Hi! This is my first upload, so please be kind about it. I have one OC in here, though her reactions and thoughts are the same as mine would be... So, she's me in OC form. Does anybody else NEED help? 'Cuz all of this is loosely based off of my life...

Disclaimer: Uhh, there are two of these. One: I own Vampire Knight if your grandma has slaughtered me. I doubt she has, but who knows... Two: I was suprisingly NOT on anything when I wrote this (as far as I know) and this is what goes on in my mind on a normal day. Now, on with the fiction! FOR NARNIA! - Don't own that, either...

Yuuki looked up at Sayori from her test results. "I got under 35% again?" She sighed.

"A much more preferrable form of torture would be to listen to Nyan Cat for 24 hours straight. At least I don't have to hug Kaname."

"And why wouldn't you like that?" Sayori questioned. "I thought you liked him and his company. Not that I do, but..."

Yuuki looked down, shocked and hurt at what her friend had said. "Well, it's not that I don't like him; he scares me. And also, if Zero ever saw the punishment he'd kill Kaname without hesitation." "That would be quite convenient..." Sayori mumbled, relieved that her friend didn't notice.

"Well, anyway. You should go to the Moon Dorms. Your punishment is waiting for you." She looked up and smiled at Yuuki.

The response she got was, "Yeah. See ya." Yuuki muttered this as she walked out.

'She's acting stranger than usual.' Sayori thought. 'And I have to find out why.'

"Wait for meeeee!" I yelled.

Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? Well, hi. I'm Kuri.

I'm a first year at the Cross I'm also a prefect. Though I get along better with Zero, probably because we both plot assasinations...

Anyway, back to subject! Uhhh... Appearence! You guys want to know, right? Well, I have reeeeaaaally long, dark, brown hair. It's so dark it looks black. My complexion is somthing I can't explain. Don't ask about it, either. Oh, I always keep my hair down.

My eyes are weird. They're, like, completly white. No iris or pupil. It makes being a prefect a lot easier. It's like, I turn around and they run away from me. EPIC.

My clothing style... I never wear the school uniform, even though it's against the rules. I just wear a black shirt and jeans every day. I think the reason I don't wear the uniform is because I hate skirts.

Ohh, ohh, personality. I'm crazy, stupid, evil, nice, masochistic(no other way to describe it, buddy), ecstatic, FOOOOOOODD, I like to kill people, tomboyish, cute and basically a mix of Ichijou and Zero.

My hunters weapon is :UNAMED; so I'll just describe it. MY. FRICKIN. MIND. I can read minds and use mind control and have those weird eyes and I'm still a human. Crazy. Back to life.

Both looked up at me, freaking out, yet again, at my epic eyes. "Well, what are we waiting for?" I asked "Time to kill Kaname!"

"HEY!" I think Yuuki was offended "Whatever..." I muttered. The three of us walked off to the Moon Dorm, all with different intentions...


So, when we got in, we saw Kaname. Yuuki asked us to go away, then Kana-pyon(I give him that nickname to embarass him) spoke up.

"It's okay, Yuuki. I was only gonna make an announcment."

I stared in anticipation, wanting to embarass him. Yuuki didn't do anything of significance. And Sayori walked out saying "Screw this..."

"Oohh, just a sec." I reached into my bag and pulled out a perfect pizza, in the shape of a bomb. "Continue."

"Well, you see, Yuuki... I am a girl."

"That's no surprise." I said. "There are only a couple of things I'm wondering. One: Because you always held Yuuki dear, does that make you lez? Two: Because Yuuki always had a crush on you, that makes her lez, right? Ohh, one more question. Does this mean you're gonna be Zero's girlfriend now?"

"Kuri," Yuuki scowled (at me, duh)"in-a-pro-pri-ate."

"Whatever," I found this syllable-ish voice of hers very annoying "just shut up with the 'Twilight fangirl voice,' and I might listen to you."

Kana-pyon burst out, in a whiny voice "But I'm a Twilight fangirl! How dare you be mean to the smexy-ness of Edward!"

I couldn't say anything. I just stared at him, wide eyed, like he was a lunatic. Which he pretty much was.

Then, out of nowhere, Zero A.K.A Mr. HowamIatschoolwithgrannyhair, came in. He kicked over a trash can to try and look epic, yet failed miserably.

He cackled, like a school girl on crack, at Kana-pyon being a girl. Well, what else would he have to be like that about?

Then he started to wear a wig, singing these words over and over. "I'm a singing dinosaur, I'm a singing dinosaur." He sang it like an opera singer with a cat in her throat. Yes, it was a girly voice. This went on for a couple of minutes, and eventually, I wanted to become an old lady. I have the weirdest intentions sometimes...

I shut Zero up by grabbing Artemis and shoving it in his mouth.

I noticed that I finished my pizza, so I took a box of chocolate out of my bag...

Yes, a chocolate box is a plot device. Why? Because chocolate is yummy and will take over the world someday. Yes, even that singing dinosaur thing is based off real life, too. You now know why I'm a social outcast. Also based off of stereotypes. Umm, R and R? I guess, I'm not really obsessed with this stuff...