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Chapter 1: Advise, Dealing with your possessive lover.

Prompted by: Lone- Angel-1992 Blaine finds out Kurt and Wes were romantically involved or at least went on a date or two before Blaine even met Kurt; Blaine gets super jealous and possessive over Kurt and won't let any of the other warblers (especially Wes) get anywhere near Kurt, his current boyfriend. Kurt finds this frustrating

(and sexy) but has no idea how to handle is SO he goes to Sam, who is dating Dave Karofsky who is just as bad as Blaine, to get some advice on how Sam manages to deal with it.

I don't own Glee or any of these characters.

"You look amazing baby." Blaine whispered in Kurt's ear.

"Thank you." Kurt said smugly, leaning over to kiss Blaine softly.

"DAVID! DAVID!" Wes said as he busted through the door.

Kurt and Blaine pulled apart looking over at Wes.

Wes's eyes widened, even more than a normal person's would had they arrived in this situation. "Sorry you two. Uhh... umm... wrong room." He said avoiding Kurt's gaze as he turned and all but ran out the door.

Kurt rolled his eyes. Wes was so obvious sometimes, but this time he was so obvious that Blaine noticed.

Blaine blinked, confused at Wes's odd behavior. "What was that all about?" Blaine asked as Wes left.

"I need to tell you something Blaine," He paused, slowly watching Blaine's reaction, "But I don't want you to be mad. At anyone. Okay?" Kurt asked looking into his eyes.

"Okay." Blaine whispered. He was prepared for the worst.

"Before me and you met, I -umm well I met Wes. And.. We sorta went out on a date.. Or two." Kurt said whispering the last part.

Blaine took that in for a second, he felt something build in his throat.

"You... you did what?" Blaine said in a soft but extremely scary-sounding voice. His stomach was twisting.

"It was only two dates Blaine, and it was before I met you." Kurt said in a small voice, hoping Blaine wouldn't yell. Those dates… they weren't what Kurt had expected, if anything they turned Kurt off. Wes was gentleman but too... boring for Kurt's tastes.

"It doesn't matter!" Blaine was almost yelling at this point, he couldn't control himself. "What if you would have had a g-good time? Maybe... maybe we never would have met! Maybe we wouldn't be together now!" Blaine said, internally cringing at what life would have been like without Kurt, and fighting the urge to go and kick Wes's ass.

"Blaine, Blaine! Calm down, okay? It was a long time ago. I'm with you now. I love you, not Wes. Not ANYONE else." Kurt said kissing his lips again.

Blaine nodded. His stomach twisting again.

I'm jealous. Blaine realized with a sudden jolt of realization. Blaine sighed as him and Kurt laid in his bed. He knew now he wouldn't be able to keep his promise to Kurt, anyone who even looked at his boyfriend tomorrow was going to get it, Blaine would make sure of that. Kurt was his.

Blaine woke early the next morning and smiled over at his boyfriend. He was so lucky to have someone like Kurt.

Blaine leaned over to him, Kurt was still fast asleep, and leaned down to kiss him, waking him up.

Kurt's eyes fluttered open and he smiled at Blaine. "Hey," Kurt said, his voice a bit cracky after a night of not using it.

"Hello," Blaine smiled back.

Kurt looked over at the clock then his eyes widening, although it was Saturday, Kurt suddenly realized, Blaine was here in the morning. They had fallen asleep in the same bed (although Kurt didn't mind that part.) He suddenly realized something... Blaine was seeing him with his bed head.

"Ahhhhh!" Kurt shrieked hiding his face with his blanket. "Blaine get out, I look hideous! I have bed head, and I haven't even done my moisturizing routine!"

Blaine chuckled at his boyfriend. "You're adorable," Blaine said removing the blanket Kurt had thrown over his head. "You're beautiful Kurt. You're ALWAYS beautiful, no matter if you just woke up or you've already gotten ready. You're beautiful when you sleep, you're just beautiful." Blaine smiled down at his boyfriend, who blushed and smiled back. "Now get dressed, we have Warblers practice at 11." Kurt sighed as he looked over at Blaine, he was already dressed.

Kurt looked over at the clock again: Nine o'clock.

He groaned as he got up, for once thankful for the uniform at Dalton. He wouldn't have time to pick out his clothes this morning.

He went through his usual routine, before going to the bathroom and getting changed.

Styling his hair a different way this morning, (like he does in Born this Way), Kurt walks out and smiles. "Ready." Kurt said to Blaine whose back was turned.

Turning back around, Blaine gasped. "Kurt… you look… amazing." Blaine said as he walked over to Kurt.

Kurt blushed and hit Blaine lightly. "I look the same as I always do," he said, but a smile slowly crept up on his lips.

"Come on," Blaine smiled, "We're going to be late." He said grabbing Kurt's hand and pulling him out the door.

They walked to the practice, hand in hand, smiling as they went.

Suddenly, Blaine remembered the events of last night and instantly, felt very possessive towards Kurt.

He held his hand a little tighter, and walked a little closer to him, as they finally reached the Senior Common Room, where all the Warblers were filing in.

Kurt and Blaine took there normal seats next to each other as the others came in. Blaine watched carefully, making sure no one looked at his boyfriend.

Kurt must of noticed, Blaine was on the edge because he raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

Blaine saw Wes look over at them, and began glaring at him. Wes's eyes widened as his gaze locked with Blaine's, and he started the meeting.

"Welcome Warblers, to our annual after- Regionals practice," he said with a slightly shaky voice, feeling Blaine's glare on him.

The rest of practice went much like the beginning, Blaine glaring at Wes, then at Jeff when he came over to Kurt to ask a question about French homework, and then at Trent who was actually staring at him, not Kurt and it went that way the entire practice. Blaine couldn't control himself, and it didn't go unnoticed by Kurt. He was getting angrier and angrier at Blaine for acting so other-worldly.

"Dismissed." David said as Wes banged his gavel and everyone stood up.

"What the hell was that?" Kurt asked finally, he had been waiting to get to Blaine the entire rehearsal.

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked, trying to play it off as he didn't do anything wrong.

"You know very well what I mean." Kurt said stopping Blaine dead din his tracks. "Anyone who even looked our way, you glared at, you even growled at Wes once. What's your problem Blaine?"

"Nothing." Blaine said. "I've just been having an off day."

Kurt shook his head. "When your ready to tell me whats really going on, I'll be in my room." Hesaid as he walked towards his dorm room.

Blaine fell against the wall, sliding down it, and dropping his head in his hands. "What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I so jealous of them?" Blaine mumbled to himself.

Because you love him. A voice said in his head. Blaine loved him? Blaine... loved him. When the hell did this happen?

Well, now that he knew why he was so jealous he had the perfect idea, grabbing his phone out of his pocket he went through his contact list selecting the name he needed. Quickly dialing the number, a 'hello' came from the other line.

"Sam? Yeah its Blaine. I'm going to need a favor."

Kurt hated that he was spying on Blaine, but he couldn't help it, his boyfriend was acting so weirdly at practice. So... he followed him. After Kurt had 'left' he hid behind the door and saw Blaine grab his phone, talk to someone, then walk out to his car.

Kurt followed Blaine to the parking lot, watched as Blaine had gotten in his car, and immediately followed in his own. Kurt tried to stay as far behind as possible, trying not to be seen by Blaine, when he suddenly realized where Blaine was going. "Lima?" Kurt asked himself. "Why is he going there?"

Kurt realized as he followed Blaine he knew exactly where Blaine was going. He was going to the Lima Bean.

Blaine pulled into the parking lot of the Lima Bean, before getting out of his car and going inside.

Kurt quickly followed parking as far from Blaine as possible. Kurt went in the opposite door, hiding behind a plant trying not to be seen.

He looked around to see who he was sitting with, and when he stuck his head far out enough it was… Sam? Kurt thought. Isn't he dating Karofsky now? Kurt thought to himself

"Hey Blaine." Kurt heard Sam say. "Now why'd you want me to come here?"

"I-I need your help Sam." Blaine said, Kurt could hear a stutter in his voice.

"Whats this about? Are you and Kurt having trouble? David and I could…"

Blaine had cut him off. "N-No, nothing like that, its just... a few days ago I found out Kurt had met and went on a date with one of my friends from Dalton before we met, and now every time he looks at Kurt, I get... jealous, and I can't help it." Blaine said, slumping in his seat a little.

"I get jealous a lot." Sam nodded knowing what Blaine had meant. "With David not out at school, we go out of Lima to have dates, you know? I always see people checking him out."

"How do you deal with it?" Blaine asked.

"I simply remind myself that David is all mine, and I trust him." Sam smiled.

"I trust Kurt too, but I just feel like he might leave me," Blaine said sadly.

That was it. Kurt had heard enough.

He came out from behind the plant he was hiding behind.

"Kurt!" Blaine gasped when he saw him. "What are you doing here?"

"I followed you. You seemed distracted at Warblers, and I wanted to know what was the matter…. Do you honestly think I would leave you?" Kurt asked. You could tell he was mad.

"I'm just going to go." Sam said, awkwardly sliding out and heading to his car.

Blaine turned back to Kurt. "Kurt… I-"

"No! Blaine- answer the question. Do you honestly think I would leave you?" Kurt asked getting madder by the second. By now they were standing outside the Lima Bean, not wanting to start any trouble.

"I don't know Kurt!" Blaine shouted, not caring who would hear him. "Hearing about you with Wes…. It might have been a while ago, but it killed me, hearing about you with someone else, with anyone but me."

Kurt shook his head, unable to believe Blaine would think that way about him. "I care about you to much Blaine! I would never leave you. Why are you so worried?"

"Because damnit Kurt I love you!" Blaine shouted to the top of his lungs.

"Y-you love me?" Kurt asked. His voice has grown soft.

Blaine's eyes widened. What if... Kurt didn't love him back? What if Kurt rejected him? Despite his worries, he nodded, sure of what he felt.

The smile that came across Kurt's face was definitely worth it. Before either of them knew what was happened, Kurt launched himself at Blaine, kissing him on the lips passionately.

"I love you too." Kurt smiled. The people watching their fight, the ones who sympathized with their sexuality anyway, smiled at them. Anyone else just scoffed and turned back to whatever they were doing.

Maybe being jealous wasn't so bad sometimes. Blaine thought as Kurt and himself drove back to Dalton with with no doubt in their minds.

That's the end of chapter 1 :D.