Alright by the end of this chapter you should figure out who the killer is.

~Killer's pov~

Finally they've broken up. Now he will be mine forever and no one will ever take him from me. In fact I have an appointment with Michelle soon. A slow smile broke over my face as I quickly climb out my window and carefully make my way to the woods unseen. Or so I think. I duck behind a tree and wait in silence. I am so going to enjoy this.

I jump awake, my eyes wide and darting around me. My chest heaves as I start to hyperventilate. How could I have fallen asleep? I'm so stupid. No wonder why Mick doesn't like me. Wait. What was that? I poke my head out and turn my head toward the sound. I let out a chuckle as the singing comes closer. I pull my head back once I catch sight of the unsuspecting and ditzy girl. She lazily walks into position and I let my evil side take over.

"All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought it all was fun. Pop goes the weasel!" My maniacal laugh echoes around us, mixing in with her small cries.

"W-who are you? Where are you?" She cries out as she spins in a circle.

"I'm going to be your murderer." I sing and skip out in front of her. She raises her hands up to her mouth while she gasps. Her nose flares out as she sucks in and breathes out large gulps of air. A laugh catches in my chest as I step closer. One side of my mouth curls up and I simply say, "Boo."

She screams and stumbles backwards. The girl trips and hits the ground with a crash. Ouch that'll leave a bruise on her bum in the morning. Well it would if I wasn't about to kill her. She crawled away from me a good distance before she attempted to get up. Once she was half-way up I pounced.

"No let me go!" She shrieked and thrashed about. I cackled as my glove coated fingers slipped around her soft throat. Her chest heaves as she tries to grasp air into her lungs. And pitiful noises emit from the back of her throat. My eyes gleam as I turn her onto her back and sink my teeth into her neck. Hot, thick blood filled my mouth. Closing my eyes I savor the metallic taste. I can already envision my mother scolding me on my vampire addiction. But Michelle's pain filled screams drowned out my mother.

I snap back to reality and I lift my head. Blood covered her neck and dripped onto the ground. The brown dirt sucked up as much blood as it can but small pools still form. Tears fell from her eyes and mixed with the blood. She breathed in with her nose but when she let air out blood gurgled and popped. This was taking way too long. Somebody was bound to come by soon and I would be killed if they found me. Bending my head down I take rip the flesh on her neck with my teeth. I rip more and more off until the gurgling stops.

Licking my lips I place my ear over her heart. No beating. Grinning I jump up and rush out the woods. Stopping in front of the back door I peep into the window. Seeing there was nobody there I quietly open the door and dash in. Glancing around I run up the stairs; into the bathroom and pull out a spare set of clothes. Pulling my clothes off and throwing them into the garbage I jump into the shower. Once I finish I put on the spare clothes, run to my room, lay on my bed and pull out my favorite book. Nobody will suspect anything.