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In Soul Society


She sat propped against the wall, she was suppose to be keeping watch in case the Zombies found a way in but she figured after a week of watching the pile of stuff blocking the door, nothing was getting in.

She looked over the room, she knew they could have had it worse, like being locked up some place with no food, for one, but after having been in the same three rooms for days on end with Kiyone and Sentaro she was pretty sure she was feeling just a little batty, sure there was three others here but one of them didn't talk because she was so deeply in shock, one of the others had been knocked in the head and despite all the Kido she and the others used he wouldn't wake enough to do more then eat and sleep and the last... well when you got her started she wouldn't stop talking and they knew quiet meant the Zombies outside were quieter.

Of course it had been usually quiet even as quiet as they had been...

Then something rattled at the door, grabbing her Zanpakuto she shouted, "Who goes there?"

The door stopped rattling and she waited for voices, then to her surprise she heard Urahara ask, "Hello? Is someone in there?"


She started digging at the door figuring he needed in if he was outside, reaching the door she threw it wide and found him staring down at her bemusedly.

"Rukia, it's good to see you we thought Thirteen was gone completely."

She stared up at him, "What are you doing? Don't you need to get in away from them?" Even as she asked she noted aside from some bodies nothing but her and Urahara were moving.

"No. We killed the Zombies last night. Used a Kido to target the virus Mayuri made."

Rukia blinked, and then nodded, "How about you start from the beginning."

In the Real World 9:27 a.m.


They had stopped at the edge of what looked to be a huge parking lot, only a really creepy one considering every single car there had blood on it. They could see the start of the wall, first it was clearly a thrown up wall, just layer after layer of chain link mixed with layers of sand bags, then behind that there was a ten foot tall thing of bricks, with watch towers, with guards. At least they could see people. Not just empty watch towers like in the movies, where there was no hope the zombies would end, it just went on and on forever.

She started walking, her big bag thrown over her shoulders, her back up bow in her hands, arrows on her back pack. Ichigo had his bag of water and food along with his crowbar. Will and Chad looked much the same exchanging weapons. Karin had a bag full of food, and a couple of things she didn't know what they were, Karin hadn't shown anyone what was in the bag. Yuzu had the back pack with Sasha and her food and water, along with the big water bottle for herself. Mrs. Ebina just had a bag full of water, and knives, and her gun.

They reached what seemed like a multi layer gate. Something to stop the zombies she was guessing. Opening it, she walked in, Ichigo, and everyone right behind her, Will as the last one in closed the gate and she opened the next one, passed the next one there was a person in a full hazmat suit. With a gun.

Feeling uneasy she walked in, and the others followed all of their eyes on the guard. Shutting the gate they opened the one with the guard in it, the man spoke. "Don't be afraid, just take turns showing me you have no bites and I'll let you pass for the more full medical examination."

"More full medical examination?" Will asked sounding a little worried.

"Just blood and cat scans."

"Why?" Mrs. Ebina asked.

"Because we don't know what caused this breakout, we just want to insure it doesn't have a carrier and get out into the rest of the population, you'll be allowed phone calls and food."

Kagome chewed her lip, but they had no choice, setting her pack down, she unzipped her coat and showed off her t-shirt clad body. She got a nod and she zipped up her coat.

"Show me your legs too."

She nodded and managed to tug up and down the chaps without taking them off completely, she got waved to behind the person where with her pack she waited for the others. Ichigo was waved through quickly, and his sisters followed, Sasha was examined gently before behind handed back to Yuzu. Mrs. Ebina went next and was waved through, Chad went quickly and Will came last, then together they followed the winding maze of chain link, till they passed through the brick wall. There they could see a full camp of refugee and medical tents.

And just like that their view was blocked by doctors who almost pounced on them, Kagome found herself with the twins being pulled one way and the others being split up too. Kagome surprised herself by crying out, "Wait! Stop!"

The Doctors stopped and she found herself surprised by the tears in her eyes, "Please put us together in a tent, please?"

Yuzu and Karin nodded hard, Kagome felt a little relieved to realize she wasn't the only feeling an irrational fear of it they were split up she wouldn't see them again. Maybe some of it was she went through the well and couldn't go back, or maybe it was because she knew she wouldn't see most if not all of her classmates again. People left and didn't come back all the time. The Doctors looked at one another and shrugged, and started going a different direction, going towards a bigger tent.

The seven of them walked in and were put on clean light blue sheeted beds, she, the twins and Mrs. Ebina could see each other and the boys were across the way, the Doctors brought in white fabric dividers and set them up making small little rooms, a woman doctor patted her knee and asked sympathetically, "Is this okay dear?"

Kagome nodded, she felt better knowing she could just shout and they would hear her.

"Let's start with taking your jacket off dear, then tell me your name."

12:02 p.m.

Kagome sat on her bed and waited for her test results back, in the mean time nibbling on some rice balls she'd been brought. She could hear the planes over head and could hear farther off the low booms, she just tried not to think of the bandits, or of all the animals... or homes. The Zombies would be gone and that would be all that mattered.

They had gone through her bag, and questioned her about the money and papers she explained it had come from her shrine, they did a internet search on one of the laptops she had noticed and found the picture of her doing an archery demonstration for the Shrine, that plus the family photos meant they believed her when she said the money was from the safe on the shrine.

She watched Yuzu and Karin nibble on their own food as they played with Sasha who had just gotten back from her own tests. Sasha seemed a bit sleepy and Kagome guessed they had drugged her so she wouldn't fight. Mrs. Ebina was asleep on the bed passed the twins two beds.

The woman who had done her test came in smiling, her mask off as were her gloves, "Good news, you four are all clear and I see your kitten is clean, we should hear back on the boys soon, but since you're clear you can now use the phone."

Yuzu and Karin just nodded, but Kagome slid off the bed. The woman looked at two girls, a faint frown between her brows. Kagome spoke before the woman asked, "Their brother is on the other side, they don't have anyone else."

The woman nodded a sad look on her face, Kagome wasn't surprised, she had to have seen lots of survivors without anyone to call. "I would really like to make my phone call now."

The woman nodded and pulled a cell phone out of her pocket, Kagome took it and then realized while her mom left the name of the cabin in her message she didn't give her the phone number, meaning she needed to have the number before she could call. Turning back to the woman now watching the twins play with Sasha, "Excuse me but I just realized I don't know the phone number of where my mom and brother said they were, the woman nodded, "Just give me a name or an address of where their staying and I can find you the number on one of the computers."

Kagome nodded and then realized she didn't know her name, "Sorry you told me your name earlier but I seen to have forgotten."

The woman smiled gently, "I am Dr. Akane Kato."

"Thank you Dr. Kato."

Dr. Kato nodded, "It's perfectly understandable Higurashi-chan what you've been through the last few days must have been terrifying, and being scared that much for that long will make a lot of things slip."

Kagome felt a smirk break out across her lips, something had to be wrong with her, because if anything this had been the closure to her past that she had needed for so very very long. Terrifying was not what she would have said.

1:09 p.m.

Kagome held the phone to her ear and listened to the ring, one, two, three, then the phone was picked up. "Souta here, have you heard about Kagome?"

She laughed, "Souta who would wait so long to call you but me?" She heard him gasp and then he screamed, "MOM! MOM! KAGOME'S ON THE PHONE!" She then heard some muffed thank the gods, and then "Souta give me the phone!"

"But Mom I picked up I want to talk to her first!"

"Fine be quick!"

Souta made some sort of shuffling sound before her dork brother asked the most unexpected question, "Was it really Zombies?"

She made a choking sound and he babbled, "It's okay if you don't want to talk about but I just wanted to know."

"Souta. I missed you. And yes it really was Zombies, so thank you for making me watch some of those lame movies with you."

He laughed, "Once again I failed to be there for an adventure. So you did go back to the house right? That's how you knew to call us here?"


"HA! Told you Mom! First place Kagome was coming was to check on us!"

Kagome sighed, "I think it's time to let mom talk to me before she hurts you."

Souta gulped, "I think you're right. Here mom Kagome wants to talk to you."

There was some fumbling before her mother's soft voice came on sounding relieved. "Kagome dear, you're not hurt are you?"

"No mom, the only blood I lost was the bit for the tests at the exit."

A long and soft sigh reached her ears, "Good. Darling I don't know what we'll do for money with the shrine gone."

"Chill mom, If your friend doesn't mind we can stay there I have all the money from the safe and the shrine."

"Grabbed all that?"

"Most I left the change behind but I grabbed pictures, money, records. Everything."

"Thank god, not only did you grab that stuff, you got out of Tokyo alive, that's suppose to be the worst place hit, the towns on the edge were evacuated, but supposedly only something like one in hundred survived and half of those were away before the outbreak."

Kagome sighed, "Mom I believe it, the only reason I'm around is because my group we found a... I don't really remember what it's called but it's an American Humvee of some sort. Bullet proof so not much could get in."

Her mother sounded cautious, probably remember how well she took losing her friends last time, "And you said Group?"

"Yes, me, Chad, Will he's from America he was our driver for the most part, Mrs. Ebina, Sasha the kitten, Ichigo and his two twin sisters Karin and Yuzu."


"Is it okay if Ichigo, his sisters, Chad and probably the rest actually come for a few days? Will should be able to fly home soon, but the rest lived in Karakura Town, which is probably ash blowing in the wind at the moment. Or smoke if I look outside."

Her mother sighed, "Yeah, if you don't mind sharing a room with these Twins."

"Nope its cool, we've had to room on the road."

"So let me get this straight, you left Karakura town with six others and they went with you to Tokyo?"


There was silence on the other end, Kagome wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say. What was there to say? Her mother was worried her heart would break all over again went they broke up to go live their lives, but she wasn't, she would be able to say goodbye, and if she needed there was a phone. Her mother would see.

"Anything else I should know?"


"Okay, how are you going to get here?"

"The bus I bet, you are in the area around Mt. Zao on the side nearest Yamagata?"


"We'll see you in a day or two, okay?"

"Yes, love you Kagome."

"Love you to, tell Souta I love him too."

"Will do, see you soon."


Her mother hung up, Kagome stood, part of her heart still felt a little heavy, but over all she felt relieved, her mother and brother knew she was safe, the cities were burning, the Zombies should be gone, and her group was safe. She looked up at the twins and at Mrs. Ebina reading on the bed farther down, using a loud voice so the boys would be sure to hear her, "Guess what we have a place to stay! You guys are going to get to meet my mother!"

Four Months Later

Kagome took her break, drinking from her water bottle deeply, the last four months had been crazy, Will had gone back to the states a week after they got outside the wall, that next month was spent hanging around and doing nothing much, the government had programs and with the money they had it was okay, but they couldn't stay that way forever. So last month when the plans on how to rebuild Tokyo were made and offers of anyone person who worked on the new city would be given nice new homes when finished, she, Ichigo, Chad and loads of others agreed. Ichigo's sisters had even tried to come, but that had been shot down, they, her brother and mother were still staying at the cabin, turns out her mother's friend was killed shortly after the first outbreak.

The outbreak in the lab, it turns out the lab wasn't one experimenting with viruses but a lab trying to open a portal to an alternate dimension, turns out they did too well. Letting the virus out. Then when the lab didn't check in for three days after turning it on, people went to check on them and came out Zombies spreading the virus. Not that as far as doctors were concerned there was a virus they never got any viable samples. Something about a virus of the soul doesn't show up on blood tests.

Cough, wink, nudge, not that she knew anything about anything. Ichigo did though and some friends of his only she, Chad, Karin could see, turns out it came from where ever they came from.

Mrs. Ebina moved else where with her husband who was back from his business trip, the two of them sounded happy last she heard from them. Kagome sighed and took another sip, Ichigo and her were dating seriously, both of them as a whole for the family; her mother, her brother and his sisters, they had agreed and signed contracts stating they would help rebuild Tokyo in exchange for two years work they would get a house big enough for their family and property in reimbursement for the shrine and his dad's office, after that Ichigo had already applied to be a nurse or assistant in one of the new hospitals. And he was still studying in off time to become a full doctor. She was a little more lazy, the records saved from her college said she had done all but one semester to finish becoming a history major and she had applied to go to one of the new colleges when the city was finished to take teaching courses, she didn't have much studying to do as of yet. She couldn't take online courses because the power wasn't perfect out here yet, not to mention things, not hers, but others' here had vanished. Some people on the project were still what they had been before, criminals.

She drained the water bottle and stood ready to get back to work.

Twenty-One Months After That

Kagome stared down at the ring Ichigo was offering to her, three bands of silver twisted to form the ring, sapphires dotted in threes up to the main diamond the three twists lifted out above the rest of the ring. "Yes. Ichigo I'd love to marry you."

He slid the ring on her finger and stood tipping her head back to kiss her deeply, the two of them lost themselves to the kiss fast enough they didn't see or hear the whole dinner party burst in to applause. Ichigo proposing at the farewell dinner to their crew of four hundred that had all signed two year contracts was perfect.

Five Years Later

Kagome held their first son in her arms, naming him after Ichigo's father was a nice touch, Isshin may have been an bit crazy when ever he wanted to be, but he also was a man that had died to protect his family and that was something Kagome respected. Souta had met and was dating a nice girl now, Yuzu had gone and married another surviver she met at chef school, Karin had become a semi-famous soccer player, she seemed happy but also showed no signs of wanting to date or marry anyone.

Her mother to her surprise had met a nice man after close to twenty some years of devotion to Kagome's father and the two of them seemed to be dating. Her mother had moved else where to work at a shrine, Souta and her both not needing mother so much any more. Souta was on college campus most the time so the house was hers and Ichigo's, and he was a doctor in this very hospital.

Speak of the devil, her husband walked in, a pleased smirk on his face, "You get to go home tonight, I won't have to cook for myself again."

She frowned at him but knew he was joking, her mother was going to get here tonight having failed to get here yesterday in time to greet her new grandson, and her mother wanted to take over house work for the next week or two while she healed up and adjusted to having a baby crying at all hours. "Here Isshin seems to be done, hold him well I fix my shirt."

Ichigo happily took his son from her, smiling his little happy smile he cooed to the drooling babe. Kagome felt her heart melt just a little more, he was going to be an amazing dad.

Fifteen Years After That

Kagome washed dishes watching out the window as Ichigo supervised Isshin, Hideki; her second son named after her own father, her third son was named Carlos and then there was Masaki: Her daughter named after Ichigo's mother who died much the same way as her husband even if it was years before. But Ichigo was making sure none of them started shooting at anything other then the targets, all the children had started marshall arts at five and then at ten they learned how to shoot a gun and then how use a bow. She supposed she was little paranoid but Ichigo agreed with the children should learn how to fight in more then one way so she wasn't too bad. Or at least no worst then anyone who became a parent after surviving the Burn Out as the common nick name of it was. Hitoshi made it out and married a girl that they had met on the way out, he had also insisted his children be trained, she wasn't close to him but they had both been glad when they found out the other survived, the ten year remembrance had been a good idea.

He had gone on to be the historian like he wanted but what he had done instead of the focusing on his favorite period he became the expert on the survivors, the plans and everything leading up to the day of burning. Or as she and most anyone who got out of there said the War Z man.

She sighed and put the last dish on the counter in the drying rack, she knew what had happened but since almost no one else did there was always a fear when in was mentioned it could start again. She wasn't worried of that but with Isshin having turned fifteen this year and considering both her and Ichigo's track record for that number she was worried her world would soon be changed again.

The End

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