So this is a continuation of the story In the Stars, which was an AU set while Taggart was still alive.

It's based on the prompt table and each update will be of varying lengths and following their lives together, both the mundane and the big events. So I hope you enjoy :)

First up is Moonlight

June 1993

Jackie's hips rolled forward, and she caught Robbie's gasp in her kiss as his fingers speared through her hair. Pressing her palms flat against his shoulders, she pushed him gently backwards onto the bed so that he was lying flat underneath her, watching as his lips curled into a smile.

Robbie groaned, biting down on his lower lip as he watched the way her skin glimmered in the moonlight. His hands slid down her waist to her hips, his grip on her tightening, pulling her down as he thrust up, causing her to moan his name sharply, her head tilting upwards as she gasped for air, her dark curls streaming down her back. He laughed breathlessly at her reaction, he loved the way she responded to him, she never held back, ever.

The moonlight appeared to almost dance across her bare skin, the silver light bathing it, making it almost glow. It occurred to him again just how much he loved her, how lucky he considered himself to have her in his life.

Her hips twisted again though and all coherent thought fell from his head, a harsh cry escaping him as she leaned over him, her mouth seeking his once more. He held her close, felt her muscles begin to squeeze around him, could feel her heart thundering against his chest. She cried out, her body shuddering against his, muscles constricting around him until he couldn't take anymore. His mouth open and pressed against hers, his vision blurring as his hips strained upwards, pressing as deeply into her as he possibly could as his release washed over him.

Jackie collapsed against his chest, waiting a few minutes before rolling to the side, pushing her hair out of her face as she panted. Robbie looked over at her, and breathing heavily, he asked in amusement, "Now tell me you don't approve of coming here for a dirty weekend."

She laughed, turning into his shoulder. "It wasn't the going away part I didn't approve off, I just didn't like the way you'd announce to anyone who'd listen that you were going away for a dirty weekend. A weekend break sounds so much better, more proper."

He stretched. "It is what it is," he replied easily, grinning at her.

Rolling her eyes at him good naturedly, she settled into his arms.

Robbie's cocky grin softened as he watched her, felt her fingers trace over his shoulder. It had been eighteen months since they'd started dating, and six months since she'd moved in with him. His flat now no longer had such a bachelor like feel to it, it was warm and tidy, with things like throws and candles scattered about. She hadn't taken over but she'd definitely had an impact, an impact he loved.

He'd never expected to want to get married again, but he'd come to realise over the past few months that he couldn't picture his life without it. And it was about that time that he realised that marriage didn't petrify him anymore, rather it seemed like the next logical step. She'd be his wife, and that thought blew him away, but in a good way. He loved the idea.

A lump appeared in his throat as he thought about the diamond ring in the drawer next to his side of the bed. He'd carried it in his pocket all day today, waiting for the perfect moment. It hadn't appeared, he'd just about went for it when they'd walked around the grounds earlier that day, but they'd been interrupted by a bickering couple who'd chosen that moment to storm past them. So the ring had been dropped back into his pocket.

Jackie kissed his shoulder. "This was a good idea though, I'm glad you suggested it," she told him. She twisted in his arms, looking towards the window and remarking, "Full moon tonight."

"So it is," he replied. That was when it occurred to him that this was the moment he'd been waiting for, it was quiet and peaceful, they were wrapped up together and about as close as they could get without him actually proposing during sex - which he didn't think she'd appreciate. Plus with the moonlight shining in through the window, it looked romantic. "Close your eyes," he told her quietly.

She shot him a suspicious and confused look. "Why?"

He chuckled, leaning over her and kissed her lips chastely, replying, "Just do it."

Her mouth twisted and she looked utterly unconvinced but she closed her eyes anyway, giving an amused long suffering sigh as she did so. Swallowing back his nerves, he reached into the bedside drawer and drew out the small ring box.

Sitting up slightly, he leaned over her and clearing his throat nervously as he told her, "You can open them now."

Her eyes blinked open slowly, and she looked up into his eyes first before on hearing the small click of the jewellery box opening, looked down. He watched as her eyes widened on seeing the platinum diamond ring that was nestled in the box. "Robbie…" she echoed unsurely.

He smiled as her eyes met his again, telling her, "I love you, and I cant think of anything I want more than for us to get married and to spend the rest of our lives together. I can't picture my life without you in it anymore. I want…I mean will you marry me?"

Her hand curved around his cheek. "Oh Robbie," she muttered softly, her eyes shining. Even the fact it had been slightly awkward had strangely just made it all the better. "Of course I'll marry you."

His nervous expression melted away and he laughed excitedly as he pushed the ring onto her outstretched finger, feeling relief rush through him when he saw it fitted perfectly. He kissed her deeply, watching happily as she broke the kiss and looked down at the ring. "It's perfect," she told him.

"I was planning to propose earlier…but we got interrupted."

"Ah, that wouldn't happen to be by the bickering couple?"

"How did you know?" he asked, perplexed.

"You were jumping about all over the place. Now that I know what you were thinking it all makes sense," she laughed.

"Then might have been better though," he added almost apologetically.

"No," she shook her head. "This was perfect."

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, unconvinced by her declaration. "Really?"

"Yes, because you meant every word," she told him. "And you've obviously thought about it."

"Thought about nothing else," he admitted.

Her smile softened, her thumb rubbing over the glittering diamond, still trying to get used to the weight on her finger. She looked up at him and grinned wickedly. "Want to celebrate?"

Settling his weight over her, he was about to kiss along her collarbone when he suddenly drew back and said, "I hope to God you don't mean for us to start calling people."

She laughed, wrapping her legs around his waist. "No," she assured him. "I definitely didn't mean that."