A/N I had this idea while listening to Someone like you by Adele. This story is not a song fic, it is just based on the song hope you enjoy. It all from Luna point of view. The start is one year after BoH

Someone like you

"I sorry Neville" I told him my eyes filling with tears

"Luna please don't leave me" Neville begged

"I have to" I told him "I can't expect you to love me as whom I am, if I don't know who I am anymore"

Neville nodded "so you what to find who you are"

I nodded "I will always love you, and I will come back"

Then we parted as ex-girlfriend and boyfriend

6 years later

I knocked on the door, feeling more nervous by the second. When Neville opened the door, "Luna?" he asked

I nodded "it me" I told him

"Luna there is something I have to tell you" he said

Before I could asked what, a voice called "Neville dear, who at the door". I recognized the voice, Hannah Abbott. She pushed the door fully opened. "Luna?" she said "it been I long time, how was it, looking for Nargles"

I growled under my breath

"I'm only joking." she smiled.

"Are you…?" I asked dreading to hear what she said next

"Married? Yes we are" Hannah told me

I gulped "I sorry to turn up like this" and I tuned and left


I kept walking. I couldn't face him. Not now, not ever

"Luna, please listen to me" he called as he ran after me. Neville grabbed my arm, and made me face him.

"Luna, you left six years ago. I didn't know if you were ever coming back of not. I fell in love with Hannah by chance. What were you thinking would happen when you turned up"

"I don't know" I told him "I just hoped we could still be together because for me it not over"

Neville nodded

I looked him in the eye "But promise me you will remember me, right"

"Always" Neville smiled "Are you sure you okay with this"

"Not yet, but I will get through it. I will just tell myself something I heard you tell Lavendar years ago 'sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead'" I told him

"Good luck Luna, with everything you do" Neville told me

"You too" I replied

And we parted yet again, but this time as old friends.

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