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Naruto ran.

The twigs and leaves that hit and scraped against his skin left shallow cuts and scratches -which healed as fast as they appeared due to the current mass amounts of Kyuubi's chakra pulsing through his veins- didn't even register in his mind. He dashed through the trees and bushes in a yellow blur (eerily reminiscing of a legend dead) desperate and furious to reach the destination before his pursuers behind him. In the corners of his eyes he could see blurred shadows -sometimes a hand or a foot or a head- , see them closing in.

Naruto ran faster.

The racing Jinchuuriki pushed more potent chakra into his legs, feeling them strain and ache at the pressure he added and added- they felt like they would break any moment now. But he ignored it defiantly. He wouldn't lose now, not when he was this near. The power behind his steps left clear scorch marks on the wood and ground of his path, easy track able for his enemies and maybe he would've cared if they wouldn't already right behind him, though more faraway then seconds before, but, sadly, there were no chances of hanging them off.

Oh- there! His senses, picking up even scents miles away (another gift granted by the Kyuubi), identified the faint incense of smoke coming from the nearby chimneys Konoha's.

Naruto dashed forward through the remaining woods, the smell of smoke suddenly clouding his extraordinary nose, and found himself in a clearing that had not been there days ago full of charred and scorched trees and gray ash, facing Konoha. A Konoha that had not burned days ago but certainly was now. Even miles away the blond could feel the heat permitted by the immense flames on his skin. The air was hot, baking and dehydrated.

Ohfuckohfuckohfuck NO!

He had miscalculated the distance between him and his village, the smoke giving him apparitions of closing in, but reality (the reality he so frantically tried to deny) showed him truth. Naruto wasn't anywhere near Konoha (he was approximately still beyond fifteen miles away), but the wind-carried smoke fooled his senses and gave him hope. Foolish foolish hope that was being crushed with the weight of the world. He heard soft thumps of feet behind him and knew instinctively that his hunters had caught up with him. There was no chance of escaping now, but he acknowledged that even if there would have been, he wouldn't, not when his home was burning into the ground right before his eyes.

Was this how Sasuke had felt when he spoke of revenge?

Frigid and blazing, boiling and surging, maddening and white hot rage. Furious red chakra whirled around him, bathing everything in an crimson glow. The odor of sulfur rouse into the noses of all nearby beings and Naruto felt the fear of those lowly humans that had trailed him here.

"Ne, do you want to play?" It was an perfectly innocent question, with a perfectly questionable intent behind it. But first of all, it hadn't ever be a question to begin with, nope, but the beginning act of a massacre.

The chains of an ancient beast ruptured and all hell broke loose.

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