Pure Zemyx day crack. Childish imaginations and yaoi fluff abound.

You've been warned.

"Mommy, I like Zexion," I say.

"Of course you do sweetie. Isn't he your friend?" my mother asks.

"I like him as more than a friend though," I reply.

"That's lovely sweetie. Go play now," she says. She's busy, she says. She has to do work, she says. She's always busy. She doesn't really care much what I do. She never does. She just waves me away like she is now.

She always does that. I may only be six, but I'm not stupid. Well, Zexy always calls me stupid, but he just likes teasing me. I'm really not that stupid. Most of the time.

I wander out of my house and head for my backyard. Perched at the top of the tallest tree in my yard is a tree house- my castle. Well, sometimes it's a castle. When it is, I'm a prince who has to come save the pretty princess from the tower. Sometimes it's a normal house, where my wife and I live with our family.

Whenever I hide behind the couch and watch whatever movies my mom watches when I'm supposed to be taking a nap, I get new ideas.

Anyway, I'm bored. You know, I bet if I looked, I could find a couple of people to play a new game. Maybe even Zexion…

When we play, Zexion is always the pretty princess. He didn't like it at first, but I made him do it once and now he doesn't complain anymore. He likes it as much as I do. We have fun.

I leave my yard and head for the house right next to mine. I ring the bell, and a tall woman with hair as blue as Zexy's answers the door.

"Can I please play with Zexy?" I ask.

She smiles and pats me on the head. She says I'm adorable a lot. I'm not really sure why…

She calls my friend, and he comes out. I squish him in a hug, and he squishes me back.

"Zexy, let's find some other people and play kingdom," I say.

He smiles at me and nods. He doesn't like to talk much, but it's ok. I can talk enough for the two of us.

We go around and get several more people. Xion says she will be wicked witch. Sora wants to be Roxas's twin, even though they already are in real life. Really, Sora just wants to hang out with Roxas. Roxas just wants to hang out with Axel.

Axel says he will be the king of hobos. I don't know what a hobo is, but Axel says they are people who carry blankets on sticks and smell bad because they sit by fires and never shower. I think he likes the sound of that. He loves fire and doesn't like baths. He says Roxy can be his queen and I can be their son. We are a happy family, even though Roxas fights with Axel sometimes.

Saïx wanted to be a dragon. He is good at that. He likes to pretend to be an animal. Usually, he is a puppy, but whenever Axel isn't the dragon, he is.

Xemnas and Riku are just watching us. Sometimes they laugh. They are one year older than us, so they think they are better than us. Well, Zexy is a year older too. He's just really short. He looks youngest, but he's not. He's second oldest.

Xemnas and Riku don't want to play. They say they are just going to watch. I think it is more fun to play, but that's just me. Sora tries to coax Riku to play as another royal family. He says Zexy needs a mommy. That makes Riku angry.

After a while, Sora convinced Riku to join us. Sora is now mommy, so Riku can be the daddy. Riku doesn't want to be the mommy, ever. He says it isn't something he can do, even though he has girlier hair than Sora. Now Sora is crying. Sora has discovered that Riku's hair is silver, Xemnas's hair is silver, Zexion's hair is silver-blue, and his hair is brown. He says Riku lied to him.

Sora doesn't like Xemnas anymore.

Xemnas decides to join Xion and Saïx's team since Riku is playing now. Xemnas, Xion, and Saix are digging a hole in the dirt. They say there is a magic treasure they are looking for. Xion says it was buried there long ago and she found a map in her room that told her where to find it.

We want the magic treasure too. We dig our own hole, closer to our castle.

There are more of us, we dig faster. Our hole is bigger than theirs. My finger touches something shiny, shiny but dirty.

I pull it out. It is two metal chains tangled together, the kind they use for necklaces. Roxas and Sora unknot it and we wash it off in the hose. It is one of those necklaces that come in sets of two with pieces that go together, like a friendship necklace.

My big sister Naminé bought it a long time ago for her friends. I buried it and drew a map. I must have accidently given the map away.

Sora just had an idea- we can unite our kingdoms by having Zexy and me get married. They give one half of the necklace to me, and the other half to Zexy.

I put it on my neck and giggle before holding up my half of the heart. Zexy does the same and we touch the halves together. I give him a big tight hug and he smiles at me. He likes me too.

"These are magic!" Xion said suddenly. "The magic spell is that the two will be in love forever! But, whenever they wear the charms, they get turned into…" Xion began, before trailing off. Her imagination couldn't come up with anything I guess.

"KITTIES!" I say loudly. I think Zexy would make a pretty kitty. I want to hear him meow.

I get on my hands and knees and mew at everyone. Everyone laughs at me, and I smile. Eventually, Zexy mews back at me. He smiles, and I lick his cheek.

He nuzzles my face and we curl up beside each other, watching the others. Occasionally, we mew as if holding a conversation only we can understand, but it is all pretend. We just make up random meowing sounds.

The others continue to laugh at us, and Xion tries to cast a spell to make us be quiet. It doesn't work. As long as I'm touching Zexy, magic spells can't hurt me. Xemnas and her pull us apart, and I am silent. Zexion is locked in the castle by himself and can't get his necklace off.

Axel lets me be human again, and I run the tower, dodging the magic spells that are shot at me. I am focused, I do not need to pay attention the small pebbles and bits of grass and flowers that are thrown at me.

Saïx tackles me with a scream of "Rawr!" He is a ferocious blue dragon spitting fire around me. I dodge the flames, trying to tell him I don't want to fight him, but I can't speak. I don't want to fight, but I have to.

I pick up a stick off the ground. It is a nice stick, about 2 feet long. I swing it like a sword and it touches Saïx's side. He rawrs loudly and falls to the ground, dead. I hold the stick up triumphantly for a moment before remembering Zexion.

I scale the tree as fast as possible, the others watching me and cheering.

I reach the ledge and find my beautiful blue-haired kitty princess. He is sitting there, waiting for me. He doesn't like heights very much or he would have just jumped. He believes the forty foot drop is too steep for him.

I take his necklace off so we can get back down before I hand it back.

"Mew," he says. I'll take that as a thank you.

"Mew meow meow," I reply, throwing the chain of my own back over my neck.

"Meeeoww," he says. I smile at him and do what they always do at this time in the movies.

I reached out and cupped his cheek with my hand. I leaned forward and touched my forehead to his, looking into his eyes for a few seconds. The pale blue hair that covers one of his eyes smells like vanilla shampoo. Its smells good so I take a big sniff. He does the same, until I press my lips against his. He wraps his arms around my neck, and I move my lips a little, making a 'mwahhh' sound.

It feels like I'm a celebrity or a prince, getting to kiss my pretty kitty princess in front of an audience that clapped and cheered.

I love playing pretend, especially when I get to play pretend with Zexion, my Zexy.

"I really like Zexion," I murmur quietly to myself. I don't care what my mom would think. I like Zexion, more than Axel, or Roxas, or Xemnas, or Riku, or even Xion. My mom asks me all the time what I think of her, but she's just a friend.

She isn't Zexion.