Jiao scowled as she continued to push the sand-sailor through the desert. After much convincing from the Team, Jiao believed them when they said that they weren't Fire Nation soldiers. The bad news for the Team though, was that nobody knew how to get to the Spirit Library, or the Fire Nation battalion Zhao was leading.

June scowled as she tried her best to hide away from all the sand flying around them, "Ugh! This crap is never going to get out of my hair…"

Ty Lee smiled and whipped her braided ponytail over her shoulder, "That's why I always braid my hair before I head out. It keeps it out of my face and keeps anything from getting in it."

"You two are such girls," Toph said with a dismissive huff. "Who cares about what gets in your hair? Just pour some water through it and you'll be fine."

"Try looking at us and say that," June replied with a taunting smirk. Toph blinked for a second before turning her body towards the other two girls of the Team. Ty Lee giggled softly in amusement while June's smirk grew.

Zuko and Kegare stood at the bow of the sailor and looked out ahead of them into the sandy wind. The Earthbender turned to Jiao and called out to her, "Hey! Do you know where we're going? It seems like you're sending us into a sand storm!"

"I'm sending us around a sand storm! It's so we can cover our tracks so my father and the others can't follow us as easily!"

"Makes sense," Zuko said to Kegare in agreement. "But this seems to be really close to the storm!"

"This is nothing," Jiao shouted over the winds. "I've been through worse! But with only one Sandbender, and I'm not even that great to begin with, this is as much as I can manage! Don't worry, we'll be leaving the storm soon!"

The two boys nodded silently as they looked at the youngest and newest member of their Team. Neither could ignore the fact that Jiao seemed to be absolutely exhausted. After a few more seconds, the sailor cleared the storm, and entered the barren wasteland that was the desert.

"Keep an eye out for any sign of the Fire Nation or the Spirit Library," Kegare ordered.

"Difficult for some of us," Toph all too readily pointed out. Kegare rolled his eyes before he looked out to the horizon.

"What's that," Ty Lee asked as she pointed head ahead. The Team all looked forward with soft gasps when they saw a few burning piles not too far off.

"Wait…they're Sandbenders," Jiao shouted. The Team all looked up to the little girl in shock before she immediately jumped off of the sand-sailor. The giant wooden transport started to slow down drastically as the rest of the Team jumped off, with June carrying Toph on her back.

Jiao sprinted towards the devastation and quickly looked around in horror. The bodies of her people lied around her, some beaten, impaled, or burned completely. "No…" Jiao continued to stare at the dreadful sight around her.

"Lady…Jiao…" The young Sandbender turned her head and quickly rushed towards a wounded Sandbender.

"Are you okay," Jiao immediately asked before she fell to her knees in front of the older man. "What happened?"

"W…we were following the Fire Nation…a-and then they…they…" The old man coughed up blood on himself. Jiao cringed away, her breath catching in her throat. The rest of the Team scattered around the battlefield to see if there were any other survivors. June and Toph both stood a few feet behind Jiao. The bounty hunter watched in silence while Toph listened intently. "They found out we were tailing them…th-they attacked in force. Wipe us out…the only survivor was Jackie…"

"Jackie? Jackie was with you all?" June looked at Toph with knowing eyes. Both women knew whoever Jackie was, they were important to Jiao.

"Y-yes…she went on ahead…w-we told her to go back home and give a message to the Chief…b-but she followed after the Fire Nation…th-the damn fool…" Jiao's eyes fell to her hands as she tried to comprehend all of this. "L-Lady Jiao…" The young Sandbender looked up with a soft gasp. "Wh-what're you d-doing…h…here…?" The old Sandbender's eyes rolled up in the back of his head before he breathed his last breath of life. Jiao's mouth hung open in shock. She sat in place, completely dumbfounded and lost.

June stepped forward and knelt down next to the young girl, and closed the old Sandbender's eyes. "You shouldn't have been witness to that…not at your age."

"He died…" June and Toph both looked over to Jiao, whose eyes were staring in a completely lost world unknown to her. "Someone just died…in front of me. I…I've never seen anyone die."

"Jiao…who is Jackie," Toph asked. The young Sandbender's eyes lit up in alarm as she was snapped back to reality.

"Sh-she's my best friend! She's been there for me since the day I was born." Jiao quickly shot up to her feet, "If she went after the Fire Nation, then we've gotta go after her! If nothing else she'll lead us to the bastards that did this!"

"Hey, language," June snapped. "Just because you're stuck with the rest of us fugitives doesn't mean you can curse like us!"

"Screw it, let's go save this Jackie chick," Toph shouted. Jiao nodded then ran back to the sand-sailor. "YO! Everyone back on the boat! We're leaving!"

When the Team gathered on the sailor, Jiao pushed herself as hard as she could go, and sent the sailor flying through the desert.

After nearly half an hour of traveling through the desert, the Team saw something in the horizon. June and Kegare leaned forward, narrowing their eyes to try to get a clear image of what was ahead. They saw a line composed of Fire Nation soldiers, obviously standing guard.

"Keep pushing forward," Kegare shouted. The Team looked at the former soldier with baffled looks on their faces. "Those soldiers are just a buffer to slow down any pursuers! We're getting closer to whatever Zhao is looking for! Keep pushing forward Jiao!"

"Right!" The young Sandbender took a few steps back, bending her arms a bit and keeping her elbows at her waist. She strode forward quickly and pushed her arms forward as hard as she could, sending a powerful blast of sand into the sailor. The Fire Nation soldiers all dived over out the way as the Team blew by on the sand-sailor. "Do you think they found the Spirit Library?"

"If they didn't, Zhao found something important," Kegare growled.

"What're we going to do when we get to the Spirit Library," June asked. "Those Fire Nation soldiers are sure to come after us."

"Zhao is an expert Firebender right? Well you've dealt with Lu Ten, and Zuko is a pretty good Firebender himself! And I've fought Fire Nation soldiers before, so I'll stay up top! Take the blind one with you."

"Hey, genius, don't you think the Earthbender that has a better chance of Bending sand should stay up top with Little Miss Spunk?"

"I'm going wherever Jackie is," Jiao shouted. "And don't try to talk me out of it!"

"Fine! Me, Zuko, and Jiao will go into the Spirit Library if Jackie is inside! The rest of you try to hold of the Fire Nation and keep the sand-sailor intact!"

"Dead ahead," Ty Lee shouted. The Team snapped their heads forward, seeing a single tower jutting out of the ground. Standing at the base of the tower was another group of Fire Nation soldiers, albeit a smaller batch.

"I don't see Jackie! She must be inside!"

"Focus on not ramming that tower," June ordered. "Try to circle around it! Me, Toph, and Ty Lee will distract the Fire Nation while the rest of you slip in!"

"Got it," Zuko replied with a firm nod.

Jiao curved the sand-sailor to just barely miss a group of Fire Nation soldiers, throwing a wave of sand on most of them. The three girls acting as a distraction jumped off of the sand-sailor, Toph holding onto June's arm. As soon as their feet hit the sand, Ty Lee and June shot towards the enemy while Toph swung her arms about from one side to the next, sending out shimmers of sand to hit the soldiers.

Jiao circled the sand-sailor around the back of the tower, which had no Fire Nation soldiers watching it. The three remaining Team members sprung off the sailor and ran towards the tower. Zuko grabbed a rope that the Fire Nation had left conveniently behind to enter through the top of the tower and started to climb. Jiao was behind the former prince while Kegare made sure they weren't being followed before following his partners in crime.

As soon as Zuko got to the top of the tower, he slid down the inside into a large structure buried underground. Jiao and Kegare followed his example before joining him inside of the large building.

To say the least, the three fugitives were dumbfounded by what they saw. A giant library that seemed to go down endless floors, with hundreds of shelves filled with books and scrolls of untold history and secrets.

"Whoa," Jiao murmured. The benders looked around in shock at just how large the library was. The sound of a sudden crackling stream caused Jiao and Kegare to turn their heads, just as a fireball was coming at them.

"Get down," Zuko shouted as he swatted the fireball away into cinders. The banished prince glared across the bridge at a group of four Fire Nation soldiers and behind them stood Commander Zhao with a smug grin on his face. Zuko scowled at Zhao who approached the three Benders through his soldiers.

"Well, what have we here? A banished prince, a foolish Earthbender, and a lowly little Sandbender. I'm shaking in my boots with fear."

"You'll be shaking in more than that when I'm through with you Zhao," Zuko growled.

"I don't think we should be fighting here," Kegare murmured.

"Where's Jackie you sicko," Jiao shouted.

"Who," Zhao asked as his face twisted a bit with confusion. "We killed all the Sandbenders in that group we encountered outside of the Spirit Library! We left no one alive."


Shen looked up and his mouth fell open in shock, "GUYS!"

Everyone, including the Fire Nation soldiers and Zhao looked up just as a giant landed on the bridge between the two sides. A giant bird-like creature rose up slowly and extended its wings out to both sides, throwing the humans further away from each other, and into the various bookshelves and a few pillars.

"I am Wan Shi Tong, he who knows ten thousand things! And you shall not bring your foolish War into this holy sanctuary of knowledge!"

The humans all pulled themselves up and stared up in awe at what they saw. Zhao groaned as his soldiers helped him off the ground, staring intently at the giant beast, "A Spirit…"

"No way," Jiao murmured. "Wan Shi Tong…he's real?"

"All Spirits are real," Kegare replied as he stepped forward. The Spirit snapped its head towards the approaching Earthbender. "Excuse me great Wan Shi Tong, we don't mean to intrude in your library. We were just looking for this girl's friend, a woman named Jackie. We believe she may have followed the Fire Nation to your library."

"No other human has entered this library before the Fire Nation," Shi Tong roared. "I shall destroy all of you if you foolish humans dare to bring your squabbles to my home!"

"We're not, all-knowing Spirit," Zhao spoke as he too stepped towards the Spirit. "I simply come here on behalf of Fire Lord Iroh, in the quest to seek a higher knowledge."

The owl turned his head towards Zhao, "I will not allow any of you to steal my knowledge to further your war! You humans are foolish, stupid creatures! This war, and the countless wars in the past are perfect examples of your idiocy! I'd hoped that this library could help you humans overcome your differences and wars!"

"We would never do that," Kegare said. "I ran away from the war, Zuko is a banished prince from the Fire Nation, and Jiao is from the Sand Tribes. We're all trying to get away from the War. We wouldn't abuse your knowledge like that great Spirit."

Wan Shi Tong stared at Kegare for a moment and stared with black, piercing eyes. The Earthbender stood firm as always as the Spirit silently judged him. Wan Shi Tong then turned to Zhao, "Do I have your word as well that you won't abuse the vast wealth of knowledge here Fire Nation commander?"

"I swear to you on my honor," Zhao replied with a formal bow to the Spirit. The Team glared uneasily at Zhao but Wan Shi Tong nodded and looked between the humans.

"Very well. You all are allowed access to my library as long as you don't use the knowledge for your War." The humans nodded to the Spirit before exchanging uneasy glances towards the opposing side.

The Team was the first to turn around and start to explore the Spirit Library. Kegare turned to Zuko and Jiao as he led the trio, "Okay, so we've just gotta find Jackie and get out of here. I doubt Zhao is here for his own curiosity, so he'll get caught by Wan Shi Tong anyway."

"But we could also take this opportunity to learn about the Fire Nation too," Jiao pointed out.

"Do you wanna find your friend or not," Kegare snapped. The Sandbender giggled nervously as she rubbed the back of her neck.

The Team spent several minutes exploring the library, trying to find Jiao's friend, but to no avail. Zuko growled as he crossed his arms angrily, "This is ridiculous! How big can this library be?"

"With as much knowledge as Wan Shi Tong knows, it could be as big as any city."

"You seem to know a lot about the Spirits Kegare," Jiao pointed out. The Earthbender nodded as he turned his head to the right.

"My father was a very strong believer of the Spirits and their role in this world. It's kind of inherited that I at least know a fair bit about them." Kegare turned his head to Jiao, "What does your friend look like? What're we expecting exactly?"

"A kangaroo-camel," Jiao replied evenly. Zuko and Kegare both twitched visibly with disbelief. The Sandbender looked at the two older boys with a curious stare, "What's wrong?" The Earthbender and Firebender looked to each other to ensure that they both heard the same thing before snapping their heads back to Jiao.

"We're looking…for your pet," Zuko questioned.

"Hey! Jackie is way more than just a pet," Jiao snapped. "She's been my best friend since forever! My mom took her in when she was just a baby, and she's been apart of the family ever since!"

"You do realize we're risking ALL of our lives right," Kegare questioned. Jiao stamped her foot on the ground and fumed at the older boy.

"Guys, quiet," Zuko snapped. The two turned their heads as Zuko stared cautiously to the side. Kegare and Jiao both walked over to Zuko and stared down the hall, seeing two Fire Nation soldiers posted outside of a room. "Zhao's in there no doubt…"

"Right," Kegare agreed. "But we can't do anything about it. If we fight inside of this library, Wan Shi Tong is going to flip out and attack us."

"But can we just let Zhao get away with whatever information he's going to use," Jiao pondered softly.

Before either boy could answer, the sound of a struggle came from inside of the room. The two soldiers turned their heads towards the entrance in confusion before the door came crashing open, knocking the two men down. Zuko and Kegare yelped in fright while Jiao cried out happily.

"JACKIE!" A creature sprinted fast on two legs, snorting loudly before stopping in front of the three humans. Jiao laughed happily and hugged her friend, "How'd you sneak in here Jackie?" The kangaroo-camel shook its head. Jiao and the other two boys noted something in the animal's mouth. "What's that…?"

"GET THEM!" The Team and Jackie turned their heads as Zhao came barreling out of the room.

"Worry about it later," Kegare shouted. Jackie picked up Jiao in her arms and grunted noisily towards Zuko to get on her back. Kegare quickly raised a wall of earth to block the Firebenders' attacks. "Go now! Get out of here!"

Zuko nodded and jumped on Jackie's furry back, between two of her humps. Jackie then started hopping quickly before breaking out in a full sprint. Kegare used his Earthbending some more to bring down the hallway to block Zhao and his men from following before turning around and sprinting to try to catch up with his friends.

The Fire Nation soldiers tried to see if they could get past the blockade, but to no avail. Zhao glared at the wall between him and his enemies before turning back to the room that held vital information on the Fire Nation. "No one else will learn of the Fire Nation's secrets…" Zhao swung his arm towards the door, setting the room ablaze before heading through an alternate route to escape the library.

Zuko held onto Jackie's neck for dear life, unsure of what to make of riding on the hopping animal. Jiao however didn't seem to be affected at all as she reached up to Jackie's mouth and took the strange scroll from her mouth. The scroll had the Fire Nation seal on the front, rousing more questions in Jiao's mind.

Within a few short minutes, Jackie got Zuko and Jiao to the entrance where the rope dangled in front of them. Zuko got off and Jackie let Jiao down, "We gotta move!"

"What about Kegare," Jiao asked. Zuko growled in frustration before something caught his eye, causing his face to pale considerably. Jiao and Jackie turned around and squeaked with shock as Wan Shi Tong stood before them.

"Leaving so soon? Did you all get enough knowledge from my library?"

"Y-yeah, we learned plenty," Jiao replied nervously. "Don't worry about us! We found my friend Jackie, see?"

The owl nodded, "Indeed. Well, if you ever seek more knowledge, you and your friends can come back anytime." The owl cried out in pain as it was struck in the back by a barrage of fire. The Spirit fell to the ground, it's back smoking as four Fire Nation soldiers stood in a Firebender stance. Zhao walked around the corner and sneered at Zuko and Jiao.

"Now, I don't think you all want that nasty old scroll. Give it to me."

"Not a chance," Jiao snapped. "Jackie took this scroll for a reason! And the fact you want it is more than enough reason to keep it away from you!"

Zhao huffed with an amused smirk at Jiao. The commander turned his attention to Zuko as his eyes glinted with a little more malicious look. "Zuko…burn the scroll, and I'll arrange for you to come back to the Fire Nation." Zuko gasped with shock, causing Jiao to snap her head around. Zhao grinned and stepped forward, "I'll talk to Fire Lord Iroh personally, and arrange for you to be allowed to return home as a hero. You'll once again be a prince as the Fire Lord's nephew."

"Like hell," Zuko shouted as he flipped over Jiao and sent a fireball from his foot towards Zhao. The commander scowled before swatting the fireball away. As the cinders faded, Zhao growled.

"You're going to regret denying my offer!"

A powerful gust of wind blew Zhao's men back off of their feet while it pushed the commander himself backwards. Zhao looked up as Wan Shi Tong rose up off the ground, slowly morphing into a more terrifying shape.

"You…foolish…ignorant…HUMANS!" Wan Shi Tong threw his head back, releasing a piercing shriek that caused everyone to cover their ears, unable to move or hear. "I will destroy you mortals and then take my knowledge back to the Spirit World with me!"

Zhao growled before he unleashed a stream of fire upon the Spirit. Shi Tong cried out as his right side was being hit with fire. The other four soldiers got off of the floor and joined their commander in the barrage. Wan Shi Tong turned to the Firebenders and covered his face with both wings.

The Spirit then launched its head through the fire and grabbed the first soldier in its beak. The soldier cried out in fear as his comrades watched in horror as Wan Shi Tong shook his head about before tossing the soldier over the bridge and into what seemed to be an endless abyss of knowledge. Wan Shi Tong then turned to the Team and moved to swing his left wing. Zuko quickly wrapped his arms around Jiao to shield her from the blast of wind.

Wan Shi Tong cried out as he was thrown off balance by the bridge being broken off of its foundation. The Spirit glared past the Team and saw Kegare sprinting towards them. The Earthbender sprung into the air as Wan Shi Tong pulled his wing back again to strike. Kegare landed first and slammed his heel into the ground, sending a seismic crack through the ground, causing the bridge to collapse and fall out from beneath the Spirit. Wan Shi Tong screamed as he fell down within his own library with rubble falling with him.

"Go now," Kegare shouted.

Jiao nodded and climbed up the rope first with the scroll tucked in her belt. The library shook as Wan Shi Tong came crashing up through the floor, almost taking Zuko out in the process. Jiao screamed in fear as she clutched to the rope which slithered with the sudden force from the Spirit.

Zuko started shooting fireballs at the Spirit to keep it away. Wan Shi Tong circled around before coming back around and landing on the central platform where Zuko, Kegare, and Jackie stood. When the Spirit landed, it threw the three off balance and onto their rear ends. Wan Shi Tong reared his head back and shrieked once again, causing the Team to cringe with pain.

Once again, the Spirit was hit with a barrage of fire. Wan Shi Tong stumbled back, screaming in pain and frustration. The Fire Nation soldiers leapt across the gap to the central platform before attacking the Spirit relentlessly with a series of fiery strikes.

Zhao watched as his men kept the Spirit on the defensive. The commander turned around and placed his hand on the nearest scroll before setting it ablaze. The old pieces of paper and wood spread fire like a forest of dead leaves. Zhao grabbed a scroll, unrolled it and set the end on fire before tossing it to the lower levels. The fire quickly spread through all the levels of the library, setting countless levels on fire.

Wan Shi Tong saw what Zhao had done to his library and could only watch in horror. Even the Team, who were running away from the angered Spirit, were mortified by Zhao's action.

Shi Tong screamed in fury before lunging forward, grabbing another Fire Nation soldier in his beak before throwing him into the nearest fire. The other two soldiers stepped away in fear before one tried to attack. Wan Shi Tong quickly smacked the soldier with his wing, sending the soldier flying into another fire. The last soldier stammered nervously as the Spirit approached him. Wan Shi Tong did nothing as the soldier fell off of the platform and plummeted into the endless, fiery darkness.

"You foolish, ungrateful mortals! We Spirits have done so much for you! And this is how you repay us?"

Zhao leapt across the gap and unleashed a two handed, intense wave of fire on the owl. The Spirit groaned as he was pushed back before lunging his head forward. Zhao flipped to the side, but managed to slip a well place fireball from his foot down the throat of the Spirit. Wan Shi Tong's eyes widened as he cried out in pain and threw his head back. Smoke and fire shot out of his mouth as the Spirit stumbled around frantically.

Kegare and Zuko watched in horror before stepping out of the way so as not to be crushed by the Spirit. Wan Shi Tong lowered his head and glared at Zhao before the commander launched a powerful fireball at the Spirit's face. The fireball knocked Wan Shi Tong over the edge of the central platform and sent him plummeting into the depths.

"You," Zuko murmured. The banished prince clenched his fists and growled, "You heartless-,"

"Zuko come on," Kegare shouted. The Earthbender quickly lifted up a circular wall around them and lifted it up to where Zhao couldn't climb or jump over it, trapping them under the entrance, and keeping Zhao out.

Zuko scowled before he climbed up the rope behind Jackie and Jiao before Kegare followed behind him. Jiao climbed out and saw that Toph, June, and Ty Lee were still battling Fire Nation soldiers. The Sandbender quickly climbed over and started to slide down the outside of the tower. Jackie simply sprung out from the top of the tower, and got out far enough to where she could use a couple of Fire Nation soldiers as cushions. Kegare and Zuko followed Jiao's example and slide down the outside of the tower.

"Toph," Kegare shouted. "I need your help!"

"Oh you're SO gonna owe me," Toph venomously whispered to herself before heading towards the sound of Kegare's voice. "What's up Man-Boy?"

"We've gotta destroy the entrance to this library," Kegare said. "We can trap Zhao inside of it."

"DONE!" Toph immediately slammed her head into the tower, causing cracks to snake out from the point of impact and the whole tower itself to shake.

Kegare slammed his palms into the tower, causing it to crumble and shake even more while Toph joined in and started beating the tower with her fists. The tower eventually started to shake and collapse in on itself.

June lashed her whip around a soldier's wrist before pulling him in and kicking the soldier in the face, knocking him unconscious on his back. The bounty hunter turned her head, seeing Jiao was Sandbending the sand-sailor to get ready to leave. June whistled to the Team and headed towards the sand-sailor first, spin-kicking through a Fire Nation soldier to get there.

Ty Lee ducked between two soldiers and did a series of quick, precise jabs to render the two men limp as they fell to the ground before she cartwheeled over them. Zuko launched fireball after fireball into the soldiers, hitting them with such force that they fell on their backs and unconscious before heading after the sand-sailor. Jackie sprung up on her tail and kicked a Fire Nation soldier with her massive feet before punching another one repeatedly in the face.

Jiao got the sand-sailor to pick up slowly in speed as June and Jackie jumped on. The bounty hunter stared at the animal for a moment in confusion. After a few seconds, June pointed a finger at the kangaroo-camel, "Jackie…?" The animal nodded, to which June simply shrugged as Zuko and Ty Lee jumped on the sand-sailor too.

"We're picking up Toph and Kegare," Jiao shouted as she circled the sand-sailor back around.

Kegare knocked down the last bit of the tower with a hard glare at the entrance of the Spirit Library. Toph simply sighed and brushed her hands off with a satisfied grin on her face. Kegare turned his head, seeing the Team coming around on the sand-sailor. He quickly grabbed Toph's hand and ran towards the sailor.

"We're leaving," Kegare quickly explained. He and Toph jumped towards the sailor and were both caught by June and Zuko. The two Earthbenders were pulled up onto the sand-sailor as it shot off into the desert, leaving the remaining Fire Nation soldiers behind.

"Well, let's not do that again," Zuko shouted over the sound of the rushing winds.

"I had fun," Toph replied loudly. "At least Commander-Butthead is trapped underground right?"

"Yeah, but he killed a Spirit before he did," Kegare murmured. Toph, June, and Ty Lee's expressions lit up with shock upon hearing this. The others simply remained silent and stared in their separate directions. Though Zhao was trapped if his men didn't dig him up, they prevented to save a Spirit.

"This isn't unusual for the Fire Nation to attack a Spirit," Zuko finally spoke. "But…to have been there, unable to save Wan Shi Tong…"

"I'm sure you did all you could," June replied, placing a supportive hand on her teammate's shoulder.

"Hey, you guys did more than most," Toph added. "Plus I'm guessing we have Jackie too right?"

"Yeah," Ty Lee cautiously answered as she looked at the new Team member in question. "She's apparently a kangaroo-camel."

"See? Victory for Team Toph!" Most of the Team at least smiled softly at Toph's energetic attempt to pull everyone out of their slump, but the loss of a Spirit to the Fire Nation was too great.

At the entrance of the Spirit Library, as night fell, the soldiers had dug through the rubble and tossed a rope down the hole. After a few moments, Zhao emerged with a confident smile on his face.

"Sir, are you alright?"

"Yes," Zhao replied. "We're heading back to the Fire Nation. I've got a campaign I'd like to present to the Fire Lord personally…"

"Yes sir." The soldiers scrambled to get the mounts ready while Zhao simply continued to grin.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since an update lol. Hopefully this didn't seem too rushed (but it was). And to explain the anatomy of a kangaroo-camel, basically it has the body of a kangaroo, but more of the physical appearance/traits of a camel. Make sense? Hopefully so lol. Hope you enjoyed if you read this.

I would also like to take this opportunity to state that any similarities that this story may have in the future to the Legend of Korra series is purely coincidental. I swear on my mother's grave I had the complete outline for this story written like last year. So there, that's my disclaimer lol.