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Kakashi raced back to the village, his mind racing in light of the new information he had just gathered. "What the hell is Naruto involved with? Who is this 'Akatsuki' that they mentioned?" It took him almost no time at all to get back to the village, what with that pill still having effect on his stamina. He was sure the Hokage would be more than interested with the news he had, especially after what he had Sasuke and Sakura tell him.

Moments later he knocked on the Hokage's door, waiting until he heard Saratobi's muffled reply to enter. "What have you discovered?" he asked as soon as the door closed behind Kakashi.

"Naruto is in some sort of organization. They were talking of their targets, a new organization called the Akatsuki and those involved with Orochimaru. They referred to them as 'Templar'." Kakashi debriefed, his breath becoming regular again as he awaited Saratobi's next move.

"Hm…" is all that Saratobi answered him with. His eyes closed in thought and his weathered face emotionless. "Your students have told me about the meeting the three of you first viewed between Naruto and this man he called 'brother'." He mused after a few moments of silence, making sure he was up to date on the situation.

"Yes sir" was Kakashi's response "by the way, do you know where those two have run off to?" he asks, making a quick scan of the room to make sure he didn't overlook them somehow.

"Yes, I sent them to their homes until further notice." Saratobi states absent-mindedly. "You're free to leave now Kakashi."

And with that Kakashi bowed, as was custom, and left the room. Still both mused over what Naruto could possibly be involved in.

'Naruto, why are you keeping secrets from us?' Kakashi questioned as he approached the memorial stone, wanting to talk to his old team-mate, Obito, hoping that somehow an answer would just materialize from the stone.


The Sisterhood had apparently just finished up their briefing as well. There were clusters of women everywhere, listening in on what's new, Naruto gathered that they were chatting of everyday life. The prostitutes where chatting of their clients; sharing secrets on who was good/bad in bed and generous/cheap with tips, who was a drunk, who the beaters were and who would bring gifts for them. While on the other hand there were some merchant wives who swapped stories of their lives; sons and daughters who were learning the trade of either Assassin or the normal business, and politics.

"Safety and Peace sisters" came an all too familiar voice from the left, a small smirk lifting the edges of his lips as he turned to see his Bina waving goodbye to her friends and headed his way.

"Naruto! It's good to see you.." came her cheerful greeting as she gingerly wrapped her arms around his neck.

"It's good to see you again as well, Bina." He replies, taking on Altair's signature smirk as he did so, the slight irritance at his pet name for her evident in her lavender eyes.

"Why do you insist on calling me that?" she questioned while taking a step back, a hand now gently on his chest denying him that lingering embrace he so desired.

"Because I can." He states, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly as a slight blush dusts his cheeks. Secretly he's thankful he kept his hood up like old times.

Finally Hinata just rolls her eyes and embraces Naruto, sighing in content at how right this felt.

"What briefing did you get?" he asks into her hair, taking a deep breath and just enjoying the moment.

"Hm… getting a heads up on the two new Templar groups, the plan Malik has created and how we can gather information on them, while following the creed of course. We don't want another mishap, now do we 'Altair'?" she states, chiding Naruto for his ancestors mistake.

A flash of regret and sorrow crosses Naruto's features, his body tensing ever so slightly as the memory of Salmons Temple comes to mind.

Hinata, noticing this difference in demeanor leans back to look into his face, the beautiful rich blue eyes that she had come to know and love slightly dull with grief "You should not blame yourself for what happened that day. You have grown, matured so much since then. Look at what you have accomplished with the Assassins now…" she coos to him realizing the mistake she made in bringing that up.

"Yes, well…" he says, a small smirk wanting to play on his lips as an idea pops into mind "I have a few ideas of how you can apologize." A mischievous glint in his eyes, and that smirk turning into a full on devious smile.

"Oh?" Hinata replies, a mischievous but weary look in her eyes as well. "Well, we can't really do that now… we have a few problems to deal with." Hinata says, her ancestor Maria taking over the situation.

"And that would be?" Naruto says, seductively breathing the words on her neck before leaving butterfly kisses to her lips. A small grumble of disapproval escaping his lips as she gently pushes him a way, determination in her eyes. Sighing he gives up, this was one of the reasons Altair had fallen in love with Maria.

"These new groups, we suspect them to possibly come to the village. How are we going to hide the order if that happens?" she asks, her voice lowering so that the others can't hear of her worries.

"The village will have no reason to know of us. Only that they are enemies to them, that is all." He replies, already getting ready for what is possibly become an argument. "If you are so worried they will find out go discuss this with Malik. He will know what to do." He adds a few seconds later, his voice uncaring and slightly bored.

With this she gives him a look of anger, her lavender eyes holding his blue ones firmly. 'Oh shit, I screwed up…' Naruto thinks, his features giving no hint to his worry, instead becoming cold and distant like the arrogant Altair.

"Naruto, this is a concern you should share as well. After all, our friends live there. Have you grown soo cold as to abandon them and not worry for their safety?" she questions, hands on hips and that mother chiding look on her face.

Now it was Naruto's turn to get outraged. "Have you forgotten how they treated me? And besides, they won't find out of the Brotherhood, we take precautions in this… or have you been slipping on your end?" he practally growls at her.


Back at the village Saratobi was still pondering over the information that Kakashi and his two students had told him. "Templars…" he mumbles, taking a break from his usual work of signing papers and what's not. "Naruto, what are you involved with…"

After some time at the memorial stone, Kakashi finally starts home Icha Icha Paradise in hand. However, he can't really concentrate on the book, his mind keeps drifting back to Naruto, and with those thoughts more and more questions plague him. 'Why did he change clothes, and what the hell kinda outfit was that? His personality as well, I've never heard him talk like that… he was more… serious, dangerous even.' He mused, finally putting the book away in favor of watching where he was going. 'Naruto is never like that. He's the number one knuckle headed trouble maker of the village… then there are these 'Templars' that they spoke about…' his thoughts were interrupted by one of his students calling out to him.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura called, pink hair bouncing as she made her way to him. An un-happy Uchiha being dragged along "Sensei!" she calls again, a little more than half way to Kakashi.

"I think he heard you the first time…" growls Sasuke, slightly wincing as it turned out she was shouting in his ear.

"Hey you guys." Kakashi greets, acting as though nothing had changed. "Soo, did you guys train at all today?" he questioned in all honesty.

"Um… you're joking, right?" states the Uchiha while giving Kakashi a funny look. "We have bigger things to deal with right now, or are you going to take this like everything else?" he questions, slightly sweating as he realizes how disrespectful he sounds. To his surprise, Kakashi just sighs.

"Your right Sasuke." After a moment, he ads "Let's go to Naruto's apartment, maybe we can find some helpful information there." And with that they were off, not so much in a hurry seeing as the Hokage, Saratobi, had given Naruto a week off for 'training' on his own.

Upon entering Naruto's home Kakashi immediately told his two remaining students what to do and what to look for. "Okay you two; remember to put EVERYTHING back like you found it. Sakura, you look in the kitchen/dining area. Sasuke, you take the living room and porch area. I'll be in the bedroom and bathroom." He says already headed that way. Sasuke and Sakura just glance at each other, quickly nodding and walking to their designated areas.

Entering into Naruto's room, Kakshi found it different than he imagined. Instead of being messy, it was neat, clean and close to O.C.D. He had a poster of the village's insignia just above his bed but that was just about the only sort of decoration, if you didn't count the bed, drawers and nightstand of course. Kakashi started his search with the drawers; taking out each one at a time with such care. Taking out the contents and search them he did with even more care so not to disturb the folding or layout. "I don't know how much attention he really pays to detail… better safe than sorry." He mumbles to himself, not really believing he has to take such care and precautions with one of his own students. Each drawer he did like this, making up the three at the top. The top drawer contained small weapons like shrunken and kunai along with the supplies to keep them sharp and clean. The second drawer contained his underwear (boxers), Kakashi was genially surprised at how neatly folded Naruto kept these. Not even he was like this. The third drawer contained close to nothing, a few supplies for darts, a few vials of something and again the supplies to maintain the weapons. Taking out the last vial however, he found that this drawer had a false bottom. Lifting it up he discovered that there was something missing, there were two what were either gauntlets or bracers once rested. 'Odd…' Kakashi thinks as he gently picks up one of the neatly folded clothes, inspecting it before folding it and gently replacing it and returning the drawer back to the way it was. Next was the bed, scanning the blanket in hopes of finding a hole Naruto could use to hide a small note or something he throws it back when nothing is found. He does this with the pillows, sheets, mattress and frame as well. Each time he found nothing. Replacing everything he calls out "Sasuke! Are you finding anything in there?"

"No, just normal stuff the dobe would ha…" his words got cut off when he opened a drawer to find a single drawing.

"What did you find?" Kakashi asks, walking into the living room area, curious as to what made Sasuke stop his sentence so short. Walking over, he leans forward to peer over the Uchiha's shoulder into the small drawer. There sat an old looking drawing of a stone fortress somewhere in the mountains. The attention to detail mesmerizing, gently Sasuke picks up the drawing. His fingers gently running over it before slowly turning the page to see the back, there they were surprised to see Naruto's handwriting.


I wish I could return home… '

Kakashi and Sasuke were amazed and confused. "You don't think he drew this… do you?" Sasuke whispers, turning the page back to look at the drawing. The building's high walls looked cold and strong, Sasuke could see the small windows and some flags at the top. The building looked old, weathered, fierce, and yet loyal and somehow comforting.

"Sakura, have you found anything?" Kakashi calls, effectively getting Sasuke out of the trance he was in with the drawing. Glancing back he watches as Sasuke gently puts the page back slowly and heads to search the couch.

"No Kakashi-sensei… the dining area had nothing we could use at this point. I'm checking the kitchen now." She states back, already rummaging through the drawers.

"Okay, I'm going to go and finish checking his room and bathroom." Kakashi states, Sasuke was still working on the couch, searching every inch of it only to find nothing.

Standing he looks around the room, it was rather dull for Naruto's high spirits and energy. He actually expected his team mate to have the place a wreck or to reflect his annoying personality. Yet it wasn't, instead it looked more like an O.C.D person lived here, clear tan walls, modest TV set and a somewhat antique couch. Barely any decorations of any kind, well now that he thought about it he didn't suppose you could count the two or three lamps as decorations.

When finally done searching the house Kakashi was surprised to know a few new things about his team, like the stash of Icha Icha books hidden in the closet and how well Sasuke and Sakura were at snooping. Kakashi, taking one more glance around to make sure everything was back in its proper order, nods in content and approval at his remaining students before closing the door. 'I would have never pegged Naruto as the O.C.D type…' he thinks as he trudges back to his own apartment, his two remaining students already gone, probably training.


"Orochimaru-sama, our intelligence says that the Assassins are already on to us." States Kabuto, disgust dripping from his voice as he merely mentions the name. The dark, damp room barely light by candles which were reflecting in his glasses, he can hear the sound of Orochimaru's 'pets' from deeper in their layer. The key to Immortality was in these 'pets' he said, "Just look at them Kabuto. Isn't it wonderful how far we've come?" he had said with a sadistic grin.

"Hm… We'd better keep an eye on them then." Orochimaru reples, pre-occupied by the body lying on the table in front of him, blood seeping to the floor in small rivers as its occupant slightly moans, their screams for mercy, help, and death finally silenced with time.

"How do you propose we do that sir?" Kabuto asks curiosity as to what his Master is doing slowly growing. The soft moans of that poor soul drifting to his ears, slowly making him smile ever so slightly.


"Naruto, we have to think of those innocents." Hinata protests, her lavender eyes growing in ferocity and intensity as Naruto just glares at her. "Plus, have you forgotten my family is there, Neji and the rest of the Hyuga clan?"

"They can fend for themselves. We MUST follow the creed at ALL times. Go and speak with Malik if you're so worried for their safety… Maria." He growls her name with such anger and irrtance poorly hidden behind Altair's façade; this earned a squeak from some nearby courtesans. Quickly glancing in their direction he slowly bows, hoping that with the gesture is apology is recognized. They just glance back, nodding their heads in acknowledgment and walk away, realizing that the two assassins were indeed in a private conversation. Looking back at Hinata he is greeted with a slap. His head snapping back and eyes wide with shock, the sound of it ringing in the ears of those closest to them, their eyes wide as well as they glance back and forth between the two fully expecting Naruto to be enraged.

"Altair, you will be wise to remember to keep your tongue bound when speaking to me." She growls, eyes as sharp and deadly as her short sword. Slowly she takes in a deep breath, calming herself, fully expecting Naruto to retaliate. However, he did nothing but glare, flex his jaw muscles and walk away, presumably to vent and rant to poor Malik.

"That woman! How dare she do that to me… she will get hers during training, when Malik can do nothing against our sparing." He seethes, breathing deeply to control his anger. The trees around Naruto rustling in the slight breeze, the air carrying along with it the thought of his village, his friends… sighing he realizes her concerns are his as well reluctantly. "Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi…" he whispers. "When I get back I should figure out how to teach to better notice our enemy." He thinks before entering the his own camp. 'I hope my face isn't still red from that slap…" he thinks as he makes his way to the river first to wash his face and hopefully wash the slap away.


"Bring team seven back, minus Naruto of course." Saratobi orders the black ops shinobi standing before him. The masked man bows, emotionless eyes ready for any order the Hokage so wishes for him to complete.

"Yes Hokage-sama." He replies, voice stern showing he is a seasoned soldier. Then he's gone, running in search of team seven composed of Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura. He found them moments later in the training field.

"Hatake Kakashi. The Hokage wishes to see both you and your team." He states, slightly bowing in respect to his comrade. Kakashi just stands there, staring at his book not acknowledging this man in the least bit.

"Okay. Hey, you guys, trainging is done for the day. Go to the Hokage's office at once." He tells his team, his usual laid back attitude still in place as he continues to read his book. Sasuke and Sakura just stop what they're doing to look back at their sensei finally noticing the anbu.

'When did he get here?' Sasuke thinks, putting his shuriken back in his pouch.

"What is it about?" asks Sakura, her voice pitching in curiosity while Sasuke just looks on with disgust as her too high voice reaches his ears.

"Doesn't matter, we'll find out when we get there." Replies Kakashi, already walking towards the Hokage's office, Sasuke following suite affirming what he just said with his signature 'hn'. Sakura, seeing the two already leaving her behind, runs to catch up. Walking by Sasuke's side she attempts to walk with pride, hoping with all her being the 'girls' were showing and that it would in turn catch Sasuke's attention.


"Malik, we must speak." Naruto states entering into Malik's tent, not even waiting to be welcomed in like all the others. Had he done so, maybe then he wouldn't be so surprised to find Malik already talking to Hinata about her concerns.

"Yes, Altair… just the person I wanted to see." He states, his good arm welcoming him in. "Maria was just telling me of her concerns for the village the two of come from."

"That village is not mine, or have you forgotten where we hail from in your old age?" he states, teasing Malik of his age as he always did when he found the opportunity. Malik just furrows his brow, as if in thought.

"Ah, yes… I do believe I remember where it is you are speaking about… Masyaf correct?" He taunts back, smirk in place. "I do find myself missing home more and more each day brother."

Hinata just looks between the two men, she remember Masyaf… that place where she died all those years ago.

"Malik, what I am to do about this? The village shinobi are strong, but if the enemy gets a hold on the artifacts…" she trails off, not wanting to say her thoughts out loud in fear of jinxing the village.

"Yes, that is the issues I have been thinking about as well." States Malik, cupping his chin with his one arm. "Altair, what do you think of this?"

Naruto is just silent, Hinata giving him death glares, daring him to speak against her concerns again. "We should take care of these enemies before the village has to deal with them." He states after a moment more of silence.

"Yes, that is what I was thinking as well." Muses Malik, walking back to his table to review what intelligence they have on these new Templar organizations. "Altair, you are to go back to the village immediately after the this meeting is over. We will send you and your team to the Hidden Mist village; it will be under cover o fescorting and protecting a bridge builder. The details will be given by the villages Hokage. While you are there, you will deal with multiple targets. The first being a rouge shinobi who has killed several of our brothers and sisters, his name is Zabuza and his partners name is Haku. The second target you need to just gather information on. His name is Hoshigaki Kasame, he's in the Akatsuki as well. We know that he is one of the seven great swords men, other than that we have nothing." He states looking into Naruto's blue eyes, he sees that the man's ancestor is excited to finally get some work done. "And Altair, you MUST protect you team. Just as well, remember the Creed's tenants."

"Yes, yes I know." Naruto states, eager to get on his mission after so long. "Do we have contacts in this village?"

"Just the rafiq, you will be doing the gathering on your own."


"Hinata, you may leave now. Altair and I have much to discuss." Hinata looks back and forth between the two men, obviously suspicious of them both before turning on her heels and leaving. Once she left Malik questions "You do know that there were some leaf nin who followed you?"

"Yes. It was my team. I thought it would further provoke their curiosity if I confronted them. What would you have me do should they have learned more than they should have?"

"I know they have, one of our look outs says they spotted the one named Hatake Kakasi not to far away during our meeting. They don't know how much he heard, but they say after a while he ran off. In the direction of the village no doubt, hopefully he has learned nothing of consequence. As for what you should do… act as if nothing has happened. If they question you.."

"Act as if I do not know what they are talking about." Altair interrupts, finishing Malik's sentence.

"Yes." Malik says after a pause, a small smirk on his face. "So, already you and Maria are fighting?"

Sighing, Naruto takes a seat across from his old friend. "What am I to do Malik? That woman is very outspoken…" he says while rubbing his face, the presence of his ring finger feeling odd on his face.

Laughing Malik replies "That is why the two of you are so good together my friend. She is one of the few people either stupid enough or brave enough to cross you. It's also one of the reasons why you fell in love with her I believe."

Glaring at his friend he sighs yet again in defeat "You are right…"

"Now… fix it…"

"How? She is still mad at me, you saw…"

Laughing yet again Malik wags his head "Try some 'private' training…"

"Fine…" and with that Naruto got up to leave.

"Oh, and one more thing… I always wanted to know. Why is it that you always keep your hood up?" Malik questions, smile on his face.

Altair just laughs as he walks out of the tent, leaving Malik with a smile on his face, slightly wagging his head yet again.


"Enter" Saratobi states, taking a long deep breath from his pipe.

"You wanted to see us?" States Kakashi as his team walks in, the door quietly closing behind them.

"Yes, it's about Naruto. Until just recently, the three of you haven't noticed anything different about him?" he asks, his tone patient and his body relaxed as he just watches the people go about their daily routine, unaware of this new situation that has yet to become a problem.

The team remains silent for a moment, thinking back on Naruto and his actions. "No sir" they answer in unison.

"Very well, keep a better eye on him from now on. Take note of his habits, even if you think it's nothing. Don't give him any sign that you are aware of him and this 'organization' that he's in. Either we'll find out soon enough by either force or because he's ready to tell us."

'Hopefully Saratobi waits for him to tell us on his own…' Kakashi thinks, worry growing in the pit of his stomach as this meeting continues. "Yes sir" they reply yet again, Kakashi's students having more courage this time around.

"Sasuke, Sakura as his peers I want the two of you to get closer to him. Know his secrets; share his pain, become like a family to him. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" they say, Sakura's voice wavering slightly while Sasuke's seems like he could care less.

"If the two of you don't do this there will be dire side effects for your team." He warns, affectively catching their attention.

"Yes sir" they both reply yet again, this time with more enthusiasm. Saratobi just smiles, underneath his harsh exteriors he's really a nice man; his own grandson is a great shinobie, a teacher in fact much like Kakashi, and his great grandson is just starting out, learning the ropes to become a great shinobi.

'I swear, if that dobe gets me in trouble I'm going to kill him." Thinks Sasuke as he awaits the Hokage to continue.


"Leader-sama, I have gathered all the rouge shinobi you have requested. They await you in the foyer sir." States a woman with blue hair and a labret stud her almost yellow eyes uncaring as the leader gets up and heads towards the door.

"Very well, let's go meet the new members of the Akatsuki, Konan." Is all that he states before entering the foyer.

Upon fully entering it, all eyes are on them; the leader with orange colored hair, multiple piercings and Rinnegan eyes. Looking around the room he notes that Konan did a good job in gathering everyone he requested. "I will pare you with your partner. You will stay with them until either one or both of you die." He proclaims, pausing to let that sink in and for the affect. The power in his voice reflecting everything about him; "Deidara and Sasori, Kukuzu and Hidan, Itachi and Kisame, Zetsu will be our intelligence."

"What about Tobi?" Asks Tobi, raising his hand as if he's in grade school, in doing so he earned a few odd glances from his comrades.

"Tobi, you will be with Konan and myself until further notice." And with that, Pein leaves.

"Your rooms have been prepared. Rest today, tomorrow we assign you missions." And then Konan left as well, the room growing quiet as this new information set in.

"So, what are we supposed to do in our free time, un?" Deidara asks no one in particular. The mouth on his hand chewing on some clay, a very bored look plastered on his face as he glances to his new 'partner'. 'I wonder what's up with that guy… he doesn't look like he can do much.'


Back at the Brotherhood camp, Naruto was busing himself, being a firm believer in 'Idle hands are the Devils play things'. And besides that, he had already caused enough mischief as it was. Earlier he had switched Malik's favorite ink with some invisible ink he had found in a nearby village. While Malik was busying himself trying to figure out was wrong with the ink, Naruto had stolen some rather important scrolls from him, hiding them in Faheem's tent.

Later during lunch he had taunted Malik. With him having only one arm and Naruto having two, he attempted to hand feed Malik his lunch, stating "It has to be difficult for you to eat with only one arm." Malik had responded by throwing anything and everything he could get his hand onto at the man. It was then that Naruto was heard screaming "I was only trying to help!" as he ran away as quickly as he could finally hiding behind Hinata, knowing full well that Malik couldn't hurt her. To this, Malik warned "Altair, if I catch you when she's not around there will be Hell to pay!" before stomping back to his tent where he was heard yet again yelling "And someone find me those scrolls dammit!" Altair just laughed at this, Faheem looking at him suspiciously before asking "Altair, what did you do?" With this, they found a reason to fight. They fought over almost everything it seemed, from why the sky was blue all the way to if Altair had anything to do with Faheem's saddle being too loose today causing him to fall off his horse while riding through a fairly deep river. Of course Altair was the culprit, but he would never admit to it so he fought for his 'innocence' in the matter. All the while Hinata just watched, amused but at the same time wondering if she should do anything to stop it, it was Malik who stopped the fight, sending them off to the training arena like children. There he caused even more trouble, beating each and every opponent without even trying, until that is Hinata entered the ring. With her slap still fresh in his mind he set out to teach her a lesson. The two fought, matching each other blow for blow. The crowed had grown rather large; bets had also made its way into the fight. Most betting that Hinata would win the others saying it was Altair who would be victorious.

Him and Hinata had traded insults in the fight, Hinata favoring "You fight like a woman Naruto, maybe you should be training more in the village." While Naruto responded with "If I can fight like you, I have no worries then, I do believe I taught you well all those years ago."

The crowd new he was in the dog house, so they couldn't help but laugh a little as the fight continued. Naruto stealing kisses and whispering sweet nothings until Hinata was clumsy and flustered enough in her attacks for Naruto to disarm her.