Based on the episode Dead Reckoning.


Robbie heard Jackie's scream of terror and in that moment his heart stopped.

He'd ran as quickly as he could in that direction, but Mike was further ahead and got there first. His breath had caught when he'd heard Mike yell her name and saw him disappear from sight over the cliff top, knowing that what waited below was a whirling mass of water.

Staring down into the swirling water, Robbie fought the urge to follow him, his eyes instead searching the rapids for his wife. He felt sick, his heart rate was pounding in his own ears. Jackie couldn't swim, and it was the only thought that was going through his head, he'd remembered teasing her about it quite a few times but he'd never honestly thought that he'd lose her because of it. He swallowed back the lump in his throat, he felt like he couldn't breath.

Suddenly Mike's head broke the surface of the water, and he could see that he had Jackie in his grasp. Robbie clambered clumsily down the rocks to the river bank, ignoring the resulting scratches to his hands.

He was almost there when he saw Mike lean over Jackie, saw him give her two rescue breaths and he all but fell forward in his rush to reach her, to try and help. Mike didn't stop, didn't even look up at him as he tried once more.

Robbie let out a breath he didn't even realise he'd been holding when he suddenly heard Jackie cough, her body wracked with spasms for a few seconds before she took a deep breath in, and to Robbie it was the most wonderful, amazing sound he'd ever heard.

He dropped down beside her, pulling her into him as she coughed again, her brown eyes finally opening. He heard Mike's deep sigh of relief and heard him mutter, "I'll go get the paramedics."

He didn't answer, too busy checking Jackie over for any other injuries as he thanked his lucky stars.

Almost eight months to the day later, Robbie watched as his son took his first breath, it had been a shock to both him and Jackie when the hospital had announced that she was pregnant, and in that moment he knew he'd never be able to pay Mike back for what he'd done for him that day.

But later that same day as he handed baby Michael over to his beaming namesake to admire he liked to think that he'd at least took a step in the right direction.