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The mission was pretty simple so far, at least the one that was handed out by the village. The only problem was when the old man lashed out at him, God in heaven knew Altair would have killed the man in an instant for his insolence. But Naruto kept his cool, spazing out every now and then as a response to something the old man said. When Sakura hit him hard over the head that was when he almost lost it, rage boiled in his stomach and heart. How he would have liked to teach her to have respect.

Seconds later they were ducking to try and avoid a sword; Naruto fell flat on his stomach eyes sharp looking for its source. 'How the hell did they sneak up on us?' Naruto thought as he slowly got up, he could feel his comrade's eyes on his back. When he looked the sword over yet again he saw a man standing on the hilt. His body language saying he was a deadly ninja. After a moment of silence Kakashi spoke up, introducing the rouge ninja as Zabuza. 'So, this is my target.' Naruto thought as he looked the man over, trying to determine how skilled the man might be. Naruto knew he couldn't do anything, at least not in front of everyone 'If I can just isolate him and keep these nuisances away…'

Kakashi then took charge, telling his students to keep their client safe, so Naruto and his team mates fell back forming a triangle. Naruto preferred the hidden blade, having mastered and preferred it over all the others at his disposal. But now, he's forced to use a kunai knife, so small and inconsequential compared to all his other weapons. It would hardly do him any good in a fight like this, he briefly wondered if those who had assigned it to combat usage had really thought it through. Once his mind was back on the task at hand, his face stern and emotionless, so much so it rivaled if not surpassed the Uchiha's, this little fact wasn't lost on his team. As Kakashi raised his headband Naruto took special note of the red eye hiding beneath it. Altair finally swallowed his pride and asked what the Sharingan was, Sasuke and Zabuza replied explaining what it does and that it's a bloodline trait for the Uchiha clan. Naruto not only took great care at remembering this but also that little fun fact about Kakashi being on this villages Bingo book, not only that but he was known as the man who copied over a thousand jutsu. So it didn't really surprise Naruto when he said Kakashi's nickname was the Copycat ninja. Looking around Naruto noticed that he had to cover for Sakura and Sasuke. Sakura looked like she was in a whole other world staring in awe at Kakashi. Sasuke wasn't far behind, staring Kakashi down, completely obliviant of his surroundings. Naruto briefly wondered how he could have gotten stuck with such a stupid worthless group.

His team was surprised when Zabuza suddenly vanished and re-appeared on the water. His hands formed for a jutsu. It was all Altair could do to stay in Naruto's persona and not snap at Sakura and Sasuke when they stated the obvious. His irritation building up to a boiling point when Kakashi just stood there, letting their enemy accomplish whatever jutsu they started instead of taking advantage of their blind spots. Being the 'sensei' Kakashi took control, saying it would go after him first. Somehow Naruto doubted that since the old bridge builder was his target.

While Zabuza was still missing from their view Altair was weary, eyes darting using Eagle vision every now and then to try and get an idea of where this Zabuza was hiding. Kakashi took note of the slight difference in Naruto's eyes when he used Eagle vision; he knew the boy didn't have a bloodline trait like the Hyuuga's or Uchiha's.

Sasuke took note of the stance Naruto took, it was different. They hadn't gone over stances like it in the academy nor had he ever heard of any shinobi using one that even resembled this. The way he held the kunai, it was like he had done this a thousand times over many, many years. This was definitely not the annoying knuckle headed Naruto he had come to know and tolerate. Sakura on the other hand was more concerned with their enemy to notice anything strange with Naruto who thought she resembled a deer caught in headlights. It seemed that Altair was getting most of the information he needed here, although some of what he was learning was about this man's past… he needed to know relevant things like fighting style and why this man deserved to die. He had learned from Al Mualim that it wasn't good enough to do something simply because you're told to but because you have come to the same conclusion.

For now though he's learned that Zabuza was fast, when he killed, his victims didn't realize they had died until they stood in the afterlife. At this little bit of information he could hear the fear in his comrades intake of breath, Naruto did nothing but tense reading himself for anything and everything. "Fail and we only lose our lives." Kakashi says, Naruto almost laughed at that, a smirk forming on his lips as Sakura replied "How can you say that?"

Naruto took note and expressed his thoughts as to the mist "It's getting thicker… keep a sharp eye you guys." His voice surprising every one including the bridge builder with its authority and strictness, Kakashi just taking Naruto's advice and scanning the area yet again and the old bridge builder explaining the layout of the mist village and informing him that the mist is an ever present thing. When Naruto lost sight of Kakashi he picked up on someone's presence. He couldn't tell just yet who it was until he heard the voice of Zabuza; he was naming off all the instant kill points as well as the fatal injury spots. There were eight that he mentioned, he was trying to decide where he wanted to strike.
Naruto could tell that Sasuke was starting freak out, his posture and breathing had become sloppy. Kakashi had cleared the mist with some jutsu technique that Naruto didn't really care for; all he cared for was killing this blood thirsty enemy before he killed any of them. When Kakashi promised to protect them Naruto hardly paid attention, when he said he wasn't about to let his comrades die Naruto made a noise of agreement. 'I won't allow what happened at Solomon's temple so many years ago to happen again.' Altair swore scanning the area once again with Eagle vision. However despite this his enemy still managed to get inside their triangle, Naruto acting quickly turned and using the kunai knife stabbed him in one of the areas he had stated earlier only to realize that it was just a water clone. Kakashi stood and watched as Naruto then grabbed another kunai, the one still in the clone and turned to throw that one out of the way and strike the one that appeared in front of Sasuke hitting in the shoulder. He could tell that both Sasuke and Sakura were terrified at this point; they were no good to him only more work.

"Don't be shy." Naruto taunts him welcoming him forward with a smirk on his face. Kakashi just watches in shock 'Is Naruto really doing this?'

"Don't mock me boy…" Zabuza growls when he got hit from another one of Naruto's kunai this time in another one of the vital areas of the body only then did Naruto realize it was another clone. Gritting his teeth he scanned the area, slowly turning in a circle. Trying to help, Kakashi ended up getting himself caught in some sort of water jutsu, rolling his eyes Naruto stood and watched to see what new trick was going to happen now. The mist was back, Naruto's Eagle vision doing most of his seeing this time around when he gets a kick to the stomach, his comrades still doing nothing but being a burden to protect. Finally Sasuke comes alive, Naruto grunting in irritation as the Uchiha just runs directly at the enemy throwing kunai at him. "Sasuke no, stand back and let me handle this." Naruto says, taking his jacket off and putting one of the hidden blades on. He knew this was reckless but he needed to make sure his team stayed alive and how things were going so far he wasn't sure that would happen if he didn't act now. When Sasuke finally got out of the way Naruto took the fight, dodging the sword and landing blows with enough force to break or fracture bones. Finally he struck Zabuza's neck releasing the hidden blade as he did so. His team in shocked silence as Naruto stood from his crouch over the water that had made up the clone, danger and death in his eyes. Making his way to the real Zabuza he calls out "Are you okay Kakashi sensei?"

"Y-yea I'm fine Naruto…"

"Release him now if you want to live." Naruto warned his tone of voice deep with anger and death. He could hear his comrades behind him take in a sharp breath of air in surprise or fear, he couldn't quite place it.

"I think I'll hold on to him just a while longer." Zabuza taunted, not taking Naruto's threat seriously.

Pulling a kunai out from his pouch Naruto charged the enemy, staying low to the water like he was taught, throwing the kunai at the man's shoulder he had hoped it would prompt him to release the jutsu. While Zabuza was distracted with the kunai Naruto jumped in the air and like old times the last thing Zabuza would have seen was Naruto's crouched jump resembling an Eagle as it attacks its prey. Unfortunately someone else had beaten him to it, it wasn't Kakashi's doing either but instead someone in a mask. When Kakashi saw them he said something about him being ANBU, however Naruto wasn't really buying it but he couldn't really risk drawing any more attention to himself like that again. Walking away he grabs his jacket and stands next to the bridge builder who was looking a little uncomfortable at the proximity, taking a deep breath Naruto asks "Can we go now?" as if nothing had happened in the past two to two and a half hours.

When night finally came around and everyone had fallen asleep Naruto walked off, when he thought he was far enough from 'base' he changed into his Assassin outfit. Latching on his hidden blades he stretched a few times, making sure the throwing knives and short blade on his upper back weren't going to bother him in any way. This simple action gave a sense of relief, a sense of security that he hadn't felt for some time while in the village. He finally felt like himself yet again, when he finished hiding his things; clothes, head band and pouch containing his ninja weapons and a few extra luggage, he started off in the direction of the rafiq that cares for this area. He needed to learn more on his targets.

Unknown to him Kakashi had followed; Naruto's confidence was always going to be his downfall. Staying close enough to see what Naruto was doing but far enough not to get noticed, he found it odd that he would go into the city. What was even stranger was how he chose to make his way through the place; it was like he had been here before. He ran on the roof tops instead of going through the streets, jumping distances while using barely any chakra if any to do so. Once he almost fell but caught the ledge in time.

A couple of times a guard or two had spotted Naruto, as a reaction he threw kunai at him. Or at least that's what Kakashi thought they were until further examination showed them to be nothing more than throwing knives from the Middle East somewhere. The deadly precision of his accuracy made Kakashi wonder exactly who Naruto really was, and what he was up to.

Catching back up to Naruto, Kakashi found him surveying the area on top of a building. That's when he got caught red handed, with nowhere to hide and Naruto's keen Eagle eye marking him glow yellow. With a walk that showed power and superiority Naruto made his way to his 'sensei'.

"I suggest you leave and forget this." Naruto hisses, eyes sharp and so very different somehow compared to how Kakashi normally sees them, maybe they contained a hint of danger or death.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Kakashi asks, seeming to ignore Naruto's piece of advice. His concern for the tone of voice Naruto had used hidden under the idea that he could take Naruto down in a fight.

"Work, now leave." With a shove Naruto sent Kakashi reeling backwards, barely catching himself he stares at Naruto in disbelief. When Naruto took a step forward he took a step back. He didn't know all that he was capable of, or what weapons he had on him as well. He could see a sword of some sort on his hip, knew he had throwing knives somewhere and what looked like a hunting knife on his back but what else could he have? Kakashi wasn't sure he wanted to find out like this.

"Naruto, as your superior I demand that you tell me what this is all about. What organization you're in and what are these 'Templars'." Kakashi states, squaring his jaw and taking on the look of an ANBU, a kunai knife dangling in his right hand. He was utterly shocked when Naruto just laughed, it was short and surprisingly deep but still.

"You think I listen or answer to you?" Naruto spat, humor and attitude dripping from his words, Kakashi could hardly see his face. Naruto's hood was still up; he preferred it that way just like Altair. The only thing Kakashi could make out barely was Naruto's eyes. "If you don't want to die then leave… 'sensei'." Naruto says in mock respect. That is when Kakashi took Naruto's bait and attacked. He was not about to tolerate being talked to like that, especially by one of his own students.

With a steady and skilled hand Naruto had Kakashi beat in no time at all, he barely broke a sweat. "If you follow me again I won't hesitate to kill you." Naruto says, death flickering in his eyes as he releases one of his hidden blades and holds it to Kakashi's face to make his intentions loud and clear. Gulping Kakashi just nods, for the first time he's actually scared of Naruto, his palms sweaty as he drops the kunai and holds his hands up in a show of defeat.

With a smirk on his face he pulls Kakashi up with him, shoving him in the direction of 'base' he waits to make sure he was actually going back. When Kakashi was out of sight Naruto turned and jumped down into the now open Bureau.

"Safety and Peace brother." Naruto announces as he enters the office, his heart light as memories of the good old days flood this thoughts.

"To you as well brother," replies the rafiq bowing his head slightly "Malik has sent word that you would arrive here soon enough. Tell me, who is it that you intend to kill this time?"

"Their names are Zabuza Momochi and Haku, as far as I know he doesn't have a last name. What can you tell me of these men?" and so the night went on, the rafiq retelling what he heard or knew of about Naruto's targets, informing of the best places in the city to gather more information on them as well.

"You are right my friend, Haku is his only name. If you want more information on them go to the eastern part of the village, the poor district. There are rumors floating around there of your targets that I have yet to hear. Just as well check out the scrolls that the Mizukage keeps in the office in the middle of the city. You might find some useful information there as well. And one more place you might as well look into, in the market there are story tellers. One in particular seems to know things about these men that no one else does. These are the places you should go to, when you have done this come back and tell me all that you have found. "

"Very well, I must be headed back, safety and peace brother." And so Naruto was off, happy with the progress he had made tonight but also somewhat concerned about Kakashi having followed him. Not only was that a wrong move and showed that they were on to him but what if Zabuza had taken the chance to strike at the home? He had left them vulnerable, his comrades weren't good enough to protect themselves against this opponent let alone protect the family. With these thoughts, worry started to work its way to his heart, before he changed back into his hideous orange clothes he rushed back to base, scouting out the surroundings to make sure everything was safe then checking the innocent inside. He found everyone fast asleep save Kakashi who was sitting on the roof staring up at the moon. With a satisfaction that everyone was safe he finally went back to change, when he entered the home Kakashi had finally fallen back asleep and dawn was almost there. For the few hours that he had he slept he was like a rock, hidden blade covered by the orange sleeve just in case.


When morning came Naruto found he wasn't the first to wake up like he had wanted, instead Kakashi was already ready and busying himself with his morning routine. So Naruto took this time to see exactly how much he knew, walking out the house he goes to where Kakashi was training. 'This is just as important as the missions I was given, if Malik finds out before I do… I don't think he'll go easy on.' Naruto thinks as he starts to undo his jacket until he remembers the hidden blades are still on his forearms. Though he unzips the jacket he leaves it on, slowly he takes in a deep breath of the cool pre-dawn air. The slight fog and dew giving this land an enchanting look he hadn't seen for some time. "Kakashi, why did you follow me last night?" Naruto starts, not wanting to bead around the bush keeping his voice low though just in case Sakura or Sasuke should walk outside. He started his training as well as he awaited a reply from Kakashi, dropping to the ground to do pushups not really caring to count.

"Curiosity, I wanted to know where you had learned to fight like you did from." Kakashi states simply, his breath slightly irregular as he throws another kunai, missing the center by centimeters.

"Hm… and where do you think I learned all of that from?" he asked again, his pushups now being one handed.

"I don't know, you tell me…" Kakashi says, stopping to look down at the blond haired boy.

"If you start digging I promise I'll have to kill you. Don't make me do that Kakashi, just let me be." Then there was a stretched silence between the two, Kakashi remembering his encounter with him last night and Naruto thinking of home and what training was like in Masyaf.

Later on during the day when everyone had woken up Naruto had made up some excuse to go off and train on his own. It was time to start gathering information on his targets. He had changed once again into his Assassins outfit, hiding his clothes in the rafiqs bureau this time around.

When he had made it to the poor district he found some group of men talking in hushed voices by the tavern. Sitting on a bench nearby, he listens in on the conversation.

"I heard he's back." Says one man with a head band of where he works on.
"Who?" asks another, this one wearing a vest with the kanji symbols for fight.
"Zabuza, oh man this is bad." Answers the one with the head band.
"Yea, I heard he's one of the seven swordsmen of the mist." Says a third guy.
"I heard that his broad sword can fix itself."
"Yea, it takes the iron from the blood of its victims. Or at least that's what I've heard. "

That is all Naruto learned from this place, everyone else was talking about how the prices for goods had gone up or that they can't wait for the bridge to be built.

Next up was the middle of town where the story tellers are. He needed to find this person and question him. But first he needs a view point, to get a feel for the city, once he had found the spot he makes his way to the top, climbing and jumping from place to place. Reaching the top, the town below him is laid out like a map. Gathering which way he needs to head he looks for somewhere he can jump to. Seeing a cart of hay he does a leap of faith, moments later he's crawling out of the cart dusting the hay from his clothes.

Making his way to the story tellers he keeps an ear open for any stories that sound like they might be who he's looking for. When he finally he finds a man near the Mizukage's building who is telling rather odd stories. Listening he finds that the man does know something about his targets. When the man starts to move to another location Naruto follows, far enough behind to keep suspicion away but close enough to keep an eye on him. When he finally walks down an alley that's when Naruto makes his move, interrogating the man Naruto found that Haku's choice of weapon was senbon and that this can not only cause instant death but temporary death as well. 'I knew there was something wrong with them showing up like that.' Naruto thought as he finished hearing this detail. "What else do you?" he growled making the man cower near the wall of the building.

"He has a special ability. He can make Ice instantly and use them as weapons. Also, he can use a technique with demonic ice mirrors…" The man continued to describe this technique to Naruto finally at the end he begged for his life. Naruto ignored him and killed the man using his hidden blade, muttering for him to rest in peace now. "I'll have to do the Hokage's office tonight, when the building is empty." Naruto mutters walking away from the dead body.


Upon returning back to the house Naruto had found the group talking about Zabuza and that other one that showed up. He had arrived just in time to hear that Zabuza was still alive and come to the conclusion that that masked person was Haku. Naruto knew he should have gone through with his attack.
When Kakashi stated the saying amongst Shinobi 'Encountering suspicion the Ninja prepares quickly, hesitating leads to disaster', Naruto countered with "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted." This statement caught everyone's thoughts.
"That's stupid, its self-defeating Naruto." Sakura says, pointing her finger to the roof as if she's reciting something to the teacher. Naruto just growls and glares at her before walking back outside leaving everyone to look in the direction he had gone.

Later on in the day Kakashi had thought it was a good idea to train them in walking up trees. Naruto of course had already mastered it; however he wanted to have some fun while he could. "I bet I can learn this faster and better than anyone else!" He yelled Sasuke takes on his challenge.

When they had started training Naruto had purposefully mismatched the chakra needed for this, while he watched Sasuke struggle to get the hang of it only to fall Naruto would laugh. Slowly however he finally tired of this game and showed that he could do it, reaching the highest branch he called down to them asking if he could do something else now. Looking up Kakashi could just see the orange from Naruto's outfit "Um, yea sure thing Naruto!" He calls up to him, when Naruto did the leap of faith into a rather large pile of leaves nearby Kakashi practically had a heart attack. Getting out from the pile of leaves Naruto just walks away not bothering to explain what had just happened to the group who are now just staring at him in disbelief.


When night fell Naruto set out to get those papers he needed, this time taking extra care that his team doesn't try to follow.

When he arrived at the building he made his way to an open window, sneaking up the building and into the room was a no problem. "Yes, just the room I needed to get into." He says when he starts to look around, finally finding a file on Zabuza but not Haku. "Hm… so… Zabuza is a master at water style…" and with that he replaced everything where he had found it.

Running on the rooftops Naruto made his way to the bureau, jumping down he could hear the rafiqs 'Safety and Peace brother' from the other room. When he entered the room Naruto replied with the same phrase.

"So, what have you learned about your targets?"
"That they both specialize in a form of water style, Zabuza uses water in its natural form being able to create a thick mist and use multiple techniques at once while Haku mainly deals with ice. Zabuza's sword is capable of fixing itself from the iron in blood and he killed his entire class at the graduation ceremony. Haku, its unknown where he came from only that he is now with this monster, he uses senbon as a weapon."
"Hm… very well here are the feathers. Come back when the deed is done. For now though rest." And with that Naruto headed into the foyer area and fell asleep on the stack of pillows near the water fall adjacent from the door.

In the morning Naruto headed back to the house.

"Where have you been?" Kakashi asks once he sees Naruto walking into the house.
"I went out training last night and fell asleep in the woods." Naruto replies, looking Kakashi in the eyes daring him to question him further. When he didn't he went to find his comrades to make sure they were alright. He found them out side of the house, Sasuke training and Sakura with her feet dangling in the river. Sakura took notice of Naruto first "Hey Naruto, you here to train to?" she asks in a cheerful voice. Naruto could see slight fear in her eyes when she looked at him, when Sasuke looked at him Naruto saw curiosity in his eyes.
"Yea, might as well… So, what do you guys think of this Zabuza character?"
"Their strong…" is all Sasuke said before returning to his training. Sakura looks between the two, a dumb smile on her face. If only they knew what he knew, maybe then they would stand aside and let Naruto do his job. Naruto just got started on training, first fighting an invisible opponent then sparring with Sasuke.


A couple of weeks passed and things were quiet, Naruto and the gang explored a couple of the areas in the forest and Naruto had run into Haku once. During this time he was unprepared, he talked to Haku and decided that the kid was innocent, just mislead. However he knew he would have no choice but to kill him when the time came. Later on that same day Sasuke and him had had an eating contest which resulted in both of them barfing their guts out and Sakura yelling at them. Kakashi only sighed and asked the family to forgive his students behavior.

Later on the gang went to the village minus Naruto who decided this was a good time to go off and train like a true Assassin. After a couple of hours he decides to go back to the house, wanting to at least clean up a little before heading to meet up with the others. Once he got there though, he knew instantly something was very wrong. Gritting his teeth he creeps up to a window, when he looked inside he saw the daughter of that old bridge builder cowering near the sink screaming slightly when some intruders made a movement towards her. One had white hair and makeup that made Naruto think of a mime while the other had a series of pony tales scattered along with an eye patch. On this one Naruto could see tattoo's spiraling up one arm and a couple of scars on his chest. They had some weapons but Naruto doubted they knew how to really handle them, however he wasn't about to take that chance with them having hostages.
Creeping to the roof Naruto entered the house through the back, sneaking around and finding the daughters little boy peeking around a corner, crying. Without trying to get the boys attention he moves behind the kid tapping his shoulder and putting a finger to his mouth he switched places with him. When the two intruders had their back turned Naruto made his move, releasing the double hidden blades he was still wearing he stabbed both in their stomach instantly killing them , "Are you alright?" he asks the woman, holding his hand out to help her up.
"Yes, thank you." Then she walks to her son, crying. Turning to thank Naruto and express her gratitude once again she finds that he disappeared.

'I need to get to them now…' Altair thinks as he quickly changes to his Assassins outfit, the two feathers the rafiq had given him snuggly tucked away in the folds of the belt.


When Altair arrived at the bridge his gut fell as he realized he was late. The mist was still alright, Kakashi was tied up with Zabuza and Sasuke had gotten himself trapped in Haku's Demonic Mirrors. 'Shit! Okay… Sasuke is in more danger than Kakashi, save him first.' He thinks, scanning the area for a way to get into the fight without being seen right away. Looking down the side of the bridge he notices that running along the side are some cracks that he can use as foot and hand holds. Silently he makes his way to Sasuke using these holds, making sure no to look down. Swimming wasn't exactly a talent of his, so falling was out of the question.

Peeking up from his spot moments later he finds he's already in front of Haku's mirrors, 'Good thing I'm already here… no more footholds to use beyond this point.' Sasuke was defenseless, cowering in the middle of the circle as senbon rained down on him. Altair noticed that Sakura came running towards him, trying to throw him a kunai knife. Before it even passed the mirrors though Haku caught it, the look of defeat on Sasuke's face made Altair desperate to go to his aid. He knew though that he couldn't just jump in there without a plan no that was a suicidal idea. No, he had to think of a plan.