I decided to rewrite/edit this story in order to complete it. I never realized how old this was. I never knew how to end it, but now I do!

It was a peaceful day in Acmetropolis. Rev Runner and Megan Neko (the newest Loonatics member) entered HQ.

"Mite mite," Megan said holding a big box, "Look what was delivered to us!"

Everyone gathered around it as Ace opened the box. Inside were seven stuffed animals of the Loonatics.

"Aw, so cute!" Lexi said.

"Ha, Mere dolls can't capture this handsome duck," Said Duck holding the small version of him, "I need to be an action figure."

"Where did they come from?" asked Tech.

"It-was-outside-someone-had-a-lot-off-time-on-their-hands-or-they-are-our-biggest-fans-even-though-we-really-don't-have-a-fan-club-or-that-we-know-of-maybe-on-the-internet-," Rev replied until Zadavia's hologram interrupted him.

"Loonatics, there's a giant snake monster rampaging in Acmetropolis," she said. And they were off. While fighting the snake monster, everyone was paired together to attack different parts of it. Megan was flying behind it when the tail hit her jetpack.

"I-got-you-Megan-," shouted Rev as he ran toward her. Megan felt someone catch her, the wind blowing at the fast speed. She looked up and saw it wasn't the red roadrunner. The fast stranger put her down and quickly helped the others. The Loonatics couldn't believe how fast the snake monster was defeated. The person finally stopped. A brown male mouse with dark brown hair and eyes, wearing a yellow hat, red and white shirt, and baggy shorts. He was the same height as Rev.

"Hola," he said "My name is Vicente González."

"Oh great, another foreigner," said Duck.

"Hey Vicente," Ace said "Thanks for the help back there."

"Thanks for catching me," Megan said slightly bowing.

"No es gran cosa," said Vicente "I'm the fastest mouse of all of Acmetropolis."

"Well-we're- the-Loonatics-and-I'm- Rev-Runner-the- FASTEST- in Acmetropolis," said Rev with a little bit of anger.

"Be careful chief," Tech said to Ace "Remember Deuce?" But Vicente was gone before they could ask any questions. So, they went back to HQ. That night, while everyone was sleep, Rev was searching up Vicente González. He had a web site in Spanish claiming his speed level was 9888. Rev's being 9887.9.

~The next morning~

Tech was slowing walking to the living room with Rev on his ankle.

"Come-on-Tech-o-buddy-o-pal-" begged Rev "There's-got-to-be-a-way-for-you-to-make-me-fast-or a-certain-person-slower."

"There's no way," Tech said shaking him off "Any faster and you might break the space time continuum!"

"I know how you can get fast Rev-kun," Megan said as Tech walked away.



Later that day, "What are you two doing?" Lexi asked. They were at the park; Rev was hanging upside-down on the highest bar with Megan hanging from his arms.

"Torēningu," Megan said doing a flip, "Long legs make you faster."

"I'm not sure that's really true," said Lexi "Is this about Vicente?" And at that moment, the speedy mouse showed up.

"Hola de nuevo, las niñas Loonatic y correcaminos lento," he said with is Spanish accent.

"Engrish please," said Megan. In a blink of an eye, Rev and Vicente were off racing each other.

"We don't have time for this. Zadavia wants everyone back at HQ," said Lexi.

When they got back to HQ, everyone was gone.

"Minna wa doko ni arimasu ka?" Megan said. Lexi went over to the TV.

"Zadavia, where's the guys?" she asked as Zadavia's hologram showed up, "Did you send them to a mission?"

"Sorry Lexi, but I haven't anyone since yesterday evening," replied Zadavia, "Zadavia out."

'Weird,' Lexi thought 'Ace would have at least contacted me.'

"Come on Megan, let's find Rev and Alice."

~Minutes later~

"Yo," Alice said entering the room, "Where's my brother?" Zadavia gave her an access card to the tower after she was added as a side member.

"Wareware wa no izure ka shirimasen," Megan said.

"I don't know what you said little girl," said Alice.

"I'm not a little girl!"

"Anyways," Lexi interrupted, "We don't know where any of the guys are, except Rev." It wasn't hard to find Rev. When they spotted him and Vicente, Alice used her mind control to stop their race.

"Who are you?" she asked pointing to the mouse.

"I am Vicente González, senorita," he said with a Spanish accent, kissing her hand.

"Great, another foreigner," Alice said annoyed, snatching her hand away, "I'm not into younger guys either."

"Rev, we need you to track and find the others," Lexi said, "Vicente, you can come with us. We need all the help we can get."

"Who died and made you Queen?" said Alice.

"I'm second in command, actually."

Back at HQ, Rev tracked down the guys to an island. Vicente told them about a rumor about someone creating a strong army by taking only guys and fighting to see if they're strong enough. When they got to the island, the guys and girls split up. The island only had ruins in the middle, surrounded by jungles. They searched around, looking for a secret entrance.

"How can they only pick boys?" Megan said walking in front, "That is so racist!"

"I think you mean sexist, little girl," Alice corrected her.

"It's not the time to talk about ecchi stuff like that!" she said blushing red.

"Megan, you're so innocent," Lexi said.

"Ū~tsu! Hō~tsu toite," she said hitting the wall. Then a doorway appeared.

"Rev, we found an entrance," Lexi said through the communicator, but all she got back was static. They then went inside, it was high-tech inside, unlike the outside.

"We have intruders, master," a deep voiced said watching a screen, "Female intruders."

"Surprised there aren't any booby traps," said Lexi, as they walked down the halls. Suddenly, the floor disappeared underneath them and they fell in the dark hole.

"You spoke too soon," Alice shouted as they fell.

Rev and Vicente were still searching around in the forest. 'Since-he's-helping-us-I-should-just-at-least-try-to-get-along,' Rev thought to himself.

"Vicente-we-should-go-find-the-girls-or-contact-them," he said and stop searching, "Thanks-for-the-help-but-does-it-really-take-five-people-to-find-four-people-."

Rev was interrupted when Vicente found a secret underground passageway.

"Over here, Rápido pájaro que habla," Vicente said jumping in. Rev followed angrily. The hole led to an empty hallway, like the one the girls were in. Vicente led the way in full speed, Rev following.

"How-do-you-know-which-way-to-go?" he asked suspiciously.

"You'll find your teammates soon, correcaminos tonto," Vicente laughed running straight toward Rev. He quickly dodged but was hit in the back of the head. Vicente pushed a hidden button on the wall.

"Good job, Vicente," the intercom spoke through the ceiling. Then guards appeared to carry Rev away, but then a guard grabbed Vicente.

"Hey! What's the problem?" he said struggling.

"Sorry, but as you know, in order to have my perfect army, I most have all the best guys in Acmetropolis," the voice said, "Including you." A dark figure appeared and tased the speedy mouse.

"Alice-Chan, Lexi-Chan," Megan said waking up Alice and Lexi. Lexi woke up in a white room surrounded by glass objects, giant pillows underneath them.

"Where are we?" she asked aloud.

"In my room," said a voice behind a chair. The chair turned around to reveal a young boy sitting in it.

"WHAT THE HECK?" shouted Alice shouted. She stood up but guards came behind her.

"Surprised?" the boy said, "I am Nazar, and I shall be the most powerful commander in the universe!"

"But you're just a kid," Lexi said, "What are you like nine?"

"I'm ten!" Nazar shouted, "Anyway, you're probably wondering where your friends are."

"Migigawa no, kyōki shōnen," said Megan.

"I, Nazar, am the richest boy in the galaxy. Like royalty, I need the strongest men in my army," he stated. "And being like a prince, I need a princess."

The room was silent.

"WHAT?" the girls shouted.