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"And what of the man known as Kisame?" Malik questions, starting to eat his own bowl though not as enthusiastic as his friend 'He's really taken a liking to this ramen as they call it, however he still eats like a starving madman.' He thinks while stealing glances at Naruto.

"Hm…" Naruto replies with, finishing the bowl in almost record time. "I could only find what we already knew of the man. The records they had of him look more like blank black papers instead of reports, and the people aren't much better." He recalls, already ordering his second bowl for the two men. Looking over at Malik he notices that something is troubling him. "What is it? What news are you not telling me brother?" he asks, voice hushed so the others can't hear them.

"It is nothing really… or at least not yet." Malik replies, his dark brown eyes staring down at the now empty bowl of ramen then at his friend. "Your team was severely hurt on this last mission…"

"Yes, I tried to finish the enemy off quickly but… I miss the days when I worked alone Malik."

"I want you to teach these 'ninja' how to fight and think like an assassin, or at least for the most part. I fear they will be dealing with more enemies sooner than we would like." Malik states, voice flat and eyes lost in thought as the second bowl of ramen is placed in front of both men. "I also fear that you will have to leave this village sooner than expected." Listening to the sounds of normal life here in the village he shuts his eyes when Naruto's content slurp is cut short and a small choke escapes from him, then silence engulfs the men.


"How was your mission Kakashi?" Saratobi asks, not really bothering to look up.

"All things considering, it went well." Kakashi sighs, just wanting to get this over and done with so he can go home and take a nice hot shower. 'So sore…. So very sore….'

"And what of Naruto? What have you learned?"

"I'm not all too sure… I established he is an excellent fighter, better than we would have originally guessed. He has mechanisms that he wears on his forearms; I couldn't find them when I looked through his items. Sakura says that during our encounter with Zabuza and Haku on the bridge, Naruto showed agility, speed and knowledge in battle. Sasuke can back this up, as I stated in the report he can vouch for Naruto's abilities."

"Hm… you're free to go."


(Author Note)

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