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Chapter 3

You sit in the middle of your room, staring at the crumpled piece of paper in your hand. Your phone lies on your lap while your internal debate from the last four days goes on. Write or call her? Or doing neither?

You remember your harsh words clearly. Why did you insult her like this? That wasn't you. Of course she was annoying you (Why did she have to show up at the supermarket? You went there during the night for a goddamn reason!) – but still…

You turn the paper around and re-read the words that are hastily scribbled on the backside of an old sales slip.

I know that you don't want help and that pity is the last thing you need but whenever there is something I can do to make things easier for you, call me. ~ Thirteen

There is a phone number written under the note and you know this number by heart, now. You were always shortly before calling her when you chickened out and deleted her number from your screen.

She most likely only felt obligated to give you her number anyways and after your little insulting speech you are sure that a call from you is the last thing she wants.. but still you feel the urge to apologize.. Especially since you found the note in between your cookies and a cartoon of juice...

You sigh and decide to just get over with it. A short message won't hurt you and it will at least erase a part of the guilt you feel.

Doctor Hadley. I'm sorry for my harsh words the other night. I don't know what got over me, I wasn't myself. I hope you forgive me. And thank you for your help. ~ Cameron

Satisfied with yourself, you lay your phone down at a table. You feeling miserable does not mean that you can make others feel terrible as well.

You sigh. What can you do now? Debating about what to do with Thirteen did at least occupy your mind but now there's nothing to do but to wait. Wait for what?

Since you broke up with Chase, you're alone. Completely alone. He was too much. He was all over you. He was everywhere… but now there's nothing. Not one sound in your apartment. No one to talk or to listen to. There's nothing to do… or things that shouldn't be done can't be done by you anymore.

You'd need to clean your apartment but how are you supposed to do this? It doesn't matter anyways. Nothing does.

You're watching TV when a soft knock at the door startles you. Who is that supposed to be? You don't get visitors anymore so you decide to ignore whoever might be out there. He or she will go away soon enough.

"Doctor Cameron? Are you at home? It's Thirteen"

Why is she everywhere now? Why does she always show up? Thirteen's voice is soft and she speaks hesitantly but she doesn't seem to feel the need to leave.

"I have some of your stuff. It was put in the wrong bag back at the shop and since you already didn't buy that much I thought you might need these things…"


"You know... I worked really hard today to prevent House and the guys from eating them so…"

You hear her soft laugh that follows her words through your closed door. Then it's silence again. The reminder of your old job gets to you but this feeling stays for only some seconds before the indifference dominates you again.

"… Cameron. I know that you're in there. I can hear you..."

She's persistent. But why does it matter? She's Thirteen, to cry out loud.

"… do you want me to leave the stuff in front of your door or are you going to open so that I can at least bring it to your kitchen? You know... the first option would be kind of weird but I can leave if you want me to... "

And even more silence. You know that she hasn't left. She's still waiting, but why? You two aren't close – hell, you don't even know each other. She's Thirteen – she's mysterious, clever, enigmatic and a good doctor. Still she's doing drugs, is drinking and partying hard - that's what you know about her for sure... the rest is only speculation.

"… Cameron, come on. Answer me at least. I don't have forever!"

Well yeah, at least she has something to do, you notice angrily. 'But it's not her fault. It's not her you're angry at…' a little voice states in your mind but you shake your head to get rid of these thoughts.

With a sigh you decide to open the door – she won't leave anyways… or worse – she might come back just to 'make sure you're okay'.

The moment you open the door she's nearly falling into your apartment - she must have leaned at your door… a stupid decision unless she was certain that this door would never be opened while she was still here. Her startled expression brings a short laugh over your lips until, just seconds later, you remember why she's at your door to begin with.

The smile falls from your lips as you make place for her to enter your apartment – not the best idea ever, you notice the moment you can't force her to leave anymore. Definitely neither the best idea nor one of your brightest moments since your plan was to keep up the façade of the woman who's handling everything with grace.

Plus, you notice when the door falls shut – now that she's inside there is no way that your words and apology won't come up and honestly… you don't want to have to deal with that on top of everything else.

Great. Just great. You stay in the hall for some minutes to collect your thoughts before you follow her into the kitchen, a fake smile on your lips.