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Just after Oliza's departure with Betia; Salem is now the Diente and Sive is the Tuuli Thea. The land is just settling into peace until new problems arrive.

~~~Chapter 1~~~

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot." –Eleanor Roosevelt

The Escape

Darkness. It was suffocating her to the point she could not recall what the sun looked like.

She moved to make herself as comfortable as she could on the cold flagstones of her dungeon. The manacles around her feet clinked subtly on the stones.

She had long since been stripped of her dignity and honor; the only thing she possessed now was a fractured will and a soul that wanted freedom.

Her spirit felt stretched into a small form that was wholly unnatural to her magic. Her captors had trapped her in a basic human form that was only meant to keep her from turning into what she truly was. A pissed off dragon that wanted blood.

Nyrie did indeed have a humanoid form that came natural to her; however it was physically and mentally more advanced than her current human form.

She missed the sky and the wind rushing past her face as she flew.

Nyrie sighed longingly, she wondered how much longer before her jailer got tired of her presence.

She quietly huddled into the torn raggedy old rags she had been given when she was first transformed and placed in her cell.

A roar echoed from down the dismal alley and Nyrie shifted to see what was going on.

A chimera, a hybrid of a cobra, lion, and goat, padded behind the quartermaster clearly irate and bleeding from its left shoulder, its muzzled heads glared menacingly at everything it laid its angry amber eyes on.

Nyrie shuddered as its orbs came to a stop on her figure.

The agitated beast unexpectedly lunged at Nyrie's cell only to be stopped by the metal bars.

She instinctively snarled back at it; her fingers curling into non-existent talons in an attempt to swat at it.

Looking at her hands, she realized.


In this form she would easily be torn to shreds by the chimera if it hadn't been for the safety of the bars.

The quartermaster yelled a series of curses at the beast as it lunged and nearly caught him with a wicked looking set of claws.

He raised his whip and brought it down across the animal's back. The chimera hissed in pain and unwillingly fell into a submission.

"Be lucky I don't declaw ya, kitty."

It let out an angry, but defeated snarl.

The quartermaster quickly pulled the creature away and led it back to its cage.

Nyrie knew her lion captors enjoyed blood sport and especially from rare and frightening creatures; though she had heard tales of some lion tribes being completely independent of this one, this she prayed was true.

She was no exception, though she was not completely a dragon, she was not completely human either.

She was one of the strongest rare fighters the malignant lion leader; Bloodmayne, had captured, and despite her not being trained by her people to be a fighter; it seems survival overrode her higher moral compass.

Exposed to a chance that she may die every day she was in this hell hole had hardened her into a fighter.

"Well, I guess this is the icing on the sweet cake of life," She thought to herself miserably.

She had no idea how she had been subdued or why until she was brought to the arena and "tested."

When he had set her against his advising mages to see what powers she possessed and what fighting skills she had.

When Bloodmayne had first entered the arena and saw her standing there; she remembered his cool gold gaze staring at her tired dragon form.

His wicked grin had sent chills down her spine; amongst dragons rogues who had gone completely feral were hunted and put down.

Much like this monster needed to be.

From that day on she knew she would have to fight just to stay alive.

These lions possessed a twisted form of black magic; the ability to force change, only rivaled by the falcons.

Nyrie's own magic was much too exhausted out and weak to fight the lion mages' combined overpowering of magic on her.

Her lithe strong scales gave way to pale ivory skin and her mind cried out as her natural defenses gave way to the might of lion magic.

She felt her demi-form and her true form subdued to the point she felt them almost cease to exist, and then frozen to where she couldn't call on them.

She shivered in response; scared out of her mind and cold. She snarled in anger and fear, but only a faint gasp came up.

Bloodmayne's guards had then grabbed her and threw her into this damned cell.

She missed her nestmates Skyla and Thrake, her mother, and her home.

She sighed mentally; this was only supposed to be a quick diplomacy mission and then home.

Footsteps sounded down the hall and ended when the clanging of keys hit against her cell bars.

Cracking open her sleepy eyes; she saw the overmaster sling his whip over his shoulder and turn the key counter-clockwise.

The old gate groaned its protest with a loud screech and slammed against the stonewall.

He stepped into her cell with his hands on his hips.

Nyrie sighed internally, Here we go again.

"What the hell do you want now?"

She rose to her weary feet and with her head up walked towards the dark hall and into the arena; her whole frame trembled with anxiety of who she would face today.

She felt the tingle of lion magic release her form and she immediately took on her dragon form.

White scales became a light armor and her wings stretched out wide in huge flaps, and her whip-like tail snapped and the tail fins on the tip opened and shut once more.

Her elemental abilities; however were still subdued thanks to a special poison blend that had to be refreshed in her food every two weeks.

Luckily for her, there were only a few days left of it in her system.

Her body sighed in relief as her own magic slid over her almost like a blanket.

She heard the announcer yell her name from his bull horn and she sighed again, she just wanted to go home.

The arena was covered with an iron dome that was formed in coiling bars and shapes, it also glowed with the black hue of magic.

She growled. Lion magic.

Her feet sank into the muddy floor and she could see traces of blood and tissue strewn over the ground.

She had to fight herself to not vomit.

She heard the announcer yell again to announce the newcomer combatant, an enraged mutated bull that was almost twice the normal size of a normal bull. Attached to its body were horns blacker than ebony and bloodshot eyes that showed a life of anger and rage.

The announcer spoke again, this time announcing a third combatant.

Nyrie looked at the gate shocked.

A third opponent?! I can't possibly fight two on one!

Nyrie backed up a little and stretched her neck high to see the third.

This was not a creature, rather it was a man.

A scared man clad in nothing but an old pair of ripped trousers and a small dagger.

His whole body shook from anxiety and an insurmountable anger as he yelled at the spectators.

Yell as much as you like, you are sport to them, my friend.

He only received boos and shouts.

The man had startling blue eyes and a show of jet black hair. His gaze rested on the bull and then trailed to Nyrie and gasped.

He steeled himself and held up the knife sharply to his side in a half-ready battle stance.

In mere moments he was in his demi-form; blue eyes were slit and ball pyhon scales covered his features.

This man was a Serpiente and was hardly a warrior.

His stance gave that away easily; as warriors were more confident in whatever situation they were in.

The overseer approached her cautiously and before she knew it snapped a shackle to her foot.

A rag of something foul smelling was placed over her nose and it stung her eyes to where she could feel nothing but pain.

A searing sensation lingered when the rag was removed and it made her snap, growl, and roar in pain which automatically excited the bull.

Nyrie flailed around trying to scratch the scales on her face and stop the burning.

The bull charged towards her and was able to score a long gash on her leg with its horn.

She screeched and blew out a Jetstream of blue fire as she fought above the pain and looked at the wound.

The bull was smaller than her and rushed her again; this time Nyrie was ready.

She used her wings as a counter balance as she whipped her tail smack down on the bull and sent it reeling over on its side.

Nyrie's eyes still burned and she tried to focus on her other lesser opponent who was keeping out of sight and trying to stay alive.

The bull had risen up again and this time was headed towards the man.

Nyrie shrieked at the man and he turned to face his new threat.

Grunting, he grabbed the knife and barely dodged before stabbing deep into the bull's thigh.

It screamed and then charged around to attack again.

While the bull was occupied; Nyrie had successfully incinerated the metal on her foot with fire until the red-hot metal became pliable and liquid.

The man surprised her; his courage was admirable.

The bull grew tired of the man and once more charged her. She blew out hot smoke from her nose and advanced on it.

Pissed beyond anything, her tail lashed behind her and her angry eyes were hard as she flew her body in an arc and the force of her tail sent the bull off its track and careening into a weak spot of the arena.

The metal groaned and it gave her an idea.

The bull rose and menacingly charged towards her.

A high-pitched exhale escaped her as she rose into the air and landed on the other side like a cat.

The man was near her; she could feel him nearby.

The python had slithered up onto her leg and wrapped itself lethally around her long slender neck.

I don't think so.

Shifting quickly to her demi-form, the python lost its grip and fell.

Nyrie took off in a run; her wings pounding to takeher higher into the limited space of the arena.

The bull snarled and chased after her on the ground as she was knocked out the air by a jolt of magic.

Shifting back to dragon form as she hit; she curled up and stuck the small spines on center of her tail in front of her.

The bull's head hit the spines and effectively made it buck in pain.

With a last swing of her tail; the bull landed back on the arena's weak spot and it broke.

She made a mad dash for the opening; shifting to her demi form to fit, and back into her dragon for added protection.

The python followed close on her tail, but he headed in a different direction.

Her hearing wasn't keen due to a lack of external ears, but she could hear Bloodmayne's screams.