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Chapter Three

Jared's POV

"Daddy, where's Mickey Mouse?" Rina asked.

"I don't know, baby, this is Disneyland. I'm sure he's around here somewhere," I replied to my daughter. "Ryan! Stop kicking your little brother before I show you what a real kick is!"

Geez! I swear my kids were impossible sometimes. Some of my pack brothers and I started a savings account five years ago, and we scrimped and saved so we could all bring our imprints and kids to Disneyland. Our parents even contributed to the account. Charlie Swan contributed the most, throwing ten grand into the account. I thought it was really nice of him, considering what Jacob and Angela did to his own daughter. Most of the pack have never really gotten over the guilt of what happened. We knew about the imprint and never told Bella so we were just as guilty as they were. Hey, I may not have ever really liked the leech lover, but no one deserved the BS that Jake and Angela pulled. Unfortunately, Jake and Angela were here with their kids, too. Jake made pretty good money so they were able to contribute to the account. Fortunately, Collin and his family weren't here because he had to run the shop. It would have been nice if Brady could have come along, though. He's a really good kid.

I wish Paul were here. He was my closest pack brother and best friend. He took off as soon as the tribal council gave us the okay to stop patrolling. He got his shit together, went to college, graduated, and was now living in Arizona. Someday, I'll get out there to visit him, but with five kids, the trip was still a long way away.

We were in Tomorrowland when we finally spotted Mickey Mouse. The kids were all excited. A crazy couple darted out from nowhere, ran up to Mickey, and hugged him. They were both sporting personalized, mouse ear hats and had someone snap a shot of them.


All of our jaws dropped collectively when we realized who the couple was. It was Paul Lahote and Bella Swan. After hugging Mickey, Paul took Bella's hand and the two of them skipped, that's right skipped, to the Space Mountain ride and went straight through the Fast Pass line. They didn't even have to wait.

Our kids were all screaming at us to go see Mickey so we all went to hug him. We took a group shot of Mickey and all of our kids, and then my pack brothers and I discussed what we had just witnessed.

"Were my eyes deceiving me or was that Paul and Bella?" Embry asked.

"Oh, that was definitely Bella Swan," Eric Yorkie said. "Did you check out her body? She's in better shape than she was in high school."

"Definitely," Jessica agreed. "It looks like she works out."

"What the hell is she doing with Paul, though?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, I thought she didn't want anything to do with any of us anymore," I added.

"They looked like they were in love," Kim noted dreamily.

"Hell no! I won't allow it to happen!" Jake snapped.

"I don't think you have much of a choice, Jerk...erm...Jake. As far as Bella Swan is concerned, you're public enemy number one," Emily pointed out, scathingly. She hated Jake with a passion. Bella and she had been extremely tight when Jacob and Angela pulled their brand of fuckery on her.

"Didn't Charlie and Sue visit Bella over Thanksgiving? They must have seen Paul then. Did they say anything to you?" Quil asked Seth.

"No, they just said that Bella was fine and doing well for herself."

We talked a bit more and made our way over to the Space Mountain exit. Paul came out with his arm around Bella's shoulder. The two of them stopped upon seeing us and simultaneously muttered, "Fuck!"

"We have kids, you know. It would be nice of you to remember that," Angela said.

"Bitch," Bella whispered under her breath, rolling her eyes and smirking. Angela didn't hear her, but Jake did and started growling.

"Don't even think about it," Paul warned taking a protective stance in front of Bella. He looked us all up and down, grasped Bella's hand firmly, and disappeared into the crowd.

"Was that Uncle Paul?" Quil's son, Number Six, asked. We called him Number Six because his real name was Quil Ateara the Sixth and we couldn't very well have three Quils running around the reservation.

"Yes, it was, son."

"How come he looked so mad?"

"Because Uncle Jake growled at his girlfriend, which isn't a nice thing to do," Quil replied, cutting a scathing glare at Jacob.

"Why would he do that? She was hot! Did you see the titties on her?" my hormonal thirteen-year old son Ryan pointed out.

Kim slapped him on the back of the head.

Eric, then, piped in, "She always did have a nice rack. I used to sit and stare at them during lunch when we were in high school. I lucked out during senior year when she needed help with calculus. I got to sit next to her and peer down her shirt then."


"She went to school with you, Uncle Eric? She looks too hot and young to be a MILF," Number Six pointed out.

"I don't think you can call her a MILF, dude. She didn't look like a mother to me," Sammy stated. "I mean she has one spankin' bod."

"Okay, then she's a CILF."

"What the hell is a CILF?" I had to ask my son.

"A cougar I'd like to fuck." I rolled my eyes at my son upon hearing that. Where the hell did they get this stuff?

"I wonder if she'd go to the school dance with me," Jake and Angela's son, Will, mused dreamily.

"Fucker! She needs a real man like me, not some sorry ass, braniac nerd like you," Emily and Sam's son, Sammy, scoffed. "The cougars dig me."

"First of all, there is no swearing! Second, none of you are going out with Bella Swan! She's too old for you and she's clearly dating Uncle Paul!" Sam laid the hammer down. "You guys don't even know if she's a cougar, and why the hell are we even discussing your non-existent dating prospects? If I can recall, three of you are grounded once we get back to La Push for that joy ride you decided to take in my truck through Forks. You're lucky it was Uncle Seth who stopped your sorry butts!"

The boys shut their mouths immediately. I had to admit, the boys were right. The girl was smoking hot, and Paul looked like he was still in shape, too. I planned to investigate the situation later. Maybe Sam will come with me.

After a day of rides, fun, temper tantrums, lost children, found children, throw ups, arguments, tears, and the general wackiness of traveling in a big group with tons of children; we finally made our way back to the Motel 6 we were staying at. One day, if I ever make enough money, I'll bring Kim and the kids back here and stay at one of their resorts. I'd love to spoil Kim, she gave me five beautiful babies, and worked hard at raising them so they were good, respectful kids.

There was a knock on our door and Sam was standing outside. "Emily is going to watch the kids. If Kim would do the same with yours, we can look for Paul," he whispered, so Jake wouldn't hear. Sam missed Paul just as much as I did. The three of us were really tight before he left the reservation. We phased around the same time. Sam was a year older than Paul and I were—together, we were the three oldest in the pack, until Leah phased. She was the same age as Sam.

"Hold on, let me go ask Kim. Come inside and close the door."

I talked to Kim and she didn't have a problem at all. "Have fun getting sloshed guys," she yelled out really loud so the others would think that Sam and I were just going out for drinks.

We left immediately on foot and ran back towards Disneyland. We used our highly tuned wolf senses to scent out Paul and Bella. It was really pretty easy. Bella smelled like the sweetest of strawberries and Paul, well, he smelled like a Hershey's milk chocolate bar. All we had to do was follow the smell of strawberries and chocolate and try not to walk into the nearest bakery.

Their scents led directly to the Grand Californian Resort and Spa. "Holy smokes! This is a fancy place," Sam commented.

"Wow!" I exclaimed, stunned at the grandeur of the place.

Their scents were strongest on the concierge level. There were fruit trays, deli meats, cheese, pastries, coffee, tea, sodas—all kinds of stuff laid out. My stomach growled and I heard Sam's do the same. We walked down the hallway and finally found their room. We could hear them talking inside.

"Babe, we're going to a spa after this. I need at least two massages and some yoga to get over all of the screaming brats in the park." Sam and I looked at each other, perplexed. Yoga and massages? Was that really Paul? When did he become such a pussy?

"Oh, come on, Paul. It wasn't that bad. Besides, this is Disneyland. There are going to be kids everywhere."

"Yeah, well, I don't understand why they can't just make a separate section for kids and adults. You know, honey, forty is looking really good and so is the number one. We were both only children and we didn't turn out so bad, did we?"

"No, not at all," Bella chuckled.

We decided to knock then, because if they were talking about kids there was obviously more to their relationship than just plain dating.

"Who is it?" Paul called.

"It's us," I answered.

"One second." Paul opened the door. "What do you guys want?"

"We wanted to talk to you, bro," Sam said. "We miss you."

"Come on in." Paul motioned us into the biggest hotel room I'd ever seen. There was a sofa, TV, dining table, and it looked like there was a separate bedroom. "Bella, you remember Jared and Sam from the reservation, don't you?"

"Yes, of course, it's nice to see you both again," she greeted. "Why don't you have a seat? Paul and I were just getting ready to order some room service. We're dead on our feet after today. Would you like to join us?"

"Uh, I don't think we can aff..." I started, but was interrupted by Paul.

"Don't worry about it. I've got this." He handed us a room service menu. My eyes gaped at the prices and so did Sam's. "Order whatever you want."

"Are you sure man? These prices are ridiculous. We can just grab some McDonald's or something."

"Nah, go ahead, it's nothing. Order up. It's no problem, really," Paul insisted.

"Thanks, I guess I'll have some soup," I said, looking at the cheapest thing on the menu. Twelve bucks for soup?

"Same here," Sam said, following my lead.

"That's ridiculous. Baby, just call room service and order whatever—no soup, though."

"Got it," Bella chuckled, and went to place the call to room service.

About a half an hour later, an attendant laid out a crisp, white, linen tablecloth, and our food was served to us. The attendant was just standing to the side with a dishcloth draped across his arm.

"You can just leave the main dishes on the cart. We'll take care of it ourselves," Paul told him.

"Very well, Mr. Lahote, will you be calling again when you're ready for your coffee and dessert, sir?"

"Yes, and can you deliver a dozen bottles of Smithwick's immediately. I'd like chilled glasses as well." What the hell is a Smithwick's? Chilled glasses?

"Yes, sir, right away," the attendant said before leaving the room.

"Dig in guys," Bella prompted. Holy cow. I've never had food this fancy in my entire life. There were three different appetizers laid out on our plates plus a salad for each of us.

"What are these?" Sam asked, looking at the appetizers.

"Oh, um, the red raw fish is ahi tuna carpacchio, this is white scallops wrapped in bacon, and some prosciutto and melon. The salad is mixed spring greens with candied pecans, crumbled goat cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette," Bella explained.

"Oh," I replied, not having any idea what the hell I was eating, but damn—it sure tasted good.

Five minutes later, the room service attendant was back with whatever the hell Paul ordered. He laid out four chilled glasses and poured the Smithwick's for us. My question was answered. It was beer. Really awesome beer—nothing like the Bud Light I drank at home. As soon as we were done with the appetizers, Paul helped Bella serve us dinner.

There were two pieces of steak each on Paul, Sam, and my plates and some some salmon on Bella's. There were asparagus spears with some kind of sauce and a huge baked potato on separate dishes on the side for each of us. "Would you like some Bearnaise Sauce with your filet mignon?" Bella asked.

"Bear what?" Sam asked.

"Have some, it's good," Paul insisted and poured it all over our steak.

I took a bite of my steak and blurted out. "What the hell kind of steak is this? It's like completely juicy and tender."

"This is good meat," Sam said in between bites. "I haven't had steak in ages, especially one this tasty. Scratch that, I've never had steak this good—ever!"

After we finished up our dinner, Paul called the attendant to come and clear the plates away, and bring us dessert. He also ordered another dozen of those Smithwick's beers and fresh chilled glasses. He wheeled a cart to the table and gave us a choice. I ordered something called crème brûlée—the guy torched the top of it with a mini flamethrower of some sort. I wonder if I could get one of those to scare my kids with when they don't listen to me?

We sat down and had our coffee and desserts when Sam finally asked the question of the hour, "So, how did Bella and you get together?"

Paul explained that he imprinted on her about a year and a half ago, and that they'd been together ever since. Apparently, Bella literally bumped into Paul at a bar and he caught her when he imprinted on her. It turned out she only lived about ten minutes away from him. She's a nurse practitioner, which apparently, is a nurse that's almost like a doctor, but not quite. She's had more schooling than Sue Clearwater-Swan who was a registered nurse at Forks General. Bella can even deliver babies because she has her midwife certification, too. Hell, after five kids, I'm pretty sure I can deliver a baby, too.

Paul and Bella were engaged and living together now in his house. It's where Charlie and Sue went to visit them last month. They didn't say anything to us because they asked them to keep quiet about their relationship.

"Wait, bro, so when I called you in Hawaii, you were with Bella, then?"

"Yeah, I was."

"Are you moving back to La Push now that you've imprinted?" I asked, hopefully.

"No, Bella and I have our home and careers in Phoenix."

"Well, damn, how the heck are you planning on getting around this? Tribal law states that all Quileute children must be born on Quileute land for those who have a chance of shifting," I stated. "You're gonna have to tell them about the imprinting eventually, you know."

"First of all, I couldn't care less what tribal law mandates. Second, Bella and I aren't planning on having kids anytime soon. We figure we could wait a good nine or ten years before we think about starting a family."

"Nine or ten years?" Sam and I both yelled out.

"Are you fucking with us? Jared and I will be grandfathers by then. Paul, you won't even be able to get your dick up, let alone make babies by that time," Sam argued. I don't know about Sam, but I planned on keeping my dick healthy enough to fuck Kim when I was in my forties.

"See, this is why I didn't tell you guys about the imprint. I don't need this crap. Bella and I have talked and we've set our ten-year plan in motion. We know what we're doing."

"Yeah, but how the hell are you going to convince the elders to let you continue to live away from Quileute land after you've imprinted?"

"I'm not going to convince them of anything. The fact is the elders can't take our freedom to choose where we want to live away from us. They can just go screw themselves."

This is going to be a shitstorm.

"Bella, what do you think about all of this?" I asked.

"I agree with Paul. Plus, I'm not setting foot in Forks or La Push ever again."

"You do realize Leah and Seth are your stepsister and stepbrother now, right?"

"Look, that's my father's family. They're wholly separate from me. He's a big boy and can do what he wants—just like I can do whatever I want. My father's only request was that I get to know Sue. I did that so he should be happy now."

"Bella, I know it's a little late, but I'm sorry for the whole Jake and Angela thing. I knew about it and I should have told you," I stated

"Don't be. I didn't really know you well back then, but I suspect I wasn't your favorite person. You had no reason whatsoever to give me a heads up about Jake and Angela. Frankly, I couldn't care less that they're together and I'm grateful the whole fiasco happened. I learned what kind of people my 'friends' really were and I was forced to stand on my own two feet. I wouldn't have met Paul last year either. I'm happy with my life, Jared. I really am."

Well, how the heck am I supposed to respond to that statement? Bella Swan grew a backbone, and she truly didn't care about Jake and Angela. I felt like a fool for bringing it up.

"Emily really misses you, Bella. Would it be okay if I brought her by to see you?" Sam asked. Kim never really got to know Bella as anything, but the leech lover. When I think back to the past, I'm really ashamed. Most of the pack and their imprints were really cruel to Bella—except for Emily. Bella and she genuinely got along well. I remembered her bawling her eyes out because Bella had left right after graduation. Charlie hand delivered a goodbye letter to Emily from Bella. She was the only one out of all of us that Bella said goodbye to. Leah, who now wanted to get to know Bella because Charlie and her mom were married, was going to have a tough time getting to know Bella. She was nothing, but a bitch to her. No wonder Bella kept her life separate from her father's.

"I'd like that, Sam. We're here for two more nights after tonight. Why don't you discuss it with Emily and we can figure something out. Tell her I miss her, too."

"Okay, thanks, Bella," Sam said, smiling and giving her shoulder a squeeze. He never had an issue with her, and always thought she was a sweet girl.

After a few hours, we headed back to our families. It was already one am. Paul drove us back in his rental car so we wouldn't have to walk.

"You really love her, don't you?" I asked him.

"More than my life. For the first time in my life, I have a purpose for living and Bella is it."

"She's changed," Sam remarked.

"Yeah, she has inner strength. She's not weak anymore. She doesn't take shit from anyone—especially from me."

"Hey, Paul, I have to ask you another question. It's kind of personal, though."

"Go ahead and ask."

Okay, here it goes. I took a deep breath before asking, "How the hell can you and Bella afford all of this—the hotel, the car, the food?"

"Oh, well, we both do pretty well. Bella clears almost a hundred grand a year after taxes and I make a little more."

"More than a hundred grand a year from construction?" My jaw dropped. Impossible! "Dude, Sam and I work construction and the work is seasonal. We average about thirty thousand a year when there is work. One year we made forty-one thousand working on a highway in Spokane, that was a good year."

"I own a construction business—I told you that."

"Well, shit, your business must be doing well."

"Yeah, our revenue was over a hundred million for the first time last year."

Sam and I both started gasping and choking. We stared at Paul, looking stupid with our mouths gaping.

"Did you say million?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think it was something like a hundred twenty-two million and some change." Paul said. Oh sure, some change is what Sam and I made per year when we were working. "You have to remember that is my company's revenue, not my personal income."

"Okay, so is your personal income more than a million dollars per year?"


More than five million?"


"More than ten million?"

"Occasionally, it fluctuates."

"You're fucking buying dinner for Emily, Kim, Sam, and me tomorrow night, Rockefeller. I want some fancy shit, too, like tonight."

"No problem," Paul chuckled as he pulled into the motel parking lot. "Dress sharp and meet us in our hotel lobby at eight pm."

"See ya later, bro," I said, hugging him. Sam hugged him, too.

The next evening...

Rachel and Quil were watching both Sam's kids and mine for us so we could go out with Paul and Bella. Kim was nervous as hell for some reason. When I asked her why, she said it was because she wasn't exactly friendly to Bella in the past.

"Kim, you met her a total of two times. I don't think she's going to hold anything that happened back then against you. You were in high school for God's sake and so was she."

"Still, I could have been nicer."

The four of us got to the hotel where we were meeting Paul and Bella. My wife took one look at Bella and became anxious again. "Oh my God, Jared. I feel so fat. Look at how perfect her body is."

"Kim, you've had five babies and you're still beautiful," I assured. I kissed her imprint mark and pulled her close to me so she'd feel secure.

"Kim, Bella doesn't judge people by their looks—ever. She's always looked beyond the scar on my face," Emily stated. "Get to know her, I guarantee you'll fall in love with her."

"Oh my God, we're all underdressed. Paul and Bella look like movie stars. Look at how nice their clothes are." Kim was flipping out with anxiety.

"Shh..." I soothed, brushing my fingers on her mark, and she immediately calmed down.

Paul and Bella were waiting in the lobby for us. Emily couldn't contain herself and ran up to Bella to engulf her in a hug. "Oh, Bella, I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too, Em. I heard little Sammy's the spit and image of you, thank God."

"Amen to that," Sam chuckled. "I feel bad for Emma, though, she looks just like me."

"Poor girl," Paul smirked.

"Paul, that's not nice! Sam has gorgeous eyes, and a wonderful smile!"

"Thanks, Bella!" Sam replied, smirking at Paul.

"Bella, Sammy is not so little anymore now. He's almost as tall as Sam is," Emily informed her.

"Wow. Time sure flies, how old is he now?"

"He's thirteen along with Jared and Kim's Ryan, and Quil and Rachel's Number Six."

"I feel so old." She extended her hand out to Kim with a warm smile on her face. "Hi, I'm Bella, I don't know if you remember me?"

"N... Nice to see you again," Kim stuttered nervously.

"Jared said you have five kids. You look beautiful. How do you do it?"

Kim blushed about fifty different shades of red after hearing Bella compliment her. I think she warmed up to her a little more just then.

"Alright, well, I'm starved. You have a choice ladies, we can either dine here at Napa Rose or we can leave Disney, and go to Morton's or Ruth's Chris. Your choice." Paul looked pointedly at the girls.

"Oh my goodness, I don't know a thing about those places—anywhere is fine, really."

"Okay, then, I'll pick. We're going to Morton's because they have huge portions," Paul decided.

We hopped into our beat-up minivan and followed Paul and Bella to the restaurant. I thought last night's room service was expensive, but this place was outrageous. Sixty bucks for a steak? Who comes up with these prices? Kim and Emily both gaped at the menu. Sam and I got over our shock last night. Our pack brother was a multi-millionaire.

A waiter strolled up to the table with a cart and presented the different cuts of meat to us. He also told us they had lobster, Alaskan King Crab legs, and various types of fish. The waiter then turned to Kim and asked her what she wanted. "Um... uh... I'll take whatever is the cheapest."

"Don't be ridiculous, Kim," Bella said, "Do you like steak?"

"Y... y... yes, but everything is so expensive, and I don't really know what anything is."

"Would you please come back in a couple of minutes?" Bella asked the waiter. "Leave the cart here, though."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied and walked away.

"Don't worry about the price, Kim, we've got this. You've been raising five kids for the last thirteen years—I think you've earned a nice night out. Let us spoil you tonight. You, too, Emily." Bella smiled the most genuine smile I've ever seen in my life at our wives.

Kim smiled her first real smile this evening, too. I think she was relieved because Bella was so nice. "What are you ordering?"

"I'm getting a filet mignon, but I like leaner cuts of meat," Bella said. "Paul swears by the double porterhouse steak for two, but he likes having the flavorful fatty parts as well as the tender filet. He's also a glutton when it comes to steak."

"But that's a hundred and eighteen dollars!" Kim gasped.

"Kim, for tonight, don't worry about the cost," Paul assured. "You guys are our guests."

"Okay, then, I'll have what Bella's having because she probably has better taste than you do."

"That's the Kim I know." Paul chuckled. "So, what's everyone else having?"

"I'll have what Kim and Bella are having," Emily said.

"I'll do what you're doing," Sam stated.

I nodded my head in agreement. When the hell was I ever going to be able to have a hundred-eighteen dollar steak again?

Paul called the waiter over and placed the order. He ordered a whole load of other stuff along with the steaks. I wish they'd hurry up with the food because I skipped lunch so I could eat like a king again.

Emily's POV

I was so happy to have Bella back in my life again. She and I had become very close friends before she left Forks and I missed her immensely. Before she left, she had written a letter explaining why she was leaving and how much she would miss our friendship. I understood completely—her already fragile heart took a beating when she caught Angela and Jacob in bed together. They should have just told her from the moment the imprint happened, Bella would have understood. Instead, they snuck behind her back for months, and to add injury to insult, they were nervy enough to show up to the senior prom together the evening after she found out about them. I still remember how absolutely hurt Bella was. She stopped talking to everyone at that point. She had three more weeks of school left so she kept her head together as best as she could, graduated from high school, then left Forks the same day. Charlie Swan was already dating Sue Clearwater by then. Sue said that she had never seen a more heartbroken man in her entire life than Charlie on the day Bella said goodbye to him and to Forks.

I still wasn't over my shock of Paul having imprinted on Bella. He was the most violent and hot-tempered of the pack. Now he was sensitive and attentive to everyone, especially to Bella. It was obvious how in love with her he was by the way he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of her. He paid attention to little things like pulling her chair out for her before she sat down at the table, or moving a stray piece of hair—which had fallen into her eyes—behind her ear. They talked about taking Latin dancing classes together, yoga, and playing golf together. The two of them were inseparable. I was so happy for them both because they both had wretched pasts, and they had worked very hard to achieve their goals.

Bella excused herself to use the ladies room. I went with her. While she was washing her hands, I decided to talk to her. "I'm so happy to see you again, Bella. I hope we'll stay in touch this time."

"Definitely. I missed you like crazy, Emily. There were so many times I wanted to just pick up the phone and call you, but I stopped myself because I was trying to detach myself from the supernatural world. I guess I was meant to be part of the world anyway, huh?"

"It sure seems that way," I giggled. "So, I should probably tell you about what to expect with the imprint, shouldn't I?"


"Well, there's a thing called marking. It won't be for a few years yet, but when you're completely secure with Paul and you've both accepted the imprint—his wolf will take over and he'll instinctively bite you during his orgasm. Once that happens, he literally becomes a part of you. It's almost like he changes your DNA a little. You won't be able to have babies with anyone, but him; he'll sense and feel your emotions a bit more, and the other thing is when and if he dies—you'll die with him. It also suppresses your aging each time he phases. We don't know too much about that part—most of the guys haven't shifted in a few years."

"That's better than any anti-aging product on the market. He's already marked me, though."

"Already? But, the imprint just happened last year."

"He bit me the first time we had sex."

"Let me see." I took a look at Bella's neck and sure enough, there was a healed mark on her neck.

"You're soul-mates, Bella. The legends say the wolf who bites his imprint the first time they're together has found the lost part of his soul and is the most powerful and complete wolf of the pack. I'll research the legend a little more when I get back. I'm positive I read about it once in the archives."

"Holy cow! That's some heavy stuff." Bella looked seriously at me, then. "If I sent you guys plane tickets, would Sam and you come and visit us? You can bring Sammy and Emma, too."

"How about I leave Sammy and Emma with Kim and Jared, and we come to see you? I can use a break from the kids. Between work and raising the kids, it's been non-stop for the two of us."

"Whatever you want, Emily. It's no problem either way." Bella and I hugged each other tight. It was obvious how much we both missed each other. I planned on keeping her in my life for good now.

We went back to the table and there was a large plate of seafood sitting in the middle. "Appetizers," Bella commented. "Paul has a tendency to go overboard."

"Is that a lobster?" I was staring at the biggest lobster I had ever seen in my entire life. It must have been at least six pounds.

"Yes, it would appear so. Those are Alaskan King Crab legs, shrimp cocktail, and oysters on the half shell," Bella explained.

"They're an aphrodisiac—they make you horny," Paul added, wagging his eyebrows.

"I don't need help getting horny. I'm always horny. I'd do Kim right here and now on the table if I could," Jared boasted.

Yes, indeed, and he gets Kim pregnant each time too. As far as I was concerned, Jared didn't need any oysters at all.

"Sam, eat lots of oysters," I urged. He needed all the help he could get. He was usually too tired to have sex. It's been at least three weeks for me. Everyone started laughing.

When we finished the appetizer, dinner was served—literally. Our filet mignon was plated and presented to us, but for the double porterhouse for the men, oh my—the chef came out and carved it for the boys at the table. It was almost like we were royalty.

Bella ordered something called a Mojito with dinner. Kim and I ordered one, too.

"This is delicious!" Kim raved. "What's in it?"

"Rum, sugar, lime, mint leaves, and club soda—I think. I'm not sure if it's Sprite or club soda," Bella pondered.

I scanned the table after the chef left. I had never seen such a spread in my entire life. There were all sorts of side dishes for us to share in the middle of the table, too. I remembered being in shock when I first looked at the menu. When Sam and Jared told Kim and me that Paul was taking us out somewhere fancy for dinner, we thought we were going to Chili's or something. We weren't expecting anything this extravagant. We nearly died of shock last night when the boys came back and told us about their dinner and what the prices were like on the menu. This was even pricier.

I knew Kim was extremely nervous about meeting Bella. She never got to know her when Bella was living in Forks, and didn't exactly give Bella a warm reception back then. It was because Bella had dated a vampire and wasn't an imprint. It also had a lot to do with immaturity; Kim was still in high school back then. Bella was kind to her from the start and made sure Kim was comfortable. It's what I liked best about Bella. She has a good heart.

A few minutes later, I was done. I couldn't eat another bite. Short of rolling me out of here, I had no idea how they planned on getting me out of this restaurant. There was still plenty of food left, too.

"You can take all of the leftovers back to your hotel with you for your kids," Bella said. "I saw some pretty big boys in your group yesterday. I'm sure they're always ravenous."

We all looked at Jared, who was still munching away. "Are you done with your steak?" he asked Bella. She nodded that she was. Jared reached over, stabbed his fork in Bella's steak, plopped it onto his plate, and started chewing away. "You know, Bella, I liked the double porterhouse, but this filet stuff is really good. This is the same cut of meat as I had last night, right?"

"Yes, but there was a filet portion attached to your double porterhouse too—it was where the short loin and the filet met. I think you actually eat more than Paul does."

"I always have. It's because I have a stronger sex drive than he does."

"What does steak have to do with sex drive?" Paul asked.

"I don't know, it makes me horny. Besides, since you're not having kids for another nine or ten years, I'm trying to keep my mojo going so I can get Kim pregnant again around the same time—that way, our boys can grow up together."

"How do you know we'll be having a boy?"

"I just know."

"More importantly, how do you know if Kim will want to get pregnant?" Bella asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Why wouldn't she? I give her beautiful babies."

Kim and Bella rolled their eyes at an oblivious Jared.

A couple of minutes later, our table was cleared, and the leftovers packed away for us. The waiter strolled up to our table with a dessert cart. It was funny; I was stuffed to the hilt, but after seeing the delicious looking desserts, somehow my stomach magically made space for just one more thing.

We were in the middle of finishing our desserts, let me rephrase that—Jared was in the middle of finishing everyone's desserts when Seth came striding up to our table looking haggard. We instantly looked up to him, concerned.

"Bella, we need you to come with us to the motel. Leah's water broke. When I called mom and mentioned you were here, she said to find you. She usually does the delivery herself because she's a registered nurse. Kyla and Angela are watching the kids."

"Why can't she just call maintenance at the motel? Bella can't help with plumbing," Paul asked stupidly.

"Not that kind of water, you dumb fuck," Sam stated with incredulity. "Her baby waters."

"Well, shouldn't she go to the hospital?"

"She can't, she's a shape-shifter."

"Oh shit," Bella cried. "Paul, close out the check. How far apart are the contractions?"

"About five minutes apart when I left. I scented you guys out on foot. It took about a half an hour." Seth said while grabbing Bella's fork and digging into whatever Jared couldn't finish. "Hey, these are good—what are they?"

"Oh, this one's key lime pie, that's chocolate mousse, and this is crème brulee." Jared had suddenly become a fancy dessert expert. Seth finished off the remaining desserts in no time and even downed the rest of our coffees.

The waiter immediately brought the bill to Paul. I peeked over and nearly died of shock. It was over fifteen hundred dollars. He didn't even bat an eyelash and just paid it. He even left a three hundred dollar tip.

Just then, Bella's cell phone rang—it was Sue. Apparently, she was explaining the ins and outs of Leah's past labors. They weren't very pretty and required every shape-shifter to be in attendance because Leah was prone to violence during labor.

We rushed over to the motel. Bella ran in with her medical bag, which, thankfully, was in her rental car. She washed her hands and immediately went to work. Leah was trying her best to breathe through the contractions, but they were coming one on top of another.

"I need as many clean towels as you can gather up," Bella ordered.

"I'll get them," Jessica said.

Bella did a quick examination of Leah. "You're about nine centimeters dilated, you have one more to go. Try to breathe through them."

"What?" Leah angrily kicked Quil, who happened to be standing in the line of fire, in the gut.

"Fuck!" Quil groaned. "I think you broke my ribs!"

Bella went to check on Quil and sure enough, he had two fractured ribs. "Paul grab the medical tape out of my bag." He handed her the tape immediately. "Stay still while you heal. I know you heal faster than a normal human."

She went back to check on Leah. "Okay, you're ready to push. Leah, I need you to reach down, grab behind your thighs and pull them back as you bear down."

"I can't," Leah sobbed.

"Yes you can, this is your fourth baby," Bella said, firmly.

"The guys usually hold my legs up for me," Leah stated. They all groaned.

"Leah, look at me. It's easier if you position yourself to push."

"No!" Leah shouted, stubbornly, gritting her teeth. "Noooooo!"

Bella sighed, "Okay, I need two guys to volunteer to hold Leah's legs up while she pushes."

The guys all looked down. Each time Leah gave birth, it resulted in our men having broken bones. Sue Clearwater was becoming an expert in resetting shape-shifter bones.

"Paul take the left thigh, Jared take the right," Bella ordered. They groaned and took their positions.

"What the fuck is that thing sticking out of her?" Paul asked, horrified.

"That's the baby's head—it's crowning."

"Oh, man! Bella! I swear to God, you'd better be keeping up with those birth control pills. I can't handle this shit!"

Eric was standing beside Leah and trying to keep her calm. He couldn't help down below because he'd probably end up dead if Leah kicked him.

"Okay, Leah, after the next contraction, take in a deep breath, push while you exhale in counts of ten." The next contraction subsided and Bella started counting, "One... two... three... four... five... no, don't stop... push... push... that's right, you're doing good."

"Same thing, next contraction. Deep breath… push... push... three... four... five..." This cycle continued for the next ten minutes.

"Aaaagh!" Leah yelped, kicked, and down went Paul and Jared. Sam and Embry assumed their positions next. Kim and I stood on the sides and helped Bella count. Jessica walked in with Rachel—both of them carrying a bundle of clean towels.

"We broke into the motel linen closet and grabbed these," Rachel stated.

"Okay, stand by with those. Deep breath, Leah, push... good... good... okay, the head is almost out, keep pushing... push... push... push... short blows... Leah..." Bella showed her what to do. Kim, Rachel, and I blew short breaths out of our mouths to help guide her.

"Nooooo!" Leah thrashed and punched Eric in the face. He was knocked unconscious immediately. "You get up you fucking bastard! You did this to me! Get your fucking ass up now! Hey! I'm talking to you, fucker, can't you see that I'm in pain?"

Leah kicked out violently with her legs. Sam landed against the wall while Embry ended up on the floor. Bella was chuckling. "Next victims!" she called out. Jake and Seth took their places. They looked terrified.

"Leah, you need to calm down. The baby is almost out. After the next contraction, I want you to keep pushing until I tell you to stop, okay?"

"No, I can't, it hurts," Leah started crying.

"I know, honey, it's almost over. Breathe and push... push..."

We all started encouraging Leah by counting. Leah kicked Jake twice in the face with both feet, causing him to bleed. I'm more than positive she kicked him on purpose. Poor Seth was left standing. My husband, the trooper, got up and grabbed Leah's other leg.

"Blow... Leah... blow..." Bella encouraged. "And, don't kick, no matter what. Keep blowing." She had a solid hold on the baby's head and was gently helping to guide the shoulders out. "Emily, I need the bulb syringe from my bag."

I grabbed it for her. By profession, I was a medical assistant so I knew what all of the equipment in her bag was.

"Okay, deep breath, Leah... one more push... push... push..."

Suddenly, with a gigantic roar, and a kick to both Sam and Seth's shoulders, which sent them flying across the room, Leah pushed the baby out. Bella gently cradled the baby then asked for a clean towel, which Jessica promptly handed to her. She cleaned the baby up, and then asked me for the erythromycin drops from her bag. After administering the drops and injecting the baby with vitamin K, she placed the baby on Leah's chest and encouraged her to breastfeed because it would help expel the placenta. Leah did as she was told and the placenta was delivered in no time. Bella checked it over and by now a bleeding, moaning, but coherent and grinning Eric made his way over to cut the cord.

Leah continued to nurse the baby while Bella cleaned her up and checked to make sure everything was in working order. "I need someone to run to a drugstore and grab more medical tape for me, a couple of packs of sanitary napkins—the heaviest absorbency you can find, newborn diapers, baby wipes, Vaseline, and gauze." She looked around and all of the shifters were writhing in pain on the floor having been power kicked by Leah.

"I'll go," Rachel offered and left right away. She returned after a half an hour with a bag full of supplies, and snacks and drinks for everyone. By then, Bella was working on the boys.

Paul had a broken rib and a dislocated shoulder, Jared had just one broken rib, Embry had a fractured finger along with a broken wrist, Seth had a dislocated shoulder, Jake had a broken nose, two black eyes, and a dislocated shoulder, while Sam had a dislocated shoulder, two fractured ribs, and a black eye. The only human to get injured, Eric, had a black eye and required stitches for a cut along his hairline caused by him falling into an end table when Leah punched him.

By the time Bella was finished patching everyone up, it was already close to two am. "My goodness, this was certainly an experience I'll never forget. I felt like I was working in a trauma center. Okay, I think Paul and I can go now. I'll be back sometime tomorrow to check on everyone."

With that, Paul and Bella left to go back to their hotel. We all wished Leah well and left for our rooms soon after. Sam put his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the lips. We opened the door to our room and our kids were sleeping. Sammy was sleeping in the middle of one bed while Emma had the other. I guess it was back to reality for us—we both sighed, climbed into the kids' sleeping bags, and took the floor. I guess the dinner was the end of my being treated like a princess.