The gods all died out, but not without leaving orders to Chiron about how to make new gods. We follow the travels of the new gods and goddesses of the 43rd century.

Percy Jackson- God of seas, earthquakes, rivers, creator of horses, god of floods, droughts.

Annabeth Chase- Goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, warfare, handicrafts, reason, military war, and all the other smart stuff.

Grover Underwood- God of the wild.

Piper McLean- Goddess of beauty, love, and all that other girly stuff.

Leo Valdez- God of fire, blacksmiths, metalworking, sculpture, and volcanoes.

Thalia Grace- Goddess of the hunt, archery, wilderness, wild animals, childbirth, plague, and the moon.

Jason Grace- God of the skys, heavens, thunder, storms, weather, law, order, fate, and the ruler of the gods.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare- Goddess of marriage, childbirth, women, kings, heirs, and empires.

Will Solace- God of music, poetry, the sun, prophecies, healing, truth, archery, and light.

Katie Gardner- Goddess of agriculture, seasons, harvest, and grain.

Travis Stoll- God of travel, messengers, trade, thievery, cunning wiles, language, writing, diplomacy, and athletics.

Rose Frieten- Goddess of the hearth, home, and cooking.

Nico di Angelo- God of the Underworld and the dead.

Sarah Thompson- Goddess of vegetation, spring, seeds of fruits of the field, and the Underworld.

Cole Deen- God of war, blood lust, violence, manly courage, and civil order.

Pollux Fasder- God of wine, parties, festivals, madness, civilization, and drunkenness.

These are the 16 Olympians. Over the time Hades, Persephone, Hestia, and Pan we added to the Olympian Council.


Chiron wheeled his way into the elevator of the Empire State Building and inserted the special key card before pressing the 600th floor button. He let his mind wonder what the gods needed in the middle of the year as he stood from his chair into full centaur form. The elevator door dinged signalling he made his way to Mount Olympus. It was beautiful as always, but something was off about it. No minor gods and goddesses danced on the sidewalks of the street Chiron was trotting up now, blinds and curtains were drawn in the houses lining the pathway, flowers that were once blooming with life, were now wilting and dieing. A silver mist embedded the Throne Room casting an eerie look to it as the sun, which was barely shining, hit the building. The clouds weren't as strong as they should've been making them thin and barely noticeable to the human eye. Before Chiron even reached a 1/3 of the way there, he knew something horrible and something he dreaded was happening.

Still, he continued on wondering what he had to do with all of this. Certainly he, just a trainer of heroes, couldn't solve the problem at hand. Hesitating at the double golden doors of the Throne Room, Chiron ran his hand over his beard. After a few moments of hearing no arguing inside, no music or anything playing behind him, no giggles from the nymphs and dryads that were being flattered by gods, no noise expect the faint sound of the city life down below the good few thousand feet high palace, Chiron headed in, nervous to no extent.

When he entered he saw the sixteen 50 foot thrones making a large Greek style "u," each decorated represented the patron god or goddess to sit in them. The people who sat in them now, looked nothing like gods. Each were sickly pale with their hair falling out in heaps, scattering the floor around their seats. They seemed to be only human sized as most were laying full across the seat of the chair while others sat with their backs against the back, barely allowing their small forms to be seen. Some were moaning or groaning in what seemed pain and frustration, others were having a coughing fit making Inchor flow out of their mouths, over their hands and chins. A few were just laying with their eyes shut and they seemed to be trying to block out the word. The mighty Olympians' clothes were faded out as if they had been washed with the same detergent over 400 times in a day. The usual glow emitting off their bodies, was no longer there leaving just a horribly sick human or god in it's place.

Zues saw Chiron walking in and tried to manage a small smile of appreciation, but that little gesture made pain shot through his body. He gritted his teeth and his wife gripped his hand, signalling she was hurting too. He knew this had to be done soon. His children, wife, sisters and brothers couldn't take this pain for much longer. They weren't used to it and the sooner it was done and the sooner they were at peace, the better. "Chir-" Zues coughed up more blood of the gods than he should've. Chiron tried to walk over to him, but the hand Hera barely held up, stopped him. Hera tried to sit up from her position, but failed and fell back down writhing in pain and weakness. Athena wiped the sweat off her brow. "Chiron," Athena started. Chiron had never heard sound so weak and helpless before. "We're dieing."

Chiron nodded gravely. He knew their appearance and health had finally made the situation clear and permanent. "What can I do?"

Ares weakly throw a scroll at his feet before coughing and laying on his back, blood dripping from his mouth down his chin and over his neck. "Read the scroll," Apollo told him.

More scrolls were thrown at the foot of the thrones or for some, on the edge of the throne. Hades smiled weakly. "It's time."

Persephone nodded and took her husband's hand. "We put our trust in you, Chiron."

Chiron nodded. "I will do what the scroll instructs."

Poseidon coughed. "Tell our kids...we love them dearly."

That was the last straw for Chiron's heart. It broke in half as he watched the gods try and nod their heads in agreement. "We must go," Hestia closed her eyes and smiled softly and weakly before her body went up in red flames leaving a campfire smell behind. The other gods followed her, leaving nothing but the scrolls, Chiron, their scent, and the empty Throne Room behind before heading to their own Underworld of sorts. Chiron gathered each scroll before leaving back to Camp Half-Blood and fulfill the gods last wish.

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