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PROMPT: Charlie Chap - A more possessive reaction to Chandler, or Blaine being oblivious to Sebastian and think he is actually hitting on Kurt.

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"So, remind me why we're here again?" Kurt asked Blaine as they walked through the still familiar Dalton hallways, though he hadn't graced them in months. It seemed like only days ago that they had ran hand and hand down this very corridor.

"Because I'm giving the Warblers tickets to opening night of West Side Story! I've told you this a million times, Kurt." Blaine shot a smile at Kurt, taking the liberty of linking their hands between them, glad that they were back in an environment that they could do so freely.

Kurt smiled back at him, brushing their shoulders together. "Wait...is that them singing?"

Blaine cocked his head to the side, listening intently to the soft sound coming from down the corridor that was slowly getting louder as they moved closer.

"Sounds like them! Is that...they're singing Billy Joel. Kurt. Why did you make me leave?"

Kurt let out a laugh beside him, tugging on Blaine's hand affectionately. "One, I didn't make you leave. And two, they would probably - definitely - allow you to join in if you wanted."

Blaine was practically vibrating with anticipation as they rounded the corner to the room that the melodious sound was coming from. As the Warblers noticed the two boys, their faces lit up with joy, but their singing stayed pitch perfect.

Blaine pulled Kurt to sit on the arm of the chair, and Kurt watched in amusement as his boyfriend started clapping along to the familiar tune.

Blaine watched in awe as the boys started moving around the room, and all Blaine wanted to do was join in. He scanned the group, looking for any unfamiliar faces. Nick was singing the solo, and he was doing a really great job. He only found one face that he didn't know, and it belonged to a tall, quite attractive guy who was standing to the left of the group...looking over at them.

His eyes were inquisitive and the intensity of them slightly scared Blaine. He was looking at them...almost lustfully.

Was that aimed at Kurt? It must be.

Was the guy actually making eyes at Kurt when he was blatantly watching?

Now that was just rude.

The guy suddenly came up to him and dragged him up onto the floor with them, and Blaine smiled at him. He had seen his eyes flicker to Kurt when he had moved closer, and that just didn't make him happy at all.

As he stood Blaine where he wanted him, his eyes flickered over to Kurt again, and suddenly Blaine's stomach made an uneasy movement.

Blaine watched as the boy made his way around the room, coming back over to him and circling around him once, winking as he did so.

Blaine scoffed quietly and crossed his arms, but smiled once Nick made his way over to him and motioned for him to follow them.

Standing to follow, Blaine started to dance around the room with Nick, but came to a stop when he saw the boy in the corner talking to Kurt, who stood beside him.

Blaine stopped, a heap of boys bumping into him, and suddenly the music stopped too.

"What the hell are you doing?" Blaine growls over at the boy whose name he doesn't even know yet.

"Sebastian." The boy smirks. "My name is Sebastian. Remember it, you'll be screaming it later."

Blaine growls again, and suddenly he's in front of Sebastian, pushing him up against the wall.

He ignores the Warbler's protests and looks the boy straight in the eye.

"I don't give a DAMN what your name is, but I do not appreciate you watching my boyfriend like that. He's mine!" Blaine's voice is lower than usual; he's straining not to punch the boy as it is.

The boy -Sebastian- looks over at Kurt then starts to laugh. Blaine releases his grip just a bit, but still keeps a tight hold on him.

"You think I want that?" Sebastian sneered at him, and Blaine frowned.

"It was kind of obvious from the looks you were giving him," He snaps; did this boy think he was stupid or something?

Sebastian laughs again, tilting his head back in amusement.

"No, you innocent thing. I was staring at you. It's you that I was going to invite back to mine after we finished here, not the other guy."

Blaine stared at him in shock. He had to be kidding.

"I don't care who you were staring at, just stay away from us, okay? And Kurt is ten times the man you'll ever be, and neither of us want to sleep with you."

Blaine aimed a final look at Sebastian before he turned to Kurt, roughly placing his hands on his cheeks and pulling him in for a heated kiss full of teeth and tongue. Kurt squeaked in surprise before melting into the kiss, opening his mouth to allow Blaine's tongue entrance.

Blaine pulled back a few moments later, the loud noise of their lips parting ringing around the room as the Warblers all stared at them in amusement.

"Opening night to my show. I hope you all can come," he said angrily, taking the tickets out of his pocket and dropping them on the floor. With that, he grabbed Kurt's hand and pulled him out the room.

"That was kind of hot..." Kurt said softly, leaning close to him as they thundered along the corridor.

"Good, because there's no one at my house right now. Let's go."

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