I'll spread my wings and learn how to fly



Chapter four: A bright day in Bayville

Adam woke up from the nightmare. It wasn't how the movies portray it with the idiots waking up screaming but he was panting, and not in a good way. He had dreamt this black dragon had chased him through New York and tried to torch him to a crisp. He then noticed that in his surroundings included one sofa to which he was sleeping on, one family living room and one ticked off looking little sister. "At least you're awake" Grace sighed as she got him a croissant from the kitchen, "Mom and dad are at work and you're an idiot"

"What for? Defending myself from some monster?" Adam asked, "by the way, what did you hit me with"?

"Um... my hand" Grace said as she tucked the baseball bat on the floor under the sofa using her feet, "but anyway why did you stab Chris"?

"What? That thing was Chris?" Adam gasped, "But how"?

"Well if you actually picked up your phone..." Grace replied in an irritated tone.

"Oh God, I packed my cell phone in my dirty laundry" Adam said as he sat up and put his face in his hands, "Mom and Dad must hate me. Is our brother okay"?

"Well aside from the mental trauma from his mutation and the fact that he was stabbed last night he's just all bandaged up and peachy" Grace said sarcastically, "you know he told me he was scared last night because he didn't want to lose you"

"Alright, alright. Just st-wait, he was scared of losing me?" Adam asked.

"Well you're our big brother, he looks up to you" the 13 year old replied, "if you're man enough to apologise, he's in his room"

"By the way, what happened to my knife?" Adam asked before leaving, "it's wortha bit

"I threw it in the trash" Grace said, "You're in enough trouble as it is so I destroyed it and said you used a kitchen knife"

In his room Chris had just put on some tracksuit bottoms and a too small T-Shirt after having a shower. He just had to; it was his way of trying to regain normality, although he found out that the shower was smaller and washing his tail and wings was really odd, especially since said tail was strange to say the least. He was still being excused from school so he felt the need to measure and weigh himself. Good news was even with his new feet he was still a

size 11 and he'd put on a lot of muscle, about 180 pounds. Bad news was since he was now 6'7 with tail and wings included, finding good clothes was going to be hard now. Maybe he could wear his tail like an oversized belt...

That was when there was a knock at the door. "Hey Chris, can I talk to you for a second?" Adam's voice asked from the other side.

"You're not going to try and kill me again are you?" the younger brother asked, a little scared at how his brother will react to him this time around. That was when Adam opened the door.

On one hand Adam was thinking about running away when he saw the towering dragon that was his baby brother. He wanted to run away from the guilt and fear. But when he saw the frightened look on Chris' face that was what got him to go in. "Look Chris, I can't say how sorry I am" Adam apologised, "you can roast me, beat me, even shave my head but I just want to be forgiven".

That was when Chris just hugged him tightly. "Of course I forgive you" he said as he started crying for what seemed like the hundredth time in two days, "I was so scared of losing you"

"Too tight...can't breathe" Adam choked.

"Oh God I'm so sorry" Chris gasped as he released him.

"It's okay" his brother replied, "although, aside from the mutation or whatever it is that made you like this I'm a little jealous about it"

"Jealous?" Chris asked, tilting his head slightly.

"Yeah mate, I mean you're huge" Adam said as he gently prodded Chris' left scaly arm, "and you're tall, I bet minus the scales any girl would want you"

"You think so?" Chris asked, blushing a little.

"Yeah, and you can fly, that's awesome too" Adam smirked, "can you breathe fire"?

"I-I don't know, maybe" the dragon-like mutant replied as he inhaled and exhaled only to cough up some smoke.

"Well...that's a start" Adam replied as he elbowed Chris slightly, "Hey, you're still you on the inside. Don't ever forget that".

And that was when, for the first time in what seemed like eons that Chris actually felt hope. He then on that day promised to himself that he'll find out how to use these powers to help others and not run away from the institute as his entire family was behind him. That and the fact that he was being transferred to Bayville high school.

The next few days seemed to mesh into each other with buying new clothes that would actually fit and suit him when he tried them on back home, secretly practising his fire breathing (only to get a wisp of flame) and trying to spend time with the family when everyone's really busy. But now today's the day.

For once Chris was lucky his mom was one of those moms who used a seven seated car that was built like a tank to take two kids to school due to the fact that he needed the back row for his stuff that they were taking. All three suitcases of it. The rest was back home. Dad was in the front passenger seat with Grace and Adam in the middle row. They had only half an hour to go until they reached the institute when Grace turned around to her brother. "You better stay in touch" she warned him, "otherwise I will go over to the institute and drag your scaly backside to some alley and slap you silly"

"I'll keep in touch, don't worry" Chris smiled as they drove closer and closer to the town. Bayville wasn't the most modern or exciting town but it had its charms. Finally, they pulled up to the institute.

If their apartment was big the Xavier institute made it look tiny by comparison. It had a massive entrance, statues, fountains and the building itself was white and had to have at least ten rooms. Overall, Chris was impressed.

"Wow, you'd think this was the president's second home" Caitlin said as Chris got out of the car with his luggage, "you absolutely sure you want us to go"?

"Don't worry mom, I'll be okay" Chris said as he began to walk away when Grace came up from behind and hugged him, "I'll miss you too Grace"

"It's going to be so lonely without you" she said as the girl cried a little.

"I know" he replied, crying a little bit as well as they parted ways. Grace nodded goodbye and went back into the car from where his family waved him off as they drove on to the horizon. So, as he saw them leave he turned around picked up his suitcases and went towards the mansion. When he got to the front door he put the cases in his right hand down and rung the doorbell only to fall back when a cloud of dark blue smoke burst in front of him to reveal a slightly bandaged Kurt. "Hi Kurt" Chris said as he got up to his feet, "what happened"?

"Let's just say ve couldn't get zis rogue mutant to come here" Kurt replied, chuckling a little before he stopped as if he was hearing an unheard message, "okay, ze Professor wants to see you in his office. Ve'll get your stuff later"

"O-okay" Chris said nervously as he took Nightcrawler's hand and embraced the darkness before appearing in a very well lit office with the familiar professor seated behind the mahogany desk.

"Ah, Christopher, I'm so glad that you decided to join the institute" Xavier smiled as he wheeled over and offered his hand, "I trust the journey was good"

"Thank you Professor and yes the journey here went smoothly" Chris replied as he shook hands with Xavier who used his telepathy to call the other students. Two of them arrived through the entrance whereas the third entered in a different fashion; she came down from the ceiling.

"Hey Profess- whoa" a petite brunette said as she saw the dragon-like teen, "and I thought Kurt was a little weird"

This did hurt Chris a little, well who wouldn't? However, the tall red head girl who came in through the door noticed this and walked towards Chris sighing. "Sorry about Kitty, she can sometimes blurt things out, I'm Jean" she smiled before glaring at Kitty, "and I do not want to hear you thinking that about me Kitty"

"Jean can read minds and move objects like myself" Xavier explained before gesturing to the only normal looking high school guy there who wore red shades over his eyes, "this is Scott Summers. He can shoot lazars from his eyes. Unfortunately this gift is mostly uncontrollable if he removes his glasses".

"Nice to meet you" Scott said as he hesitated slightly before shaking Chris' hand.

"Unfortunately our two teachers are out getting groceries so Scott can help you takeyourcases to your room"

"Oh no, I don't want to cause him any trouble" Chris stuttered as Scott grabbed one of the three suitcases.

"No sweat, I'm glad to help" Scott replied as he carried the Suitcase to the floor above. Chris followed suit with one of the cases in each arm as he followed Scott to the fourth door on the right hand side of the corridor. The room was very large for a single bedroom (whichwas a four poster if it needs to be known) with an ensuite bathroom, desk and television which had Sky. This was all so much for one person.

"So, this is all for me?" Chris asked as he studied the room when Kurt teleported in with some popcorn in a bowl.

"Vell who do you expect to have in here? Zhere's only one bed" the fuzzy dude replied when Kitty entered the room through the wall with a small box.

"Hey Chris the professor, like wanted me to give you this" the valley girl smiled as she gave him the package, "oh and I'm, like so sorry about how I reacted back there"

"It's okay" Chris replied as he opened the box, "at least it wasn't all pitchforks and torches". Inside the package was a slim black watch with three buttons.

"Das ist ein image inducer" Kurt explained,"Vith zis you can go outside the mansion. Just put it on and press ze left button"

Chris did as instructed and in the space of a few seconds his reflection in a nearby mirror was now like it was before the mutation. However he was taller, more muscular and still had his wings and tail showing. "Looks good" Kitty said as she gave him two thumbs up.

"It is" Chris said as he noticed the tail and wings sticking out. So he tucked the wings under his shirt and wrapped the black tail around his waist so it looked like a large black belt.

"We'll leave you to get familiar with the room" Scott said as he, Kurt and Kitty left. The first thing Chris did was lie on the bed with his face pointed to the ceiling. The second thing was the cold bed dance. This involved wriggling around on the covers to warm the bed up before he relaxed and gazed at his non scaly hands. Okay, he could feel the scales but at the very least he looked normal.

'Looks like this is going to be a very interesting town' he thought to himself as he started to pack his clothes into the oak wardrobe, noticing that there was something already in it. It was a two piece spandex-like outfit with both pieces coloured black with ice blue shoulder pads on the short sleeved top with ice blue vertical lines on the shorts with a latter attached to the coat hanger they were on.


I encourage you to wear these for your first training session in the danger room. Be there for 5:30am sharp.


Charles Xavier.

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