Rev woke up on the floor, his hands cuffed together. He looked up and saw Ace and the other guys in small rooms across from him.

"Ace! -Tech! -Slam!-Duck!-" He said getting up.

"Whoa! Glad to see ya too," said Ace, "But how did ya get here and where are the girls?"


"Callarse! I already told them," Vicente said appearing behind Rev.

"But what he hasn't told us is why we're here," Tech said. Vicente explained about Nazar, the richest 10-year-old boy in the galaxy, creating a strong army by taking only guys and fighting to see if they're strong enough.

"But we still need to get out of here and find the girls," said Ace, "Here's a plan." They all huddled up. A couple minutes later, a guard opened the door.

Meanwhile, Lexi, Alice, and Megan were moved to a light purple room surrounded by glass objects and giant pillows, like Nazar's white room.

"Who's the youngest?" asked Nazar.

"Me," Megan said raising her hand.

"How old are you, like thirteen?"

"I am almost twenty!" she said with static hair.

"Sure," he said ignoring her, "You all can be stand-bys or whatever." Nazar started to leave the room but stopped in front of the doors.

"I got a better idea!" he said turning round, "They can be the winners' prizes, since they are not particularly useful to me. Youkahainen, guard the prizes." Youkahainen, the bodyguard, cuffed the girls together.

"These will prevent you from using your powers and running away," he explained while leading them out.

"Weird name Youkahainen," smirked Alice.

The guys were taken to an arena with a few hundred other guys. After 30 minutes, it was round 8. Half the guys were gone and the Loonatic guys and Vicente managed to stay in. Meanwhile, the girls were in the white room again, watching the fight on a TV. Nazar was nowhere to be found.

"How can you two be relaxed at a time like this?" Lexi asked. Alice was sitting on a pillow and Megan was taking a catnap.

"It's not like we can pace back and forth chained together," Alice said. She was chained in the middle with Megan on her right and Lexi on the left.

"We still need to make up a plan." Then Alice quickly got up, waking Megan and dragging Lexi. She pulled them towards the door. Youkahainen was outside guarding the door.

"Hey there, Youkahainen," said Alice, "Mind if we go to the ladies' room?" He nodded and led the way. They turned the corner and stopped at a door.

"Mind taking off these cuffs," Alice said sweetly, "I'd like my privacy."

"How dumb do I look to you?" Youkahainen said, "There's no vent in there and I'm not letting you get separated."

"Actually, I have to go too," Megan interrupted.

"Come on, Youkahainen," Lexi said finally speaking, "Three girls against one big, tough guy like you…There's no reason to put these handcuffs on us if you're not so evil."

"I'm just following Prince Nazar's orders," he said leading them back to the room.

"Nice plan, Ace-Lover!" whispered Alice.

"It was better than the bathroom trick," Lexi snapped back, "That is so old!"

They were too busy in their 'whispering fight' to notice. Megan snuck up behind Youkahainen and hit him on a pressure point. Alice and Lexi stood in awe.

"Sore wa kantandeshita!"

"You little assassin," said Alice. Lexi found the control buttons to the cuffs.

"Now let's find the other," Lexi said.

It was midnight and Round 10 had just ended.

"That's all for today," Nazar yawned. The Loonatic guys were sitting on a bench with the handcuffs back on.

"Sigh-this-is-too-tiring-it-is-more-intense-than-our-training-even-though-we-hardly-train-unless-you-train-in-the-training-room-with-the-holograms-pnat-pant-" Rev said out of breath. Vicente had been quiet the whole time. No puedo creer que el punk poco me engañó! He thought.

"We've got to get a plan set up, chief," whispered Tech. Then a dark figure came up behind them. A hand touched Ace's shoulder and he pulled it over his head. The next thing they knew Megan was on the floor.


"MEGAN!" they all shouted.

"I'm in disguise," she smiled getting up. She was wearing a black hoodie that covered half her face and baggy pants. Lexi and Alice appeared next to them in their original uniforms.

"What are you girls doing here?" Duck said.

"Here to save you guys, duh!" Alice told him as Lexi took off their cuffs.

"I bet Vicente can get us out of here," said Ace.

"I only did it for the money, acuerdo?" Vicente said, "Nazar lied to me anyway."