Meteorgin: there's been a change in plans I've desided to use every one from all bakugan seasons here and there but I'm keeping my foces on season one and using all bakugan (this may ormay not include Joe and Wavern, I haven't dissided)

hope you enjoy

"Faster" Tai yelled


Tai was training Davis and veemon for the battle

As leader every ones safety was his responsibility

He didn't want any one ells to get hurt, they had lost too many all ready

For them there was no turning back, but these kids were a different story

Davis understud he too had known the burden of being the leader.

Tai had learnd long ago what being the leater really ment

And besides the new children had yet to earn his trust

Runo's POV

The brawlers were siting together watching this.

"I don't get it, why are they so agensed our help, espeshaly their leader" she grunted

"My lady, I'm sure they have their resons" Tegerara insisted

"we do" some one yelled from behind them

They turned to the voice

It was a girl with sort brown hair, about, mabe a year or two older then them she wore a pink and white top and some kacky knee lanth pans and white and pink snekers next to her was a cat like digimon (they have resieved a explination up to so far)

"Kari, calm down" said a boy with blond hair, around her age, waring a white hat, a zipped up green and yellow jacket, and kacky shorts, and plane white sneackers, it looked like he was her boy friend with his digimon on his head.

"I know TK" she sighed

"and what mite that be" shun cuntinude

At this the boy replied "come with us" and the two led them to a mountan

When they reched the top the brawlers gasped

There were a ton of graves.

"Izzy moved the graves data up here" the one named kari said

"but I though you said digimon never die" asked marucho

"it still leaves the same empty feeling though" TK said

"TK lost his own digimon once" Kari said

"all of us were destroid once as well" TK said

The brawlers gaped at the new found information

"my brother has had some ruff experyenses too" Kari sighed

"brother?" asked Alice

"Kari, is Tai's yunger sister" TK said

"WHAT" they exclaimed

"Tai, also has a lot of presher on him being the leater, he has to think about the good of every one." Kari explaned

"though Matt and Izzy do help out a bit, same for Davis and Ken, we all try to help him" TK said

"I see" Dan said

"that does make sence" Drago agreed

"You see we don't hate you or anything, we jest don't want to get more people involved" TK explaned

"all right" Dan started

"I'm gon'a give it my all in this battle" he shouted

Kari and TK jest smilled

To be continued…