Chapter 3

Roxas and Axel wondered around Agrabah for a while but were having no luck in their search

"Roxas are you sure this genie you're talking about was really here and not just some product of your imagination?" Axel asked having long since grown utterly bored with the search

"Yeah, I met him here a couple of times, he's gotta be around here somewhere" Roxas replied. As if on cue a voice from behind them said

"Hello, there long time, no see Roxas" The two nobodies turned around and saw a large blue figure floating near them

"Hi, Genie" then a magic carpet flew past the genie and over to Roxas "Hey, carpet"

"Ah, so these are the two friends you were talking about" Axel said to Roxas but it was Genie who responded

"Yep, I am the one and only Genie, formerly of the lamp, and this is carpet at your service and who are you?"

"The name's Axel, got it memorized?" Axel replied with his trademark line

"Anyway, Genie we came here because we had a question for you" Roxas began

"A question for me?" Genie repeated "Aww, Roxas you shouldn't have…but seriously feel free to ask?"

"Do you know anything about a brown-haired kid named Sora?" Roxas asked

"Sora, you bet I do, he helped me get my freedom." Genie replied

"Why were you imprisoned in the first place" Axel interjected a bit suspiciously

"It's all part of the whole genie gig, phenomenal cosmic power" He grew to a much greater size and shouted the last three words of that phrase and then he shrunk down so small Roxas and Axel could barely see him and continued "itty-bitty living space" then he grew back to his usual size and shape.

"Wow, that sucks" Axel responded

"But how exactly did Sora help you get your freedom?" Roxas prodded wanting to know more about Sora

"Well, you see the only way a genie can get free is if his master wishes him free." He then explained how Aladdin had found his lamp in the Cave of Wonders and how they had met Sora and together Sora and Aladdin had defeated the evil vizier Jafar and then Aladdin (or Al as Genie called him) used his last wish to free the genie. As he spoke Roxas realized that some bits of it had appeared in some of his weird dreams and began to suspect that maybe those dreams were not ordinary dreams. He internally debated about whether or not to mention the dreams to Axel. Ultimately, he decided to keep quiet for right then, after all it could just be a weird coincidence. When Genie had finished recounting his tale he asked

"How do you know Sora anyway?"

"Oh, he's my twin…I think that's why carpet approached me the other day; it thought I was Sora" Roxas answered

"Oh, okay, that makes sense" Genie replied but the carpet was shaking its upper half back and forth

"Wait, Carpet, are you trying to say that's not why you approached me that day?" Roxas inwardly he couldn't help but feel slightly weird about talking to a rug even a magical flying one. The carpet starting shaking its upper half up and down instead of side to side

"Ok, then why did you come to me that day?" Roxas asked the question had been bugging him for a while. The carpet flew around Roxas rapidly; it was clearly trying very hard to communicate something but Roxas had no clue what that something might be. He looked at Genie hoping he might be able to help but the magical blue genie just shrugged, he didn't understand the carpet any better than they did

"I'm sorry Carpet; I have no idea what you're trying to say" Roxas said gently to the magical flying rug. Carpet hung its head dejectedly; it knew how badly Roxas wanted answers and very much wanted to help but it couldn't; not for the first time Carpet wished it had a mouth and hoped that Genie would grant him that wish but once again it was disappointed

"Speaking of Sora how is he? He hasn't been by here for quite a long time" Genie asked

"We were hoping you could tell us" Roxas replied "We've been looking for him for a while now"

"Oh, well. I'm sure he's all right, no worries" Genie said

"No worries, what if he's in trouble?" Roxas responded

"Relax Roxas, Sora's a tough kid, he can take care of himself besides he's probably not alone, he's got Donald and Goofy with like always, I'm sure." Genie explained

"Yeah, I guess so…" Roxas trailed off, not entirely convinced

"Roxas, you've got to have faith, you have to believe in your friends. That's part of what friendship is all about." Genie said gently

"Yeah" Roxas nodded "You're right, thank you Genie"

"Anytime kiddo" Genie replied "now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my grand tour"

"Sure, bye Genie" Roxas responded with an enthusiastic wave good-bye, a wave that Axel somewhat less enthusiastically copied. Once Genie and Carpet were out of earshot Axel looked at Roxas and asked

"So, where to now?"

"Hmmm," Roxas thought for a moment then he looked up and said "I got it, Neverland"

"Neverland?" Axel repeated

"Yeah, Axel do you remember that fairy that helped us fly?" Roxas responded

"Yeah" Axel answered that wasn't something he was likely to forget anytime soon but he didn't know where Roxas was going with it

"Well, when I was there earlier, she somehow knew that I would believe her when she told me that she could help me be able to fly, I think she knows Sora" Roxas explained

"Well," Axel shrugged "can't hurt to try, I guess" and he opened a path to Neverland and stepped through, followed closely by Roxas

They arrived in the islands of Neverland and looked around

"You see her?" Axel asked Roxas; he really didn't want to spend another several hours searching for the fairy like they had for the genie and magic carpet

"No, but I have a feeling she'll find us." Roxas replied

"You're a nobody, you can't feel anything" Axel responded continuing their running joke but before Roxas could think of something to say to that a blonde fairy arrived

"Hi there" Roxas said and waved at her and Axel slightly returned the wave as well.

"You haven't gotten yourself stuck in any more lanterns lately have you? Roxas asked. The fairy shook her head

"That's good, so then do you know anything about a kid named Sora?" Roxas asked. The fairy pointed at him and made some strange noises then she flew around him, gestured wildly while making more noises

"I have no idea what you're trying to say…I'm sorry" Roxas said after a bit. The small blonde lady hung her head; she was sorry to.

"Hey, is there anybody around here that can act as a translator or something?" Axel asked. The blonde perked up and she started nodding her head frantically "Great, can you take us to them?" She nodded again and showered them with more of the strange glowing dust stuff and then motioned for them to follow her. They did so and after a little while the pair met up with a red-haired boy dressed in green.

"Hey, Tink" the boy said "I wondered where you disappeared to" then he noticed Roxas and Axel "and who are you guys?" He demanded suspiciously before they could respond the blonde pixie-fairy thing or Tink as the red-haired boy had called her floated in between them and, facing the red-haired boy, made a bunch of noises and just like that his whole attitude changed "Oh, I see, you guys helped Tink out of a couple of tight spots earlier; in that case, I'm Peter Pan and any pal of Tink's is a pal of mine, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Peter. I'm Roxas and that's Axel, we were wondering if you guys knew anything about a kid named Sora"

"Oh, yeah, Sora's cool, he helped me save Wendy from the old codfish, Captain Hook." Tinkerbelle (AN: don't know why my computer kept adding that `e' at the end, but whatever you know who it is) flew in front of Peter and made a bunch of noises again, clearly wanting to add something

"Really, are you sure about that Tink?" Peter asked her. Tinkerbelle nodded "Ok" Then he turned to Roxas and Axel "Tink says you're linked to Sora"

"Linked, how?" Roxas asked confused Tinkerbelle made a bunch of noises and a couple of gestures

"She says that she's not sure exactly what it is but somehow she can sense that you and Sora share some sort of special bond…she's never seen anything like it, so she can't really describe it that well." Peter translated

"Then how does she know about it?" Axel questioned disbelievingly. Tinkerbelle looked irate and then crossed her arms and made some noises

"She's a fairy and she can sense things others can't, but she wouldn't expect a simpleton like you to understand" Peter explained

"Simpleton" Axel repeated and moved a bit closer to Tinkerbelle who met his gaze challengingly

"Hey, that's enough" Roxas said "We're trying to find Sora, do either of you know anything that can help?" Peter shook his head and Tinkerbelle made a couple of noises

"Tink says that he's closer to you than you think." Peter translated

"What does that mean?" Roxas asked Tinkerbelle shrugged that was all she knew

"Oh, sure that's helpful" Axel said Tinkerbelle glared at him indignant but once again Roxas stepped in to be the voice of reason

"That's okay, thanks guys" The other two nodded and then the nobodies left. Once they were out of earshot Roxas asked Axel "Did you have to keep taunting Tinkerbelle like that?"

"What? She was obviously didn't know what she talking about Axel replied Roxas just shook his head.

Meanwhile at the World That Never Was

The five remaining members of Organization XIII were seated in the meeting room. Demyx had just finished describing his meeting with Axel and Roxas

"Why didn't you do more to try and bring them back?" Saix demanded

"What are you kidding? Saix, Roxas kicked your butt the other day, and you want me to fight him and Axel by MYSELF, you can't be serious!"

"You're nothing but a lazy coward" Xaldin responded Demyx sputtered but Xemnas cut him off

"Enough, Demyx has offered, Roxas a carrot and he has refused so now it's time to use the stick"

"So we drag Tiger back, but what's to stop him from taking off again?" Xigbar asked, for a moment none of them spoke. Then

"Axel" Xaldin said the other nobodies all turned to look at him "We need Roxas to use his keyblade to collect hearts but Axel on the other hand is expendable, Roxas is a weak-minded fool that likes to pretend he has a heart" Xaldin explained and then shook his head; he so do not understand that at all

"I see, we take Axel and then tell Roxas that how Axel is treated depends on his cooperation with the organization…yes, that could work quite well." Xemnas said