So. My first Spyro fic. And it's a romance. I actually came up with this sometime in June or July, but I never felt like writing it because I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it. Well, now it's written, it's great, and I actually made up most of the story as I wrote it. Cool, huh? By the way, this story takes place a few months after the end of the third game. The ending scene is what inspired the little game thay are playing at the beginning of this story. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Lovebirds

"Bet ya can't catch me!"

"Remember who you're talking to, Cynder!"

Cynder spun around in midair to face Spyro.

"Just because you're the purple dragon, doesn't mean you are the fastest dragon alive," Cynder pointed out loudly so he could hear her.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that there are some things being the Purple Dragon doesn't grant you," Spyro yelled back, "But that still doesn't mean I can't catch ya somehow!"

Spyro then zoomed after Cynder. Cynder yelped in surprise and made a nosedive, then swiftly pulled out and flew straight up behind Spyro as he attempted to come down to meet her, confusing the hero as he tried to turn around too quickly and lost his control. Cynder saw this and whirled around to watch him descend rapidly toward the ground.

There was the sound of a huge impact as Spyro, who had turned into a boulder using his earth power, broke into the ground, sending up debris everywhere. Cynder wasn't expecting this, and got hit right in the face with a large hunk of dirt. This caused her to fall a few meters, and when she could finally see again, Spyro was right in her face.

"Gotcha," he said, tagging her.

"Dangit, you cheater!" Cynder said playfully.

"Hey, I may not be faster than you, but I sure as heck am stronger and smarter. I had actually regained control after only a few seconds. I decided to make it look as if I hadn't, so while I WAS flailing around, I was actually flapping my wings at specific times and in specific ways to make me descend faster than if I were falling. I then activated my earth power an instant before impact, and-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. YOUR IT!" Cynder yelled in his face as she tagged him again and raced into the air.

"HEY, NO FAIR! I WASN'T DONE YET!" Spyro yelled at her as he raced after her.

They continued like this for a long while, trying to pass the time.

Eventually, Spyro ended up having something akin to a drag race with Cynder. She forbade him from using his breaths this time, and then proceeded to fly dead ahead, Spyro pursuing her. He was ever so slowly catching up, but she would occasionally flap her wings, causing her to speed up, whereas Spyro was flapping his wings constantly and was barely keeping up with her. They were so absorbed in their chase that they didn't even notice that they were now flying over the cheetah tribe's camp. Then again, Cynder didn't want to let Spyro catch her. He needed the exercise and practice or he'd NEVER catch up. Part of his problem was that he was a male dragon, so he was a little more bulky than her, built for fighting rather than flying, despite his larger wings. She had learned how to use her sleeker, slimmer, lighter frame to her advantage, so not only did it allow her to fly faster, but it also made her harder to hit in combat, making her more deadly at the same time. Spyro only had a flimsy pointed thing on the end of his tail, good for nothing other than better flight control and balance. Cynder, on the other hand, had a blade-like scale on the corner of each wing, and another larger one on the tip of her tail, great for slashing and shredding enemies to bits, as well as being used for sharper turns while flying by using it like another wing, among other things. Now if only they could figure out ways to use Spyro's bulkier frame and flimsy tail to his own unique advantage, other than using it like a weak whip or a means of grabbing things, of course.

As she had said earlier, Spyro wasn't better at everything, but being the purple dragon still had its perks. For one thing, he was more powerful. Second, he could use the Purple Fury, and although Cynder had her own version, the Black Fury, his was still a little stronger. Lastly, he had sharper sight and hearing, better judgment, and quicker reflexes, which is why he was able to spot a silvery glint headed straight for Cynder, and hear the sharp whistle of an arrow whizzing through the air.

"CYNDER, LOOK OUT!" He yelled as loud as he could to her, knowing he wouldn't be able to stop it in time.

Cynder heard him and turned her head a little, allowing her to spot the arrow just before it came within a meter of her. She spun to her left, grabbing the arrow with her tail in the process, then used its momentum and her own to continue her spin and fling it back to its source.

"WHOA, WATCH IT GUYS!" yelled the yellow, spotted cheetah as he dove to the side, narrowly missing getting speared in the head by his own arrow.

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other.

"Hunter!" they said in unison.

"YES, IT'S ME. COULD YOU COME DOWN HERE SO I CAN TALK TO YOU WITHOUT YELLING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!" Hunter yelled back to them, standing up as he did so.

They complied, but Spyro came down on top of him, causing them to roll across the grass only for Spyro to pin him down and yell "Why did you attack Cynder!" to his face.

"Relax; the sun prevented me from seeing you guys clearly. I only saw a pair of silhouettes, so I thought you guys were a pair of birds flying over. I was just hoping to catch some dinner before it was too late, so I shot at the one in the lead in the hopes of bringing the second one down afterward. I had no idea it was YOU two! Honest!"

"Really? Because I certainly don't remember any birds having tails this size and wings of this shape," Spyro questioned further.

"The sun blinded me in such a way that I couldn't see the thinner parts of your bodies, so your tails looked about the length of a bird's. Now can you get off of me so I can have a normal conversation with you guys?"

Spyro relaxed his grip and stood back so Hunter could stand up.

"So what were you two lovebirds doing all the way out here, anyway?" Hunter asked them.

"Oh, ha ha, very funny Hunter, calling us loveBIRDS after thinking we were BIRDS and trying to kill your two best friends. I'll admit, you've got guts to make a joke like that at a time like this," Spyro said back to him grimly.

"Spyro, calm down, it was just an honest mistake," Cynder said, "Besides; did you REALLY think I couldn't take a hit from a hunting arrow like that? We defeated MALEFOR for Pete's sake, the least you could do is let it go and give the guy a break!"

"You're right Cynder. I guess I'm still getting used to the peace after all the betrayal and other stuff that was involved in the war. Sorry Hunter." Spyro apologized.

"Hey, no problem, at least nobody got hurt right? Again, what were you guys doing here anyway?" Hunter said.

"Oh, we were just having some fun chasing each other around." Cynder said.

"Oh, is that all? Well then, if you need something to do, we have a ceremonial celebration coming up soon. You guys are welcome to join our tribe for the celebration if you would like."

"What's the celebration for?" Spyro asked.

"Oh, nothing much, except that I'm the new tribe leader." Hunter answered.

"Really!" Spyro asked.

"No way!" Cynder said in surprise.

"It's true! By the way, where is Sparx?"

"You just noticed he wasn't with us?" Spyro asked him.

"Actually, I noticed a little while ago, because I realized he wasn't the one commenting on the "lovebirds" remark. He's usually the joker of the group, not me or you Spyro!"

"Oh. Well, he wasn't feeling well, and decided he'd stay home for the day and leave us to be alone together for a while. He knew he could get annoying at times anyway." Spyro answered.

"Well well, I guess he's actually quite understanding and wise when it comes to relationships. Anyway, are you going to the ceremony or not?" Hunter answered back.

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other for a moment.

"HECK YES!" They answered in unison, so suddenly to his face that Hunter jumped and fell onto his hindquarters in surprise.

"Good, I'll let the rest of the tribe know your coming. Now I just hope this doesn't ruin the possibility of Prowlus coming to join us. He still holds a grudge on you guys, even after you proved him wrong."

"Speaking of which, why is he no longer the chief?" Spyro inquired.

"Oh, the tribe thought he was unfit to continue as the leader due to his bad judgment and stubborn attitude. They decided it only seemed fit for me to be the new chief, since I'm the reason this world still exists in the first place." A grunt from Spyro. Hunter continued, "After all, if I hadn't shot that Golem in the eye in those catacombs, you'd probably be dead."

"Why am I not surprised?" Spyro thought aloud.

"Spyro, knock it off with the attitude already, will ya?" Cynder half-glared at him.

"I didn't mean that, I meant I'm not surprised that Prowlus was deemed unfit to lead the tribe," Spyro responded.

"Oh. So when's the celebration?" Cynder asked.

"Good question, I almost forgot to tell you. It's tomorrow, starting sometime around sundown. That doesn't interfere with anything, right?" Hunter said curiously.

"Nope," the two dragons answered in unison.

"Good. I'll see you then?"

"Yep!" Cynder said joyfully.

"Bye Hunter!" Spyro said as he started walking away.

Cynder followed after Spyro, and Hunter went back into the village. It was starting to get late, so the two decided it was about time they got home. They were both getting hungry, and were already getting a little tired. They began to realize this when they realized they had yawned many times on the way back. Sparx would probably ask them what took them so long to get home. Oh well, it was to be expected from Spyro's brother-turned-best friend. He may be sick, but it's just the average cold, so it was only fit that he be no different. He hasn't been making so many jokes though, but that's what a cold does to a person.

A bit of a crappy ending, I know, but for the sake of the story and for evening out the chapter lengths, I took out the previous ending I used and used it for the beginning of Chapter 2. Now you know. Also, nothing in that part changed, so you don't have to worry about not seeing the original ending to this, because once you've read chapter 2, you've seen the original ending as it was before I moved it. Also, what did you think of Spyro's little Earth stunt? Clever, no? Earth Style, DRAGON IMPACT! XD I'd actually come up with that while writing the original version of that scene, which just had Spyro slam facefirst into the ground instead. Anyway, Please Review and Subscribe, and tell me what you thought of the stunt, the action scenes, and my descriptions involving their body shapes and whatnot, because I REALLY want to know what you guys thought of those!