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"Raph, I'm so tired of doing it almost every night!" Donny yelled at Raphael.

"Who said ya need ta?" Raph answered the same way.

"My consience! Some day you will be so injured you may not even live anymore. Do you realise how worried we all are?"

Raph just stared his brother, the others were watching their discussion interested.

"Listen, I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself," Raph said confidently.

Donny stared him a while. "Fine. Do whatever you want!" And so he went back to his lab.

"Aaargh," Raph mumbled and was going to leave the lair.

"Raph, wait!" Leo shouted and ran between the door and his younger brother. "Raph, don't go this night, it can be dangerous. You should listen to Don."

"What? So ya think ya can stop me? What ta shell is wrong with ya all?"

"Raph, please. You heard Donny, you may hurt yourself really badly. He just can't stay awake all the nights because of you!"

"I said I can handle it. He doesn't need ta wait fer me. Now, I'm goin' outside," Raph said defiantly and passed Leonardo.

As the door was shut again, Leo sighed. "Why can't you just be here for a one night?" He planned to talk with Don about this, maybe they could find some kind of solution.

Raph was running on the ceilings, enjoying the freedom he had. He laughed when he managed to scare some sleeping pigeons. Oh how he loved New York city!

A sudden hit to his upper body made him fly to his side and fall down to the roof.

"Who ta shell -" Another hit. He quickly stood up and searched his enemies. He couldn't see them anywhere.

"Oh c'mon! What kind of sissy are ya? Too afraid to show yerself?"

Somewhere flew an item which landed on Raph's feet. He didn't have any time to react and the item explosed right in front of him. There came some smoke and he started to cough. The smoke nettled in his eyes and he screamed in pain. He staggered away the thrown can and rubbed his eyes. What ta shell is it? It's hurting so much!

There was a laugh. Raph rose his head and tried to see the stranger but it was impossible. The smoke had taken his sight away. He was blind now.

"So, now you are not so tough guy aren't you?" More laughing. Raph tried to localize where the voice was coming.

"Now we'll see how you really can fight!"

A punch to chest made Raphael take steps away from the attacker.

"Who are ya?" Raph asked, twisting his head around attempting to see something. His eyes stayed blank, still hurting like hell. I have to use my other senses! It was easier to say than done. Raph had never been good at that.

"You don't even regognize me? Oh, I'm so hurt." A bunch of hits found their target and Raph couldn't defense himself. He could feel that there was others too, waiting their turn.

"Does the name 'Purple Dragons' say anything to you, huh?" the man asked and hit. A roar came from Raph's mouth. Purple Dragons?

"So, is this some kind of revenge?" Raph asked back, smiling a little. He took a position and started to concentrate.

"Well, you have plenty of time to think about it tonight. Or maybe not, because you'll be dead meat by the morning!"

There was eight Purple Dragon members on the roof and now they all were attacking their blind victim. Raph tried his best to fight without seeing anything, he had done that only once earlier. Only then he had someone else as his eyes, tonight he was all alone.

They were right, he thought, I shouldn't have come here. He lost the count of time, fighting back as hard as he could.

Even though Raph got few guys down there seemed to be enough of them to do the same to him. As the time passed Raph was laying there, gasping some air to his lungs. He was losing the battle, he knew it. He could do nothing, there was just too many of them. A pain in his left side was horrible. But it wasn't going to end soon, he just knew it.

Hit by hit, punch by punch and kick by kick Raph felt the pain getting worse every single part of his body. Someone had crushed his both ankles, he couldn't escape by running without a horrible agony. His head was banging from all the hits he had taken, left shoulder was hurting like it was out of joint, ribs were aching like hell and he still couldn't see. Not so good situation.

It was hard to breath anymore and all of sudden they all stopped. Raph breathed thick and fast, wondering what was going to happen next.

"So that you won't forget us we have a little gift for you," said the man. Something sharp was stabbed to Raph's left shoulder and he made a loud scream that echoed in the city. It felt like it went through the flesh and almost came out from the other side.

Raph couldn't move, the pain was too much.

"Throw him to the sewers to die alone!" was the order. Raph didn't hear it well because his attention was on the aching pain. He felt he was lifted up and transported to somewhere. He could hear some metallic thing and then he was falling, fast and hard, to a tiny river. There was little laughing above him and then they faded away with a klang.

Raph winced for the final hit, his broken ribs didn't like it at all. The water washed his feet and head. Need to. Get. Up. It was difficult to get himself up to the sidewalk. But when he did it he was totally exhausted. He needed to rest before going anywhere. There was a one big question: where the shell he was?

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