I'll spread my wings and learn how to fly



Chapter one: Stuff I lost in the fire

"Move that piece of scrap you sunuva-"

Oh come on that thing's as old as yo momma"!
This was New York, the city so good they named it twice and got Alicia Keys to sing about it and in Times Square Chris was late, subway was delayed due to...a delay but it was a Friday so there wasn't much to be done, especially with Easter break coming up next month with his dad's birthday coming up he was a little excited. Now he just arrived at the family apartment, all whites, browns and blacks in design. He thought it made the place feel cold but it was nice to look at. As usual he was at home alone. His mom had to defend this guy (who was accused of taking this call girl by force when actually he just refused to pay because she wasn't good enough) in court and his father had another three hours until he finished his shift at the A&E. Grace however...

"I'm ho-ome!" a voice said as Chris' younger sister came in through the front door. She was tall like her brother with her at 5'8 at 13 years old and him at 6'1 at 16 years old but although he was pretty scrawny with pale skin, short spiky black hair and eyes of a deep sapphire blue she was slightly tanned with chocolate brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and shoulder length blonde hair. She was the sporty to his brainy but it worked for them.

"Hey Grace, you good?" Chris asked as he turned on the news which had a story about a school building falling down in some nearby town -Bay something- due to an earthquake, even though it wasn't anywhere near the earthquake zones like San Francisco so experts were confused but Chris was glad no one he cared about was there to get hurt, not even his older university going bro Adam was near enough to be affected...he was coming home two days time, a little visit for the weekend.

"Actually it was really good today, me and Al went and had lunch together" Grace smiled, "you know he's taking me on a date? Well he's taking me to that new Harry Potter movie before we get pizza"

"Hope he's good to you or else dad, Adam and I will have to get the crowbars out" Chris joked as his sister tried to frown before bursting out laughing, "so, you wanna head out to get Adam a present"?

"Sure" his sister replied as they put on some city clothes. She wore a long sleeved pink top, a pair of navy jean leggings, a shocking pink and black checked scarf and denim converses. Chris wore a grey and red striped polo shirt, black long shorts and red sneakers. They got their spending money, phones, wrote out a note to their parents in case they were home late and left...well they saved themselves from being locked out after Grace forgot her keys, went back in and out with the keys, and locked the door before heading off down town.

Now say what you will about the city so good they named it twice but for the Nightingale twins the best gym in the city was the subway. All the people radiating heat in an enclosed area meant it was a sauna in there for the two of them and they got off near central park to get some presents. So knowing what Adam likes they went to a book shop.

"Hey isn't that the new Eragon?" Grace asked.

"Nah, that's the one I saw him reading last time he visited" Chris replied as he picked up another book, this time a manga, "Hey, they have Shaman king, he likes watching the anime"

"Let's get one from each of us then" Grace suggested as she fished out her wallet and paid for hers whilst her brother followed suit soon after but not before he saw an orange haired dude in a trench coat which had a visible amount of strain on the forearms get kicked out of a nearby coffee shop...

Half an hour later...

Although it was late afternoon they knew that the gangs would be out in about an hour or so and so they got a quick snack of a frappuccino and cookie from the same shop the orange haired guy was thrown out of earlier and sat down outside.

"So how's your channel been going?" Grace asked. Chris had an account for this video website which he'd put recordings of him singing. It wasn't as big as the one with the kid after the dentist but it was visited quite a bit.

"Pretty good" Chris replied as he had his drink, "I was thinking of doing a song by Take That or Evanescence soon"

"I don't get why you like that rock stuff, it's depressing" Grace sighed.

"But I like it" Chris pouted as his sister just laughed when a car several yards away was consumed by flames which seemed to be...alive?

"This is for dumpin' me and kickin' me ou' of ya poxy shop you dumb Sheila" a voice said as out of the flames came the man from earlier except he ditched the coat and was now wearing an orange jumpsuit with a visor and two tanks on his back connected to these nozzles which spewed fire wherever he aimed.

"This is bad" Grace said as she and her brother got up, "I mean what kind of maniac wears orange"?

"Not the best time sis" Chris pointed out as they began to run with the crowd when they got separated in the crowd with the blonde girl feet away from a fuel tanker which was parked very close to the flames, "GRACE"!

Grace tried to crawl away from the flames and the tanker but she was paralyzed in fear. 'I don't wanna die' she thought as tear flew freely from her fear closed eyes when she her brother's shouts come nearer and someone grab hold of her and lead her away when-





Author's notes: Hey guys, James95 here, you know I've always wanted to do an X men Evo fanfic but I never came up with a good storyline, that was when I looked at reviews some guys posted about an OC I wrote for X2: Survivors by another author saying he was really good so now Christopher Nightingale is getting his own story. Stay tuned for Chapter 2: Rebirth so until next time! Read and review.