"for the birds"

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"Yeah, I know. His expression was priceless. He would have never expected the 'oh so nice' couple to talk operations while having dinner!" Your soft laugh fills the car when you think about the situation that happened some minutes ago.

Chase took you out for dinner and since it is your one year anniversary he chose a quiet fancy restaurant. While enjoying your dinner you discussed a guy who came to the ER last monday. He was diagnosed by House and his team and finally successfully operated only some hours ago. Of course this topic seemed to be normal for you but the disgusted expression of the elderly man at the next table told you differently – that was mortifying.

Replaying the whole evening in your head, you smile. It's a warm summer night. You chose a light dress and the wind plays with your blonde hair as Chase drives you through the night.

Satisfying the wish to be 'undisturbed' as he expressed it, he chose a location some miles away from Princeton and this ride back somehow makes the whole evening perfect.

You would have never thought you could be happy with Chase for such a long time. To be honest you had a rocky start but now life with him is more than you expected to have after your husband's death. You've surely had your difficulties and Chase put so much more effort in your relationship than you did at the beginning but with the time you got comfortable with this new relationship and the role you have in it.

You're entirely happy, you notice. Both, being head of the ER and your relationship satisfy you… it's just perfect. You smile when you notice how long it has taken you to realise that he's the right one for you.

As if heaving read your mind, Chase raises his voice. "You know… I would have never thought that we would celebrate this day. I mean… one year. That's quiet something. I've hoped, of course, and I've fought… but I couldn't be sure for such a long time. It took you so long to realise that we are supposed to be together, but Allison, I love you. I have always loved you, I love you and I will always love you.

You could mean that you got used to such admissions after one year of steady relationship, but you just don't. For one moment you fight back the tears –you're so lucky- before you smile and reply "I love you too, Robert." He gazes at you and smiles in return before he concentrates on the road, again.

You didn't notice that it got entirely dark outside. The stars on the sky are now replaced by dark clouds. "Close the window All. We're driving right into a thunderstorm. It might start to-" The rain hits you car before he has a chance to finish his sentence. You close your window as fast as possible and the rain crackles on the car.

You gaze at Chase and notice that he's now completely focused on the streets ahead. The sight is extremely restricted and you're glad that Chase is such a calm driver.

The rain gets worse every minute. You can make out a lightning in the distance and the dull mumble of the thunder reaches you some moments later.

The sight is now less than ten meters and you can barely see the trees that border the road. The headlights of the car grope through the additionally emerging dense fog and the windshield wipers work incessantly.

You notice Chase's frown. "We should get off this road. This is too dangerous. How far do we have to drive before we can stop and wait this out?" He doesn't take his gaze from the road while considering your questions. "There'll soon be a crossroad. A little later there's a small parking area. That should do it."

Hearing theses words spoken calmly and with his typical thick accent you nod. You've never been afraid of thunderstorms before and especially considering you're sitting in a Faraday cage, you're feeling safe. You observe this enormous natural spectacle. Lightning and thunder now follow each other immediately – the thunderstorm has to be directly over you.

Seeing the next lightning you gaze at Chase. He flinches lightly when the thunder follows but doesn't acknowledge this spectacle in any other way and remains calm what you're grateful for.

He slows the car further down and looks left and right. So you must have finally reached the crossroad he talked about. The other street seems to be empty. You can't make out any other headlights and Chase himself nods approvingly, too.

Soon you'll be at this parking area… with Chase in the car… alone in the darkness… You can already feel how the air thickens and your breath hitches in your throat. You smile in anticipation. But of course -as the world is cruel- you don't have too much time to think about this.

Suddenly everything is happening fast… too fast for your liking.

You hear a shocked scream as the next lightning illuminates the darkness and you see a car without any illumination nearing incredibly fast. It's as if you were seeing several short parts and pictures of a horror movie but weren't able to hide or look away.

You hear brakes squeaking, a scream that you don't even recognize as your own and the next thing you feel is the crash. The other car hits the passenger site of your car which starts to spin.

"Allison!" Chase's voice is just another impression… seems to be disconnected from everything else. "Allison!"

You don't feel anything – aren't you supposed to feel at least something? Anything? The doctor inside yourself tells you that it's only the shock and that right now you aren't supposed to feel anything at all. It would be too much for your body to cope with. But your feeling tells you otherwise: it definitely doesn't feel right… Far from it: it feels terribly wrong.

At any other moment you would maybe wonder how may different thoughts a human being can have in such a short amount of time but now you don't. Right now you just hold onto your seat as for dear life when the car spins and slips.

"Robert!" You hear someone calling his name but you don't recognize this someone as yourself before everything gets even darker and you pass out.