposite hoop to what Teddy had predicted.

The Ravenclaw stands erupted, and James narrowed his eyes, scouring the sky for a flash of gold. Gryffindor's beaters used a new technique and Fischer fumbled with the Quaffle, where it fell for a fraction of a second before Apollo darted by and caught it. He passed it immediately to Leslie, who was far from Ravenclaw's beaters and chasers. Leslie wove through the stands tightly and flew right past the goal hoops, before pulling her broom upwards and doing a back-loop, dropping the Quaffle where Peter caught it and threw it in the left hoop.

"An amazing manoeuvre from Carmichael, and Gryffindor matches Ravenclaw at 10 points!"

Both teams were in high form. The Gryffindor team was synchronised better than James had ever seen, and with Teddy's new plays, James himself could participate. Usually the Seekers stayed out of the way. Ravenclaw, of course, had a wide variety of new plays as well, cleverly thought out. At one point they let Peter swipe the Quaffle out of their grasp, before he collided straight into the side of the stand.

Things continued in this manner until Gryffindor was on 40, and Ravenclaw behind on 80. If James could catch the Golden Snitch now, they could win.

Suddenly James saw what he was looking for, hovering near the grass. Grace Lee was on the other end of the Pitch, weaving in and out with Ravenclaw's chasers. He double checked the points: Gryffindor was exactly 40 points behind. If he caught the Snitch now, they would win the Quidditch Cup.

So James leaned forward and dove to the ground. The Snitch dodged his hand and jumped upwards in fast motions. He turned his broomstick upwards tightly and shot to the sky. The crowd was roaring in his ears, or maybe that was just the wind? He could only see the Snitch, gold and sparkling in the sunlight, finally in his hands. Grace Lee shot past him a moment later and turned around, cursing.

Then James heard the commentary.

"Gryffindor wins the match, 190 to 90!" Jemima's voice echoed over the cheering of the stands.

"Ninety?" James repeated in a hollow voice, his fist clenching over the Snitch, which stopped struggling.

James sped over to a defeated-looking Teddy. "They were on eighty!" James insisted, and Teddy grimaced.

"They scored a second before you caught the Snitch," he shuddered, "I wasn't completely paying attention when Callie – I mean Fischer – scored."

The wings of the Snitch fell feebly on either sides of James' fist. "We didn't win?"

Teddy shook his head. "Come on."

The team was greeted by a round of sympathetic applause in the common room. James was still holding the Snitch. He figured they wouldn't need it for a while.

"Mate, it's not your fault," Fred said firmly, "if anything, I should have sent a Bludger over."

"I should've payed more attention," James replied dejectedly, wiping the red off of his cheeks.

"If you're going to see it like that, so should've Teddy," Fred insisted, "and so should have me and John, and Apollo and Leslie and Peter should've gotten to the Quaffle before them. It's not just your fault."

"I couldn't hear anything," James muttered, holding up the Snitch, "I could only see this thing. Every part of me was completely focussed on catching it. When I saw Lee doing that play with the chasers, I should've−"

"Shut up, Potter," Fred interrupted, "it's not your fault!"

James saw Kasia and Demi running up to them, and he pulled himself together. Fred sighed.

"Excellent match," Kasia grinned, "you've smudged your red and gold stripes."

James smiled half-heartedly.

"It's not your fault!" Demi said defiantly before James could open his mouth. "You just got caught up in the moment. No-one was watching when Fischer made that goal. Not even Teddy."

Fred hit James over the back of the head. "Lighten up, James! It's our first year on the team, we've still got five more to go!"

James sighed. "You're right." He let the Snitch go, and it fluttered delicately around the common room.

"You took the Snitch?" Demi raised her eyebrows, and James shrugged.

"They won't need it for a while. My namesake – my grandfather, that is – used to nick them all the time, apparently."

Fred laughed. "Too bad I couldn't bring the Bludger, eh?"

They all burst into laughter at the thought of the Bludger in a room full of people.

"Nice hair, by the way," Kasia grinned, "very Gryffindor."

"Teddy did it for all of us," Fred said proudly, "well, except himself, of course, because he doesn't need to do a spell to Transfigure himself."

"Where is Teddy, anyway?" James asked, arching an eyebrow. "Why isn't he here sulking with the rest of us?"

"James!" Yasmine squealed, rushing over and hugging him. "You were fantastic!"

James looked completely thrown when Yasmine let him go. "Er, thanks. I caught the Snitch too early, though. We lost the Cup."

Yasmine disregarded this. "Did you bring the Golden Snitch in here? So cool!"

James blinked, and Yasmine was gone.

"What is up with that girl?" Fred said, looking a little disgruntled.

"Demi and me have being trying to figure that out since first year," Kasia shook her head, staring after her. "So far, nothing."


"You haven't done your subject selections yet!" Demi exclaimed to Yasmine in disbelief over breakfast.

"Nope," Yasmine shrugged, helping herself to some crumpets, "hey, don't look at me like that! Today's the last day we can hand them in."

"You're hopeless," Kasia chuckled.

"What subjects are you choosing, James?" Yasmine asked James casually, playing with her hair. James, of course, was completely oblivious.

"Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes," James answered, "same as Kasia."

Yasmine's eyes narrowed for half a second, and then she smiled again. "I was thinking of the same, actually."

Kasia suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Could Yasmine be any more obvious? She and Demi shared amused looks.

"Have you got any friends to do it with you?" Kasia asked, a smile tugging at her lips. Yasmine pouted.

"You guys will be there!" she grinned. "It'll be fun!"

Kasia's eyes widened slightly as she pictured a year of Yasmine flirting with James. Her eye twitched.

"I think Kat's doing Ancient Runes, as well," Demi told Yasmine, "and practically everyone is doing Care of Magical Creatures."

Yasmine sighed. "Well, if you don't want me to hang out with you guys, just say so!"

She waited for James to say something, but he looked bemused.

"Just saying," Demi defended herself, "but you seem closer to Katriel than me and Zia."


On the last Saturday of school, Kasia convinced her friends to look in the library one last time. For any information about any Selwyn or Days in the articles about the Battle of Hogwarts.

"Here's Alsius Selwyn!" James exclaimed, pointing to the name, "Killed by ..."

James stopped. Kasia rushed over. "Who? Who?"

She froze. "Alsius Selwyn, killed by M-Marvell Days?"

"What?" Demi and Fred exclaimed, looking for themselves.

"Look! 'For more information on this story, turn to page 94'!" Demi pointed out. They quickly turned the newspaper to page 94 and began reading.

The article told the story of how Alsius Selwyn had killed his two sisters in-law...

"Alexa and Pierrette Days," Kasia whispered, "my grandfather's sisters. They were twins."

Selwyn had killed the twins in revenge for his sister, Calesca, marrying a Muggle born.

"Marvell Days says, 'after I saw my aunts dead, and a man I'd never seen before standing over them, I yelled at him. Why did you do this? He answered that he'd been waiting years for a chance of revenge on my father for taking his sister away. I had no idea.'" Demi read aloud softly.

Marvell was confused by Selwyn's words, and flew into a rage. He killed the man without knowing who he was. Calesca Days found out the news about her brother, and told Marvell who he was: his uncle.

"'Just a second before I killed him, I saw his eyes widen, and they were the exact same colour as mine,'" Kasia breathed, "I share my eyes with Alsius Selwyn."

Her friends were silent. What was there to say to that?

"Erm..." Fred began awkwardly, "well at least your grandmother wasn't a Death Eater."

"True," Kasia said softly, "I can't believe my father killed him. And he didn't know..."

She had found out so much about her father in one year, but was no closer to meeting her grandparents.

"At least I won't have to worry about meeting Alsius Selwyn."

Her tone made it clear that she didn't want to talk about it yet, and her friends didn't mention it.


"How on earth can you wear a scarf, Kasia?" Katriel said incredulously, closing her trunk. Kasia shrugged.

"It's not that hot."

"Come to think of it, I've never seen you without a scarf," Chandi mused.

Kasia held her hands up in defence. "Hey, I just like scarves."

And keeping my scars hidden.

Yasmine looked like she was about to say something, and Demi started before she could.

"On a more important matter, Yasmine," Demi grinned, "I'd say someone has a little crush."

Yasmine scowled and turned away, re-arranging her trunk. "I don't know what you're on about."

"So you picking exactly the same subjects as James Sirius Potter is completely coincidental?" Kasia said innocently. Yasmine flushed.

"Okay, fine!" She said exasperatedly. "I sort of fancy him! He's lovely and cute and smart and amazing at Quidditch...and none of you can tell him!" She looked around the dorm threateningly, focussing especially on Kasia and Demi. "Especially you two."

"Don't worry, James is the densest person I know," Kasia reassured her, "when it comes to that sort of thing. He's probably the only person who defends Teddy when he says he doesn't fancy Victoire."

Yasmine sighed in relief. "Good, because I'm no good at subtlety."

"We've noticed," Demi muttered to Kasia, who chuckled.

Finally they were saying goodbye to the castle and were in the horseless carriages, heading towards the station.

"Okay, let's go!" Demi clapped her hands and faced the three of them.

Fred furrowed his eyebrows. "The carriage is already going."

Demi pouted and looked hurt. "You lot don't remember what we said we'd do every year?"

"Oh, saying all the things we did!" Kasia laughed. "That was you who suggested it, Demi."

"Well, it's a good idea!" Demi insisted. "I'll start. James and Fred got into the Quidditch team, and I didn't."

"And you had a fit about it," Fred added helpfully, earning a smack from Demi.

"My little sister came to Hogwarts and I found out my father was a wizard," Kasia smiled, "and that my great uncle was a Death Eater, and my eyes come from the Selwyns. And that my father killed said Death Eater in the Battle of Hogwarts because he killed my two great aunts."

"You learnt a lot about them," James noted, "oh, and we lost the Quidditch Cup."

"But we won the last game, at least!" Fred smiled, "We crashed a Slytherin party."

"I still can't believe that happened," Kasia barked a laugh.

"We supported Slytherin in a Quidditch match," Demi added, "and there's some interesting development in the romance department."

Kasia knew she was referring to Yasmine fancying James and glared at her.

"What?" James and Fred asked together.

"Teddy and Victoire, of course," Kasia said obviously. James shook his head.

"No way. I've said it before; Teddy and Vic wouldn't go out. They're practically family!"

Kasia grinned to herself. "Anyway, almost the entire Gryffindor tower caught the Mumblemumps and I had to sit with the Slytherins at breakfast and then find James and Fred lying shirtless on the floor."

They both turned a bit pink.

"Ooh," Demi added, "and Dominique was flirting with my brother at the beginning of the year, remember?"

"That was hilarious," Kasia laughed, "oh, and I was in the heart of the Forest when I transformed back to myself at Easter."

"What?" Fred yelped. "You didn't tell us that!"

"What happened?" James demanded. Kasia told them about the smell of rust and light, and the rustles of the bushes, and the huge spiders.

"Rust and light?" James repeated, grinning. "It couldn't have been..."

"What?" Fred asked eagerly.

"When my dad was in his second year, he and Uncle Ron missed the Hogwarts Express," James began. "So of course, Uncle Ron had the idea to use his dad's flying car to get to Hogwarts."

"This can't end well," Demi laughed.

"Anyway, they crashed it into the Whomping Willow," James went on, laughing, "and then it threw them out and went into the forest. Later, when they were talking to Hagrid's giant spider, the car saved them. Uncle Ron said the forest had turned it wild."

"And it's still there?" Fred asked incredulously. James shrugged.

"I suppose so."

"Hagrid had a giant spider?" Demi shivered, her eyes wide.

"Has," Kasia corrected, "I'd bet that those huge spiders I saw were offspring."

"If there was ever a chance I'd willingly go into the Forest, it's completely gone now!" Demi yelped.

"That's about it, isn't it?" Fred sighed, ignoring Demi.

"It was an interesting year," James grinned.

The train ride back was uneventful. James treated everyone to a huge amount of chocolates and snacks from the trolley, insisting that they don't pay him back. Finally, they were back at King's Cross, and Kasia told Demi to wait for her.

"Katriel," Kasia caught up to the black-haired girl.

"What's up?" Katriel grinned.

"Do your parents wait with the rest of the Weird Sisters?"

Katriel's brow furrowed. "Yeah...why?"

Kasia smiled. "Because Donaghan Tremlett was in the same year and house as my father."

"That's right! Demi mentioned you were trying to find out about him."

Kasia nodded, and then Katriel waved at four men, with three little boys running around them.

"Hey Myron! Kirley, Don! Dad!"

"Kat! Kat! Kat!" one of the little boys exclaimed, jumping up and down. "How was Hogwarts? How was Hogwarts? Do you think I'll be in Gryffindor?"

"Definitely, Keon," Katriel laughed, "Zeno, on the other hand..."

"I don't wanna be in Gryffindor!" a little boy with jet black hair huffed. "Slytherin's the coolest!"

"Only cuz your brothers are in it!" another boy with flaming red hair yelled. "Gryffindors the coolest!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Yeah huh!"

"I think Gryffindor's better too!" argued the first boy, Keon. "Cuz that's where Katriel is!"

"And Petra!" the redheaded boy agreed, nodding rapidly. Petra Duke, the first year with red hair, came up from behind him.

"What's this?"

"Yeah, well, Nico and Chairo are in Slytherin!" Zeno retorted. "And we're the coolest family! Dad started the band!"

"What are you on about?" a blonde haired girl, who Kasia recognised as a fifth year, said as she walked up. "My dad started the band. Right dad?"

"Right," Kasia recognised him as Myron Wagtail.

"And since I'm in Gryffindor, and so were all the band members," Amy Wagtail went on, "that makes Gryffindor the coolest. Sorry, Zeno."

"Hold on, hold on!" Another black haired boy in seventh year walked up. "Are you saying Slytherin isn't cool?"

Amy didn't look intimidated, but Kasia was. Until Nico Tremlett came up behind him.

"Because Slytherin is obviously the best."

"Right!" Zeno grinned. The oldest boy ruffled Zeno's hair.

"Nico! Chairo!" Myron said loudly, "It's clear Gryffindor's the best, since Slytherin's the minority in this group. Kat, who's this?"

"I'm Kasia," she said, suddenly shy, ""

"You're Marv's kid."

Kasia looked around, surprised, at the man that looked like Nico's father: Donaghan Tremlett. He had a serious expression on his face.

"Your eyes are identical," Donaghan explained.

"What was he like?" Kasia asked eagerly, and Donaghan looked confused.

"Let's go get an ice-cream, team," the oldest black-haired boy said loudly, catching his father's eye.

"As long as you're paying," Myron joked.

After they shuffled off, Donaghan and Kasia sat down on a bench.

"Were you good friends with him? Nico said you were."

Donaghan nodded. "He was the closest friend I had outside the band. After school finished, I didn't see him for a while, because the war was going on. It was hectic, and your father had that safe group with his parents. I saw him at the Battle of Hogwarts, after his aunts had gotten killed and he killed his uncle. You and your sister were named after his aunts, you know?"

"But...they were Alexa and Pierrette," Kasia stammered, "I'm Kasia. And Anelia."

"Your middle names," Donaghan told her, "didn't your mother ever tell you your full name was Kasia Alexa Days? And Anelia Pierrette?"

Kasia gaped. She had a middle name? He kept on going.

"Anyway, he was a wreck. After the war, he joined a group that helped some of the Muggles and Muggle-borns who had been affected. That's when he met your mother."

"She was affected by the war?" Kasia repeated, surprised. Donaghan nodded again.

"They had a thing while she was recovering, but afterwards, they had to take her memory away," he explained, "Muggles weren't allowed to find out. Of course, Marv was devastated. I told him it was a bad idea to get involved with her anyway. So he went into the Muggle world and got to know her all over again. Me and Meaghan got updates all the time. Eventually they got married and had you and your sister."

"That's so sweet...what he did for my mother," Kasia smiled. The Weird Sisters group came back, all of them clutching brilliant ice-creams.

Donaghan snorted. "Yeah, okay. Anyway, Kasia, I've got to go, me and my family's going to Greece for the summer, and our train leaves real soon. If you've got anymore questions, owl me after the summer."

"A train to Greece?" Kasia said skeptically. "I suppose there are stranger things."

"Bye Zia!" Katriel grinned, giving her a hug.

"See you! Nice meeting everyone."

Demi was waiting excitedly with Oliver, Katie and Apollo.

As soon as they got back and collapsed onto the couch, enjoying the freedom of summer, Demi turned to Kasia.

"What did you find out?"

End of Second Year

Isn't this exciting! I hope you guys like it, and the new story should be up soon! I've sort of...already written it ^^;

It'll be called Kasia Alexa Days: Third Quarter, and I'm going to explain the meaning here because I'd rather have a long ending note on this story rather than a long starting note on the next.

About the sequel...Kasia Alexa Days: Third Quarter

This story was called KD: It's Full Moon Again because, after being a werewolf since she was six, Kasia was used to it. It was routine. But when she came to Hogwarts there were new complications. So we're up to the full moon part of the cycle.

The story for third and fourth year (maybe fifth too, I'm not sure yet) is called Kasia Alexa Days: Third Quarter, because Third Quarter is one of the first cycles of the moon after it's full. The one after that will probably be Waxing Crescent, and the last one Harvest Moon (a special type of full moon). Also, I'm including her middle name because it's a new part of her identity.

I hope you guys have really enjoyed this story as much as I have writing it, and I hope you'll look to the sequel! A small spoiler: Kasia will find out something new about her dad in the first chapter!