Disclaimer I own neither Bleach or Inuyasha nor any Zombie Movies, I was inspired by High school of the Dead, Last of the Living, and just about any other zombie movie out there that I've seen. And yes this is a product of boredom and lack of sleep considering I thought of this at five in the morning. By the way this takes place after Ichigo beat Aizen and lost his powers and as if the never manga picks up again. And sorry my faithful Everyone's Dead fans this just wouldn't go away till I wrote it, so now that it's done maybe I can work on chapter 32.

Kagome stared out the window, she hadn't wanted to go on the field trip with her college but her Mother had insisted, she didn't know why, she had all the credit she needed to get her history degree. She didn't need to commit herself to a field trip to Karakura town on her last week of spring break, one that got some extra credit. Kagome sighed, she knew she hadn't been quite the same since the well closed but it had been unexpected, it had after all stayed open a whole year after they killed Naraku, then one day she went home and couldn't go back, true she had said and heard all she needed to, and even got to see Miroku and Sango's eldest take her first assisted step, but it had been so sudden.

Then she faced knowing no one got what it was like to see hundreds dead, to kill or be killed, she had trouble fitting in, the point was proven when Ayumi accidentally killed a would be rapist, Kagome totally got it. But the other two couldn't take knowing their friend, their quiet friend had killed a man, so they split and if that wasn't enough, Ayumi couldn't handle knowing she had killed someone, she had tried to commit suicide and failed, after that her family moved away and Ayumi didn't call or write.

So Kagome was left alone, and if she hadn't worried her mother before, she did now. It bothered her, she didn't want to worry her, and it wasn't like she didn't try to make friends, and technically she had them. But she knew she would never trust them to help her or protect her the way she had others, and they couldn't even get over the fact she had technically failed middle school and had to retest. So she wasn't quite the happy go lucky girl she had been at sixteen or even seventeen, and that worried her mother, but at least Souta didn't worry, not after a talk they had just after the well closed.

Kagome sat in her room, she half thought she was still in shock, when she hadn't gone through the well the first try she jumped again, it still didn't work, and that was when she started crying. She sat there for an hour or two before her Grandfather heard her crying, that had been two days before.

A knock on her door startled her and she realize she had been staring at the wall, for she didn't know how long, she turned to see Souta staring at her seriously, "What?"

Souta walked in and sat on her bed, then he took her hand, acting as if he was older, "Kagome I know it hurts to have lost them like this, but you said good bye, you know they were happy, you know they had children, and lived. Now you have to too, you can't act like a zombie you need to live too, meet a guy, marry him, and have children, take care of the shrine or move out and have a job, it doesn't matter, but you have to go on, if not for you, for them. I know you changed with your travels, saw things no one here understands, but you can't live like this and you can't give up. So cry tonight if you must, but get up tomorrow and live."

Then while she was still in shock he got up and left, a small, sad smile on his face. The next morning she did as asked and after a time she didn't have to fake it as much, and that was the day she stopped calling him squirt.

Grandfather had died the next spring in his sleep, and that was when Kagome decided she couldn't live at the shrine any longer, she loved to visit but she couldn't live there, so first chance she got she moved out and started college to become a history teacher.

Which lead her here, she spoiled her mom best as she could to make up for leaving and not being what her mother wanted, so when her mom said go, she went. The bus pulled up to the museum, Kagome was amused that so many had come, needing the extra credit, meaning taking the train with the big local crowd wouldn't quite work, or at least not today with them going to the Karakura museum of Warfare in the Kamakura era, so boring old bus it was.

They hopped off and while she stretched, she noticed across the street on the sidewalk was a commotion, a police officer was there and a bunch of people had stopped and either were helping or staring, so she couldn't see what was going on, just that something was. Then they went into the museum, four hours and lunch later they were leaving, and driving though the city Kagome noticed and she wasn't sure many others did, but there seemed to be a lot of fighting considering Karakura was no where near as big as Tokyo and unless you were some place unsafe, you weren't likely to see this kind of fighting, not mention some of the fighters looked very hurt to be fighting.

But they drove right on past and soon they reached the hotel, there was an announcement made before they left the bus.

"Now I know the plan was to let you out and spend the afternoon sight seeing on your own but, with the riots in the city we feel it is unsafe and ask you to stay in the rooms for the rest the day till we leave early tomorrow."

Kagome was willing to stay inside and watch a movie or something but the girls sitting behind her were already talking about where they were going, Kagome rolled her eyes, the two were spoiled brats who didn't know anything, the only reason they were even in collage was their fathers made donations to the smaller collage. Gee she wondered why, the two were dumb as rocks and she had seen talking rocks before, and she could see the resemblance. Play nice, she scolded herself, just because she hated talking to the two because they would make fun of her the moment she turned her back, didn't mean she had to sink to their level. She left the bus and headed up the stairs, unwilling to wait for the elevator to go up the four floors. She went to the room she shared with two others, and turned on the TV, nodding when the other two told her they were going two doors down to hang out with some of their friends, and play some poker.

4:46 p.m. Same day.

Kagome had just finished her rented movie, when she heard a scream down the hall, she put her shoes on and poked her head out of the room. She rolled her eyes, seeing the crowd out in the hall, most without shoes and even a few without shirts, but then she recognized the voice screaming. It was Kichida, one of the two she had heard planing to go out despite the riots. Kagome headed down the hall, moving others out of the way, she even shoved past one of the eight teachers who had come along, she then knelt next to the hysterical girl.

"Shut up!" she said to the crowd at large, not caring if they were upset, she scanned the girl and realized something had bit her, and what's more she couldn't find Ito in the crowd. "Back up!" she called ignoring the others babbling over her and at her. "Bandages! She's bleeding!" and hearing the voices get louder and feeling the crowd press closer to her back, she yelled again exasperated "Back up! She's hysterical, and needs space, and a chance to calm down before she'll make sense, so BACK UP!"

The teachers finally made themselves useful and began pushing back the others in the hall, all students. They had after all rented out the whole floor. From there she and Yamamota picked up Kichida and moved her to the nearest bed. They laid her out and Kagome felt someone press a towel into her hand, "Thanks," she said not looking up. She pressed hard on the wound and ignored the small scream, "Shut up! It's bleeding way too much for such a small and shallow wound and I need to get it stopped. Or would you rather keep bleeding?"

"Higurashi!" came a scandalized voice from behind her, one of the teachers not liking her tone. "Deal." Kagome said not looking up, she lifted the towel off the small wound on the girl's leg, it looked for sure like something had bit her but it had rather blunt and short teeth, and if she thought hard the teeth that came to mind were human teeth. Hearing the muttering behind her she spoke again, "Shut up, I've found one of the best ways to deal with people in shock is to be blunt, so they cooperate."

Kagome put the towel back, glad the bleeding had slowed some, she looked Kichida up and down, noticing the splatters of blood on her shirt, one at shoulder level almost like someone near her had been beheaded, or had their throat torn open, and then one more at like hip level, Kagome wasn't sure how you could get a blood spray there but she hadn't really seen someone shot with a gun either. "Kichida where is Ito?"

Someone behind her gasped like they hadn't realized the girl was missing and Kagome half wondered how someone could miss it, the two went everywhere together. The girl's dazed eyes met hers at the question, and for a moment Kagome saw a pain very familiar to her, the pain of losing a friend.

"She's one of them!"

Kagome's eyebrows drew together, what the hell did the girl mean? Then she remember the rioting, that didn't make sense. Why would Ito join the Rioters? Wait... if she was attacked by the Rioters they had to be coming this way. "Someone look out the window and tell me what you see. Kichida what do you mean?"

"She's gone!" the girl wailed thrashing on the bed, tears running down her face.

She continued to cry, while someone went to the window, before they fell away in shock, mumbling; "Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Kagome looked away from Kichida for the first time since she looked out in the hall, "WHAT?"

Yamamota walked to the window stepping over Suzuki, as she stared up at the window in shock, then Yamamota spoke his voice shaking. "The Rioters are outside and their biting people, some of them are getting shot by others on the street... oh god he's getting up!"

Kagome was up faster then she thought possible, she looked out the window, her first thought had been demons, but it was just normal humans... except some of them looked hurt and they were biting others on the street. Kagome briefly wondered why they couldn't hear the gun shots she was seeing, before she remembered not only did this hotel claim a prim spot in the center of the city, but as such it was in a main place it had been sound proofed, so the city noise wouldn't wake the guests.

She watched someone fall under the swarm of eight or more of the... the... They weren't demons... They kind looked like they might be zombies. Fresh bit marks, oozing blood and other bodily fluids, and only falling under head wounds.

"What are they?" Suzuki whispered, shaking next to her, Kagome looked at her briefly wondering when she had gotten to her feet, she looked and on her other side Yamamota had pressed himself to the glass, the other four teachers doing the same.

"Zombies. I would think it obvious." Kagome was surprised by her blase statement. She shook her head and turned away from the window, mind racing. Demons were dead, so there was no way someone like Kagura had done it. So that meant all the stupid movies Souta liked so much were the most likely scenario, her gaze shot towards Kichida. She had been bitten. Kagome bit her lip, she had learned some healing from Kaede before the well closed, she could try and see if that helped. But Zombies? Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose, if the movies were right was this the first incident or was the whole of Japan at risk? And if it was the whole of Japan that likely meant the whole world, right?

First get out of here, then go home and see if Mom and Souta are still alive and where she can find them. Then she could go from there. Then she realize there was an even more first step, get a weapon. She ruled out a gun right away, she didn't know how to shoot one, she didn't have her bow with her, that was at home, so at some point during her get out of the city plan, she needed to stop by a sports store, for now...

She scanned the room, no, no, no... Damn it! Was there anything she could use? Kagome grabbed the big mirror off the wall, it was hard but she managed, then she almost threw it before realizing most in the room weren't wearing shoes. "You'll want shoes."

They stared at her before she mimed throwing the mirror and they got it, they scrambled for shoes and Kagome waited, they stood in their shoes all still confused, or at least dazed by the shock of what they found out in the last five minutes. She threw it and glass shattered, flying every which way, Kichida sat up on the bed surprised by the noise, but the metal frame Kagome been after was now glass free, and breakable, she twisted a piece of the frame off, leaving her with a two and half to three foot long piece of metal mostly without sharp edges, Kagome looked to the open door, students were once again crowding in despite the best efforts of the last two teachers, "Grab your own," she walked to the door.

"Look everyone I'll tell you what's going on if you back up and let me out to the hall." The crowd backed up and Kagome stepped out into the hall, a sea of faces looked towards her on either side, and the teachers followed her out the door, three of them having new metal rods. "Look this may sound crazy but outside are a bunch of Zombies, now we can't stay here and I want to know what everyone wants to do."

Silence met her declaration, shock clear on all the faces she could see, and sure enough the first person started laughing, thinking she was having them on, and soon everyone was laughing, Kagome let them they would have to face reality soon. When it stopped she spoke again, "Seriously Zombies, we can't stay because the front doors to the hotel are glass and I'm pretty sure everyone down stairs has already fled, we should do the same, we need to get out of the city, or at least out of here."

Kagome looked over the students again, she only saw one person who seemed to believe her, Hitoshi. He was a friend, probably her only friend, and they didn't really hang out, or even do anything outside of school, but they were friends. She was probably his only friend too, but the reason they were friends was they were the real history buffs, sure there was seven others with history majors, but the two of them loved history, the other seven needed it to move on to another job or something, Kagome wasn't clear on what, but none of the others loved history for history the way they did.

"No fucking way, there are not Zombies outside Higurashi." Watanabe disagreed.

"Mind your..." Yamamota started before Kagome cut him off, "Whatever Wantanabe, if you don't believe me, I ask you and any other doubter to look out the windows towards the front of the hotel."

He tried to shrug her off, but she just stared at him, it lasted only a minute or two but it had everyone else shifting nervously, finally her stare made him twitch and he growled out fine, and went to a room and looked out the window. The rest of the crowd stared at her or after him, but at his sudden swearing most the crowd jumped, especially when he came tearing out of the room face white. "Believe me now?" she asked, only a little sarcastic.

He nodded his head in two fast jerky bobs, several of the crowd cried out disbelievingly and Kagome challenged them the same way, "Shut up and go look out a window! The rest of you, get dressed, find a weapon and if any you have some ideas of how to get out of the city come talk to me!"

Most of the students rushed up and down the halls, some to grab clothes and even more to look out the windows. Kagome just sighed, while the teachers and Hitoshi rushed up to her talking. After mixed up babbled, Kagome cut them all off, "Give me a sec, Okay. Hitoshi what do you want?"

He blinked behind her glasses, "What's your plan?"

Kagome shrugged, "Arm everyone, get out of the hotel, find a bus or some cars, and drive out best we can. After we get as far as we can get out and walk the rest the way out."

He stared some more but it was the teachers who yelled next, notably Suzuki, and her husband. "Quiet!" Kagome yelled, "Seriously one at a time."

Suzuki started first, "What the hell kind of plan is that? Seriously you'll get us all killed! We should wait here for rescue!" her husband and one other teacher nodded hard. The rest looked uncertain, Kagome snorted, "Serious were you not listening? We can't stay here because A there are way too many doors and windows to guard. B we don't have near enough weapons that can be used in close quarters. C our food won't last long. D haven't you watched any Zombie Movies? Seriously, most likely the Military will be too busy trying to contain it, if it isn't else where, to worry about people trapped with the Zombies."

Everyone still in the hall stared at her, hurt, confused, scared, worried, all the emotions Kagome didn't want to deal with. Kagome decided to make her point, "Look at this." she swung her rod into the wall once, twice, three times. Ruining the plaster and bending the rod, She shook it in Suzuki's face, "This lasts maybe three hits, there are a lot more Zombies then we have rods and people, so staying put where they can come and find us, stopping us from getting better weapons and more food, is a really bad idea."

Yamamota nodded slowly looking down at his rod, with new eyes. Kagome eyed the others, two looked terrified and Kagome rolled her eyes, if they came with her, she wouldn't be able to rely on them, they could freeze or run away screaming at any moment. "Look I get it, but staying will kill us all."

Suzuki's husband spoke, "That may be, but what reason do we have to listen to you? Why should you make the decisions? Your just a student, we're older then you, so you should listen."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "That fine, whatever. I will listen to whoever I think won't get me killed and at this point the only person I trust with that goal is myself. No I wouldn't throw others under the tires to live but I won't make crappy decisions just because I'm scared."

Suzuki herself spoke next, "Yeah right I bet the moment we get outside your the first to panic. You'll start screaming and crying and you'll get eaten."

Kagome gave her a dead stare, the one that scared people into letting go of her hands in the feudal era, or letting her go after they had kidnapped her. Suzuki shivered under the stare but one of the other teachers took up the theme.

"Yeah what do you know about fighting or tactics, or anything? Your twenty-one, you're too young to be trusted with people's lives." then the man added a satisfied bob of the head like she would give in to his wisdom.

What she did instead was snort, "You can feel that way, and do whatever the hell you think will get you out alive but I will lead anyone will to listen to me and work as a team no matter who else is there." Kagome looked around meeting people's eyes, whoever had finished gearing up and had come to listen to them argue. "But first I'm going to do what I can for Kichida." She met the teachers eyes and then strolled in to the room, Kichida still was laying on the bed, but she was more focused. "I'm going to be okay right?"

Kagome nodded, "I think so, I'll at least do my best."

"Speaking of which, what gives you the right to act as a doctor to her?" Suzuki demanded.

Frustration bubbled up in her, "Seriously! Shut up! I don't care you don't trust me, but why the hell should I listen to you? Have you killed before? Hun? Have you been a solider? Have you ever given someone stitches? Have you ever been up to your elbows in blood? Have you ever treated someone for poison? Because if you haven't done any of those things shut the fuck up and let me help her!"

Seeing the woman's shocked face, she sneered before turning back to Kichida, "Okay so how do you feel?"

The slightly scared face, paled, "I'm fine, well... my leg hurts where I got hurt but it's better now."

Kagome nodded, "Okay I'm going to try something and I'm not sure if it'll help or not, but if it does you'll be able to run better."

Kichida nodded, clearly scared, her dyed hair falling around her face. Kagome nodded back and then knelt next to the bed, pulling the towel off her leg, it was still open but not bleeding, Kagome looked at it a little more looking for infection or discolorations, but didn't see any. She held her hand an inch or so above her leg and concentrated, thinking about the leg without the wound. For a minute nothing seemed to be happening and Kagome heard Suzuki open her mouth, the surge of feeling she felt at the sound brought her powers to the surface, closing the wound over. Silence filled the room.

Kagome opened her eyes letting her power fade away, she met Kichida's awed gaze, and she looked around the room, noting Yamamota and Suzuki were also in the room. She stood, ignored the squeaking sounds from Suzuki, she left the room, heading for hers. She wanted her coat, and some clean underwear, some clean socks, her toothbrush and toothpaste, and her small backpack purse, though it was only small compared to a backpack, it had a decent first aid kit, she didn't like going any where without one, and her wallet with her money, identity card, and some random stuff she was tossing to lighten her load, she had after all learned how to pack light but prepared after a while. And... Some shampoo and soap, one never knew where you might want to wash.

She checked her shoes and pulled on her nice tough leather jacket, she had after all remembered how useful it was to have tough clothes, she had chap stick, in one of the pockets along with some tissues. She patted herself down, and threw her backpack on and ran through a quick check list, she was ready. Except for breaking the mirror here and loading up on a new weapon, this time though after breaking one side of the frame off she broke the other three up and stuck them behind her backpack through the straps, so if the one she was using got too bent she would have another one.

She stepped out into the hall and noticed maybe a third of the sixty plus students along with two teachers, were missing. Suzuki had a crowd at the far end of the hall but there were others drifting around towards her end of the hall, "Hey!" she called out and saw a lot of heads turn towards her.

"Okay first, does anyone have a map?" someone she almost recognized waved one, "Can I see it?" they passed it up to her, she rolled it out on the floor, and knelt to look at it, she ruled out the train station, if the army hadn't blocked it, she was betting it would be swarming. "Okay so we could try going for the boat yard and letting the current take us away, or we could go for the northern edge of the city?"

Hitoshi pushed his way forward, "I think we should go for the boat yard it's a little closer to us then the edge of the city, if nothing else we can..." Commotion from down the hall interrupted him, at first Kagome thought they were fighting then she realized zombies had come up the stairs, Suzuki's group started screaming, and Kagome distantly noted that seemed to drive the Zombies up the wall. She scrambled to her feet holding the map, she spun towards the stairs on their side, she didn't see any Zombies there, but better safe then sorry, "Go to the elevators!" they pushed buttons, and the doors opened, and they all crammed in the two elevators and closed the doors in time for the first of Suzuki's group to reach them, one made it on but the others just hit the doors. They reached the first floor, and for a moment Kagome thought the coast was clear, only then a Zombie threw it's self at her, without thinking she smacked it in the face, knocking it off it's feet. From there she off loaded with most everyone else, while going by she stomped on the Zombie's face, she grimaced hearing the crunch of bone breaking but she stomped again, killing it. Or at least the arms flailing stopped.

She dashed after Hitoshi and Yamamota, the two of them seemed to be leading the charge, but Kagome frowned, running so fast made it easy to get surprised, and not to mention some of the Zombies' heads seemed to turn, not as if they saw them running but as if they heard them running, then someone tripped and cried out and then the Zombies were swarming her. Kagome wanted to stop and help but one of the Zombies had bit her throat, causing a stream of blood to splash from her throat. Kagome looked away only to notice someone else get tackled, she once again noticed his screams seemed to draw them in, so she resolved to be a quiet as possible.

Kagome looked back to just ahead of her again, only she had slowed down, and not realized it, so everyone, the fifteen or so left, were farther ahead then she realized. Zombies had even gotten between her and them and for a moment she wanted to scream 'don't leave me' but she stopped it. They might make it to the boats, but they wouldn't for sure if she got loud. She let them go, hoping Hitoshi and Yamamota would make it, her only two friends from another life survived, just like she had put her life in the feudal era behind, she realized nothing would be the same after this.

She stopped running and accidentally kicked some glass, and on cue the two Zombies nearest her turned and groaned, charging her. She slapped the closer one across the temple, and it stumbled falling, but the metal bent beyond use, but... she eyed the corner where it had been welded to the other pieces, it looked sharp enough, she brought the piece up and let the Zombie run on it, forcing the sharp corner into it's brain. She then kicked the head of the other in, then she looked around, the Zombies here were normal people, some in uniforms from work and others wearing normal clothes, and there was even a police officer. She noted aside from blood stains and some spent shells from guns, it was mostly quiet here and the Zombies seemed to be heading for where she could hear gunfire, once again proving they were drawn to sound.

She slowly and carefully walked down the street, avoiding anything at all that might make her make noise, she started focusing on that so much that she failed to avoid the Zombie stepping out of any alley ahead of her. She knocked into it hard enough to almost fall, but as she panicked sure she was dead, she realized it hadn't seen her and hadn't reacted to being bumped into, for that matter... She looked over at a Zombie that continued to just walk straight into a wall, and it slowly bounced down the alley, getting further and further from her. Their dead, she realized and couldn't see, or feel touch. Okay, she only needed to be quiet and she could slip by like nothing. Just call me mouse, she joked in her head.

Walking down the street, she stopped to pick up some snack and candy bars off the ground from a knocked over stand, and she realized she was completely alone, no Zombies, no survivors, there didn't even seem to be anyone in the buildings. Then she saw the sign for a sports store, open on the third floor of the building, she swallowed and stuffed the candy bars away in her pockets, and took out a second part of the mirror frame and slowly walked into the building, the door to the electronic store on the first floor was torn open, the second floor was an underwear store, the sports was third, children's clothes was the fourth, and as far as she could tell the other two floors were storage or something.

Kagome looked around and it took her a while to find the elevator, but when she did, she realized she didn't want to take it, it might ding making too much noise, not to mention the creepy blood stain implying someone had been hurt in it and dragged out. She looked around still surprised by the erie quiet, sure she knew there had to be fighting and not to far away either, but she couldn't hear it at the moment, and not seeing any Zombies made it a little too easy to forget she had to pay attention or be eaten. She looked some more and found the escalators, they weren't on, and she carefully treaded up the non moving stairs, stepping over the hangers that had been spilled down them.

She reached the top and found only one Zombie, she bit her lip, she didn't want to leave where it could sneak up on her, she stepped slowly over the tipped racks of underwear, and used the spilled underwear from a box to be even quieter, she reached just behind it and then to her horror had to struggle with her conscious. This had been a person less then a day ago, and she was going to sneak up on it and bash it's head in just because. Her slip of concentration made it so she let the last piece from the mirror frame still tucked in the straps of her purse clink on a metal rack, the Zombie spun faster then she thought possible and grabbed her.

She managed to get one of the pieces between her and the Zombie but the sharp point digging into it's chest didn't seem to bother it, it chomped wildly, like a feral animal. Kagome grimaced, fighting the urge to scream as it's congealed blood splashed on her face from it's head wound where he, when he had been alive had been bitten, tearing his eyebrow off. Finally, after an eternity, she got her arm untangled from the rack of clothes and she got in a good swing, cracking it's temple open, it fell, blood shot eyes still, rather then rolling. Kagome gasped, shaking with the adrenaline rush, she checked for any other Zombies, thinking they might have heard the thud, when two or three minutes later nothing had come or moved, she went up the last flight of stairs.

This floor had seen some action, she walked past two and then a three bodies, all of them felled by gun shots, she reached the hunting department and noticed even if she had wanted a gun her options would be slim, but the bows hadn't been touched, she walked over grabbing the middle sized compound hunting bow with a sixty pound draw, a bit different then her traditional bow but it would be more efficient. She looked for arrows, there was twelve sitting in a quiver, but Kagome knew she'd need a lot more then that to get out of the city, she turned a sinking feeling in her gut, and sure enough there were more arrows, but they were all wrapped in loud, noisy crinkling wrappers.

She looked around and well she didn't see any Zombies she didn't trust it to stay that way, with her kneeling on the floor, vulnerable. She looked around, a knife, she needed a knife. Not to mention she should take some with her, she could use it if a Zombie got too close for a bow to work, and not to mention she did know how to catch fish, and she would need something to gut them if she caught them. But she would only need the knife for that if she got out of the city, because it was a two hundred and fifty miles to Tokyo and she didn't think she could take the train. As she was grabbing a knife she noticed a clock, it was only 6:12 p.m. It hadn't even been two hours yet.

If she hadn't fallen down the well, she would swear there was no way so much could have happened in so little time. But time to get on with it, she noticed a nine inch blade that she liked the look of especially since it came with a knife sheath for around the thigh, only one small problem she had no belt. She looked around and went to the small clothes section, sure enough she found a belt she could use, she put it on and attached the knife and then strapped it to her thigh. She grabbed a second for her other thigh, and then grabbed a smaller pocket sized knife, she flipped out the straight blade on it and started carefully cutting the wrapping open. Trying to both minimize noise, and keep an eye on the stairs, every so often she would scan around her, not just the stairs. Soon she had stuffed the quiver as full as she could without risking over filling it, she looked at the measly thirty arrows she had fit and promptly decided to get a second quiver, once she had that unwrapped she went back to unwrapping arrows. Soon she had two full quivers, so she took her backpack back off, accidentally making the last piece of mirror frame clatter on the tile floor. She winced, and hurried up some more, she pulled a quiver over each shoulder and then put her backpack back on, and mentally groaned, this wasn't comfortable at all, the quiver straps pinched, and sat oddly on her back. She bit her lip, odds are they wouldn't get any more comfortable even if she readjusted it, and with that she vowed to at some point take the time to sew them to her bag, so she wouldn't have to use their straps. With that in mind she rushed over to the more simple backpacking or camping area and grabbed two sewing kits, she could use them for what she had in mind and use them for stitches if she had to.

She glanced out the window and was gratified to note there was still no Zombies that she could see, and it was getting dark and she didn't have a water bottle... She turned around and looked over the store again, she hopped a little and felt how heavy her bag was, and realized there was no way she could fit the two small kits in too. She turned to the backpack section, she needed to do some more shopping.

Six hours ago.

Ichigo sighed, studying sucked, sure he was close to being half way to becoming a doctor but it didn't mean he had to like pouring over the text books, learning latin, seeing drawings or pictures of what could go wrong with you. Not to mention it made it hard to keep up with friends, not they things had been the same since he'd 'lost' his powers, he knew not having them made it so the rest of the souls in the city weren't his problem, but he'd also thought maybe the others would visit. But no, he hadn't seen Rukia since that day, and he'd been surprised by how much it had hurt, he saved her life, he saved Soul Society and no one cared what he'd given up, sure he hadn't liked his powers but after a while not having them hurt.

Things with his friends in high school had been awkward, he had done the protecting and now he had to be protected, they could see, he couldn't. So it had taken a year of not being close quarters for him and Chad to fix things up, Orihime just kinda drifted in, and Tatsuki just showed up when she did, and that had been when he found out Uryu was dating Orihime.

But none of them knew he had worked up to the point where he could now see spirits, no one knew, except maybe Karin, she got suspicious when he laughed when a ghost was bothering her, but if she asked he just said it was justice. So his life went on, maybe a bit more lonely but it was a life.

A fist pounded on his door, "What?" he called, a bit annoyed, he had finished his shift helping his dad in the clinic, he'd done his chores, what could they want?

"Ichigo Dad needs your help, something is going on and he needs help!" Yuzu shouted.

Ichigo got to his feet, glad he was still in scrubs, but then he wondered what he was needed for, his dad had Cho Chang helping him, not to mention... He glanced at the clock, it read 12:16 p.m. Satou Akihiro should be here already. Ichigo ran down the stairs, stopping outside the door that lead to the clinic that had been expanded from his high school years, once his shoes were on he went in. She run up the hall to the front room to find his dad and Satou wrestling with a guy who was covered in blood, the guy was snapping wildly, eyes rolling and even from far away, clearly blood shot. What made the scene even more erie was the low moans coming from his throat, Ichigo reached the two of them, "What are we suppose to do with him?"

Satou hissed as the man jerked hard almost throwing him from his feet, his dad spoke up through gritted teeth, "Those men," he tossed his head not daring to let go, "brought him in and asked us to run tests on him, problem is he doesn't respond to requests and we can't seem to get him down the hall to strap him to a table. Ichigo nodded as he looked over at the three men, one was clearly American but the other two looked like guys you might see on the streets but for the blood streaked all over them, one even had a bit mark warning him about what might happen if you dropped your guard around the crazy one.

"Okay I'l grab his feet and we can carry him in," he looked to his dad, who nodded. Then he grabbed the thrashing man's feet and started walking down the hall, Ichigo was surprised by the man's strength, he was a rather lightly built man but he seemed to have the strength of a body builder. They reached the first room, and tossed him on the bed. Ichigo pinned the kicking feet down and watched as his father held the man's shoulders down while Satou got the restraints, they only had four sets of them with only ten rooms, they rarely used them so they weren't in the same room all the time.

It took far too long for Satou to get back with the restraints but he did it, just not before Ichigo's grip on one of the guy's feet slipped and that foot landed squarely in his face, probably blacking his eye. His dad laughed after Satou freed him up by pinning the guys chest down, he just growled as Satou and his dad got the hips and then the thighs and ankles, "Shut up."

Ichigo finally got to let go and went to a mirror to check his eye, it may have felt like his eye but it really was just his cheek bone, but it was turning colors at the moment it was red, but the edge of it was bright blue. "Crap," he shook his head and followed Satou out into the main room where the three were still.

"Okay first of all where did you find him?" Satou asked.

"Okay..." the guy seemed to hesitate and one of the others took over, more to the point the American. "Look dude, I don't why the news isn't turned on, but there are some all over the city, they seemed to come from the hills over by Yumisawa, but it's slowly spread across the city. We just want to know wether he really is a Zombie like he looks like or is he still alive and can be saved."

Satou's jaw dropped, and Ichigo found he wanted to laugh, really laugh, hard gut wrenching laughs, but he knew they weren't joking. He didn't quite believe the guy was dead, but mad? Or even infected with something like rabies but for humans? Yeah he could buy that. A little too easily for his own comfort but when you've gone to 'heaven', who are you to throw doubt on other theories? The three all shifted uncomfortably, Ichigo nodded slowly, "Okay I'm going to tell dad..."

He walked down the hall to find his dad staring blankly at the guy on the bed, who seemed to be a lot quieter, till he opened the door, then he started struggling. "Dad?" the guy started growling and his dad slowly turned to him, "Yes?"

"What's wrong?"

"This man has no pulse, his eyes don't react, and he seems to be rotting slowly, note the discolorations around the wounds."

Ichigo couldn't help but stare shocked for a moment, hearing it was one thing but having it confirmed... "Right... Um.. My god.. Dad go Soul Reaper and see if cutting him with your Zanpakuto does anything, then... I don't know... the guys said this was all over the city." Then he started breathing hard, the idea of Zombies taking over the city, was not only ridiculous, but real, it was happening now. He watched his dad's body fall to the floor, and he turned to watch and see if the... guy's body reacted at all or even died. After a moment he saw his dad stab him in the chest and the body jerked like something had hit it, and then at his gasp it's head whipped towards him growling.

Ichigo stared blankly at the body strapped to the gurney and thought about what the hell they were going to do? Soul attacks don't do anything, not that he had any, and he only vaguely knew how to shoot a gun, and on top of that they didn't own any... What the fucking hell were they going to do during a Zombie attack? He ran a hand though his hair, barely noting his dad leaving the room, to do what he wasn't sure. He walked out of the room intending to go tell the girls to gather food and lock all the doors to the house but the one through the clinic, then he would try to find any random weapons they all could use. But his dad was on the phone and it sounded like he was talking to Ishida's father, head of the hospital.

"...Your sure?" silence indicating his dad was listening, "Right I hope you can get out quickly, go to Urahara's and see if he can help, I'll stay here at the clinic and you can send your son here. Hopefully Urahara will be able to help and we won't have to stay long, but be warned the only way in will be through the windows." Silence and then "You take care, and for god's sake don't get bit."

Ichigo nodded to his dad heading back towards the house when the last part caught up to him, "Don't get bit?"

"Yeah, Ryuken said thats how it spreads."

Ichigo turned towards the waiting room, "Shit!" he ran back down the hallway in time to see Satou get bit, as the most blood covered guy bit into the arm that had held him down or tried to push him away. Ichigo wasn't sure which but knew it could have been either, Satou screamed, and it belated accord that running towards a Zombie with no weapon was a bad, bad idea. Just as he turned looking for a weapon, a metal baseball bat splattered the Zombie's head open, Ichigo followed the bat up to a muscled and tanned arm, with a tattoo. "Chad."

The shaggy head nodded and Ichigo caught sight of the mournful expression on his face, Chad took no delight in killing anything, at all, he would to protect but he didn't like the necessary fact of he had to. "Thanks, you saved the rest of us, any bites?"

The shaggy head moved side to side in a no motion.

"Great, please go back to the house and help my sisters board up the windows and doors on the first floor, leave the top floor alone, Ishida might join us, and I bet he'll bring Orihime and anyone else he knows." Chad nodded and set off for the house, after shaking the blood off the bat, Ichigo let him go and turned to Satou who was sitting on the floor holding his arm stunned. The other two men had gotten away unscathed, but one had left the clinic running for it, but the American had stayed, even going so far as to grab a lamp, Chad had just been faster. Surprise surprise. "What's your name?"

"Will Trenton."

Ichigo blinked confused before he got it, Americans had trouble remembering to switch their last name to first and their first to last. "I don't know what to do Trenton-san, I want to thank you for warning us before the Zombies reached us, but I kinda liked not knowing."

Will laughed, his spiked blond hair bobbing, "I get that dude, I do. Who would have ever thought the Zombies apocalypse would really happen? And why now? Why couldn't it wait a week so I could be back in the states with my family?" Shaking his head in a way Ichigo realized was him fighting with emotions, Trenton calmed himself. "Right, excuse my little break down, and call me Will really it's the end of normality so don't be so stiff."

Ichigo swallowed, "Right Will... So what do you want to do? I think we're going to hide out here, and... well we're hiding out here and I think thats as far as the plan has gotten."

"Is that an invite to stay?"

Ichigo nodded, "Yeah I think so."

Will seemed to consider it, obviously weighing pros and cons. After a good five or so minutes the man nodded, "I think I will stay but first I think you, me and your big friend need to go shopping."

Ichigo stared not understanding what the American meant.

"Sorry, sorry, got too American on you. I mean we should go get as much food, bottled water and some weapons for all of us, meaning we need to go to a super store."

Ichigo thought over it and realized that Will was right, that had maybe enough food for a week or so, and that was only for four people, and they were looking at getting a lot more then that. "Okay, I think your right, but I need to talk to my dad, and get Chad, and then we'll go so give me ten or so minutes."

Will nodded, and before Ichigo had done more then turn around he added, "As long as you don't mind me scavenging some weapons, incase we're attacked on the way to and from?"

Ichigo just nodded before running into the house to find Chad and talk to his dad, he found his dad first. "Dad me, Will and Chad are going to get food, weapons, and anything and anyone we find, you, Yuzu and Karin need to continue boarding the house up 'kay?"

"Yep, count on us son!"

Ichigo continued on through the house looking for Chad, rolling his eyes at his dad's lame answer, he found him boarding up the bathroom window on the ground floor. "Yo Chad, me and the guy from the waiting room are going to go get food and some more weapons, willing to come?" he only asked to make sure he wasn't forcing him to go out again, besides he knew Chad wouldn't let him go alone with a guy he had just met, they didn't work like that.

"Sure," Chad went back to finishing nailing the window up, before he hopped off the edge of the tub and nodded, indicating he was ready to go. Ichigo looked around for a moment, "How about you get your baseball bat and let me get something before we go?"

"Okay," Chad went out and found Karin and Isshin working on blocking the front door with the table because it was the biggest piece of wood they had, he handed the hammer to Karin so she could work on her own and then he went over to the wall where his bat stood, propped up on the wall, he grabbed it and turned back to him. Ichigo looked around the house, and thought about some knives and realized he didn't think he could use them well enough that close to Zombies to avoid getting bit, he was about to slip out side to the ambulance garage but his dad stopped him, "Ichigo I pulled this out for you."

Ichigo looked to his dad, who had stepped away from the door the table already half nailed up, but in his hand was a crow bar. "Thanks dad." He took it giving it a small swing, getting a feel for the weight of the.. weapon, it was a new use... well maybe not for some, he added thinking of a murder case he read about two years ago but a new use for him. Ichigo nodded to Chad and then they both went back out to the clinic, Will was standing by the door watching the mostly empty streets, in his hand was an IV pole that had, had legs with wheels snapped off, Ichigo nodded to him and just before they went out in to the street it hit Ichigo, "Wait we need something to carry what we grab, because pushing a shopping cart won't work and trying to fight while holding stuff would be counter productive."

The other two stopped and looked at him, and the Will laughed a little, "Your right we were getting a little a head of ourselves."

Ichigo turned around and went into the house, where he went to his room where he dumped out his backpack, and threw it over his shoulders. Then he went to the closet where the picnic bag was stored. He knew it would be awkward because you would have to hold it with a hand, but if nothing else they could fill the bag with cans and use it as a secondary weapon. He looked around some more but couldn't find anything, then he remembered the laundry room bag. A sturdy bag, it could be held one handed, and it was big. He rushed back and grabbed it, before going into the main room where Chad and Will were waiting. "Hey I have three things so we can go now."

They nodded before each taking one, leaving him with the Laundry bag, Will had the backpack and and Chad took the picnic bag. They left hurrying towards the first super store near them, it looked almost empty, not that there wasn't people in there just that there wasn't anything in there they wanted. They went straight on past, they didn't want to fight over scraps, the next looked better, the problem was the street was eerily silent, no screams, no groans, nothing. They all agreed, fast as they could in, out. Ichigo was to grab any weapons, Chad canned goods, Will dry stuff like noddles. Ichigo rushed to the special isle, it was all summer sports and outdoors stuff. He managed to find four baseball bats, the down side? They were wood and he wasn't sure how that would hold up against skulls, it might hold out for a while, but he wasn't sure it would be able to take the strain of more then ten or twelve skull splitting hits. He looked around but couldn't find anything other then kitchen knifes, he went a head and grabbed a dozen or so, figuring they could be back up weapons. He run back towards the other side of the store where the food was. The first person he reached was Will, he went over thinking he could help him finish up, but Will was actually mostly done, till Ichigo pointed out the other pocket in the backpack, they then stuffed it full of pocky, and crackers, having already mostly emptied the instant ramen.

Will and him had just finished zipping the pockets shut when they heard the first groan, Ichigo looked up and ten feet away stood a woman. Well she was clearly a zombie, but she had been a woman and one Ichigo had seen before, he didn't know her name, but every Wednesday when he'd been in high school he would see her on the way home. He froze, Will finished pulling the bag on and bent down to pick his pole up but it clinked, at the sound the woman howled and threw herself at them, she clearly was trying to run at them but it only reached the speeds of a fast walk. Will grabbed his pole and the yanked on his arm, "Move it!" he hissed.

Ichigo snapped out of it and took off running up the isle ready to run across the store to look for Chad, they reached the end of the isle when suddenly one was right in his face for a split second his mind blanked and then it snapped in to action, but Will hadn't froze at all, his pole caught it across the temple and slammed it into the shelves and he would have worried about it getting up again but for the fact he had seen blood splatter in a way telling him Will's blow had cracked it's skull and hitting the shelves meant it's brains was now leaking out over the floor. "Thanks," he said as they continued running.

"Any time, 'cause I bet you'll pay me back."

Ichigo nodded and they had just passed five isles from the one they had been on when Ichigo saw Chad, his bag was full and even bulging, the problem was there was four Zombies surrounding him. Ichigo looked to Will, who met his gaze and Ichigo would have grinned but for the grimness of their reality, they had a plan. They charged down the isle, Will holding his pole high and Ichigo held his crow bar low, they charged straight past Chad catching both the other boy and the Zombies off guard. Ichigo took the tallest one of the four, hitting it in the jaw, smacking it off into the middle shelf. Will took the one nearest Chad, stabbing it in the head, he then in a smooth motion ripped it from the Zombie's skull and smacked the third in the back of the head throwing it to the ground. Chad took the last one, and together they fled, only to find themselves out in the street with a dozen or so new Zombies.

Without so much as looking at each other, they took off running for the clinic. Ichigo did his best to keep an eye on the other two, but soon he was just doing good to knock down, possible kill all Zombies in arm's length, he had no wish to be bitten. Before he knew it he, Chad and Will were in an area with only a Zombie, and it seemed to be going for a small store, so they ran for another block before stopping to catch their breath, that was when Ichigo realized they had gone away from the clinic, "Wait why are we over here?"

Chad looked over at him from bent over breathing between his knees, "When.. we should have... gone straight... there was a hoard... it was too crowded, so we turned."

Ichigo bent back down, only now noticing the sore spot from where the bats had hit his back, "Right."

Will spoke up from where he was leaning against a wall, "Yeah you recovered fast from that first freeze. I had been worried about you."

Chad glanced at him surprised, Ichigo acknowledged his first hesitation, "Yeah it's been a while since I've had to fight for life or death." Chad nodded and Will looked between the two of them able to tell there was a story behind it. Ichigo straightened ready to go on, "We need to get going or we'll be completely cut off and I'm not okay with that."

The other two nodded and they had gone five steps when Will noticed the shop a little way up, a pawn shop to be exact. "Wait we need to stop there, it'll have some guns and maybe some better knifes, and we need the weapons."

Ichigo frowned, he wanted to keep going but Will was right it wouldn't do them any good to get home only to be over whelmed because they couldn't fight back properly. He looked to Chad and with that they broke a hole in the glass to get inside, Will went to the guns and quickly grabbed one and began checking it over, before declaring it in perfect condition. He loaded it, and Ichigo grabbed all the amnion in the store before grabbing the four hand guns, and the other three bigger ones, he couldn't tell them apart. Chad came back with an arm full of swords and other big knives that he dumped in Ichigo's bag before going back and coming back with a large jagged knife, Ichigo looked at it and then his friend and decided if Chad had to have a knife it was going to be bad ass and scary just like Chad came across. Ichigo shut the bag as best as he could, but it was hard and probably weighted a good fifty -five or so pounds, so it was good they were only four blocks from the back of the house and then all they had to do was hop the fence and knock.

Then they stepped out and were once again fighting, Ichigo caught one in the back of the neck, he was pretty sure he severed the spine because it wasn't dead, and he knew because even as he followed in Will and Chad's wake the Zombie was doing it's best to scream, it was a sound a lot higher then the ones they seemed to make normally, and it was distracting the others, they were turning to look at the sound, clearing the way for them. The three of them broke into an area that seemed a lot clearer, or at least they weren't with in arms reach almost everywhere, they just cut it close to a Zombie here and there. Ichigo was still doing his best to hit the ones nearest him, if nothing else trying to clear the way for others, besides the more he killed now, in theory the less later. Before he knew it they were on the street who's yards bordered his, so he took the lead, "This way!"

He cut though a yard knowing the next two didn't have a fence and the one that did you would have to vault twice anyway, he dropped his bag over the wall then grabbed the edge and pulled himself up and then dropped over. He picked up his bag and ran to the back fence, he looked back to see Chad hulling Will over, the two picked up their bags and followed him over the last fence.

Ichigo looked around his yard, from the back the house looked pretty secure, windows blocked or board over, Ichigo looked back hearing the bags hit the ground, Chad's clinking. Will flopped over before falling on his shoulder, he groaned, before rolling to his feet as Chad followed with more grace, the two grabbed their bags, and joined Ichigo, he knew they were going to block the back door so he didn't try knocking, he crept around the side of the building thinking there might be Zombies on the other side. Sadly he was right, about a dozen were standing around seeming to have no direction in which to go, so they stood there blocking their way into the clinic which they had to go through to get to the last open door into the Kurosaki household. Ichigo looked over his shoulder at the other two, he pointed back the way they came, the two walked back, till Ichigo felt safe speaking in a whisper. "Okay we have at least a dozen Zombies to kill to get in the house, now Chad how is your Reiatsu control?"

Chad shook his head, Ichigo bit his lip, "Crap." He exhaled, "Right so..." he searched for an idea that wouldn't lead to them being killed. He looked to Will and the gun, "Do you know how to shoot that?"

Will gave him a 'are you stupid look?', "I wouldn't take it and load it if I didn't, because if I didn't odds are I would have already shot myself."

Ichigo nodded, "Needed to check. So your an actuate shot right?"

Will rolled his eyes, "Once again I wouldn't try to use a weapon if I didn't think I could use it properly."

"Okay heres the plan, me and Chad will go out first and clear the way a bit, then you come out and start shooting the ones a little further away, then we edge sideways to the door and go inside, and run to the door. So ready?"

The other two looked at each other and then back at him, Chad shrugged and Will nodded but not before he added a "Yes Sir."

Ichigo crept around the side and when Chad stood at his side he counted down with his fingers, before charging out. Ichigo slammed his crowbar deep into the back of the head of the Zombie closest to him. He flinched feeling the spay of old blood and brain matter, then as quick as he could he turned and swung out, catching the next one behind the ear, the Zombies were turning now, aware of them. The groans had started up again, and Ichigo was afraid more would come hearing the sounds of the fight, for a moment he regretted telling Will to use the gun, but at the same time that was the only way they would clear a path to the door. Speaking of which, Will got off his first shot taking one across the street down, Ichigo spun catching another one across the nose, it fell but he knew he had to get it with another hit, so he just smashed the end of the crowbar into it's forehead.

He glanced up noticing from a distance that Will had shot another five Zombies, Chad was doing well have taken four... five down, he was the slowest one, but Will had a gun and as far as he could tell Chad was using some of his powers to speed himself up. But it didn't seem quiet enough, more were spilling from the down a ways from the houses, and even two came from the clinic, Ichigo spun lashing out with the crowbar, it caught the Zombie in the ear and it slowly fell eyes blood shot and almost blind in death, and then just as fast, he was rushing in the door Chad was holding open for him.

He got four steps in before a really slow Zombie came from in the clinic, almost seeming to just pop up, he dispatched it with a quick blow to the face, grossly close to the eye, popping it as he pulled the crowbar out, but not before he noted why it was so slow, before it died something had broken it's ankle.

He heard the door shut and continued to walk quickly down the hall, knowing Chad and Will were behind him, as he passed the rooms, he noted they seemed have a fair number of Zombies trapped in the rooms, they couldn't get out because the doors had to be pulled on and couldn't be pushed open. He reached the end of the hall and knocked on the door, he hurriedly glanced back, both Chad and Will close to his back and were watching the front door of the clinic, Ichigo noticed despite them having killed like eighteen Zombies the street had quickly fill up again, and he was pretty sure they were getting closer to the door. He knocked again a little harder this time, and it opened under his hand he and the other two spilled into the room where they found not only the Kurosakis, they found Ishida, Orihime and five others they didn't know along with their next door neighbor. All of whom had something pointed at them effective or not.

Ichigo raised his hand noting how jumpy the new guys were, "Hey dad I don't think any of us got bit..." Isshin stepped forward and talked to the new guys "This is my son and his friends, like I told you, their back."

"So make sure they weren't bit!"

Ichigo eyed the man, he had a nervous twitch and was the only one with a gun in the room aside from Will, he didn't want this guy with a gun, he was just as likely to shoot friend as foo. Ichigo dropped the crowbar and held his hands out and did a slow spin, showing while he was splattered with blood, he had no tears or holes in his clothes from which blood was coming from. The man nodded and Ichigo stepped out of the half circle and Chad did the same, proving he was even more blood splattered but he too didn't seem hurt. Then it was Will's turn, he slowly took off the gun setting it gently on the ground before spinning, but he had a large blood stain on his shoulder, no clear bite but a big blood stain.

Ichigo noticed the twitch in the guy's hand and spoke up, "Hey he hasn't been bit, thats from him helping someone who had been bitten but only later turned and was killed."

The man meant his gaze before slowly nodding, and lowering the gun. Ichigo released a pent up breath, "Okay we have food and weapons so lets get everyone better equipped." Everyone pushed forward but Ichigo pulled the bag back realizing he wanted to do something first. "Wait! Wait."

Everyone stopped and stared at him, "Sorry but as it was our asses on the line I want to claim some rights, first let me arm my sisters and don't worry good stuff will still be left."

Everyone stared, before looking at the two younger girls before backing off at least a bit, Isshin gave him a proud smile, glad he was looking out for them. They came forward as the others backed off, Ichigo knelt, and began emptying the bag, and as he did so he was surprised by how much he was carrying, and then as he bent over to pull the last bit of ammo out, his back screamed at him reminding him of the bruise. He bit his lip but finished what he was doing, once he had it all spread out he grabbed four knives, plus some bigger knife he didn't know what it was.

Will gasped, and then smiled a little sheepishly, as everyone whipped around. "Sorry I'm a bit of a history buff and I can't help but wonder how someone in Japan got a hold of a Trench Knife."

Ichigo picked up the big knife that was sheathed and pulled it out, and Will grinned and came closer, "Thats a Trench Spike knife, and I bet it'll work great against a Zombie."

Ichigo nodded and was about to hand it over to Karin when the door behind them banged as something pounded on it They all jumped and Ichigo had to bite back a groan as that movement worked his sore back, they stared at the door, and after a half second it shuddered again. Ichigo looked at the others, "There is no way thats a person, the way in was blocked almost as soon as we reached the door of the clinic, besides if it were..." it banged again, and the door frame showed the strain. "We need to close it up."

Ichigo looked around almost scrambling for something and that was when he noticed almost all the furniture that would work was already used, then he realized the big book shelf hadn't been used, with all the books on it, it had to weigh at least ninety or so pounds, so he ran for it, "Come on!" he called Chad followed, Will and one of the others close behind, they managed to scoot it across the floor and move it front of the door just before the door gave. Once they had it placed they all stood around panting and watched, looking for any sigh it might give, and after a few shudders the Zombie seemed to give up.

Ichigo turned back to the weapons, they had been scattered a bit but they were all still there, he knelt back down and grabbed the trench knife-spike thing, it was one of three knives that came in a sheath and he was going to give all of them to his sisters, they had lots of other knives but you would have to make make-shift sheaths. "Karin take this one and take to wearing a belt at all times."

She took it, but not before she said something smartalic, "Your telling me to wear a belt in the shower?"

Ichigo scowled, partly annoyed she couldn't be serious, but he also knew why she said it, "No I'm saying have it in arms reach at all times."

She nodded and took the other small knife he gave her, tucking it in her pocket. Ichigo turned to Yuzu, of the two she seemed to be the one most aware of the situation, he thought that because she was afraid. He handed her the other two sheathed knives and then handed her a third, "Yuzu I bet you can make a sheath for that yourself." She took the handle from him and nodded, before hugging him, almost crying in his ear, "I'm glad you made it back safe."

He held her ignoring the pull on his back, he slowly rubbed her back and she quickly let go of him, wiping her eyes. He patted her shoulder and then spoke to the rest the room, "Look we can do this without fighting, first of all if you can't fire a gun don't bother grabbing one because you won't be able to learn to fire in the house. Those that can use a gun please go for those first and then take a knife or two as a back up. And least each take one at a time and after everyone has..." Ichigo did a quick count, "Four, then we can divide the rest up. Okay?"

Looking around meeting everyone's faces the five strangers agreed, and everyone else nodded, the twins backed up and and the twelve left bent over the weapons and each grabbed one, then two, then three and four. Ichigo took knifes, that plus his crowbar and he felt pretty well armed, maybe not as confident as he had been with Zangetsu as a partner but comfortable. Isshin took a bat and then knives, Chad had his metal bat and the machete he had stuck through his belt at the store so Ichigo wasn't surprised when his friend only took the smallest three knives plus a medium one, all of them looked absolutely tiny in his hands, but they could still kill a Zombie. Will took three knives and one of the smaller hand guns, so them, plus his pole and bigger gun, he was ready to kill Zombies. The man with the shaky hand and a gun, grabbed two bigger guns and one small hand gun, and a knife, Ichigo was pretty sure he only took the knife because apparently their neighbor knew how to shoot a gun. Because she took two hand guns, one big gun and a knife, plus the knife she already had, she looked armed. Ishida took four knives, but the one that amused Ichigo was the fact his biggest and therefor primary weapon was a sword, not a proper one, but long enough it counted as one. Orihime reluctantly took four small knives, all six inches or shorter, if he hadn't known how she hates fighting he would have wondered how she would protect herself with them.

Ichigo looked at what was left, three baseball bats, six knives, all kitchen, the survival knives and bigger daggers were among the first to be grabbed, "Okay I'm giving my sisters each two more knives okay?"

The group nodded, the ones with guns checking them over, making sure they wouldn't jam, Ichigo looked at the guns and realized two of them seemed to be the same type or caliber and the fact it was the twitchy guy and Mrs. Ebina, he didn't think they could just trade guns, but he could try. "Mrs. Ebina you and him," he pointed to the guy, "Have the same gun and we only have so many bullets, so would you give him your other type of gun and take his, so you can just take all of that ammo?"

She looked up and silently sneered at the man sitting across the room, the said man wasn't looking very friendly either, she curled her lip but offered, "Would you be okay with that so we don't have to split bullets?"

The man stared at her insolently, but agreed, she passed him the gun and he passed her his gun, then Chad passed her all the ammo for the pistols, and that was when Will started talking. "You know that the Browning despite being so popular a gun, it was originally only in production for eight to nine years?"

Ichigo stared at him with Chad and the other four strange men, Will grinned, "No? Well most any model you can find commonly in use is one that is a remake, like a BDM."

Ichigo struggled to piece together what Will meant, "So Mrs. Edina's two smaller guns are Browning BDMs?"

Will nodded and picked up his own gun, "This here is a Wildey Pistol, an expensive fun gun mostly used for hunting and sports, like competitions. The barrel can be any where from five inches long to eighteen, this one is a nice eight, long and heavy enough to give a good balance but not bulky enough to be a pain. Now his gun," Will gestured towards the twitchy guy who so far had not endeared himself to anyone. "Is a sub-compact Springfield, he'll have nine shots without reloading with the .40 bullets we have. It's name isn't even really Springfield it's name was HS2000 but when imported in to the states we kinda renamed it, but it is still known in places as HS2000."

The door rattled, and everyone paused and looked at it, after it rattled two more times everyone went back to what they were doing, because if it got in, it wouldn't be any time soon. Will started up again, "My bigger gun is a Kel-tec SU 16B, semiautomatic with what I have, it fires ten rounds, before I have to reload. His," he jerked his head towards the 'gun guy' as Ichigo was inclined to call him, "Has a Ar-7 and a M-16; the M-16 is a good gun, well used by the American Military, many serious hunters have one in American because if you know how to use it you can easily take down a bear, much less a deer or Elk. The Ar-7 is one I know how to use a bit better, as it is my eldest bother's preferred gun. Good for small game, and okay for self defense, it's just the caliber is a smaller one, only a .22."

"Mrs. Ebina's bigger gun is a High Point 995 with ATI stock, good gun again, used for most anything, but it's weakness is that it's ungainly, I haven't ever used it but a friend has one, he takes it with him with he goes hunting."

Silence filled the room and Ichigo quickly realized why Will had been talking, to fight the tension of a bunch of strangers trapped in a house surrounded by Zombies. It felt surreal but very scary and Ichigo realized they needed to keep together and calm because other wise it was quite likely they would all go crazy and start killing each other off without the Zombies helping. "Right," Ichigo looked around the room, he knew the names a bit more then bare facts of more then half the room, but a fair number were all alone. "Since we're here stuck together and we need to be able to trust one another how about we start with names and some background facts. I'll even start," Most in the room nodded, Ishida was the only one who looked really annoyed by it and even he wasn't saying anything, but the 'gun guy'... Ichigo wasn't sure what it was other then gut instinct that said he was not to be trusted, but it was there. "So I'm Ichigo Kurosaki and I'm twenty-three, I live here, have all my life, and I'm... or was studying to be a ER doctor."

Ichigo looked around waiting for someone else to start as they weren't exactly in a circle, Isshin took up the challenge, "I'm Isshin Kurosaki and I am a doctor, Ichigo is my eldest son, Karin and Yuzu are his younger sisters and my two daughters, my wife died many years ago."

Silence filled the room for a minute before Orihime spoke up, "I'm... I'm Orihime Inoue, I'm also twenty-three and I'm an orphan, and dating Uryu."

With that Ishida spoke next, annoyed or not, "I am Uryu Ishida, I turn twenty-four in a week my father owns the hospital, and as already said me and Orihime are dating."

Chad spoke next, "I am Yasutora Sado, my friends call me Chad."

Everyone stared waiting for him to say more, after close to two minutes everyone got that he was done, and wouldn't volunteer more. After some shifty glances Will spoke next, "I'm Will Trenton, I was only suppose to be here for another three days before flying home to the United States, where I live in South Dakota, when I was younger I lived in Montana, we moved to South Dakota when I was fifteen. I'm thirty-three, and was here to broker a business deal."

Everyone nodded and kinda looked around the room waiting for someone else to start, finally one of the strangers started, "I'm Shin Fujimoto, I live here in Karakura in the Kitakawase district I own a small grocery store there, it was pretty much the second place to see them, so I have been running since probably eight or so this morning, I stopped for a time with a police blockade but when it was over whelmed, me and anyone left fled. I am thirty-nine almost forty."

While he talked Ichigo looked him over and realized he was a normal sort of guy, jeans, green t-shirt splattered with blood, small glasses, black hair, brown eyes. Normal and terrified. After he finished everyone went back to staring around waiting for the next to speak, Karin started. "I am Karin Kurosaki, nineteen years old, I am twin to Yuzu and I like soccer. Yuzu you next."

Yuzu swallowed, her pale face looking around the room and Ichigo felt his heart clench, he had done what he did at fifteen to try to keep her and all his friends from feeling this sort of fear, in the long run he had failed. "I am Yuzu Kurosaki, I also being a twin, am nineteen, I cook and clean house normally."

Silence came back but this time it was tainted with audible sounds from outside the window, grunting and small low groans, everyone took care not to look fearing what they might see between cracks in the boards.

The next one to start talking was the man who all things considered was the best dressed, he had been in a nice white silk shirt, with a blue, black, and violet striped tie, with a smart charcoal gray suit, probably worth at least two hundred dollars and tailored, only problem was it had blood splatters. "I am Masao Choshi and I was a lawyer and on my way to work when I was directed off the street and away from the turn I wanted and told to turn around and go home. I didn't listen, and got out of my car, I can't help but wonder what would have become of me if I hadn't got out of the car..."

The man drifted off in thought, it took him a minute or so to pull himself out of it, but he started talking again. "I was arguing with a police man who in all honesty likely didn't know more at the time then he told me, only that the Military wanted to block off that section of the city, he was... Bitten while we were talking. I didn't even see the Zombie coming up from behind, I was worried about finishing the research for a case I was going to go to court in two days for. But after he was bit the Zombie pulled him down and tore out his throat eating it, that was when I realized that down the street there was fighting, but no gun fire, I didn't understand why they weren't shooting. Then they started shooting and I ran, and now I realize what happened but at the time I was confused, I ran down a side street rather then to my car or even back the way I had driven, so I was surrounded by fighting for close to an hour before I managed to get turned around and out towards the safe zone as they were calling it on the street. Once I got out I went home and found my wife had left, running for the far edge of the city to get out and go to her sister's, she had left me a note since she couldn't reach my cell phone that I had left in the car. I think she made it out, but I didn't, couldn't because my car was way back, abandoned to the Zombies."

Ichigo inhaled sharply realizing he had barely been breathing, why hadn't the news made it clear how bad things were? The only mention he had seen on the eight o'clock news was that the rioters were still on that side of the city.

Silence filled the house, but outside if anything, had gotten louder.

"How old are you?" Mrs. Edina asked.

Masao looked at her before admitting, "Fifty-one."

She nodded and then went next, "I am Aki Edina I am married but my husband is in China for business, we have never had any children and I live right next door to the Kurosaki's, I am forty-two."

She looked around at the last four expectantly, the youngest looking guy gave in, "I'm Jun Tsuda I'm... I was visiting my maternal Aunt in a nursing home, I normally live in Hiroshima, I'm twenty-four, I work for my father in his clothes store."

The next guy just rolled his eyes and started talking, "I'm Kenji Ueda, I work at a pizza shop, I am thirty-one."

Ichigo figured he was some dead ender, the big gut and sloppy jeans and stain tee said as much. The other guy though... the younger one, he was likely lying. About what Ichigo didn't know, he just had a feeling he was.

The guy with twitchy hands, who he taken to calling the gun guy spoke next. As he spoke he looked around, making his blue hair flap oddly, maybe that was why he didn't like him, he had blue hair.

"I'm Shuji Yamazaki, I live here and I sell stuff door to door, I am twenty-six."

Silence once again reigned.

Ichigo looked to the clock, it read 3:27 it had been coming up on four and half hours since he had first found out about Zombies. Ridiculous, so much in such a short time. "Right Mrs. Edina, Orihime you guys will have to share with Yuzu and Karin. Me and dad will have to share rooms with the rest the guys, we'll need to come up with some sort of plan for keeping watch, and I think we should turn on the TV and see if there is any real news on it yet."

No one offered a complaint, so he got to his feet and grabbed the spares, he moved them to a corner where no one would trip over them but they could be grabbed by anyone. Isshin turned on the TV and began to flip channels, Yuzu grabbed the food and helped by Orihime, Mrs. Edina and Chad they took the food into the kitchen, Ichigo got up and followed them, "Hey Yuzu lets use up the fresh stuff for dinner tonight, lets save the cans and dried food for when all the stuff that might go bad is gone, 'kay?"

She nodded, and as Orihime left the Kitchen he reminded her, "And please don't ever let Orihime cook for all of us, ever."

She nodded again, face far too pale, Ichigo scowled and ruffled her hair, it had been a bit different since she had turned thirteen but she still was his little sister. "Yuzu it'll be okay, we're here, Chad's here and you don't think a Zombie could get through him do you?"

She smiled a little, but fear was still too close to the surface for Ichigo's peace of mind, but on that topic the Zombies were with in a hundred miles, so he couldn't quite blame her for being afraid. "Yuzu trust us, or at least Chad, and Ishida."

She looked up at him with big eyes, and slowly nodded. Ichigo gave her one last look before going upstairs looking for some way to make sheaths for his knives. He reached his room and looked around opening his closet, he had a bunch of boxes, a roll of duck tape from closing them up when he had thought he was going to move out to go live on campus, and a bunch of stuff he didn't use or need. He sighed and closed up his closet, and went to look out his window. Smoke drifted over the city and Ichigo could see the Zombies surrounding the house, then he noticed a fire burning down the houses two streets over, and he found he was worried about it spreading to their house. He stilled his first instinct to run and tell the others because he realized there was almost no way for them to make it out even if it did spread; First there had to be something like a hundred Zombies all together around the house, not to mention they had locked themselves in. Second running away from the fire wouldn't work well at all, at least for the moment the wind was blowing away from them. Oh well he could keep watch from here.

He sat one bed and spread out his knives organizing them by length, his biggest knife was ten or so inches long, his next one was very close in size so it had to be nine inches, then his next was much smaller only six inches long but it was curved so it was a cool knife, his last one was six inches long but a simple straight blade. That was when it hit him, he could make knife sheaths out of cardboard and ducktape, he didn't know how long they'd last but they were something.

He hopped off his bed almost forgetting about the fire, he scrambled to his closet and emptied a box with all his old school books he'd kept some from high school and even before that, once it was empty and he had a new pile of books on his desk he laid the box out flat. From there he grabbed his knives and set them down in it, then he had to think, how would he do this? Obviously he needed two matching pieces of cardboard a little bigger then the knife he wanted to sheath, but how would he get the most use of the box? Because Yuzu, Karin, Chad and just about everyone else in the house needed them too.

"Okay," he lined his knives up and the got a pencil he out lined the blade of the knives, figuring he could cut out away from the outline. He started cutting for his biggest knife, once he had the first piece he laid it down point to point and then cut out the second piece. Next he sandwiched his knife between the two pieces, then he started wrapping the cardboard with ducktape starting with the tip. After going around it three or four times he slowly wound it up the sheath, once he reached the top he tore it off and then reinforced the tip one more time, then the middle and then the top, that he reinforced two times. Then he drew his dagger, it came smoothly, so he tried sheathing it, the was a little harder but he was betting it was because he wasn't used to a dagger or that sheath. He quickly realized he didn't know how he'd wear it, taping it to his jeans didn't seem practical...

Then he figured out how to make a loop so he could put it on his belt. He unsheathed his knife and then ripped off a six inch piece of tape, he stuck two or so inches inside the sheath, then he laid it on the floor sticky side up and tore off a matching piece and double sided it. Holding the double sided tape end down to the back of the sheath, wrapped the top of the sheath in one more layer of tape, finishing the loop where it could hang from his belt. Ichigo got to his feet eager to try it on, and that was when it hit him, he was in scrubs.

Ichigo wasn't sure why that was so funny but it really was, he had gone out fighting Zombies in scrubs, he had ordered around a room in which almost everyone was older then him in scrubs, and that was one thing if you were a doctor and they worked in a hospital or even a clinic but a bunch of every day normal people? And worse they listened. Chuckling, he closed his door and began to change into jeans and a fitted tee, then he grabbed his belt and slid it half way around his body and then he slid the loop on and finished putting his belt on, from there he tested how did it feel having the ten inch knife hanging by his thigh? And then from there how well did it seem to hold up? The knife at his side would take some getting use too, but the answer was in general better then he thought, the sheath didn't give at all when he tugged and he was getting better at drawing it the longer it was there.

So he sat down and went about making sheaths for all his knives, except for the pocket knife he found in his desk when he went for the new roll of ducktape, that was going in his pocket. Once he had his all made up he went and got Karin, she came in pale and worried, so while he went about making her knife sheaths she told him that well the news was talking about problems, they were in Tokyo, Chida, Yokohama, Urawa, Kotu, and Maebashi, and he too could see why she was so worried, you could almost draw a line connecting those cities to theirs. Then she told him that their local channel was all commercials, no news, nothing.

Ichigo was silent as he finished up, he was betting the next major city to feel it would be Nagona, but that didn't account for all the towns, and smaller cities that would be hit in between, not to mention all the small places on the way here.

"Okay," Ichigo handed Karin the last of the three knife sheaths, "Test it out and remember to be nice to it, I only have so much ducktape." He stood while Karin played with her knife sheaths a little, he wanted to make Yuzu's next but he had to find her first. "Karin wheres Yuzu?"

"Oh she was in our room last I knew." Karin waved vaguely over her shoulder.

"Okay, thanks." He left his room intending to bring Yuzu there, but he realized odds were she wasn't in the two's room it was already six p.m. knowing her she'd be down stairs already. He shook his head, turning around, and he was almost back down the hall when he heard a small thump from Yuzu's room. For a second he froze, was someone going through their room? If so he was betting he knew who... Ichigo crept but up the hall, then he reached their door and slowly twisted the doorknob trying to keep it as silent as possible, he opened it just a crack and let it swing open the rest of the way. What he saw made any thoughts of stealth disappear.

Shuji had a knife to Yuzu's throat, and her shirt was cut open and he was kneading her breasts, even though tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Ichigo, without planning beyond making him sorry, he stepped in the room, storming towards Shuji. At the sound Shuji turned and stupidly took the blade away from Yuzu's throat, he held it out towards him like Shuji could threaten him with it, but he was too fast for Shuji to see, he grabbed his wrist and twisted, breaking it. Shuji started screaming, Ichigo felt a smirk spread across his face, he twisted the arm some more pulling Shuji towards him, from there he twisted the broken limb up behind his back. After he had him on his knees Ichigo pressed him to the floor, letting his knee press painfully into the would be rapist's back. He ignored everyone crowding into the door, drawn by the little bastard's screams and pleads for mercy. His dad had clearly guessed what was going on judging by the fact he was already handing Yuzu a blanket and blocking her from the others views, Karin didn't seem to get it though judging by her demands.

"Ichigo what's going on! What are you doing?"

Ichigo was only a little surprised when Mrs. Ebina answered, but she had already proven herself to be canny before this, "Honey Ichigo... is protecting your sister."

Ichigo didn't look away from the bastard under him, no he was searching him for his gun and any knives he could find.

"What do you mean? What did he try to do?"

Ichigo finished searching him and had pulled off the hand gun, and two more knives, one had clearly been on him before they armed him. Ichigo found he couldn't do what he was planing without saying something, "We take you into the house, we offer to share our food, and our weapons and you try to rape my sister. You really thought you would get away with it?" Ichigo wasn't sure if everyone could hear his hissed words but he didn't care, rage pulsed through him with every beat of his heart. He could see red, and he almost felt like he did when his hollow would take over. He looked up at Yuzu, and felt angry all over again at the sight of her tear stained face, without pausing he twisted the broken wrist again, pleased when the punk wailed. He ignored the protest from one of the other men, he was betting it was from Shin or Jun, he didn't trust either of them, especially after this. "Yuzu open the window please."

Yuzu stared at him her eyes big and dark, before she nodded, and started moving, that time the next protest came from Jun for sure. "Hey you can't just throw him out the window!"

That got Shuji squirming and he cried out, "He's right man you can't do that!"

Ichigo snarled for everyone to hear, "OH yeah? You can't try to rape someone's sister and not expect to pay for it! And I don't think the police will show up to arrest him and I won't feed him one stinking bite of food after the shit he tried to pull!"

He looked over everyone's face and he could see not one of his old friends protested, not even Orihime and oddly enough both Will and Mrs. Ebina looked just as vicious as he felt. He glared hard at Jun asking for him to try and protest one more time, he subsided but looked sulky and Ichigo knew he'd have to watch him. Ichigo hulled Shuji to his feet, Yuzu had the window open and had backed up to her bed, unwilling to even be close to the bastard. Ichigo pressed the bastard close to the window ignoring the whimpers, he pushed his top half out the window, making him look out and see all the Zombies in the back yard. "You are worth even less then the Zombies, you attacked and hurt others without even having the excuse of being dead. Enjoy." From there he grabbed him by the belt and threw him out the window.

Shuji tried to hold on the window ledge but his grip wasn't good so he fell flipping half way around, and he screamed all the way down. He landed on two Zombies, one seemed have had it's neck broken but the other was trying to bite Shuji from under him, to Ichigo's surprise Shuji got to his feet and shoved passed the Zombies grabbing at him, he reached the nearest window and began banging on it screaming to be let in. He broke through the glass, and then he got bit for the first time and his screaming stopped having words, just screaming. Ichigo slid the window shut, muffling the now gurgling sounds from outside the window, he turned around looked at Yuzu. To his surprise she threw herself at him, and began to cry, small muffed whimpers.

Ichigo was a bit surprised, his books had talked about how most rape victims didn't want to be touched by men, and even though the bastard hadn't gotten all the way he had thought she would go to Karin, they were twins after all. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and began to rock gently, he was surprised when Mrs. Ebina chased everyone but him and Karin out of the room, then she shut the door. "Ichigo how about you sit on the bed with her in your lap while I tell her something.

Ichigo nodded and lead her over to the bed lifting her up and setting her by his side, he waved Karin over and had her sit on Yuzu's other side, from there Mrs. Ebina knelt on the floor and patted Yuzu's knee through the blanket.

"Yuzu you are lucky, you may not feel that way at the moment and I know you have to wonder why he tried to do that to you but the answer is it was the way he was, you didn't do anything. I know you have to feel very scared, and only want to hide in your room or stay with your brother, as scary as it is you can't do that, you need to take this fear and anger and use it. Use it to become stronger. I know this is a lot to be piling on you with... everything going on, but you have to face it now or you will always be afraid..."

Karin cut in here, angry she hadn't been able to help her twin and angry the woman was pushing her twin, "What right do you have to push her around! She's scared and your telling her she has to stop crying and ignore how she feels? Stop trying to help!"

Mrs. Ebina grinned, "You might see it that way, but let me let you in on a secret." The woman leaned closer, her face turning serious and just a little dark. "I have been raped twice and the damage done has made it so I could never have children. The first time I was seventeen, and I was raped on my way home from shopping for food. I woke in the hospital because not only had I been raped but stabbed too. Now instead of facing the facts, I ignored what happened, but... I was scared of men, it didn't help my father... was ashamed of what had happened to me, he irrationally blamed me, told me it was all my fault. So when I was almost twenty, I still hadn't married, my father had died and I couldn't stand even being within a foot a man, it didn't matter I pretended it hadn't happened, I would flinch and startle. Making me a perfect victim, after all would a little mouse dare tell anyone what happened? No... So my boss raped me, I swore I would tell and get him arrested, so he beat me, I
cried and fought. Now I probably wouldn't have been raped or even targeted if I had faced my fear before I was cornered, but I hadn't so my boss beat me unconscious, and moved me to an alley and left me for dead. But I woke later and managed to make it to a police station, and that was where I met my husband, and him championing me was probably the only reason I got my former boss in jail. But the damage was done I can't have children."

Yuzu had sat up from where she had been laying across his lap half way through the story, she was still crying but only a little. Karin had slumped back trying to seem unimpressed, but Ichigo could see the tremors in her shoulders. After a minute or two of quiet Yuzu spoke, "Thank you telling me Mrs. Ebina, I feel a bit better knowing someone else has survived worse. But for now I think I'm going to stay in my room."

Mrs. Ebina smiled but it seemed a little sad, "You do that dear, and I will make dinner but try tomorrow to face everyone, anyone who looks down on you will have to go through me."

Ichigo said his bit, glad Mrs. Ebina had helped but he was her brother. "I think you mean through me and then you."

Mrs. Ebina laughed, her grim look disappearing, "I guess your right Ichigo, and you are quite a bit scarier then me, especially after that last bit."

Ichigo nodded while Karin snickered, Mrs. Ebina got to her feet and headed down stairs, once the door was shut again, fell into doctor mode, "So Yuzu any bruises, anything you need me to treat?"

Yuzu looked up at him from where she was leaning on his side, she smiled faintly, "No I'm okay onii-chan, I was scared but I knew you'd show up and save me."

Ichigo felt the last of his anger melt away, his sister would be okay after some time, "Yuzu I was coming to ask you to come to my room so I could make you some sheaths for those knives of yours that don't have any, you okay with going to my room?"

Yuzu nodded, and stood before saying, "If I had listened to you and had a knife on me I could have protected myself."

Ichigo sighed, "I will agree you should have had a knife on you after I told you too, but I'm not sure you could have beaten him, he after all out weighed you by at least fifty pounds, but you could've put up enough of a fight I or someone else would have gotten here to finish stopping him."

Yuzu nodded and followed him to his room, while Karin went down stairs while he made Yuzu her knife sheaths, after that he helped suggest spots she could secret them, after that he went down stairs to get them both their food. From there Karin and Orihime came upstairs to join them, after eating Ichigo took the dishes down stairs, and everyone started drifting to bed, Ichigo got dressed in pjs and looked back out the window, the fire had died down to a faint glow or blackness, it was such a change from the normal well lit streets, it struck him as odd and he had trouble falling asleep.

8:49 p.m.

Kagome had found a nice backpack, made her alterations, which had left her fingers sore, and found the employee lounge that had a small fridge with a couple of uneaten bento boxes. So she had dinner, and was even thinking about spending the night, she had a chair behind the door so she would at least have some warning before a Zombie made it in the room. Then she heard a loud bang, the bang of a gun shot, at first she was surprised as she hadn't heard any survivors in three or so hours, but they had just ruined her hiding place for some ammo. So as quick as she could she hopped off the dirty couch, she grabbed her new bag with the quivers sewn on, two new large and filled water bottles, some dried food; fruit, soup mixes, and freeze dried stuff, and the left overs of the sewing kits, needles and thread that she had added to her first aid kit and she had even added some more gauze and tape. Then her socks, some more she had grabbed, and her clean underwear, along with her toothbrush and toothpaste, oh and her shampoo and conditioner, plus some no water shampoo stuff she had found in the store, not to mention she hadn't thrown her old bag out, she never knew when someone could use it. She pulled on her archery glove and then picked up her bow and she was out the door looking for survivors.

She knocked an arrow ready for anything, Zombies or even worst, bad survivors.

She found five guys, one girl and all hauling guns, the woman had a handgun and she was reloading, the guys were looking for anything left, knives, ammo, guns. "Hey you know noise only draws more right?"

They all jumped and spun surprised by her voice, then to her surprise she realized she knew one of them, "Wantanabe?"

"Higurashi?" he seemed just as stunned as her.

"When did you get out? I thought you were with Suzuki's group."

He shook his head as the others stood down, and went back to arming themselves, "No I went out with the first group, Kichida was there and... Well it's safe to say I am the only one left of that group."


He nodded, his normally stupid looking face serious for once, "Yeah speaking of which, are you the only one left of your group?"

Kagome shook her head, "I don't think so, I'm pretty sure Yamamoto and Hiroshi made it out, along with a dozen or so others, I broke off from them when I fell behind. But seriously," she surveyed the group. "Guns only draws more of them till your out of ammo, their blind and can't feel, but they hear pretty dang well."

"Shut up guns kill a lot better then.." a man sneered, "Arrows."

Kagome looked the snotty man over, greasy hair, slob clothes, not exactly fit looking, she sneered back. "Oh I know, it's just their a hell of a lot quieter, and I can reuse them. Though I suppose the skill..." she shook her head, almost sadly. The other woman in the room snorted, while the man swelled almost like Inuyasha would when someone one upped him.

Then the guy behind the counter, who Kagome belated noticed was a police man, spoke. "Here they come."

Kagome spun, a dozen or more were making their way up the stairs, Kagome bit her lip, stupid her forgetting quiet was good, noise bad. She shot the first one in the head, and reached for another arrow when the group opened fire. Kagome groaned, the sound not heard over the loud echoing bangs, her ears hurt before they had shot more the four or five of them. And they were shooting them more then once because their aim sucked, well, she was betting the Police man was the most accurate but the rest they were pointing and pulling just like she use to with a bow.

Once they finish Kagome rushed to the front window, and sure enough she could already see them starting to spill out of buildings, and coming from up and down the road, what ten minutes ago had been almost empty was filling up, way too fast for them to handle. At least they had a natural bottleneck; the stairs, because that was about the only way for the Zombies to come in, the broken glass front doors, the stairs up the two floors. She had checked the employee stairs, better known as the 'back stairs' the doors were pull only and the one to the alley required a key, Zombies, if they had it, wouldn't know how to use it and they weren't strong enough to break that door down. "Damn it. You guys lead them right here!" she exhaled, and inhaled again. "Okay where were you heading when you stopped?"

"We were heading to the north-east exit because the north exit was completely over run, the guards were just shooting into the crowd because there was so many Zombies, you were just as likely to die from friendly fire as being bitten. Not to mention the wall fifteen feet tall built around the road, they had closed the doors and... they were just shooting." the woman paused in her loading her pockets with ammo for her hand gun, caught up in the memories.


She jolted out of it at the one word command from the police officer, Kagome looked between the two and caught the vibes, they were into one another but afraid to show it, they had known each other before this. "What do you mean wall?" did they mean barricade or what? Surely they didn't have time to make a wall...

"She means a mother fucking wall, metal and concrete, solid, nothing and no one getting through." The greasy guy said.

Kagome frowned, "How did they get it up?"

"No clue, but I do know that it looked like it only went half way or so around the city." One of the quieter men spoke up, Kagome turned towards him, brown eyes, black hair, average body, not very tall rather short, but he was wearing a bright pink shirt.

"How did you see it?"

"I was on the roof of a ten story building."

Kagome looked at him before grinning, "I'll buy that."

He nodded before going back to looking for some more weapons, Kagome looked around the group, "Okay I have a plan if you want to listen."

The police officer looked up and met her eyes from across the room, he slowly nodded. "Lets hear it."

"Okay you guys need to finish arming up, I bet you all would love some water, and there are back stairs the Zombies can't get to. So you have ten maybe twenty minutes, use the bathroom, get a drink maybe even a water bottle, finish loading up and I'll hold them off with just my bow, then we leave going down the back stairs to the alley, and then we try to find a place for the night. Because I'm pretty sure we don't want to try pushing across town in the dark when we're tired."

He looked her over, "It sounds good, but only if you think you can take it."

She nodded and faced the stairs where the first of the next wave had reached the top, she lined up her shot and took it, the body falling backwards pushed the others back down, so she had between ten seconds and a full minute, "Hey Rei bring me all the arrows from the shelves and open them for me?"

"Sure Higurashi."

She shot two more Zombies before Rei was back, and she stood there holding the boxes, in a towering stack, looking around them at her. Kagome grinned into her next shot amused by the silliness of the move the woman had taken. "Ah I have them here what do I do?"

Kagome risked a look around and realized there was a small table off to the side, "Grab the table and put it in front of me, and open the boxes and lay the arrows tip to the stairs, all the same way so I don't cut myself please." She didn't look away from the stairs, even as she heard the loud crashes of the woman dropping the boxes on the table and then pushing the rest of the stuff on it off, then the screech as Rei dragged it over. She barely noticed anything till she heard the long awaited words of, "I finished."

"Good, thank you." And with that she stopped drawing from her quiver, she started drawing from the table in front of her, with a faint smile she remembered doing this sort of thing with five friends at her side, god she missed them, they would have laughed at all the screaming people, they'd all be 'god haven't you seen the dead used against the living before?' Damn it, missed. She quickly hit the Zombie in the forehead and she frowned as it went down one in it's neck and the other it it's forehead. Suddenly there was no more Zombies, Kagome took a deep slow breath and was surprised by the burn in her shoulders, she hadn't shot that many arrows so fast since... god probably the day they killed Naraku.

"Man I let myself go." she snickered, rolling her shoulders trying to loosen them up.

"If thats let yourself go, what were you like?"

Kagome spun surprised, she found Rei and Wantanabe sitting behind her watching, Wantanabe had a gun in his hands ready to shoot if one got past her, Rei was sitting with a water bottle in hand, gun tucked in the front of her jeans, Kagome looked her over again and realized, she looked older then she was under the poor lighting, because rather then the almost thirty she had thought before she was now betting the girl was only two or so years older then her. She was betting Rei was the one who asked, she smiled it was sad, she was so amazing by modern times when back then she was small fry. She couldn't help but laugh, "I just meant once upon a time I could probably shot twice that without getting sore, if I had that many arrows, I always seemed to run out just when I needed them."

Rei nodded looking confused, Wantanabe spoke up, "You weren't kidding about knowing stuff back at the hotel were you?"

Kagome grinned, smug. She wondered what he'd say if she said she had seen zombies before and helped bury a hundred or more people in a day, then her smile died, it really was sad. She had been complaining no one got it and suddenly everyone alive she ran into would. Wow, she felt like bitch. She had come home a cried about all the death to her mom, she had down played the danger and then she had wished it on the world, wow. "Lets just go with, yeah I know what I'm talking about. So what happened with everyone, I know I was still in my room when you left..."

"Well... We wanted out, to reach the edge of the city as fast as possible so we, me, Yuji, Kichida, two teachers, and a dozen or so others, booked it. We just left, we had make-shift weapons, mirror rims, lamp poles, stuff. So first chance we got we went to a store, and we set the alarm off, we lost ten or so including one of the teachers, but everyone who made it out was better armed, knives, even a couple of guns. We actually were pretty close when Kichida turned none of us remembered she had been bitten, so she turned in the middle of the group and started biting, we broke up in a panic. Me and Yuji, we ran and made it to the exit only it was total chaos, he got shot, he died in my arms then I ran away and met up with them. And thats about all."

Kagome ignored the wetness on his face when he talked about Yuji, she knew Yuji was Wantanabe's best friend, to have lost him to friendly fire... at least, and she hated she could say this, but she could, he hadn't had to kill him when he turned. While he had been talking she had gone over the five deep pile of bodies at the top of the stairs and began to reuse arrows, only after she had flicked most the blood off, did she put them back in her quiver till it was full again, she stayed there even after Wantanabe finished, watching for next bunch of Zombies. Kagome found herself amused as she looked down the stairs, it was completely covered in bodies most places at least three deep, and in some five, like the top of the stairs. Rei's police man friend came back, "No problems?"

Kagome stood from her crouch, feeling the burn in her thighs as she did so, "Nope not a problem."

Rei spoke up now, "Don't believe her Takashi, you should have seen her, she shot arrow after arrow I think she killed at least a hundred!"

He gave her a patented disbelieving look, Rei scowled cutely, and snarled, "Don't give me that look, go look at the stairs if you don't believe me!"

Kagome frowned, seeing half a dozen more Zombies show themselves at the shout, she stood and walked over to the table, even as she readied the next arrow she tossed back, "Rei... heck anyone remember what I said about noise? Seriously." She went back to the top of the stairs and shot the next Zombie before it had gotten more then two or three bodies up the stairs. Then she glanced back at the table she probably had another twenty to thirty arrows, she started drawing from her quiver to save herself the time of going back to the table. As she shot the Zombies, Takashi walked over only to gap in shock at the piles and piles. She ignored him as he stared at her, mouth hanging open, she supposed he was looking for any sigh of squeamishness, but he wouldn't find any, they would have to bleed on her before she would worry about blood and guts.

"Your... you are... wow... how... who..." Takashi stammered out, as she went back to the table to replace the arrows she had just spent, he followed her trying to talk. Finally Kagome saved him from himself, "I am Kagome Higurashi Miko and Archery expert, and I got good through lots of hands on experience and no, blood, guts and dead people don't bother me, even if their trying to eat me."

She watched his face full of awe, and smirked, seriously they were in a bottle neck, and they were slow so she had lots of time to aim, he shouldn't be so impressed. If they were coming at her straight she would have just run. Then she noticed the bright red face of Rei who was burning with jealousy, she grinned again, she remembered that feeling well, the bright shining figure of Kikyo in the front and for most of Inuyasha's mind, only this time she was the bad guy. She looked Takashi's figure over, he was very fit and a very handsome Japanese man, however she had found her tastes ran towards the strange and exotic men, not to mention pigheaded. She absolutely couldn't forget that. But he seemed nice and to be a bit of a hero if his uniform was to be believed. "So how old are you Takashi and Rei? 'cause you two have to be the same age."

The two blushed looking away from her and not meeting the others eyes, Rei answered, "Me and him are six months apart, he's older at twenty-five, I will be twenty-five soon, we've known each other since elementary school."

Kagome nodded, they were so a couple. The other three men drifted back to the main area at the top of the stairs, they all kinda looked at the stairs disbelieving and surprised. When the snotty guy looked at her Kagome couldn't help but grin, till he sneered, then she got a sinking feeling about the sort he was. A low vile man who thought women weren't worth anything. She had met far too many men like that in the feudal era, she shrugged to herself, oh well she could handle him and any Zombies. "So I was thinking since there doesn't seem to be any more coming up the stairs, maybe we could go back and block the door that leads to the back stairs and the employee lounge, and spend the night."

Rei and Takashi were nodded when the greasy guy spoke up, "No we have to keep moving, we can't stop, we need to get out of the city!"

Kagome felt her temper rise, hadn't the dumb ass heard her? She bit her tongue and turned, going back to table, grabbing an arrow and lining it up, she was just about to shoot the Zombie at the bottom of the stairs when it fell it's head exploding, the noise echoing in her eyes, she spun officially angry. "What the fuck do you not understand about they follow noise! Stop shooting asshole!"

He tossed his head, a sneer on his face, "Make me pretty girl."

Kagome gritted her teeth, trying to rein in her temper, before turning her sights on him, he asked for it! She shot the gun, the force knocking him back a step, and half flinging the gun from his hand while the arrow ricochet, embedding it's self in the floor two feet to the left of him. He gapped at her, shocked that she had shot at him, she sneered back, "Shall I shoot again?"

Takashi ran between the two of them arms held up, palms flat towards the two of them, "Stop!"

Kagome leaned back on her left foot, waiting to see if the bastard would back off.

"WE all should grab some food and move else where, we leave out the back stairs, then we go to the nearest safe building to rest till morning it would be safe to wait for first light before we try to get out." Takashi directed the last bit towards the greasy guy.

Kagome waited so when he nodded, she nodded, and with that the others all jumped up and began grabbing the dried food she had left, she however took up her spot at the top of the stairs where she continued to keep the horde back, till everyone but her and Takashi were through the door to the back area of the store. Then she left her post and the half a dozen or so arrows behind, dashing for the door Takashi held open. From there they went down the back hall, to the stairs where Rei leading everyone held the door till she and Takashi were through, after that the greasy guy lead the way down the stairs. Once they were all at the bottom, they caught their breath and then Kagome volunteered to check that the back alley way was clear. She cracked the door, bitting her lip at the squeak of the hinges, but nothing leapt out at her right away, so she stepped out and looked all the way around. It was clear but for a few Zombies at the far end, heading for the front of the store where Kagome was betting they could hear the others walking around bumping into things. She waved her hand at the crack where the others were peaking out, and they came pouring out. Then she lead the way, stepping quietly through the garbage and broken glass littering the alley, but some couldn't be so quiet and couldn't let her lead, cough, the greasy guy. Jerk, bastard, and any derogatory word she could think of applying to males. She would have been fine with him leading if he stepped a little lighter, but even she could hear the thud of his steps enhanced by crunching or crinkling, not to mention he wasn't glancing behind or around dumpsters, a Zombie could take him by surprise easily and she was betting he would scream his girly ass off. 'Deep breath, calm the inner nasty Kagome.'

She took a deep breath and was just letting it out when the idiot was surprised by a Zombie, Kagome went to draw on it, but the stupid idiot ass shot it with his gun, Kagome didn't hold back after that. "Stupid fucker!" She ran past him taking the lead, already other Zombies seem to almost appear out of the walls, the others had started running when she did so they were already way past the point where he had shot his gun, but it was a little late. He had drawn enough towards them that they no longer could keep pushing forward, she dived towards the nearest fire escape and pulled the ladder down ignoring the screech of metal she waved the others forward, but after the guy in the pink shirt and Rei were up, the greasy guy tried to step forward. Kagome actually stopped shooting and pulled him away hissing, "This is your fucking fault your going last or so help me I'll shoot you off the ladder."

He was pushed aside by Wantanabe, who leapt up the ladder in a way that reminded her he was a jock, once his feet were clear the other quiet guy climbed up, followed by Takashi and then she let the greasy guy up. Once he was clear she took one last shot, and then pulled herself up, she thought she was clear when surprise, something grabbed her shoe. She risked a glance down, ignoring Takashi calling for her to kick it off, sure enough a gapping bloody mouth grinned up at her, while blood shot eyes looking up in a way she almost thought it could see her. She took her other foot off the ladder and kicked it in the forehead, it fell groaning feebly, she scrambled up some more, once she reached the first floor she stopped and looked up, they could climb to the roof, at least ten stories up or they could try to cut though the building.

"Climb to the fifth or sixth floor, then we can try to get out!"

Rei and the pink shirt guy called back affirmatively. Kagome climbed behind the sour greasy guy, if she hadn't known she was holding an arrow in her hand and had a dagger close to the other, she would worried about him trying to turn around and shoot her. But she was too close, and more ready then him.

Soon she watched the others disappear through a window that was open, implying to Kagome at least that someone might have escaped that way before. But she wasn't hearing shots and as proven this group was having trouble losing their reliance on guns, but she was proven wrong when she climbed through the window she first had to step over a body of a Zombies that looked to have been knifed in the head, and Rei was cleaning a knife off on the table cloth. Kagome sighed and looked around the room, "Can I get names? I only know half the group and everyone knows me."

"I'm Doi Taro," Pink shirt introduced himself.

Kagome gave a slight bow to be polite, all eyes turned to the silent guy, Kagome was belated noticing his clothes were the nicest in the group and he had a large gold ring on his pointer finger, "I am Anzai Yuu."

Kagome bowed again, and looked to asshole, that would be what she called him till he proved other wise, but he had a lot to work through. He scowled, "Genda Tatsuya."

Kagome scowled back and made it clear she wouldn't bow to so rude a man. Silence filled the room and Kagome took it upon herself to speak, "You almost got us killed again, bastard. It was just one, you could have walked past or hit it with the butt of your rifle, but no..." Kagome gritted her teeth, "Pull that while I'm here and I will shot you, this is your last warning."

He snarled back, "Look bitch. Your the one not wanted, you and your damn bossy attitude, you can fuck off if you don't want me shooting Zombies."

Kagome grinned back, knowing she might as well be barring her teeth Inuyasha style, "Yeah well I won't be the one killing people, I'm not the fucking dumb ass shooting right and left, not even an accurate shot, I could earn my keep you'd be the one slowing them down."

Takashi stepped in here, "Hey neither of you should leave, and Genda she's right, shoot as a last resort. Thanks to you we can't leave here for likely another four or five hours, because we couldn't fight through that, so we have to wait for them to leave. So girls take a bed room us guys will share the other and the couch."

It took a minute but Genda met her gaze held it before backing down, then she followed Rei into the smaller of the two bedrooms, from there she shut the door, wedging a chair under the door knob as a warning and to slow anyone trying to come in, down. Rei met her eyes, exhaustion weighting the other older girl down, Kagome smiled and dropped her bow then her backpack, she was just glad she hadn't lost it or the bow climbing, she added her coat to the pile. She wanted to take her shoes off but was afraid to, so she climbed on the queen sized western bed and watched Rei slid her jeans off, piling them on top of her boots, then Rei climbed on too, pulling the blanket over her slender but curvy body. Kagome closed her eyes, tired but still wary and nervous about sleeping, she wasn't sure she trusted everyone around her, she was half a sleep when Rei spoke. "Kagome you know you were really impressive and cool with all those arrows."

Kagome sighed, "Rei I only was able to do that after years of f... Of practice, don't be so impressed as you saw on the ground with so many I would rather run, I only shot all the Zombies at the store because there was a bottleneck and I had almost unlimited arrows."

Silence filled the small room and Kagome could feel Rei desire to speak filling the room so she resigned herself to hearing the girl out.

"Yeah but then you even pulled Genda down, you laughed as he got angry even though he's bigger then you, you made fun of him when he threatened you..."

Kagome frowned, and interrupted, "When did he threaten me?"

"Well it sounded like a threat when he said you weren't wanted, but any way how are you so brave? You don't even care that the city is full of walking dead people that want to eat you."

Kagome sighed again, she was tired and trying to make sense while talking hurt her head now that she was laying down, "Look lets leave it at this isn't the first time I've been hunted by something wanting to kill and eat me, and lets also go with I've seen dead bodies before, so putting the two together isn't that much of a leap. Now not to be rude but it'll still be here in the morning and I want to sleep before facing it."

Rei was silent and Kagome closed her eyes and fell asleep.

This was going to be a one shot but it grew too long to post as one thing, so here is part one.

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