When two worlds collide!

The Guardians & the Winx!

Two worlds, different enemies and two different magic's must fight as one!

Chapter 1: how it began!


The day was cold yet not too cold for five girls from a school with grace, color of blue, pink and purple and it was just for girls; for fairies to become a true fairy as the teachers told the girls it took hard work, battling strong enemies and over coming fears not quiet aware of like turning into an evil fairy to help their enemy get what they wanted. It was these things five girls by the names of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna sadly their friend Layla had to go back home to met her to her duties to become queen of Tides.

Today they had a weekend to do anything the first thing the girls or Stella suggested they met the guys in the mall for being away from them due to how many times the teachers drilled them into fighting with new moves; new spells and the boy's missed the girls cause they had training everyday to even answer the phone when they did have free time they fell asleep to relax not boyfriend like as Musa pointed out.

"did we really need to shop for new outfits just to met the guys, I mean they only want to spent time with us again" Tecna moaned this was like the third time she said this at this time Bloom, Flora and Musa stopped caring but Stella did not.

"Why have beauty like this [pushing a strand of hair off her shoulder smirking with half closed eyes] and not put something on to make us look more stylish for our boyfriends" Stella replied

"frankly Riven could careless if I just wore jeans and a shirt as long as we can hang around each other" Musa told them sighing which Flora put her hand on her friends shoulder smiling "and that is why he likes you Musa" she told her giving the musical fairy a smile to keep the group from falling in more moans.

The group moved on until something grabbed Stella's bag which the sun and moon fairy growled so as if on cue the group chased after the little green frog thing in unfashionable cloths and smelled worse then Nut the ogre working at Alfea.

They were so focused on the little frog with Stella's bag they did not realize they ran right into a blue portal leading to another world.

Mount Thanos

"Are you sure this is the right way Matt?" a girl with long blond hair by the name of Cornelia asked for the forth time today since they walked through the portal to where their enemy and her zombie of Guardians followers were planning to destroy the Guardians, Caleb the Rebel Leader his friend Aldran and Matt the new Regrent of earth with a pet dormouse around his neck also a Regrent.

"yes Corny he knows this place cause they had trained here for mouths before our battle with Shagon" Irma told her blond friend now glaring at her, the thing about being called 'Corny' was not to mock her but short for the full name.

"I watch my mouth Irmy, before I Barry you in tone of snow!" Cornelia threatened but it was known that these two were impossible to not have one day without fighting Will, hay-Lin and Taranee rolled their eyes still following Matt.

"Do they do this often?" Aldran questioned Caleb quietly not to get in between the fight "more then you can count" Caleb replied watching the two as the group came to a halt due to how much the two planned to battle it out.

"You think as Guardians they act more…mature" Aldran said this did get the girls attention and not in a good way.

"Hey buddy if you don't like how we spice up the mission then go back guarding the castle in Meridian!" Irma snapped

"Besides we at least human you are half human and green with scales or something" Cornelia scowled now that was uncalled for and Caleb was not going to stand for it girlfriend or not that was plain rude and even Will and Hay-Lin found it rude.

"Cornelia that's not fair he's part of our team and Caleb's friend" Hay-Lin said

"And he helped us battle Phobos many times give the guy a break, we don't judge you on fashion now do we!" Will snapped at this the blond looked stunned Will was not one to stand up for others but Matt or her friends and true to her words the blond hung her head in shame.

"now apologies to him so we can get back to our mission" Taranee pointed out the last part so Cornelia did so and Aldran nod but Caleb lost a little respect for Cornelia but had gained more for Hay-Lin and Will for pointing out how well of a Rebel he was.

They began their search again until Irma followed by the girls blocked their noses even Matt did Mr. Huggles hide his face in Matt's neck cause of the smell "Eww…please tell me that is not who I think it is following us?" Irma said

"More like on the hill holding what looks like a hand bag" Cornelia pointed

"look it's Nerissa and her follows casing him" Hay-Lin pointed but when Matt looked carefully he saw something they missed, they were girls young ones just about a year older then the guardians and wore hot but colorful cloths and when did Nerissa have Red hair like Will and when did her one follower's have short purple hair?

"That is not them but I think Blunk is so dead" Matt said pointing to the peak of the hill where he stopped before looking back then jumped down. The five came to a halt before the blond with orange and green outfit on shouted "you little frog thing give my handbag back!"

The red head looked down then at her friends before jumping screaming as her jump made her slide down with such speed that she was regretting jumping down a building an a half hill of snow, she placed her closed hands close to her chest. slowly following did the blond, a dark haired girl with two long pony tales looking almost like Hay-Lin not far did the purple head and the brown haired girl doing the same as the red head just closing her eyes.

The Asian girl covered her eyes well the blond was trying to keep her skirt down for good reasons, as for the purple head she grabbed hold of the things around her to slow her down but the only thing was snow.

"I think I'm feeling sick" the blond yelled out

"sick or not we going to crash" the red head replied true to her words something was in the way which made them flying in the air landing deep in the snow.

"Blunk find pretty hand thing but girl's want to hurt Blunk" the Passling told Caleb and the girls hiding behind Caleb who glared at the creature "hello you stole one of their bags" Will pointed out just as she planned to grab the bag something flew in the air towards more like a person they never thought was alive yet alone with three others running towards them.

"Hello Will how's my pet?" the man in black wings and golden mask smirked once standing in front of the group [who were shocked beyond anything and to speak] followed by Ember and Tridart but Knor was sniffing something in the snow which was where the girls landed.

He pulled out a cold, coughing red head which Ember took one look at her then at Will a smirk crossed her face before turning to Shagon "looks like the Keeper has a twin sister" this made Shagon and the group which slowly step backwards mostly Will but they did not see the four girls who followed the red head standing shacking from the cold with frowns on their faces and the brown haired had fists by her chest ready to fight, the purple head folded her arms the Asian placed her hands on her hips and the blond frowned stepping in front of the three girls.

"Look what we have here guys our Guardian Leader has a twin sister and a cute one too" Shagon was smirking under that mask Matt could tell and the others liked this as he threw her over his shoulder like a rag doll.

"then you won't mind dropping our cute friend now or face your gold mask broken!" the blond pointed to the creep; the group were shocked at the four girls frowning acting fearless or just being how Caleb told Will the first time they met 'playing hero' but they were not playing hero they were known as heroes in their world in their school!

"You heard her drop our friend buddy or face what many enemies fear US" the Asian girl snapped like Cornelia did earlier they forgot about Stella's bag and were too focused on their red head leader and earth friend. Musa did not lie about enemies fearing them after all they all faced the Trix, Darkar and Baltor. In fact the only thing the girls were more afraid of was what would happen to their friend if he did something to her plus they were in the middle of no where.

"Let me guess more Guardians, Oracle is running short on these girls to send five more to save the Veil and I'm guessing she is your leader poor girl. Nerissa will be pleased to know we have a more powerful Guardian leader then Will" the winged man said the girls frowned all the more thinking them as guards or something like the mall and whoever this oracle was they could careless.

"ok, listen bird boy we are not guarding this Veil thing or whoever this Oracle is we could not careless but if you do not put her down I will hit you and just because your big does not mean you scare us!" the blond told him surprising Shagon could not help but wonder if they were something more powerful then a Guardian as she said she cared not for the Oracle or the Veil but only their friend.

"That chick must have hit her head hard in the snow to know that she just over looked us and Nerissa's knights as weak creatures" Matt said

"I like their spirit though it is like seeing us all over again" Hay-Lin replied

"but the fact of the matter is the red head is in trouble and her friends are worried or fearing for her life" Aldran told them which they looked at him with both worried and angered faces it was the Guardians they were after not five girls who slid down a hill to get back a hand bag from Blunk.

"can we play with them cause I'm ready to fight the little brown head" Ember begged Shagon who took one last look at the girl laying on his shoulder she did look like Will in everyway she had red hair in a style different of the brown and the blond, she was a little more thinner and prettier then Will all in the shad of blue clothing and she seemed to be the leader of the four now standing in line girls.

"of course, our mistress can wait one moment longer before we bring her the lovely red head leader of these weak girls" Shagon said in that moment Ember, Tridart and Khor ran towards the girls who pulled their back towards each other closing their eyes shouting "WINX ENCHANTIX" colorful lights showed before them as well as how these four girls were more then what they appeared; their cloths changed into one or two pieces of cloth, different colored too as glittery gloves covered their hand up to their elbows, coils wrapped around their feet and up to their ankles hair growing longer to their feet tied neatly and finally wings large and elegant.

They stood in line and the blond just smirked at how everyone looked at them in awes; "now like I said before I was going to kick your butt bird boy and my friends can handle your dumb wit creatures, right girls" she turned to them who simply nod.

"let see how ice breath like this 'Sound wave' [she slapped her hands together sending a great wave of sound and wind pushing Tridart backwards hitting Khor the group also got a bit of the energy their way holding onto each as they felt their ears hurt a bit.

'Techno-web' the purple said when the group looked up Khor was trapped in a green kinda cage thing floating in the air clearly these girls were powerful and had warned them before changing into whatever they were calling on things like that Knor was in.

Shagon was in anger and took in the air ready to hit the brown haired girl who was clearly struggling tying Ember up with her 'Ivy wrap' as she called twice now still holding onto the red head who began to moan a little as to say she was waking from her cold state who knew what power she had but in that short second a gold light hit him in the chest casing him to almost lose the girl.

"You! If there was one thing I found annoying from the five Guardians it was their blond haired Guardian" Shagon hissed at the blond who crossed her arms unamused eyes only on her friend "WHAT!" Cornelia yelled in shock as no one ever said that to her not even Irma but then again this was all Nerissa and her making the perfect knights to destroy them.

"Wow, talk about being the one on his hate list" Hay-Lin said

"Hay, Hay he craves hate" Will told her remembering this like a nightmare without Matt as the Demon himself and for four girls playing hero who were like superheroes even Blunk who stole the blonds bag cheered for them.

"I admire their loyalty to the leader, it is something we should learn too" Aldran said

"You do it anyway old friend but I agree they would fight to the death for her" Caleb added

In truth Cornelia, Taranee, Irma and Hay-Lin were thinking the same thing as for Matt and Huggles this was something they never had to learn until Nerissa had them but soon after that he had to listen to Will because she was his Angel and wanted him safe the whole time.

"if you think for a second that blonds are annoying then you have not seen her boyfriend cause he too is blond and will kill you if you don't do what we said earlier now drop her" Stella snapped at him but something in her words made her rethink it, if he dropped her she would land hard on the ground even if it's just snow.

"ste…Stella" her redhead friend moan her friends name in that second everyone looked up wide eyes at the girl trying to lift her body up but Shagon held her down and in that second another sound wave went in the air they turned to see the Asian girl, purple haired and brown haired girl trap Khor, Ember and Tridart in the web Khor was in earlier the wave was to knock them over and the brown haired girl created a dome of roots from way under the ground to keep them in mid air then all three went around Shagon.

"face it bird boy, you lost and your friends are so toast with just a blast of sunlight I shot you they will be so staying in bed the next two weeks" the blond told him

"You should think twice before missing with us" the purple haired girl said

"We are the girls who saved our universe three years in a row and taking our friend will be your worse mistake" the Asian girl said

"Three years in a row?" the group repeated

"They saved their universe?" Aldran and Caleb repeated they naturally thought the Veil was a two way thing to Meridian and Earth then they learnt of Mount Thanos now there was a bigger place?

"fine you want her then go get her" Shagon said throwing the red head near a cliff side which was close; the three who joined her attacked him while the blond raced against time only miters away from the red heads hand.

"She's going to die" Hay-Lin exclaimed

"She's going over the cliff" Taranee exclaimed

The girls gulps is horror as one girl was falling over the cliff the other to save her "Tecna use the Net quick!" the brown haired shouted the purple put out her hand creating a net around the girl pulling back once safe in the air she lowed her in the blonds arms the four joined each other near by the group.

"next time you will not be so lucky" Shagon hissed the four looked up half shocked and half angry but the red head only took a few glimpse at him flying away with his friends or followers before moving her hands over her arms shacking.

"yeah but you the lucky one" Musa hissed before they changed back to normal with just dust leaving them as for Stella she put her hands on Blooms shoulders like in a half hug glowing bright yellow steam came from Bloom telling them she was getting warmed up.

"There now that's better" the blond said removing herself from the red head that looked up at her with a smile that gave the group a warm feeling when they stood up they look over to the group the blond's yellow honey eyes narrowed at Blunk when she stormed over to him with her friends behind look strangely at the group mostly Aldran.

"YOU! Give my bag back right now!" she stop in front of Caleb which was were Blunk hid holding the bag "Blunk find bag, you wanna trade" he said

"TRADE! You green smelly toad that is my bag! Anyway I don't trade things it's not my thing" she frown placing her hands on her hip bending forward "no kidding, try shopping for hours on end to have the latest of everything" the Asian girl snickered to the other who covered their mouths with their hands to hold the laughter back.

"hey Stella maybe if he gives you it then you could give him fashion advise in trade" the red head suggested "why not" the blond smirked at Blunk putting out a box with a butterfly on it then blew it revealing tiny cloths for dolls.

"My bag for a new outfit" she said

"Will it make Blunk look better then Will's boy"?"

"trust me, it's in my love for cloths to make one look good" [winking at the red head who winked back] "Blunk trade" he gave her bag back and in return she clicked her fingers with a few sparks around Blunk smelled less smelly and wore jeans, and T-shirt and a hat to go.

"finally my bag [Stella clicked her fingers again cleaning the bag from the smell turning to her friend who looked at her so did the group Blunk was so admiring the cloths to thank the girl or notice the five standing together.

"Who are you people?" Matt asked they all turned half way looking at him "I mean how did you…what did you do to…what are you?"

"You ask many questions for a boy in a band with five girls, a boy taller then you all and some green guy plus have a smelly pet thing" the red head said

"Wait how do you know I'm in a band?" Matt asked shocked as everyone but the girls who just looked at her "just a hunch and the cloths you wear" was all she said before turning back to her friends.

"You never answered our questions?" Aldran asked

"Because you don't need to worry about it, we totally going home to our waiting boyfriends at the mall" the brown head told them with a smile.

"Then tell us who you are at least?" Taranee begged

"Two words 'the winx'" was all the blond said before they went through a bright yellow portal leaving the group confused "why are they so secretive?" Irma asked

"Better question is how did Shagon and his baddies come back without Matt and Mr. H?" Taranee pointed out

"Tara has a point and when did we not learn of a bigger universe?" Will said with this the group followed Will into a portal that sent them to one place with all the answers 'Kandracar' in other words a big fortress with many people in robs and pictures on the walls of the Guardians over the years, it was also the place where the oracle the four girls said 'they could careless about or the Veil'.

Walking among the walls of silence and peace and into the chamber with the many people in robes plus the oracle himself sitting in the middle of the room legs crossed and no matter how many times the girls came here it was always like they forgot something important but the Veil and their enemies.

Matt and Mr. H. felt a little ashamed to be here after Shagon AKA him and Khor AKA Mr. Huggles felt ashamed to be in a place they once trashed ok more like destroyed under Nerissa's bidding but they were told they were forgiven it just felt wrong no matter what they said Libra made that pretty clear.

Aldran and Caleb fought here once against Phobos and other Rebels it was amazing how they did clean the place up in time and over the years when they were young parents told their Meridian kids about a place in the middle of nowhere around clouds and five Guardians each generation had to protect the Veil as kids Aldran and Caleb hoped to met these Guardians and they had and got five bad attitude teens with funny way in talking and clothing.

But once known the five in their own funny ways they became close allies now the 8 teens and a Passling plus a dormouse were going to ask about five girls in hot outfits and possessed powers ok four as the last was in a cold state to wake let alone battle powers over different things.

To be continued…