Some where in the shadows

"so it's really here?" a shadowed girl asked, her red necklace dazzling in the sun, she wore a purple outfit, her hair was purple and blond and tide back in pig tales, and she held a purple unbrela

"yea, this is supposed to be the place" another shadowed figure replied, he was wearing a outfit like a butlers but with a cape, so he looked a lot like Dracula, and he had short white hair

Just then the other figure pulld out a old book of some sort, the girl squealed at the site of it, for she knew, that even though she had desided to get stronger with out it two years ago, it ment she might get another chance to see the friends she had not seen for so long, or at lest some of them, if not all.

Then she took the book , and the secant she did the pages flipped open and began to glow.

"is this it" she asked

"yes" her companion replied

Then they vanished and reapered in a seprit lockation, where they were greted by varies faces.

"so you'll be going to this other dimention then?" asked a girl with long hair, a kimono, and cresant moon shaped a beret

"yes" the girl replied

"we'll help when ever we can" said a girl in a red and white checred dress with a lion's tail

"that's right and Loue will there as well" encreged a girl in a purple gipsy outfit

"hmph, don't think I'll let that last" huffed a girl resembling a mermade

"I really don't mind that" the girl muttered

"be careful" said a short girl in a pink dress with long brown hair

"do your best" a girl wearing a blue dress with long blue hair chimed in

"kay" the girl practicly sang

"shall we go?" asked the man she had come with

" let's" she said, smiling, as she turnd to him, feeling refreshed after speaking to her old friends after such a long time, and with that she opened the book and it began to glow, and in a flash of light the two disappeared once agane.

To be continued…

meteorgin: in case your wondering I simply diden't want to put thie names in yet