Harry awoke in a cold sweat from his nightmare. He didn't remember much about the dream, just that he was deeply upset by it.

He had been having terrible nightmares ever since he had returned from Cho Chang and Voldemort's wedding.

At first he thought he was just lonely since Ginny had left him.

But he knew he needed more than more company, he needed love.

He had also been feeling differently after visiting Hermione.

Hermione had recently left Ron for Draco, but Draco admitted that his one true love was actually Ron.

Hermione was living alone with Crookshanks for the time, claiming he was all the company she needed.

"That's it!" Harry exclaimed. "I need a cat!"

Yet, after scouring every pet shop, Harry couldn't find one that compared to Crookshanks in the least.

When he came home alone he told himself he wasn't ready for a new relationship, but he knew the real reason no cat was good enough for him.

He was in love with Crookshanks.