Sakura decided to go back to her home for lunch. She was greeted by her mother who had already prepared a small lunch for herself, but being the good mother that she was she let Sakura eat it and made herself something different instead. Of course she didn't let Sakura know that she had prepared the lunch for herself or she wouldn't have accepted it with a smile.

After eating, the pink haired kunoichi decided to go to the library. She found that being alone in her home was too unproductive. As she walked to the library, she couldn't help but think of her team. Once you got used to it, Kakashi didn't seem to be that bad. He was still a pain for putting on the weights and not teaching them how to take them off, but it was all for training.

Thinking of the weights made them suddenly feel a lot heavier on her. Sakura tried to make herself not think about them but it just made it worse. The pinkette resorted on thinking of other things. Like how Sasuke was acting totally different. Well, not completely. He still grunted more than he spoke. And his competitive nature seemed to be only worse as he went toe to toe with Naruto. But he was smirking a lot more. Not quite smiling, but smirking was a lot better than scowling.

And he did laugh a lot while talking to Kyuubi... Or Kurama was it? She remembered that the previous day Naruto had asked both her and Sasuke to call the nine-tails Kurama because she had said that that was her name. It would take some getting used to, but Sakura was sure she'd get it right.

Upon arriving at the library that she had made her way to, she robotically entered and made her way to the section she usually got books from. She halted her train of thought and looked at the books in front of her. Reading the backs of the books to see if she found anything interesting, she realized that this wasn't what she really wanted to read right now.

She was in the magazine section. This was where she usually went for beauty tips and things on how to impress boys. Sakura blinked a few times before turning around and heading to another part of the library. Why did she automatically go there? Did she really go to that section that often? How much time did she really waste of her life on trying to impress Sasuke?

Sakura frantically shook her head and stared at the floor for a while. Then she looked forward with a new determination in her eyes. She marched past the magazine section. Then came the romantic novels section, the science fiction section, the historic section, the kid's books section, the science section, the section on different languages, and then finally the section that contained things on being a shinobi.

Obviously the public library didn't have complicated jutsu scrolls or things about the different clans or kekkei genkai. Those were in a completely different library that stood right next to the Hokage Tower. But there were a few books that contained the basic information. Like things that taught the difference between tai, gen and ninjutsu. And the basics of chakra... all sorts of things.

The pinkette entered the isle. The books were mostly thick ones, probably well over three-hundred pages long. Quickly, she scanned over the titled that were labeled on the spine until she found one that could be useful to her.

Her interest spiked when she read the title "Paths for a Kunoichi" written in golden on a dark wine colored book. This interested her because Sakura was well aware that she nothing close to the amount of physical strength that most male shinobi had. And also women had much less stamina. So was it common for kunoichi to do something different? She didn't think so but maybe she was wrong.

Sakura took the book and went to sit on one of the many tables in the library. She opened the book and skipped over the pages that contained the acknowledgements as well as the table of contents and went straight to the introduction. It was rather short so Sakura thought it best to read through it thoroughly.

"A kunoichi, or a female shinobi, isn't as physically apt to preforming the same strength-based tasks as a male shinobi could. The female frame is by average more petit and weaker than a male. Also, women tend to have a lesser stamina. Therefore kunoichi often don't choose the same paths in their careers as men.

However, being a woman also has its advantages in the shinobi world. Kunoichi seems to be much more capable at controlling their chakra than men. Though they typically have less chakra, their control is far superior. This allows kunoichi to preform tasks that male shinobi wouldn't be able to do.

One thing that kunoichi are more suited for is stealth. Their small forms and more flexibility allow for more precise movements and makes it easier for the body to be hidden. The superior chakra control permits them to be able to mask their presence.

Another thing that female shinobi excel at is genjutsu. The chakra control and low chakra reserves make genjutsu an alternative for the more draining tai and ninjutsu. Though for this reason on a squad, a genjutsu specialist is usually considered the backup and are not often placed on the front lines.

The third and probably most important possibility for a kunoichi is medical ninjutsu. Some parts of it is quite draining chakra wise, but the precision needed to preform it requires impeccable chakra control. Not many can become successful medics, but it is s highly revered practice.

Each kunoichi is different in strengths and some fields suit them better than others. Finding what they are best at only depends on them."

Sakura read through that same page a few times. Of course she had known from an early age that boys were naturally stronger than girls. Just like her dad was taller than her mum, boys were just better at physical things. But she had no idea that girls had better chakra control. The flexibility she knew.

Knowing that she was good for something made Sakura really happy. She read over the page once more and made a mental list of a few things that she could become. The pinkette was positive that she wasn't one of the few exceptions to the rule and had great strength. So that left being stealthy, being a genjutsu specialist, or being a medic.

She looked back on what she had been taught in the academy on those things. Regarding stealth, all that they had been taught was how to quiet your breaths and how to pick a decent hiding spot. Sakura was simply average at that. She had never tried using her flexibility for anything other than in a taijutsu spar.

Sakura sighed before pondering over her next option. The second option was being a genjutsu specialist. She thought back to the exercise that they had done that day. She was basically the back line supporter when they were fighting against Kakashi. But when she looked back to what she had been taught in the academy, she found that the only thing she knew was what genjutsu basically was, how to detect it and how to dispel it. She didn't know any herself.

The last option was becoming a medic-nin. This slightly sparked her interest more than the other two options because she knew that there weren't many medic-nin around. And she had soaked up the basic first-aid things they taught in the academy like a sponge.

The pinkette kunoichi decided that she would ask Kakashi on the subject the next day. Maybe he knew some of the ninjutsu and could teacher her! Being a medic would definitely benefit the team. And that Ino-pig wouldn't have a chance against her after that!

Sakura smirked to herself then got up to put the book back. A look out the window told her that it was now dusk and that she should be heading back home. So she did just that.

At the same time, Sasuke was walking back to his apartment from a random training ground that he had found empty. He had spent the whole afternoon learning a new fire jutsu from a scroll that had been left in the Uchiha Compound. A few years ago he had collected all the jutsu scrolls and weapons he had found from the various storage closets and shacks.

He kept most of the weapons sealed away in sealing scrolls, but the jutsu scrolls were all on a shelf in his apartment and were read regularly. Most were too complicated for him to learn. So he only read over them to make sure that he still couldn't learn them.

But that day after lunch he had read over one, Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique), and found that he might actually be able to do it. So he went out to try it. And sure enough, after a few dozen tries, he managed to get it. He had yet to master it, but it was better than nothing. So, the Uchiha prodigy walked back to his apartment with a satisfied smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, Naruto was happily sitting at Ichiraku's where he had just been at lunch time. Yet he had returned of his dinner. But that was only to be expected as he had no intention to cook for himself and he'd rather have Ichiraku's than a bowl of instant ramen.

He thought back to the activities of the day as he slurped through his third bowl of the delicious noodles. After his lunch at the very same ramen stand where he was now, he really had no clue on what he was going to do for the day. He thought about paying ol' Hokage-jiji a visit but he didn't have very much to tell him.

It really didn't cross his mind to tell him anything about Kurama, so he continued thinking on his next activity while walking. The idea of visiting his old sensei Iruka dawned on his mind but he really didn't have much to say to him either. Sure he could tell him about his mission and how his training with Kakashi was, but the want to tell him that wasn't superior to the feeling of not wanting to go back to the Academy so soon after leaving it.

So the blond continued to walk the streets of Konoha with no idea what he was going to do with the rest of his day. Suddenly, a little voice in the back of his head began to speak to him! It called his name and presented him with an idea... Literally.

'Hey kit, I've got an idea.' Spoke the voice of Kurama. 'How about I teach you something new?'

Naruto's eyes grew bright and a large smile graced his face. 'Will you really?!' He shouted into his mind.

The fox chuckled at his reaction. It was as if she were giving chocolate to a baby. 'Sure kit. Just get your ass to a training field and we'll see what I can teach you.' She responded.

He ran as fast as he could to the nearest training field he knew of. All that was seen was an orange and yellow blur dashing through the street. A few people, upon seeing the blur, braced themselves for a catastrophic prank. But they were relieved to find no such thing and continued on with whatever it what that they were doing.

He arrived at the empty training field he usually used to train on his own and patiently waited for Kurama to decide on what to teach him. It took a few minuted for her to make up her mind but when she did...

Naruto cringed as he remembered the next part. He was now on his seventh bowl of ramen and he really didn't feel like reliving the next part of his day so he just decided to focus on his ramen. Another two bowls later, he payed his bill and went on home for some much needed rest.

The next day arrived quick and Sasuke and Sakura were both waiting in the Training ground eleven for their sensei to arrive. After a poof of smoke, he was there. And only around three seconds after did Naruto come running in.

"Sensei! Please don't make me run more laps!" He shouted hysterically.

Kakashi gave him a single eyes smile before saying "I'm sorry Naruto, but there is no excuse for being late."

Sasuke scoffed in response to that, but he did acknowledge that Kakashi hadn't been late for now three of the five days that they had known him. But the first two days hadn't given him a good impression.

"Right, so today you will be doing fifty laps, seeing as all three of you are far more used to the weight." The jonin said.

Sasuke and Naruto began running without a word. Kakashi made the hand seal to shunshin away but a word from Sakura halted him. "Sensei! Before you go to your reading, may I ask you a question?" She said politely. She was polite mostly because she didn't know what he was reading though...

"Sure thing Sakura, that's why I'm here." Responded the jonin.

"Well, I was reading a book yesterday. And it said that kunoichi aren't as physically strong as male shinobi. But it also said that they have better chakra control." She paused for a second to take a breath.

"That certainly is true." Kakashi said.

"And the book also said that they were more suited to become medics. So I was wondering if you could teach me some medical nin-jutsu..." The pinkette finished.

Kakashi paused for a second before answering. "Well, I knew from the day before yesterday, when you used chakra to help you with the weights, that you have exception control, even for a kunoichi. So I knew you'd be a good medic or genjutsu user. For you to realize this yourself proves that you are as smart as your Academy results show you are."

He was saying all this with his usual bored and detached tone, but it still made Sakura smile happily. She was being praised after all.

"However..." This word made her frown slightly, but she continued to attentively listen to her sensei's words. "I'm not skilled at all in medical ninjutsu you see. So the most I can do is get you a detailed scroll on the basics and perhaps on the intermediate and a few techniques but not much more than that. If it were genjutsu I could help a lot more. But the only hand's on I can help you with is your chakra control." The masked man said honestly.

"Well thats already enough sensei. I'm not really sure if I'm suited for medical ninjutsu. So if it doesn't work out you can teach me some genjutsu." Sakura said, now smiling again. "I'm probably going to be the one on the back lines of the team anyway so both would be fine. Thanks sensei."

The pinkette the ran off and began on her laps, seeing as her two teammates had already run passed her once and almost a second time.

The rest of the morning exercises went by. The three genin took around the same amount of time than they had the previous day. Naruto had to run a total of nighty laps while his other two teammates had to do fifty. The push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups were also fifty each but the genin found it much easier than the previous day.

Since Kakashi apparently had no desire to spar with the trio, he gave them a D-rank mission for them to complete before being dismissed for lunch. The mission was simple, they had to re-paint a fence. They did so reluctantly but got the job done.

Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke all had a headache when lunch arrived. It wasn't unbearable, but the fact that Naruto continued to scream didn't help at all. Their headache came to be because of his complaints regarding the fence painting. And now his screams had something to do with ramen or whatever.

Kakashi was quick to tell them to meet him at their training grounds in an hour before his used the shunshin to poof away. That left Sasuke and Sakura to deal with their loudmouth teammate. It was only two minutes after Kakashi left that Sakura lost her temper and hit her teammate upside the head with her fist. The fact that her fist weighed twenty-five more pounds than usual only helped her inflict the pain.

'That shut him up.' thought Sasuke with a smirk.

The pink haired kunoichi sighed in frustration before saying "Don't you ever shut up?!" angrily at Naruto.

"Sorry Sakura-chan." Naruto replied in a whisper.

'You really should try to talk a little less loudly.' Kurama said to him.

"I'll try to talk more quietly." The blond Jinchuriki said to both Kurama and Sakura.

Squad Seven ended up going to a dango shop for lunch. Kurama managed to talk Naruto out of complaining to spare his teammates of an even greater headache.

The conversation they had over lunch was mostly over what menial chore Kakashi would have them do next. The conversation was mostly between Naruto and Sakura but Sasuke was listening and giving his own input by grunting at the possible chores and scoffing at the ones he thought to be improbable. It wasn't much but it was enough for the blond and the pinkette to get his opinion about it.

After lunch Squad Seven managed to complete another three D-ranks before calling it a day at sunset. Once they finished the last of them, Kakashi took them to the Hokage Tower to give his mission reports and to collect the payment.

The next day arrived and by six forty, Sasuke and Sakura could already be found at the training grounds. Seven o'clock came and Naruto came running into the area. "I'm... not... late!" He screamed in between gasps for air.

Sakura sighed. "You should set your alarm earlier if you always end up getting here late, even if Kakashi-sensei isn't here yet." She scolded.

'She's right you know.' Kurama added.

"Fine, I'll do that tonight." Naruto said, still trying to catch his breath slightly.

"Just don't forget, alright?" the pinkette warned. She relieved a goofy grin in response to her and she couldn't help but crack a small smile in response.

The kunoichi was pleased to find that Naruto had been utilizing the clothes that she had bought for him. Today he was wearing some white shorts with a blue T-shirt that had the konoha symbol in orange on its front. She was surprised to see that he didn't have his shuriken pouch or his kunai holster with him though. So she asked him why.

"Oh, that? Its just that Kurama said that I should leave them at home since we're only going to be doing chores." Naruto said while scratching the back of his head. "I don't have many kunai or shuriken so its best to take care of the ones I have."

They waited for Kakashi another ten minutes before Sasuke stood up from where he was seated at the base of a tree. Naruto shot him a confused glance. "Doesn't seem like Kakashi is going to get here anytime soon. I don't want to waste time so I'm going to start running." The Uchiha responded to Naruto's unspoken question.

"Great idea teme!" Naruto exclaimed before standing and beginning to run around the grounds with Sasuke hot on his trail.

Sakura rolled her eyes at the boys's competition before she too stood and began to run. She tried to use as little chakra as she could, and was pleased to see that she didn't need to use much. But she had read that the more that one uses chakra, the more one can make. So she still circulated a small amount of chakra through her limbs, just so she could build up better reserves.

Sasuke and Naruto finished their fifty laps in almost three fourths of the time that it took them the previous day. Sakura noticed that it was their rivalry that made them improve so much. She laughed a little as she saw the two arguing over who crossed the line first.

Naruto paused his rant for a second before beginning to whine. "But Kurama! I got there first!" a second of silence. "Fine, you win teme!" Now his voice was directed as Sasuke, who smirked. "But I'll surely beat you at push-ups!" The blond said with determination.

Sakura was only half done her laps while the boys were racing away with the other exercises. Upon finishing her fiftieth lap, she found Naruto and Sasuke bickering over who finished the pull-ups first.

"Dobe, theres no way you could of beaten me." Sasuke said. "You are the dead-last after all." a smirk formed on his face.

Naruto was outraged. "I am not!" He shouted, waving his arms frantically in the air. "And I totally finished first, teme!"



"Dobe." This time Sasuke actually glared at him.

"Teme!" Naruto was fuming.

"Alright, alright. Break it up already." Was the voice of Sakura. She glared at the two boys menacingly with her fist in front of her, ready to strike.

Naruto and Sasuke audibly gulped, both slightly scared of their female teammate. Naruto had already felt her wrath and had no interest in facing it again. As for Sasuke, well there was no way that he'd fight back against a girl. His pride as a man wouldn't allow him to. But he had seen how bad she hurt Naruto and despite what he said about the dobe, he knew that he had a strong skull.

Sakura showed her own slightly evil, yet satisfied smirk at the reaction of her two teammates. "The answer to this is simple." She said in a calm and low voice. "Just ask Kurama who finished first and end this pointless argument."

"Kurama?" Naruto said aloud, simply to make the fox answer the question that he was sure that she had heard.

Sasuke and Sakura waited in silence as their teammate received their response. It only took a few seconds for Naruto to nod and say "She said that we tied."

Sasuke grunted and turned to begin his sit-ups while Naruto smiled at Sakura. She smiled back at him and began doing her own exercises. Sadly she had to use a lot more chakra to do the push-ups and pull-ups than she did for the running, but the sit-ups took no chakra at all from her part.

As soon as Sakura finished her sit-ups, she looked for her teammates to find them sparing. They were only using taijutsu but she could tell that it was really impressive. It was clear to her that Sasuke was wining, but it was a close call.

"I need to get stronger!" the Uchiha suddenly called. "Naruto! Use a clone to fight me!" Naruto stopped mid-punch to look at him questioningly. "Just do it. And if I dispel it create another to replace it."

Naruto shrugged but nodded. He couldn't help but grin and he formed his favorite hand-seal but crossing his middle and index fingers in front of his face and loudly shouting "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Shadow Clone Jutsu) immediately after a cloud of smoke appeared beside Naruto revealing an exact replica of him.

Naruto and his clone both charged to attack Sasuke. The fight was a lot more even now and Sakura couldn't see if either had the upper hand. That is, until Sasuke managed to dispel the clown by hitting it with a roundhouse kick. Naruto struggled to get an opportunity to replace that single clone but during the whole fight he was grinning, simply because it was fun.

After another half hour of Naruto and Sasuke sparing, Kakashi poofed into existence beside Sakura. His only greeting towards his students was a simple "Yo!"

Naruto and Sasuke's fight was halted as they turned to face their sensei. "You're late!" Naruto, his clone and Sakura called.

"Well you see, there was this old lady buying groceries and the bags seemed so heavy so I naturally had to help her carry them back to her house." Kakashi attempted to explain.

"Liar!" The same three voices called accompanied by a grunt from Sasuke.

"Anyway, I take it that you guys already finished the running and other exercises?" The jonin asked.

"Yup!" Naruto exclaimed happily. His anger at his teacher already all but forgotten.

"Well its straight off to missions then." The silver haired man stated.

That day they completed three D-ranks. Then following day was the exact same. The trio arrived at the training field and waited for Kakashi only to find that he was going to be late again. So they went through their exercises and the running. After they finished that in record time, Sasuke and Naruto plus clone began to spar. While they spared, Sakura worked on reading the medical ninjutsu scroll that Kakashi had gotten for her.

The scroll had a few things that she could learn but before she could learn any more than the two or three things she did, she realized that she had to study up on human anatomy.

After around forty minutes of Sasuke and Naruto sparing Kakashi showed up. "You're late!" Shouted Sakura, Naruto and Naruto's clone.

"Well you see, I was on my way here and I saw this little bird fall out of its nest and–"

Kakashi was cut off by and enraged call of "Liar!" from Sakura, Naruto and Naruto's clone.

The rest of the day was spent on D-rank missions. For some odd reason Naruto seemed to complain less each day. It was mostly because Kurama was trying to teach him patience and how to be level headed. It was a slow process, but it saved the rest of Squad Seven from massive headaches.

The following day went much the same. And the only thing different about the one after that was that after they finished their batch of D-rank missions Kakashi increased their weights to have thirty-five pounds on each wrist and ankle. Their routine became much harder but other than that there wasn't much of a change.