Author's Note:

Danny: You all saw that 'finale' to the show? *Snorts* I wish it were that simple. In reality the end of Plasmius and the true saving of the world was much more difficult. And took the work of everyone I cared about.

The final battle of Shadows and Light, is about to begin…

Chapter 1: Beginning

(Danny's POV)

"So where is he now?" I asked my sister, looking over the map on the screen.

"No sign of him yet Danny, Team 1 hasn't found him, and Team 2 hasn't reported in yet." She replied with a sigh.

I groaned as I ran a hand through my hair, "Damn it, where could he be?" I bereted myself. I had to find him… before it was too late.

~~~Time Out~~~

Hang on, you're all confused aren't you? Well I'm not surprised, someone was off on the view screen.

CW: Sorry Danny, with everything going on. My aim was a little off, what with retaining the barriers around Dan.

Danny: Sorry, don't mean to snap at you. Anyway, what do you say we rewind things some? Show them how we reached that point?

CW: Very well.

Time In~~~

Amity Park, Illinois USA

10:00 A.M. CST

Time to Disasteroid Impact: One Week

(Danny's POV)

I gritted my teeth as Vlad got the contract signed by the leaders. If his plan worked then he would be a billion dollars richer and control the entire damned world. "Please screw up, please screw up, please screw up." I muttered crossing my fingers. Trying to hide my returning Ghost Powers, they had been increasing recently, I'd noticed a few moments of phasing, or invisibility. But nothing big, and none of the stronger powers, such as transformation, Ghost rays, ice or even the wail. I figured I'd succeeded in draining my powers but they were simply dormant… not removed.

"Plasmius is now approaching the Disasteroid… and seems to be enacting his plan. The Disasteroid is fading from view. It's working, the asteroid has phased out of existence." The reporter announced as I lowered my head.

He's won… he's going to rule the world… and it's all my fault… I bereted myself clentching a fist. I'd decided to give up my powers and left Vlad free to take control of the planet.

I turned the television off before rising to my feet and turning away. I needed to clear my head, anything to keep from stewing in my own self-loathing, grabbing an ecto gun and staff hanging both from my belt I headed outside. Hoping against hope that something would happen. That there would be something attacking to allow me to try and vent some anger… maybe I'd be lucky and find the box ghost…

I wandered the streets aimlessly for awhile thinking, no sign of anyone, from Skulker to Box Ghost were all absent. "Damn it, when I don't want them to show up they're up my butt, when I want them to show up they're all absent…" I grumbled as I walked.

~~~~An hour later~~~~

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't notice when another set of footsteps joined mine. At least till I paused at a corner and noticed her standing behind me. "So feeling guilty about getting rid of your powers now Danny?"

I nodded "More than you know, I should have listened to you guys when I had the chance. And now Plasmius pretty much has the world on a platter and I'm helpless!" I smacked a hand into a nearby street sign which rattled upon impact as a dull throb echoed from the injured limb.

With a sigh Sam laid a hand on my shoulder "Just because you don't have your powers doesn't mean you're helpless. I mean come on Tucker and I don't have powers and we've bailed your butt out of tough spots a bunch of times. You just need to get used to fighting without super powers to help you out."

I glanced back at her "Thanks Sam, what would I do without you?"

"Get your butt kicked from here to Walker's jail and back in addition to not having a secret identity anymore." She replied instantly as we started walking again.

Laughing dryly I turned around to glare at her "Ha ha, very funny. You sure you're not a comedian?"

"Not a chance, I just have a morbid sense of humor."

"Fitting seeing as I was -until recently- half-dead for all intents and purposes."

We chatted for awhile which helped to brighten my glum mood. Odd how that worked, the goth helped cheer up the ex-halfa… if there's a irony god up there then he has one odd sense of humor.

(Sam's POV)

I'd known Danny long enough to notice when he was in a bad mood, and although I didn't push the point I couldn't help feeling a little smug, I'd known getting rid of his powers was a bad idea… but now wasn't the time.

I'd slowed down while I thought and hurried to catch up, before I went more than five steps when Danny – who'd rounded the corner – came flying back with a cry as he tumbled to the ground. Soon after the familiar form of Skulker showed up still grinning malevolently "Finally whelp, I have you right where I want you… powerless to stop me."

"Not so fast Skulker… I may be down but I'm not quite powerless…" He grunted drawing an ecto gun and firing a blast at the armored ghost.

(Danny's POV)

"Sam, get out of here, go get Tucker or Jazz. I can hold him off for awhile…" I told her getting up.

"Are you nuts? You don't have any powers. He could kill you." She shot back stubbornly.

I grimaced at this "Which is why I need you to get help, I can keep him busy. I've faced him before with no powers."

"But-" she started as Skulker fired a pair of missles at me.

Running and avoiding the blasts as they hit the street and sidewalk blowing holes in them as I yelled back cutting her off "Just Go!"

I couldn't turn to look but heard her start running down the street as I fired off another pair of shots from the gun only to have Skulker dodge them both as he fired another blast, as I backflipped thankful that some of my agility from ghost form still remained. "Is that all you've got Skulker? You can't even hit me when I'm powerless." I taunted.

"I am the ghost zone's greatest hunter! And eventually your pelt will hang on my wall…" he shot back as he flew at me a set of razor sharp blades extended from his wrist.

Leaping back I hung the gun at my waist pulling out the collapsed staff pressing the button as it extended out glowing an eerie green color. As I parried his swing wrenching the staff around smacking him in the shoulder with the opposite end of it. Getting a metallic clang only to have to lunge to the side into a roll as he swung again, cracking the ground. Pulling the gun out I fired off a couple shots into his chest and head causing dents in the armor before he yanked the blade free, catching me off guard with a backhand that knocked me back into a trash can as the gun clattered away along with the staff as I bit my lip in effort not to let out a sound at the pain that exploded across my back.

(Jack's POV)

I couldn't believe what Vlad was saying, all this time I'd been his friend, I'd thought he was my friend… and he'd been plotting to tear my family apart due to jealousy. And now he'd rule the Earth, I was worried for my family… specifically Maddie.

"What are you waiting for Oaf, let's get moving already I have a planet to rule." Vlad sneered as he reentered the ship.

Growling quietly to myself I steered the ship back towards the planet. What can I do? I can't let him get his hands on my family I thought firmly as the shuttle shook from the forces of re-entry.

A little while later we reached the Cape and landed, Vlad flying off towards the assembly of leaders probably to be made ruler of the world. Moving fast I jumped into the Specter Speeder and raced for home planning to try and head Vlad off and protect my family… "Hold on honey, I'm coming…"

(Tucker's POV)

I was just as shocked as anyone when Vlad succeeded in his plan to phase the disasteroid, then came another shock when my phone rang "Hello, Tucker Foley speaking how may I help you?"

"Tucker it's Sam, what ghost weapons do you still have?" the goth asked as soon as I picked up.

Confused I replied "A pair of wrist blasters, some Fenton Phones, and a couple of Thermoses… why?"

Her reply came fast and worried "Cause Danny's downtown fighting Skulker with nothing but an Ecto-gun and staff."

"Is he NUTS?" I demanded bolting upright only remembering to keep my voice down at the last second.

"That's what I want to know, but we can test his sanity later. Once we're sure he won't regain his powers the hard way…" She replied hanging up. I quickly grabbed the blasters and a pair of thermoses before running downstairs and outside with a quickly called "I'll be at the Nasty Burger with Danny and Sam."

Hang on for just a little longer pal…I thought desperately starting my scooter up and racing off.

(Danny's POV)

This fight was going worse than I thought as I now sported a scratch across my upper left arm and a burn on my right side from a just missed laser blast. But I'd recovered the staff and gun and had succeeded in smashing the shoulder joint of his left arm enough to disable the whole limb, thus taking out one of this blasters, and several other gadgets. Back-flipping another blast I countered with a pair of blasts to the chest compartment as I landed on my feet. He growled as two more dents appeared in the armor retaliating with a pair of missiles that seemed to track me as I sprinted to the side, grabbing a trash can and chucking it behind me into the rocket's paths detonating one upon impact with the can as the other was exploded from proximity to the other's blast. The combined force of both sending me back along the ground, causing me to gain another round of scrapes on my back.

"I'm impressed human, you're no less stubborn without your powers than you were with them. I must congratulate you. You've been the toughest prey I've ever hunted." The armored ghost replied aiming his missile launcher at me while I fought to rise.

Damn it… Hurry up Sam, Tuck… I thought with a grimace as I leaned on the staff catching my breath.

"Say good-bye whelp…" Skulker growled about to fire.

"Good-bye!" A voice cried from nearby as a blast of energy slammed into the just firing missile from behind detonating it, knocking the hunter back and destroying the launcher. Sam stood off to the right wrist ray pointed at the damaged hunter.

"Awesome timing guys!" I yelled. As Tucker drove up on his scooter.

Running over to me she looked me over. "I'll say, what happened to 'I can hold him off for awhile.' huh?" she asked.

I shrugged as I stood up straight "Hey, he's a little tougher than last time… alright. I think I'm doing pretty good for my first fight with absolutely no powers…"

She rolled her eyes "Whatever Danny… let's just finish this alright?"

"Agreed." I replied spinning the staff around as Skulker rose, I noticed Tucker off to the side tapping away at his PDA. "Bring it on slowpoke…" I taunted leaping at him, dodging a swipe of his claws as I smacked the staff into his head again, adding in an overhead blow to his elbow joint on his good arm damaging it.

"Whelp, even with your little friend's help you can't beat me without your powers!" he retorted knocking me back and beginning to charge a blast in his cannon aiming at me.

This isn't good, come on Tuck… I thought only to be rewarded with a Triumphant yell from the Techno-Geek and the sound of the geeky ringtone as Skulker's cannon shut down. "What the… Not again!" he roared in despair as the suit shut down.

"Believe it tin man, I can still hack your armor." Tucker replied aiming the Thermos at the hunter sucking him into it in a swirl of blue light.

"Finally Tuck, what took so long?" Sam asked as I put the staff away retracted and bent to retrieve the ecto gun from where'd it fallen during the battle.

(Tucker's POV)

I felt pretty good about myself as I told them about his 'upgraded' security and how'd it just taken me a minute to navigate his command menu. Even without his powers Danny just had to play hero, and well with some work and training as well as access to his folks weapons then maybe Team 'Phantom' wouldn't be shut down just yet, just undergoing a name change probably.

"So now what? Go get Danny cleaned up?" I asked as we started walking up the road.

Sam nodded "Seems like a good idea, my folks are out for now. Not even the end of the world looming could bring them home." The three of us headed off, following the familiar track to Sam's house, our speed a little slower than normal due to Danny's sore muscles.

I thought nothing could disturb what could be our last days together in relative normalcy, needless to say Vlad would cause nothing but trouble once he was in charge… little did I know that things would soon take a nose dive for the worse…

(Vlad's POV)

While one of my clones dealt with the niceties of arranging my control of the planet I headed straight for Amity Park, I had one last piece of unfinished business to take care of, and there he is, with his two little friends behind him. Looks like Skulker did a number on him before being beaten. "Finally… now to get that little brat out of my hair for good. He's far to entrenched on the side of good to ever join me." I muttered hovering before the trio, before turning visible.

"What a nice day isn't it? Especially for World Domination…" I sneered as all three gasped in shock.

"Vlad, don't you have a bunch of paperwork to sign to make you Head Cheesehead of the world?" Daniel asked as he drew what looked like a staff from his belt extending it as he did.

My hand glowing pink I replied calmly "It's all taken care of, except for one last little detail…"

"And what would that be?" He shot back "Need to find a cheese hat big enough to fit on that swelled head of yours?"

I growled slightly "No, your demise Daniel, if you won't join me, then I'll simply have to destroy you." With that I fired off a blast of energy at his face.

(Danny's POV)

Almost instinctively I spun the staff around smacking the blast aside with one end of the weapon. "That the best you've got Plasimus?" I growled spotting Tucker out of the corner of my eye returning fire with his wrist ray.

"You should know better by now Daniel, I always have a few tricks up my sleeves." He hissed back, as he confidently batted the blast aside where it smashed a window. Both hands glowing he fired again.

"Get out of here guys!" I ordered deflecting one blast and dodging the other.

I could feel Sam's glare burrowing into the back of my head, "This again, what part of no powers don't you get?" she demanded.

"The fact that with or without powers I'M the one he's after, now get out of here!" I told them avoiding another pair of blasts from Plasmius.

"I'm not going anywhere Danny." She replied.

I was so distracted trying to get them to leave I didn't hear Vlad approaching from behind before he picked me up and threw me into the side of a dumpster as I impacted hard, crying out as I fell to the ground. "DANNY!" my friends screamed.

Before I could recover I felt a gloved hand grab my throat lifting me off the ground. "So this is how the great Danny Phantom dies… a pathetic human at the hands of the master of the world."

"Bite me Plasmius, If I don't stop you someone will. You think the world will deign to be ruled by a warped freak like you?" I growled trying to kick him, only to have him phase the point I should have struck.

"They won't have a choice, with an army of ghosts at my command and all other hunters outlawed and forbidden I'll be unstoppable." He growled before I could come up with a reply he sent a jolt of energy through me.

I couldn't help it, I screamed in pain as the energy surged through me, back arching from the shock. Instead of letting up he simply increased the output, it felt like my insides were on fire from the pain.

(Jack's POV)

I'd nearly burned out the Specter Speeder's engine but I'd made it home in record time. I'd told Maddie everything, that we needed to get the equipment and hide… fast.

Then she'd told me something that froze the blood in my veins, Danny had gone out for a walk. "We've gotta find him!" I'd cried as we loaded equipment into the RV.

That was ten minutes ago, we'd searched most of the city… but then we got a hit on the Ghost Tracker, it wasn't much but it was at least a start as we headed for the location. What we found unfroze my blood and set it to boil with anger Vlad was holding my boy by the throat and was shocking him.

"Get your hands off him…" I growled aiming the blasters at my former friend's back. Just starting to squeeze the trigger when Maddie grabbed my arm.

"Jack, look!" she ordered, I looked up wonder what was wrong now. But then I noticed something odd about Danny, he was… glowing.

"Why's he glowing like that?" I muttered noticing the white aura around him.

Shaking her head Maddie replied "No idea… but it seems to have spread from that white streak in his hair."

Before further discussion could ensue, the light around Danny seemed to brighten for a moment before a pulse of energy erupted from him throwing Vlad off and rocking the RV. A pair of semi-familiar voices cried out faintly "DANNY!" What would Sam and Tucker be doing here? I wondered trying to see through the resulting cloud of smoke. I could still see Danny but he seemed to be… floating?

Smoke clearing I gaped at the sight, there floating where my Son had been moments before hand, white hair waving slightly in the wind. Green eyes narrowed in anger, was the ghost boy.

"You just made, a big mistake Vlad…" he growled.

Author's Note:

CLIFFHANGER! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! So did Danny regain his powers and Halfa Status, or did he as Sam said 'Regain them the hard way….' You'll just have to wait and find out. Till next time…

Goin Ghost!