meteorgin: hey, i finally figured out a way to write this so here I go. I'll try to do better with my spelling this time, but i don't usually catch my mistakes easily and my memory of detailed things like how words are spelled is awful, but I'll try my best! I also intend to dubble check their names too, so it should at least definitely improve a little, i hope.

Deep in the woods

"Ahh! I'm so tiered! Can't we take a break and rest already?" Shu moaned as he fell lazily back, onto the ground. They'd been walking to a village nere where one of the lights was reputably seen for about a week now.

"Jeez Sue! we took a break just 20 minutes ago! You were the one rushing us all to get moving, now you're complaining when the village is only 30 more minutes away?!" Kluke exclaimed, exasperated.

"I didn't know it would take this long! or be this unbearable! This humidity's almost as bad as a desert!" Shu complained.

Jiro sighed and shook his head. "It's a tropical rain forest Shu, what did you think it would be like?"

"uh, well..." Shu appeared stumped.

"Same old Shu, never bothers with thinking ahead" Maromaro said with a laugh even though he was practically crawling himself.

"Ugh! Let's just get out of this stupid forest already! My hair can't take much more of this!" Bouquet screamed.

Everyone else turned their heads to her and sweat dropped.

Later in the village

"What a nice little village we can stock up on supplies while we're here!" Kluke suggested while admiring the market place.

"Yeah, yeah, let's just find an inn already! my feet are killing me!" Shu groaned.

"I'm with you there, Mado" Maromaro agreed with an exosted sigh.

Jiro sighed "I think I'll keep an eye on them and make sure they don't do anything stupid." he said as he followed the two off.

"I'll shop with you!" Bouquet said to Kluke as she put a hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks Bouquet!" Kluke said with a smile.

While the two were searching around the market place Bouquet suddenly tripped and ran into someone knocking them over along with their bags.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry!" Bouquet cried.

"Oh, it's fine, don't worry about it." The lady she bumped into tried to calm her down.

"No! I insist you let me help you pick this up to make up for it!" Bouquet offered.

"Well, alright..." The lady agreed and Kluke also joined in to help.

The lady had long blond hair with brown eyes and wore a simple green dress with matching work boots, a green plaid bandana, and a small silver necklace in a clover shape.

"Wow, these are kind of heavy, your carrying all of these back yourself?" Bouquet asked after everything was picked up.

"Well, there's no one else around right now so..." the lady explained.

"We could help you if you want" Kluke offered.

"Oh on! I couldn't have you do that!" she exclaimed.

"It's fine, I'm Kluke, and this here is Bouquet" Kluke laughed and motioned to Bouquet for the last part.

"Well, all right then, my name is Sophia" she said in a gentle voice.

At Sophia's house

After they helped her Sophia insisted they stay and have some tea, so they did.

"Who's this?" Kluke asked noticing a picture of Sophia and two others siting on a table, one was a man with spiky hair, the other, a young girl with the semi-short, also brown hair who was dressed similar too how Sophia was now but with a solid green headband, she had a large grin on her face. She also noticed they all wore matching silver necklaces with the same clover shape.

"Oh, that's my husband, Rick and my daughter, Jinn, we got those necklaces at a festival, Jinn was so happy when we got them. My husband died a few years back, and Jinn disappeared a few days ago, we haven't been able to find her and now with the monsters around it's even more difficult to search. It's been over a week already and I'm very worried..." Sophia said trying to hold back tears.

"You know..." Bouquet said "we travel a lot and we were planing to look around the area, maybe we'll find her, than we'll be sure to bring her home and even if we can't, we can at least get rid of the monsters so you can go search for her again!" she suggested.

"Bouquet that's a great idea!" Kluke exclaimed.

"You'd really do that?" Sophia asked touched.

"You can count on us!" they said together enthusiastically.

On the way back to the inn

"So Kluke, do you really think we'll be able to find her?" Bouquet asked.

"Well, it's hard to say, we might find something we didn't want to find instead, or we might find nothing at all. But we won't know until we try" Kluke said with a smile "at least I think that's what Shu would say" she laughed.

"Your right!" Bouquet agreed with a laugh of her own.

With that the two girls continued laughing all the way to the inn.

To be continued...