A Dual Departure

Summary: What if Axel had gone with Roxas when he left the organization. Would Riku have been able to defeat both of them? What else would that change?

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing

AN: Sorry, Xion fans but she's already merged with Sora in this fic. Nothing against her, it's just that it works better for the plot this way

"So your mind's made up?" Axel asked as Roxas walked past him. Roxas looked over his shoulder at his best friend

"Why did the Keyblade chose me? I have to know" He responded

"You can't turn on the organization!" Axel shouted "If you get on their bad side they'll destroy you!"

"No one would miss me" Roxas replied

"That's not true" Axel protested softly and then hung his head dejectedly "I would" Roxas meanwhile had started walking again. Axel called after him

"Roxas, wait!" Roxas stopped and turned

"What? I'm in a hurry" He replied

"Are you sure there's nothing I can do to make you change your mind?" Axel asked. Roxas shook his head

"Sorry, Axel, there's nothing you or anybody else can do. I'm leaving and I'm not going to even think about coming back until I've got some answers." Roxas stated firmly. Axel sighed

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but then I'm coming with you." He said just as firmly as Roxas had stated his determination to go. Roxas was stunned

"Axel, you can't-"he began but Axel cut him off

"You're my best friend Roxas, my only friend really; I can't let you do something this dangerous on your own…I'd be worried sick about you otherwise." Roxas smiled an amused smile

"How are you going to do that without a heart to worry with?" He asked

"Hey, that's my line" Axel protested only half seriously. That was a common joke between them; whenever one of them made a statement about the severity of their feelings, the other would respond by reminding them that they were nobodies and didn't have hearts. Usually, it was Axel's job to point that out to Roxas not the other way around. Roxas then became serious again

"Axel, I know you've been keeping things from me. I want to what they are and why you haven't told me about them, otherwise I'm not letting you come with me." He said

"Like you could stop me" Axel responded "but I can't tell you everything, because I don't have all the answers myself. I'll tell you what I do know though, just not now. We should probably get out of here, before Saix figures out what we're up too."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about Saix for a while" Roxas replied with an amused smile

"What do you mean?" Axel asked

"Saix was blocking my way out of the entrance hall. We fought and I defeated him. Right now he's lying unconscious on the floor." Roxas explained

"Not bad, Roxas" Axel replied. Although in actuality he was torn. Axel knew that Saix was a skilled fighter had spared with him often and it was impressive that Roxas had defeated him but he couldn't suppress the feeling that it might come back to bite them in the rear at some point. However something else soon occurred to him as well

"If Saix knew that you were going to try and leave, chances are Xemnas probably does too-"No sooner had he said that a lot of dusks appeared "figures" he muttered then he saw Roxas summon his keyblade "There's too many Roxas, we have to get out of here!" much as he hated to admit it. Reluctantly he began running away from them fortunately Roxas was right behind him.

They ran a bit then Axel said to Roxas "I'm gonna open us a path out of here, you cover me" Roxas nodded and summoned his keyblade again then he turned to face the pursing dusks and said

"Bring it on" It took less than a minute for Axel to open a portal to the corridors of darkness but it took a bit longer for Roxas to quit fooling around with the dusks and follow him through said portal. They emerged again in a world Roxas had never seen before.

"Where are we?" Roxas asked

"Hollow Bastion" Axel answered "I figured we should go somewhere the organization wouldn't think to look for us."

"Good thinking" Roxas said

Xigbar shot down the last few heartless that were dumb enough to attack him while he was gathering data on the world of dragons. Demyx was supposed to be helping him but as usual he was nowhere to be found. A few minutes later Demyx emerged from whatever hole he had found to hide himself in.

"Well, I guess that pretty much wraps things here" he said.

"Yeah, no thanks to you" Xigbar replied Demyx sputtered but Xigbar ignored him and said "Whatever, let's just go back to the castle." and he opened a path. The two nobodies walked through and saw Saix lying on the floor of the entrance hall.

"Ahhh" Demyx shouted "Dead guy in the hall!"

"He's not dead goofball, just knocked out" Xigbar clarified

"I guess he did something to make Xemnas mad at him" Demyx said. He didn't really know what else could have done it. Heartless couldn't enter the castle and a Nobody wouldn't attack members of the organization except in training sessions.

"Nah, I don't think so" Xigbar replied "this sort of thing ain't Xemnas' style"

"If it wasn't Xemnas than who?" Demyx asked

"I'm betting it was Tiger" Xigbar said

"Roxas" Demyx said with a bit of disbelief

"Yep, you know those two don't get along" Xigbar replied "Maybe he finally pushed a little too far"

Similar to what Larxene had done with Sora in Castle Oblivion.

"That first bit's true enough. I've sometimes expected Roxas to take his keyblade and start swinging it at Saix's head and Roxas is a good fighter, but is he good enough to take down Saix?" Demyx mused. Xigbar shrugged and said

"Who knows" then he added "In any case, we won't know for sure what happened until he wakes up." He then summoned a couple of dusks to take Saix to his room. After which he and Demyx each returned to their own rooms.

Xemnas sat alone in the organization's meeting room thinking. Saix had failed; Roxas had managed to walk right over him on his way out the door, taking Axel with him. That last had surprised Xemnas, he had expected Axel to try and talk Roxas out of leaving not to go along with him. He had sent several dusks after them but he hadn't expected that to work either and it hadn't, Roxas and Axel were both gone. This left him without a keyblade wielder. Xion was gone, had become part of Sora again and a good bit of what he knew about her, he knew only from his journal, his memories of her were deteriorating. Sora was still asleep and they didn't know when or if he would wake up. That left Roxas as the only active keyblade wielder available to them; he would get Roxas back, one way or another.