I was woken up by the sound of whispering and muttering. When I opened my eyes, I saw a dozen curious faces looking at me, but when they saw that I was awake they all got quiet and just stared. When I sat up, my half-brother Malcolm said. "Hi Annabeth. We're glad to see you. What happened in the Labyrinth?

I sighed. "Well, you'll hear about it later, but right now, I'm going to the dining, I'm starving. All of my siblings backed off, and I glared at them until they left the cabin. Sometimes it was nice to be in charge. I changed into some jeans and my Camp Half-Blood shirt and then left the cabin. I didn't see anybody, so I guessed they were all eating breakfast.

I walked up to the pavilion and over to the Athena table. All the heads in the pavilion turned my way, but I ignored them and sat down next to Malcolm. I ate in silence, and after awhile I noticed that some were glancing occasionally towards the cabins. I wondered why until I heard someone whisper, "Where is he?", and a few seconds later, "Do you think he's …. Dead?"

I glared in the whisperer's direction and then got up and walked over to the head table. I walked up to Chiron and whispered, "We have to tell them something. They're all staring at me! It's unnerving. I think I'm getting a taste of what it's like to be Percy. People were always staring at him for some reason or another…" My voice trailed off as I thought about Percy.

Chiron smiled grimly. "Yes, I noticed that you were getting some attention. You are right, we should inform them of Percy's disappearance and maybe warn them that we will need to set up morning, afternoon, and night patrols throughout the camp. I fear that Luke will not wait much longer to attack. He may have already found Daedalus."

"Should you tell them, or should I?" Chiron considered this for a moment and then said, "I think it would be better coming from you."


"Yes. I will get their attention." He cleared his throat and said loudly, "Excuse me for interrupting your meal, but Annabeth wishes to say something."

I looked around and saw that this was unnecessary, as everyone was already looking at us curiously. I nervously cleared my throat and said, "Well, first of all, all of you have apparently noticed that Percy is….absent. On our quest, he was separated from me, and we are not really sure where he is, and we aren't sure if he….. will come back at all."

I could feel my eyes filling with tears, and I started to blink rapidly, forcing them back. "Chiron says we will wait two weeks, but after that we will have to accept that he is… dead." My voice cracked on the last word, and one of the tears started to slide down my face, but I quickly wiped it away. I could see many concerned faces in the crowd, and I knew why. Percy was a popular figure in camp. His cheerful, funny attitude made everyone feel included and good about themselves. I sniffled and told myself to stop thinking about him.

"Chiron also wanted me to tell you that we will need to set up patrols in every part of the camp throughout the whole day. The attack will be soon, and we need to be ready."

I looked at Chiron, and he nodded, telling me that that was all. Everyone was still staring at me with sympathy and a little surprise. I felt my face start to redden, realizing how the tear must have been noticed by pretty much everyone, and it showed just how much I cared about Percy.