Greetings, it's Deathstalker

I have a challenge for anyone who knows Vandread, write a story that has the avatar of Paksis (she is the girl in the first opening that is standing behind the green light; the one with the long black hair that looks kind of like Piaway) appear when the ships combine (I saw while looking something up[and I don't know if it's true] that this was an idea for the anime that got canceled), as well as have both Asra and Tenhou (from the manga), other than that, go nuts with the plot, but it would be nice if it had the tone that the anime had, serious with slight, defiantly not overt humor, but the seriousness is still their. If anyone decides to take this challenge, please message me when the first chapter is up so i know where to look, and I will be willing to co-author as much as needed if you want or need any help, but I don't do good with the writing, just the ideas.

If someone does this, I will start posting more challenges of my ideas, because I have a lot of ideas, but I am not very good with my stories as it is.

Also, for those who know my other stuff, I will be finishing up one and updating the other two this month (hopefully).